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Lea Michele & Cory Monteith: Pace Dinner Date!

Lea Michele & Cory Monteith: Pace Dinner Date!

Lea Michele and boyfriend Cory Monteith head to an early dinner at Pace Restaurant on Monday (July 9) in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old actress held on to her 30-year-old Glee co-star and real life boyfriend’s arm as they left the restaurant – so cute!

“In bed recovering from having my upper wisdom teeth taken out! Going to rest and watch LOTS of Game of Thrones!” Lea tweeted that day. We hope you are feeling better, Lea!

“So excited miss @ddlovato will be hosting the Teen Choice Awards! See you there in two weeks girl! xoxo” Lea added on her Twitter.

FYI: Cory is wearing the Alternative Apparel “Moroccan Tee” in black.

10+ pictures of Lea Michele and Cory Monteith leaving Pace Restaurant…

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lea michele cory monteith pace dinner 01
lea michele cory monteith pace dinner 02
lea michele cory monteith pace dinner 03
lea michele cory monteith pace dinner 04
lea michele cory monteith pace dinner 05
lea michele cory monteith pace dinner 06
lea michele cory monteith pace dinner 07
lea michele cory monteith pace dinner 08
lea michele cory monteith pace dinner 09
lea michele cory monteith pace dinner 10
lea michele cory monteith pace dinner 11
lea michele cory monteith pace dinner 12
lea michele cory monteith pace dinner 13
lea michele cory monteith pace dinner 14
lea michele cory monteith pace dinner 15
lea michele cory monteith pace dinner 16
lea michele cory monteith pace dinner 17

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • annoyingshit

    Can this showmance end soon, please?

  • wonderfulshit

    Can this perfect-romance last forever, please?

  • Chris Colfer

    Lea is such a fake. I am sad Cory has dragged himself into this fake crap too. Oh well hope these shenanigans helps with the viewer count for Glee. Doubt it.

  • carlè988

    beautiful couple!LOVE THEM SO MUCH!they are so in love!<3

  • lola

    How is Lea fake? if this is actually PR then they’re both fake but i actually believe they’re happy and it’s real….So people need to stop thinking they have a say in celebs personal lives

  • year

    Ugh Cory look old and fat, so sad Lea always bring that luggage everywhere.Can’t wait for this showmance over

  • Chris Colfer

    I did say I am sad that Cory is participating in this fake shit too, didn’t I. And yes this relationship is purely for cameras, anyone disputing that is a moron or a very young teen.

  • Marie

    When people will leave Lea & Cory romance ‘alone’ and start to care for their lifes? When you call they relationship showmance = you sound stupid and ridiculous… be happy and let them be happy… go take care of your life….

  • nosi

    people always sound so bitter. they always keep their relationship low profile and keep the pda minimum in public unlike the other couple yet they always get bashed. heck, even dianna agron was the one who showed up everywhere and get papped a lot these days

  • RiggsJamies

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  • lovely lady

    Love lea michele, had the chance to meet her in new york and she was so cute and nice

  • Mark Sarfati

    Lea and Cory got papped four dais in week in May when Glee was on. So lol at “low profile”. It will be the same once Glee starts it’s 4th Season. And “no pda”? kissing at rangers game with her parents sitting next to her is no PDA. And why the need to bring other couples or Dianna into it, I dont get, your deflection wont work here.

  • Ted

    They are amazing persons, it’s sad that their own fans think they are liars. If them are happy, leave them happy!

  • gleek forever

    Why do dome people stil think their relationship is fake? i feel really bad for them if their happy everybody should be happy ffor them ;)
    I like cory and lea’s relationship its sweet and i think completely different from their characters on the show so its not fake. Get well soon Lea!!! Monchele

  • rosie

    i can tell from the recent comments that the hate come from the glee/dianna fans itself. it’s indeed sad that you always bashed people with no reason. put your negativity away, they don’t even know that you’re exist. they look fine to me, seem tired tho

  • lol

    lol Lea fans are the one who bought Dianna into it. Not the other way around.

  • scar

    Lea seems very friendly and she has a hot bf. Now haters can say whatever they want it will help anyways

  • truth teller

    Cory is a great guy but he needs to hit the gym before he can be called “hot”

  • go

    @Mark Sarfati: i think MOST couple in hollywood gets papped when they kissed these days, at least once. just look a previous post in just jared so you want to call all of them are PR?

  • gay

    Haters love lie and criticize other. Pathetic people.

  • vrn

    They look so cute together, I dont think they are fake… Lea and Cory are living their lifes and you guys are just hating on a blog. Look at your life, look at you choices.

  • sufferb*tch

    @gay: Of course, and there are still people who believes us lol. It’s easy to hate beautiful people.

  • vrn

    @Mark Sarfati:

    They can kissing if they want… but anyway until that day we dotn have more pictures of them kissing so… and you just say it, if Lea is on a fake relationship with Cory why she involved her parents?

    And in May they were in NY…its normal they get papped a lot being in that city and now they were traveling so much so…

    please use the logic for god shake.

  • year

    nope don’t like dianna
    Just bored to see this pair

  • lol


    and you defend people you don’t know in the internet. Just as sad as other people that don’t like them – just say

  • Mara

    I’m so glad Lea and Cory are happy together they make a perfect couple, I’m happy for them. If anyone says it’s PR then obviously you’s are just blind and can’t see the love they both share for each other.

  • Doug

    She seems such a nice person! lol

  • Jessie

    Thanks for posting Jared. Lea and Cory are so sweet together. They seem like such a happy couple. Hope Lea feels better.

    Oh and the losers posting negative crap in here need to go outside and get on with their lives. Why make an effort posting such BS over a real life couple you don’t even know? Get over it and stop making the Glee fandom look like a bunch of whack jobs – Lea is not a lesbian and is not in a relationship with Dianna LMAO!

  • sufferb*tch

    @Jessie: Well, I actually know her. I’ve seen her a couple of times here in L.A and I can tell you she’s not so smiley

  • isa

    How does Lea still look so great even after having her wisdom teeth taken out that day?!
    They look like a normal, happy couple to me. I guess you have to be part of this (crazy) fandom to understand all this PR talk and hate. Sad, that the fans of a show that’s all about accepting yourself and others the way you/they are, are spreading so much negativity. Especially towards Lea, who seems to be the poster child when it comes to being real and true to yourself.

  • Tara

    @isa: Yes and I say, why do people care so much? I mean she’s living her life, making us laugh with her films, her acting isn’t bad… I don’t understand. It’s like an obsession with these kind people. They have gone way too far in their lives but come on, nothing is free in this life! The negativity is addictive.

  • fuggy

    Corey must be farsighted

  • Derp

    Hooknose and Sleepy are an awesome couple!

  • Wow

    Wow i ‘m not a glee fan but i like lea michele, she was nice to me and my friends. And after read some comments here i went to tumblr to cheanck and the comments above are right dianna agron fans are a bunch of haters, they are scary like the bieber fans

  • N

    They seem in love and happy together and I don’t think they care what every one else says

  • Cute couple

    I think they are cute together, if they are happy good for them. I love the cast and wish them the best. And i liked dianna agron but her crazy fans made me annoyed by her.

  • Nina

    They are so cute. She looks so young without make up, she’s pretty. And I love that she watches GoT. I love that show. Feel better soon, Lea!

  • not me

    I’d rather have sweet, articulate and thoughtful Cory than a boy with a six pack abs any day of the week

  • megan

    @Chris Colfer: Ahaha you get that perception because you only see them through the cameras. But since WE are not Cory or Lea, we will never know the details of their lives.

  • rosa

    she seem tired, look her eyes… but is kinda of cute, not gonna lie haha i love the picture with the little wave, look at her chubby cheeks and dimples, i feel like hugging her… i’m sorry, i’m creepy , but “we hope you are feeling better, Lea” x2. go take care of your girl, cory montieth

  • JET

    I love Cory and Lea, separately and as a couple. I’m glad that they have a chance to be together and I hope they keep sharing their pretty pics!! They are just beautiful together…

  • Fluttershy

    Lea and Cory are totally in love and John Travolta is totally hetero!

  • tOM


  • Lina

    This is promance is not being good to monteeth, hes getting uglier and fatter LOOK AT HOSE MOOBS.

  • Guy

    Cory is a very sexy and beautiful man, I really like the solo pics of Cory!!

  • Geroge

    @annoyingshit: what is annoying is that people care. let them be and stop being hateful.

  • Geroge

    @Chris Colfer: you are a moron. why do you care even?

  • Jimmy

    @Mark Sarfati: people know they use it as PR some times all star do PR, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t dating too. Maybe they are using Dianna as an example since she is the biggest PR whore out there. She is papped everyday and she for sure had a PR relationship with Alex for a movie. She calls the paps when she is walking out to her car to get something out of the trunk.

  • so

    @sufferb*tch: and no everyone is smily al the itme. Of course when someone see that the paps are going to take picture she may smile. She is nice to smile for them she doesn’t even have to a lot of stars don’t. . Not smily 100% of the time doesn’t mean a thing.

  • Iffy Miffy

    They are together, that seems obvious. They are also using it for PR, that is obvious too. Probably got a nice little push from FOX on this too, Finchel isn’t doing too well much like Glee.