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Katie Holmes & Suri: Central Park Zoo Trip!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Central Park Zoo Trip!

Katie Holmes carries her daughter Suri into the Central Park Zoo for a day of scoping out some cool animals on Wednesday (July 11) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress and Suri, 6, were joined by Grandma Kathleen Holmes!

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The Central Park Zoo is jam packed with fun filled animals including penguins, sea lions, various birds, and even a polar bear.

Katie and estranged husband Tom Cruise‘s divorce settlement details were recently revealed, including many provisions about Suri.

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Credit: Thornton/Oak; Photos: INFdaily
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  • savannah

    But please, let the poor girl walk for a change!

  • Tanya

    Katie, put the kid down

  • Effy

    @savannah: I agree, but you have to understand where she is coming from. Paparazzi is swarming them and she’s only try to protect Suri, especially since it’s her one and only child.


    more photo ops for Katie, I feel bad for Suri

  • lindsey

    Poor Suri. She doesn’t like those papz.

  • r&b mom

    If you have ever seen a wide shot of a celebrity who is being photographed, the number of paparazzi is UNBELIEVABLE. It looks like it completely freaks her daughter out – and that is why she is always seen carrying her in these photos.

  • Mimi

    @Effy: I see your point, but is she going to carry her when she’s 10 and weighs 70lbs? At some point she’s got to put her down and hold her hand. WTF????

  • Black-Dahlia

    This is just pathetic.

  • ivy

    Seriously, this child is old enough to have a conversation with regarding the papparazzi. and why they are taking pictures.There is no need to carry this child. I think it is all in how parenting happens with regards to being famous. I see pictures of Jennifer Garner and her two girls all over these pop sites and her girls are walking and ignoring the photograhers. Katie would prifit from lessons from Jennifer or Angolina Jolie…het kids walk as well.

  • Anna

    the fact that she carries her around everywhere even though she’s six years old and perfectly capable of walking by herself makes her look like a terrible parent.

  • sweetness

    Ok, I gather some of you don’t live in NYC, but this woman is clearly deliberately parading herself with her petrified daughter (by hounding paps not scientologists btw).

    Katie Holmes can take a car service or opt to escape to the Hampton, which is more peaceful and she’s less hounded. No matter how much people don’t like Cruise..this is clearly exploiting her daughter for press.

  • N.

    Suri always looks distressed and upset… the paps scare her and being carried by Mommy won’t make it better.
    Katie better find ways to help Suri being more comfortable around paps because they won’t go away any time soon.
    Maybe Katie should ask Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Garner… their children seem to cope much better with being hounded by paps.

  • the_boyfriend

    Ugh, not again.
    Another day, another photo op with a terrified suri.
    Stay home already or go away somewhere less invasive like others have mentioned, parading around NYC in the middle of this is starting to not look like a good idea.

  • mary

    Why not put her in a buggy. lol.

  • Wet N Wild

    Paps need to let then try to live a normal life for a while. It’s summer and I’m sure they don’t want to spend it in an apartment no matter how nice it is.

  • solecito

    Enough of Katie already! The divorce agreement was settled, time to move on.

  • CF98

    The paps will go away when people stop going to blogs like these to look at pics and well lets face it this is the Hollywood story for a while as long as she’s Tom Cruise’s daughter that’s how it is.

  • Eresyn

    Poor child…i wish the paparazzi would leave them alone!!!!

  • paleezzzzz2

    Really Katie?!! This woman is a media H*O. There is no reason for her to tramatize Suri like this. The church is not chasing her. Take a back entrance or move out to the country where there’s privacy. Suri needs saving from her stupid mother.

  • siennagold

    It’s another carrying Suri day! You can blame the paparazzi but the fact is, they will never go away. Katie should take lessons from Angie and Brad on how to let their kids deal with the paps. I don’t see Angie and Brad carrying their kids all the time even though a lot of paps follow them around. The kids walk on their own and they don’t mind the paps, they just go about their business enjoying life.

  • Diane

    Suri is only 6 – she’s allowed to be scared of the paparazzi. But it doesn’t matter where Katie goes right now, they will be followed and photographed. Hopefully soon the interest will wane. Suri can and does walk, there are plenty of photos of her doing just that.

  • lala

    @Effy: It’s easy to blame the paparazzi for harassing Suri since she was a baby, but i think Katie Holmes she has a share of blame in all this crazyness after all, Suri didn’t become a fashion icon by herself, Katie fed the curiosity of the paparazzi and the and the public! Now Katie now she bears a girl of six years old show her maternal protection….. she knows that the public interest is greater than ever due to divorce, as a good mother she should stop parading with Suri everywhere she goes

  • sweetness


    Of course we all realize Suri is scared of the paps..but Katie Holmes opts to parade her out in the midst of them…And yes she can opt to go to more private and exclusive places in the surrounding areas outside of NYC, at least for a couple of weeks. This whack job is doing this as an opportunity to increase her name in the press. Because she loves the attention the divorce gave her.

  • annie

    something puzzles me with all this, at the same time i find it sad as well.
    i remember seeing TC in an interview ,where he says, that ,you can be any religion and still be a scientologist, then he said, but Kate and i are scientologists.
    ok, so if you have a choice in the matter, why wasn’t Katie given that choice as well, to keep things more flexible, instead everything seemed to be done, in the scientology way of doing things, right from the beginning.
    i mean really, this is a girl who has” rebelled” big time, against her husband and everything he seems to stand for, that’s the most obvious thing that really stands out in all of this.
    so far katie has got what she wanted, the media is not going to give up on this, i think everyday they make up new things, he’s away filming, in a week or two he’ll be out of site out of mind, to everybody,he knows how the media works, it’s only a matter of time.
    glad katie is going to start filming soon.

  • Barbara

    Free Suri and let her walk!!!

  • Gossipgirl

    Why does she not take the child somewhere quiet for a vacation; Suri looks traumatized! Also, she really needs to burn those boots and buy some new ones.

  • zoejj

    annie you are so stupid. katie left him because she wants to be a-list actress. this woman thinks she has the talent to be the next kidman. scientology is just an excuse. katie is a media ho. she will keep parading suri for the paps for years. and tom can’t do anything about it cos she forced him to give up custody. tom raised his older kids in privacy. katie will continue to exploit suri

  • A Fan of Suri’s

    If you look at the number of posts on this thread, I will be number 28. If you look at the number of paparrazi following Katie & Suri yesterday when they returned to the Children’s Museum, there were LESS taking their pictures. I predict the paparrazi will still follow them but it will not be as intense as in the TOMKAT peak days. In the next weeks there will be less following them. And Suri doesn’t look too happy getting out of that Taxi. She looks like she knows they’ve downgraded from a big SUV with dark windows to a public taxi. When she visits with Cruise I bet he’s gonna pull all the stops and Suri will feel the difference.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She needs to go to Ohio and lay low and stop trying to live her life normally! Right now she and Suri are the media sweethearts and she’ll never get a moments piece!
    I don’t blame her for carrying Suri. She’s probably scared of all the animals shouting at them and it’s not safe!

  • stop using suri for publicity

    i feel so sorry for this child.Her mother is using her for publicity.Can’t she see how scared the child is and yet she is parading her every single day.Why not take a little vacation to have some privacy.But i guess she would not to do it.She love all the attention.I thought i would have sympathy for this woman.But seeing her everyday using her scared child to gain publicity make me sick.What a fame w h o r e.

  • poor suri

    Please Tom, do something about your daughter.She is so scared of the paparazzi.I am a mother and my heart goes to this kid.I think Katie is not well.She is parading her everyday.This kid will be traumatized.As days goes by, i am starting to think that tom is the sane paret than katie.

  • Just so


    Well, Annie, basically Tom lied. Xenu wants you to be a scientologist only. Tom would accept nothing less.
    Tom is extremely controlling in his personal relationships. Katie probably couldn’t take being micro-managed one more time. His entire staff are Xenu accolades. They report back to whoever on everything that Tom or Katie or anyone in the family does.
    Scientology is NOT a religion. It is a cult. These are ten signs of a cult. Scientology fits most of them.

    Absolute authoritarianism without meaningful accountability.

    No tolerance for questions or critical inquiry.

    No meaningful financial disclosure regarding budget, expenses such as an independently audited financial statement.

    Unreasonable fear about the outside world, such as impending catastrophe, evil conspiracies and persecutions.

    There is no legitimate reason to leave, former followers are always wrong in leaving, negative or even evil.

    Former members often relate the same stories of abuse and reflect a similar pattern of grievances.

    There are records, books, news articles, or television programs that document the abuses of the group/leader.

    Followers feel they can never be “good enough”.

    The group/leader is always right.

  • Frozoid

    AGGH ! She’s got those BOOTS on again. And it had to have been 95 degrees in NYC today.

  • jane

    I hate to say I told you so BUT…

    Katie has done more harm to Suri by carrying her around and deliberately using her for camera bait than being a Scientologist for the rest of her life. Suri probably wishes she was with Tom!

    Everybody jumped on Tom’s azz when the divorce was filed. You know why Katie filed? Because Tom thought if he filed, he would get the backlash again like he did when he wanted out of the marriage with Nicole. That’s why Katie filed. It was decided way before the divorce was announced!

    And “no”..I’m not a Scientologist !

  • nicole kidman she’s not

    Dream on Katie.

  • katie d next superstar….not

    It takes talent and charisma to be a superstar.playing a victim doesn’t guarantee superstardom.enjoy your 15 minutes.

  • beth

    What kind of mother is this?Is she going to expose this poor child everyday to be in the news.I am sick of this woman exposing her child to paparazzi.This is going to backfire on her.Tom is the class act here.he is quiet and low profile but this woman is something else and most people are starting to see it.

  • Anna

    At least Tom doesn’t have to have his mommy at his side. Katie is playing the victim. Yet another role she’s not good at.

  • Jordyn

    Get that poor little girl out of the spotlight. So much damage has been done to her already.

  • annie

    oh keep quiet the lot of you ….there are pics of her in the zoo andshe in unaware of paps , she’s happy and laughing.

  • GreekGodess

    Hey, the characteristics listed above, which refer to the definition of “cult” sound awefully similar to the National Democratic Party, lol!!!! Wishing BEUTIFUL LITTLE SURI A WONDERFUL LIFE!!!!! It is NOT EASY coming from a broken home :((((( Katie looks like she is ALREADY a bit sorry she left Tom, remember, woman, LIFE AT THE TOP only happens WHEN YOU ARE AT THE TOP!!!! And for a “whats her name” you had SERIOUSLY MADE IT TO THE TOP BY GETTING TOP GUN TO MARRY YOU!!!!! HUGE MISTAKE NOT MAKING YOURSELF HAPPY THERE!!!!!! I suspect Katie will decline into “nobody’s ville” VERY SHORTLY!!!! Afterall, if she were not carrying BEAUTIFUL SURI, who would care to see Katie and her mother in those ATROCIOUS COMMONER OUTFITS!!!!!

  • carrie

    GreekGodess you’re hilarious. LMAo

  • Pat

    Maybe let Suri wear dark sunglasses for kids. I bet Suri has never been to he zoo before, despite Tom being able to communicate with animals as a Thetan 7. .

  • Darren

    Katie, if you were any smarter….NYC is the worst place to avoid paparrazis….hello, they know where you live …unless you exit from the top of the building via helicopter…but you knew that.. you know that you’ll be hounded by them every single day that you step out with Suri…I think Katie, you’re enjoying the photoops but not so much can be said about Suri. Why don’t you leave NYC now that you’ve got your divorce settled.

    Suri looks really scared and intimated by all intention from gawkers.
    Katie, you’re really insensitive about your daughter’s feelings. Learn from Angelina, look how her kids handle the paparazzis well, when the family is out on an outing.

  • Darren

    @Diane: She needs to get out of NYC… they know where she lives and these paparazzis probably camp outside her building to snap that 50K photoop.

  • ics

    She’s doing all this on purpose. She could leave the kid with a nanny, but no, she want as much publicity as possible.

  • lucy

    Katie, if this child of yours is terrified of the paps then you have to deal with. first off, stop dragging her with you all the time. arrange for play dates while you do your thing. also, get this child a therapist to help her deal with feelings of hatred and anger.

  • Hamlet

    It wouldn’t be your problem, though, #7. Go mind your own kids.

    Quit comparing kids and go mind your own, #9.

    Free her from what, #25?

  • Priscilla

    She definitely wants to be seen…. Give me a break!

  • Just so

    Suddenly Katie is doing child friendly things with Suri now that Tom is out of the picture. So far no shopping or adult restaurants, but a children’s museum and the zoo. Mmmmm. Why? Does Xenu not allow you to do the zoo etc? Is this for photo ops? Inquiring minds want to know.