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Tom Cruise: Back to Work After Divorce Settlement

Tom Cruise: Back to Work After Divorce Settlement

Tom Cruise talks with crew members on the set of his film Oblivion on Tuesday (June 10) in June Lake, Calif.

The 50-year-old actor is back to work for the first time after jetting back home from Iceland following the announcement of his divorce.

Tom and his estranged wife Katie have figured out the details of their divorce and signed their settlement, though the divorce won’t be finalized for a couple more months.

While Katie will be granted primary custody of their 6-year-old daughter Suri, Tom will have generous visitation time with her.

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Credit: Karl Larsen; Photos: INFdaily
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  • First

    Good. Everyoone is moving on.

  • Love TOM

    It is so nice to see Tom for a change. I am so tired of seeing Katie everyday parading her daughter for the paparazzi.I have no doubt from day one that she will capitalize on this divorce to advance her career.But Nicole Kidman she is not.Team Tom.

  • beth

    I never thought that Tom will end up to be the classy one on this divorce.I am so disappointed on Katie using her daughter as a weapon.Everyday she want to be photograph.i feel so sorry for Suri hiding her face from the paparazzi but her mother can’t help it .she is such a fame w h o re.glad Tom got rid of her.Tom has been so quiet on this one and low profile.Be strong Tom .you are still a superstar and a great actor.No one can put you down.Highest paid and most powerful actor in the still have your millions of loyal fans.Europe lloves you.We cannot wait for jack reacher.

  • http://facebook linetta

    awh bless tom i bet hes feeling very low rite now after all him and katie were together for a long time 5 years wernt it. i thought they would last forever it goes to show nothing lasts in this world not even marriages.i think tom is a lovely guy who will im sure find someone else to spend his life with.

  • Micky

    Katie had absolutely no choice but to act as she did if she wanted a divorce from such a powerful man. I can remember how he treated his former wives and especially Nicole Kidman who was unable to extract the children from his religion. Her dad is a lawyer and presumably they planned it all very carefully.

    Well done Katie. I wish you and Suri all the best and I hope that Tom, who seems to love his little girl very much, will be an important part of her life but without the control of his church.

  • Hollyweird

    This woman is fighting to not have her daughter brainwashed or worse like Nicole not have contact with your children. Obviously she’s been staying in the spotlight in New York to establish proof of residency and all people here can talk about his how classy Tom is? Really?

  • beatit

    These celebs dont get on very well with each other. Just a very few have found their soul mate.

  • solecito

    People need to shut up already. No one, but Tom and Katie know what really happened. Life goes on.

  • zoe

    Is that Ashton Kutcher in the last pic?


    He’s going to play “poor me” but this is no normal split, not a normal dumping no matter how he plays the wounded card. Tom’s huge ego and pride are more likely hurt than anything. He is a control freak and the fact she pulled the rug from under him, LOL, oh he’s probably so upset about that more than anything and the fact he can’t dey that’s it;s not just a few of us on the net who think he is a nutcase, but the whole world who watches the 11pm news now know he must have some secretly weird life, that he is part of a cult and wacky religion. Katie did expose him to ridicule forever and he knows it. No matter what movie he is in, no matter how good, he’s a Scibot punchline now.

  • Estella

    @SORELLA: How is that the ‘poor me’? lol

  • so?

    I can’t figure out exactly what he lost, he gets to work which he loves to do), he gets to see Suri when he wants to without all the demands of day to day parenting (i’ve seen parents with their children and it’s not all that exciting. plus he’s 50 years old he doesn’t want to be raising a little girl. ) he gets to keep his gazillion dollars…. and he can now freely date.

  • http://none blondie

    I think that Tom will land on his feet.
    I think that Tom has an endless sea of willing women
    that will gladly cause Katie to end up like Jen Aniston,
    crying in her cold oatmeal, crying on anybody’s shoulder
    about how Tom won’t call, or visit, or hang out, or give a darn
    about her anymore….the way that she may have hoped and prayed
    that he would….not even a blink, not even a wink, not a second
    glance or thought…

    When it is over.
    It is over.

    I can not wait to see how fast Tom moves on
    to the next beautiful, drop dead gorgeous love of his life!!!

    Best wishes Tom.
    Thanks for the years and years of great movies.

    Katie, in my opinion will go on to become
    the next non-stop stalker, just like Dirtbag Jennifer,
    the Tick, name dropping a mile a minute.

  • miss tom

    I really miss seeing tom.Hope we can get a clearer picture.Can’t believe because of this divorce , i am again a Tom fan.My sympathy really goes with him.I will never sympathize with a woman trying to destroy the father of her child.She wants a career.Just look how she played the media.She already have a movie lined up about a single mom like her.She will milk this divorce.

  • http://none blondie

    Fake story:

    You promised me movies, Tom.
    YOU were going to boost my career, remember?

    What happened to our agreement?


    You promised me lots of kids.
    You promised to make me happy.

    What happened to our agreement?


    I want out of this marriage. I spend so much time alone,
    that I may as well be single, Tom. I am lonely all of the time.
    I need affection, conversation, and party time with people
    who can dance and joke and admire me.


    There is the door!!! Leave.
    And when you get out there,
    be sure and say “hello” to Jen Aniston.
    Maybe she will be able to teach you to turn the page
    when you find out that it might be “Mission Impossible”
    for you, as it is for her pathetic lonely life!!!

    Oh, and Katie,
    before I forget: Jump in the lake.

  • Estella


  • aha

    The ultimate crazy couple.

    I hope Tom Cruise will hook up with Jen Aniston

  • yess

    @aha: I hope not. Those two are dangerous minds.

  • hihihi

    Finally Tom. Fed up with Katie Holmes, hope she will go away now…

  • NOT Heartbroken but batsh!t

    For someone who said the world of Katie, he seems to be moving on just fine. A normal person with normal feeling would have taken some time off if he really did get blindsided by the divorce. I think he knew it was coming, maybe not exactly when but he knew she was done with him.

    Everyone know he’s gay and batsh!t crazy.

  • hihihi

    @NOT Heartbroken but batsh!t:
    I don’t think you are right. If you are hurt you try not to think about it. That’s why he keeps himself busy with work. And he obviously won’t start crying in front of the crew members. You don’t know how he is dealing with it.

  • so?

    @NOT Heartbroken but batsh!t:

    Sorry but your comment is bottom line crazy. People go through divorce every single day. Katie and Suri aren’t dead. Besides their marriage was over for over a year..the public only found out a week ago. Tom is working and that’s what humans do in life, they move on. Each day looks brighter.

    Why was Katie going to the museum and shopping? We haven’t seen her break down in tears..

  • Pottery Barn really Katie

    He does not care about Suri you can not compare Nlcole Kidman a Oscar winning actress to Katie the D lister ! Who never had a # 1
    Hit! Half a billion dollar movie just a tv D lister! So y not dump her
    She did not make it they way his ex wife Nicole did. Katie is a nobodY
    Important person who will never be a success! Tom finally opened
    His eyesnand realized that she will never do! Loser Katie needs to
    Go back to her small independent movies… Nobody. Wants to see
    A woman in every article that says she did the right thing Wrong!

  • CF98

    Tom’s not upset about the divorce he rarely is he’s upset over losing control.

  • Joe

    All of you who are on Katie’s side need a bloody reality check, do you know any facts about this girl or are you like sheep just reading the tabloids like every one else????
    Facts are that she left her religion which supposedly was incredibly important to her after a few weeks after meeting Tom. She is no victim here, she has and is after one thing and that is power/status and she did not get it with Tom. Even though Tom opened all the doors for her, she just does not have any talent. NONE. What is a girl to do but blame him and his faith for her failures. She can’t act, sing, dance, design. All she does is mope and parade Suri in front of the paparazzi! She has been dragging him down for the past 7 years. She is just not an asset and frankly I am sick of her face and her manipulating the media. Tom on the other hand is massively talented, 31 years as a mega superstar and a brilliant actor. He has class and I hope he moved on and finds someone more mature and talented to share his life with. And NEVER has he ever uttered a single bad word against Mimi, Nicole or Katie now. The marriages did not work out for various reasons, he is moving on.

    P.S. and all of you who refer to Nicole Kidman as a victim, check your facts first and foremost, she willingly signed those two kids away AND was having an affair when Tom dropped her, funny, she never mentioned that to the media. Tom kept quiet for the sake of his kids.

  • Umm

    @so?: I Think it’s a valid poing what @NOT said. First he’s sad, then his bday was somber and he’s back to work. Why not try to see your child to reassure things are going to be fine instead of going to work? I’ve been divorced myself and I understand what that person ment and the fact you’re calling it crazy is a bit crazy!

  • zoe

    @Joe: Finally, someone who speaks the truth. Tom will be fine. He’s extremely talented and he’ll recover after this whole mess is over. I’m glad they’re divorcing. She made him look bad.

  • so?


    And do you think he should see Suri in public or do this talk to his daughter about the divorce in the privacy of his home? Maybe it is Katie who has dictates Suri’s whereabouts since she filed for divorce, has a say as to when he can see Suri.

    If Tom was in NYC during the past week while all this media explosion was going on, would that be satisfactory for you or their child?

  • Umm

    I’m pretty sure he could have negotiated seeing her in private. It’s not a crazy request or do you think Katie is that much of an @ss to let her child see her dad? I hope neither are that bad. But this divorce shouldn’t be that much of an issue. Google the 2009 (I believe was the year or 2010) divorce rumors. Katie had moved out from their house. I think what ‘not’ was saying was that… Not heartbroken cause he knew it wasn’t going to last.

  • miapocca

    I think the contract was up..Katie just looked at what happend to connor and bella and decided to seek help from daddy on keeping her child

    If at all that child goes to Cruise for a visit…she must realise that she is not winning anything…

    Can you imagine the power of brainwashing on a 6 year old…


  • krix

    2005 – Dropped Chris Klein like a hot plate after a two year engagement
    2012 – Drops Tom Cruise without even a second thought after 5 year marriage
    Yep! I could see where Tom is 100% to blame
    Nope, not even a possibility Katie could be scheming or shady in this whole thing… Nope all Tom-Scientology-Cruises’s fault!
    Got it!

  • miapocca

    The thing is about the second year or so…we hadly saw them together..i think that was right around the time that everything got better for cruise…he was taken back to the studio etc…

  • Guy

    Tom you are a hot and beautiful man!!

  • JC

    @Love TOM:


  • ana

    about time he got away from that talent-less woman..she tried to use him to make a career for herself and when that didnt work out because she is JUST NOT GOOD at ANYTHING, she divorced him and will now make money out of the child support payments

    just hope that Tom will use his brain and go after a classier woman or someone hot like penelope cruz

  • beth


    ita, he should have the best .not a plain jane talentless starlet.i always thought tom really downgrade with katie.after stunning and talented women like nicole kidman and penelope cruz , he went to tv star katie holmes.Honestly since i am from europe, i have no idea who is this katie homeley tom cruz was dating then.she just doesn’t have it to make a superstar.she will never be nicole or penelope.this women are class act.

  • WAlterBisho[

    Hate him or like him, you can’t deny that he’s a good actor, better than many. Yesterday I watched Jerry Maguire and I have to admit he totally nailed it. He deserves respect for the determination and the stunts he mostly performs by himself on movie sets.The truth is that all ppl have against Tom (including myself) is him being a Scientologist and this rumor about him being a control freak. I dunno whether it’s true and if it is, I am not sure whether he hadn’t been a control freak before he joined the chucrh. After all may be it isn’t a bad thing to be control freak – it’s said that Madonna is a control freak but nobody holds that against her. May be it’s something you have to become when you reach to the top and get to have this kind of power.

  • more tom pics please

    Hope we will have more pics of Tom. I want to see him with Suri.I’m sure he misses her so much.Suri is looking more and more like her dad.i’m sure I will be emotional to see a new pic of Tom and Suri together after the divorce.

  • Just so


    You must be from the cult of Xenu Joe. Defending your alien peers. Nicole was not having an affair. That has long been a rumor started by the cult. And she did not sign her two kids away.

    If I may point out, she trusted tom. He held a huge party in December reaffirming his love for her. Then in Feb kicked her to the curb with some obscure “she knows what she did” statement and left her pregnant. She kept some of the miscarriage and had it analyzed for DNA – it was Tom’s baby. That is on the Smoking Gun. Furthermore, Cruise hired PI Anthony Pellicano who wire tapped her and had her followed–this is also proven through court documents that helped put Pellicano in jail, that Cruise ordered it. If she had been cheating or doing anything nefarious Pellicano would have handed her head on a platter to Cruise. But there was nothing.

    She also had joint custody of the kids and had physical custody for a couple of years before she and Cruise decided that he would take them because they wanted to live in LA, not in Australia. Marty Rathbun, Cruises’ Xenu auditor has come out publicly after his defection from the cult and stated there was a systematic effort by Cruise and the Cult to disassociate the kids from her. They were told among other things that she was a sociopath. Cruise did absolutely nothing to stop this.

    So get your facts straight Joe. Nicole is no saint, but Tom did her wrong in so many ways…he is certainly not a saint either.

  • Morgan

    Tom Cruise is a decent actor, espcially in action films. He is not the talent of say Tom Hanks or Matt Damon. And he seems to be a nice person. BUT I think it was a control thing and mostly the Scientologist (so called) religion. I watched his rant of 20 minutes when he went on and on about Scientology. It was weird. I do wish them both the best and hopefully, he will pick a Scientologist next time.

  • Hamlet

    The timing as well feeling she had to fire her won stepdaughter is inexcusable, #6. Everything else she did to protect herself from her powerful husband was sound but the rest was desperate and tacky.

    Kidman has contact with her children #7.

    Well, Cruise handled himself very well in this difficult time in his life and why shouldn’t anyone commend him for his behavior?

    Right, #9.

    You can’t see that he lost his wife and to see his little girl everyday, #13?! Shut up!

    You’re gross, #25.

  • http://none blondie

    Just try to remember, when you make fun of Scientology
    that the Pilgrims and many others fled to this country
    to escape religious persecution. In America, you are free to
    worship as you see fit, to a large extent.

    Katie looked before she leapt.
    She loved what she saw, imo.

    I would not be suprised if Tom
    met some sweet honey on the set of “Rock of Ages”
    that may have given him something that Kate
    could not muster….Haaaa haaa haaaa.

  • http://none blondie

    Before I forget, I think that Tom
    is willing to move on, like a speeding bullet,
    if it means having several more children,
    especially a few sons!!!

    I do not think that giving birth to more children
    really fitted into Katie’s future plans of being a “Super STAR!!!

    I think that they both did the right thing.

    I wish them well.

  • Just so


    Exactly what is the cult promising you to troll this site constantly with your comments defending the cult and Cruise?

  • A Fan of Suri’s

    Do you all notice that Katie used a New York city Taxi yesterday? Is wearing the same sunglasses as the last few days (this didn’t happen with Cruise, she never wore the same pair always a new pair)? And is dressed very casually (this is the real Katie Holmes), etc. Hopefully what change soon will be Suri (which I think is the main reason for the split), I’m hoping Suri will be able to walk outside without covering her face with her blanket because she won’t be holding onto one, leave the stuffed animals at home, etc. Next sighting might be a real New York moment, catching the subway!!!

  • Shan

    Glad to see, hope things work out for him.

  • sweetness

    And @A Fan of Suri’s:

    aside from Tom Cruise what is it about Suri Cruise that you want to watch a little girl (careful your reply ay come off sounding weird)..also if it wasn’t for her marriage to Tom who cared or followed Katie Holmes. She’s no fascinating actress, she is ok attractive but definitely no where near the realm of stunning.
    She is no Kardashian so what is remotely interesting about her, even the moment the news was announced about their settlement the Katie Holmes fever dwindled.

  • farah

    @Just so:
    I hope tom apologise to nicole and tell the truth to his bella and connor.


    If anyone seriously thinks that Katie Holmes could have gone about this in any other way you are clearly deluded. As for all the Tom supporters spitting bile at Katie I can only assume your hold on reality is somewhat lacking, which I understand is a common state of affairs amongst members of scientology, but the whole world now knows she is one of the greatest actresses out there because she sure as hell put on an Oscar winning performance to ‘blindside’ Tom Cruise and his people! It appears that Tom Cruise gave up his daughter for his “religion” and because Katie had him by the balls! She has certainly regained my respect and I wish her and her family continued success and happiness!!

  • A Fan of Suri’s

    # 49 – “I’m hoping Suri will be able to walk outside without covering her face with her blanket because she won’t be holding onto one, leave the stuffed animals at home, etc.” When she covers her face she looks and is probably thinking “oh no there after my picture again.” I hope the paparrazi leave her alone before she becomes delusion and thinks she something out of this world. I hoping she becomes a normal little girl whos learning in school and hopefully because of her priviliged position does something position with her life. I think the interest in Katie and Suri will begin to wane which is why I hope Suri gets over the paps trying to get her picture because eventually the paps will leave them alone and only have a few pictures taken. Next sighting might be a real New York moment, catching the subway!!!