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Miranda Kerr Makes Anti-Epidural Comments

Miranda Kerr Makes Anti-Epidural Comments

Miranda Kerr steps out in a fun, floral sundress while strolling the sidewalks on Wednesday (July 11) in New York City.

The 29-year-old Aussie model recently came under fire from mothers around the world for comments she made about epidurals.

Miranda told Harper’s Bazaar UK about watching videos of babies born without an epidural and seeing the baby go straight for the mother’s breast after coming out.

“Then they showed ones [babies] right after the epidural, and that didn’t happen,” Miranda said. “The baby was a little bit drugged up, and I was like, ‘Well I don’t want that.’ I wanted to give him the best possible start in life I could.”

25+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr wearing a floral sundress…

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  • Med student

    Bullsh!t Miranda! I had and epidural and my baby breastfed right after birth with no problem and very alert. Many studies have been done on the use of epi without any consequence. Morphine drip does so keep your mouth shut and take your pretty picture. That’s what you get paid to do.

  • Lia

    well good for her ! Is that really necessary that she comments everything ? Especially that kind of subject ?

  • Sayer

    Don’t care. This pumpkinhead, Gisele-wannbe is really not important.

  • J Lo

    I get pretty tired of women these days who think they are a superwoman just because they didn’t get an epidural. My 3 babies were perfect and i had an epidural for all 3. Forgive me if i didnt want to be in a tremendous amount of pain. Women gave birth to their children without any meds for centuries so it’s nothing new.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s not telling anyone how to have a baby – she’s telling you about her choice and why she made it. I don’t see her starting a foundation or campaign to stop epidurals! She’s free to do what she wants with her body – just like other mothers are free to do what they want!

  • sj

    she’s annoying…

  • BEAN

    Nobody is EVER going to agree when it comes to parenting.

  • uhhhh

    Nobody cares what you think, air-headed Miranda. Shut the hell up!

  • B

    so she knows that every single baby will end up “drugged up” if you get an epi? lol what a freaking genious!

  • Mika


  • Frozoid

    She’s STILL blathering on a year after giving birth, in the tone of someone who is the only woman ever to give birth.

    Not only is she a narcissist, but no one cares what she thinks.

  • Rach

    Oh, just, no. I don’t care what she’s preaching about, epidurals, skin care, how to get a great ass, I don’t care, I just don’t need to hear what she thinks about it all the freakin time.

  • verity

    Oh jeez, she likes to mouth off about everything doesn’t she. I respect she has an opinion but I don’t need to hear it. Also, how is her walking between a car and a building interesting? For someones who’s main talent seems to be wearing lingerie, squeezing out a baby she sure does seem to get a lot of column inches.

  • Janice Dodd

    @lexy hates bilson:
    I agree. She isn’t putting others down. She is merely giving an opinion. Everyone is entitled to that. We do have free speach. And calling her names is a bit over the top for expressing it.

  • SHopping Diva

    Gah, if she were half as smart as she thinks she is she would know an epidural does not pass through the placenta therefore does not effect the baby. There are other pain medications given intravenously that do pass the placenta but not an epidural. All an epidural does is allow a woman to have a pain free birth.

    I hate when stupid people talk.

  • Just so

    I’ll respect her opinion when she has been in a very painful labor for 30 hours. Then we will talk about whether she wants to continue or have an epidural.

  • jo

    I wish she and gisele would shut up.

  • Lou

    Great! As if the opinion of some brainless, fame-thirsty, average model was important at all. Oh Please!

  • For the Shippers

    @SHopping Diva: Then that would mean she would never open her mouth? Oh dear oh dear – we can’t have that! Not from she who knows it all, and can you imagine poor Orlando and Flynn dealing with hearing that 24/7? He ought to get a purple heart.

  • who is she?

    Can someone tell me who she is, I’m too lazy to google her!
    The only models I know are Adriana and Gisele…and the models from the 90s of course.

  • Rachel

    She thinks she’s all that ever since she got pregnant/married to Orlando Bloom. So tired of her….

  • the hell

    JJ posts a lot about nobodies these days. Miranda is not going to happen

  • ImCraazy

    Oh just ignore this bimbo. She is only trying to get attention & be talked about. If everyone would ignore her maybe she will go away. She & her lame – o husband.

  • oh no

    She couldn’t stand seeing Alessandra getting some attention here. she just had to call the paps like it’s some kind of emergency…Hi Miranda, nobody cares. Stop making a fool of yourself

  • SuperFan

    Ugh. These women who think they’re better than everyone else because they do a “natural” childbirth. Puh-leeze. The technology to make childbirth a more comfortable process is one the single greatest medical advances in history. You are not a better mother, or a stronger woman, if you opt out. IMO, you’re just an idiot. I used to be indifferent about Miranda. Now I just think she flat-out sucks.

  • Ellgy

    Ummm, she said she didn’t want it for herself. She never said other women shouldn’t have an epidural. Some of us have become oversensitive to people’s comments.

  • Alice

    ALL mothers need to get off their high horse and stop being such defensive know-it-alls. She is entitled to deliver her babies how she wants to, whether you think she’s right or wrong. You’re no better than she is criticizing her for her views.

  • ha!

    For a bunch of people who claim that they don’t care about her opinion, you guys sure do hang on her every word, don’t you.
    Pathetic haters with no lives of your own

  • sara

    There are some really cute pics around the web of Orlando, Miranda and Flynn at Sebastians wedding in France.
    Congratulations to Sebastian and his new bride!

  • oh

    just when I thought her contract with JJ has ended.
    Models like Gisele and Kate and Adriana etc are the legit famous. Will never understand jj.

  • yes!

    Miranda’s latest commercial for VS is AMAZING!
    She looks so beautiful!!!

  • Liz

    Oh wow! Here she is again. Did she have a zit on her face the past few days and needed it to clear up before she called the paparazzi? I don’t mind her epidural comments; that’s her opinion. I just don’t understand why she’s STILL talking about the birth of Flynn when he’s going to turn 2 this year. She’s becoming so annoying. You don’t see her fellow VS Angels Adriana, Alessandra or Lily talking about the birth of their babies constantly. They have enough class to just keep it quiet and enjoy motherhood out of the spotlight.

  • anon

    You women are incredibly insecure. She wasn’t attacking anyone, or even calling herself an expert, she was just saying she saw some video and made a choice based on that. Who knows, maybe she’s right, maybe she’s wrong. This is a question of science — emotion has nothing to do with it. Not long ago, if you suggested that bottle-feeding is not optimal, and breast-feeding is better, there would have been many women just like you who would have crucified you for suggesting that they weren’t perfect mothers.

  • Anna

    I just think that someone who makes a living by walking around in her underwear and calling paps to photograph her insipid daily activities as an attempt to stay relevant should shut the f*ck up and not judge other people’s life decisions…

  • Anne

    She should know epidural is a local injection of anasthesic to block the pain while giving birth and does not drug the baby. Its not like demoral, which is a strong painkiller that will drug the babies if used during labor. She must confuse both. Its a very personal decision and she should be well informed before she opens her mouth!

  • lisa

    @Med student: gah, i’d hate to have you as my dr.

  • Lacrossegrl

    Her opinion is not regarding a cooking or fashion preference. It is clearly medical based..she seems very firm and absolute without consulting scientific data or literature. She is in the public eye, some people are naive enough to believe her, therefore she should know all the facts..research a bit before speculating. She should also know this is out of her scope and she should not be commenting on this topic.

  • Love The Shoes

    She and Giselle get on my nerves! These rich chicks have a kid and have the wherewithall to have the best of everything and because they say something was easy peasy for them EVERYONE should do it! Can’t stand either of them.

  • Ellgy

    @Love The Shoes: Miranda has never said she had an easy birth. Flynn was a big baby and she was in labour for a long time.

  • Dumb

    @ha!: and what does that say about you. Loser

  • Candice

    I liked her back in 2006 and 2007 when everything she talked about had to do with Victoria’s Secret. The video diaries and the commercials were cute. If I saw anything about her it would just be her modeling for Clinque, Arben B, exc but nothing else. Everytime she talked it pertained to her job, modeling. Now it seems all she talks about is organic and baby sh*t. Who the f*ck cares?

  • wow

    Uhmmm, she’s still talking about Flynn’s birth, because people keep asking about it.
    And if you base your medical decisions on comments from a model, you are so stupid that you shouldn’t be breeding.
    Oh, and @41..
    Organics ARE her job.
    And I love that so many of you are using vulgar language. Not many people here do that, and now we have a cluster of them. Hmmmm, can you say SOCKPUPPET?

  • wow

    Oh, and I forgot to mention…
    Her new VS commercial has aready reached nearly a quarter of a million views on YouTube after only one day.
    Not famous?
    Try again, dearie.

  • charlotte

    GAWD, it’s been over a year since u gave birth.. i think it’s been enough time to stop talking about your epidural moment. nobody cares

  • vaguely medical

    wow, people are pretty amped about this.

    no intervention in medicine is without some risk, that goes for pretty much everything from an IV to a complicated abdominal procedure such as a whipple. an epidural is no exception.

    the vast, vast majority of women who receive an epidural will tolerate it well and the baby will be perfectly fine. nevertheless, risks exist to both the mom and child including some alteration of alertness of the newborn which almost always quickly improves.

    that said, feel free to get an epidural, childbirth can be incredibly painful and is in of itself fraught with some risk.

  • shanghai

    Miranda is gorgeous but it can be quite embarrassing to hear her in interviews. I just cringe at some of her replies and think what is she saying!!!!! Its everyones personal choice and although I was fortunate enough not to need anything I I think everyones situation is so different that you cannot generalise and it must be the mothers choice given the circumstances at the time.

  • @46

    But she never generalized. She never said that women should not get epidurals. She just stated what she chose, and the reason behind her decision.
    I think that a lot of people are just overreacting.

  • Piperwest12

    @B: You misspelled genius!

  • be

    @wow: Clearly u haven’t see Adriana Lima video’s on Youtube

  • down

    @wow: if that video wasn’t VS, it wouldn’t get more than 1000 views.