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Miranda Kerr Makes Anti-Epidural Comments

Miranda Kerr Makes Anti-Epidural Comments

Miranda Kerr steps out in a fun, floral sundress while strolling the sidewalks on Wednesday (July 11) in New York City.

The 29-year-old Aussie model recently came under fire from mothers around the world for comments she made about epidurals.

Miranda told Harper’s Bazaar UK about watching videos of babies born without an epidural and seeing the baby go straight for the mother’s breast after coming out.

“Then they showed ones [babies] right after the epidural, and that didn’t happen,” Miranda said. “The baby was a little bit drugged up, and I was like, ‘Well I don’t want that.’ I wanted to give him the best possible start in life I could.”

25+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr wearing a floral sundress…

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117 Responses to “Miranda Kerr Makes Anti-Epidural Comments”

  1. 1
    Med student Says:

    Bullsh!t Miranda! I had and epidural and my baby breastfed right after birth with no problem and very alert. Many studies have been done on the use of epi without any consequence. Morphine drip does so keep your mouth shut and take your pretty picture. That’s what you get paid to do.

  2. 2
    Lia Says:

    well good for her ! Is that really necessary that she comments everything ? Especially that kind of subject ?

  3. 3
    Sayer Says:

    Don’t care. This pumpkinhead, Gisele-wannbe is really not important.

  4. 4
    J Lo Says:

    I get pretty tired of women these days who think they are a superwoman just because they didn’t get an epidural. My 3 babies were perfect and i had an epidural for all 3. Forgive me if i didnt want to be in a tremendous amount of pain. Women gave birth to their children without any meds for centuries so it’s nothing new.

  5. 5
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    She’s not telling anyone how to have a baby – she’s telling you about her choice and why she made it. I don’t see her starting a foundation or campaign to stop epidurals! She’s free to do what she wants with her body – just like other mothers are free to do what they want!

  6. 6
    sj Says:

    she’s annoying…

  7. 7
    BEAN Says:

    Nobody is EVER going to agree when it comes to parenting.

  8. 8
    uhhhh Says:

    Nobody cares what you think, air-headed Miranda. Shut the hell up!

  9. 9
    B Says:

    so she knows that every single baby will end up “drugged up” if you get an epi? lol what a freaking genious!

  10. 10
    Mika Says:


  11. 11
    Frozoid Says:

    She’s STILL blathering on a year after giving birth, in the tone of someone who is the only woman ever to give birth.

    Not only is she a narcissist, but no one cares what she thinks.

  12. 12
    Rach Says:

    Oh, just, no. I don’t care what she’s preaching about, epidurals, skin care, how to get a great ass, I don’t care, I just don’t need to hear what she thinks about it all the freakin time.

  13. 13
    verity Says:

    Oh jeez, she likes to mouth off about everything doesn’t she. I respect she has an opinion but I don’t need to hear it. Also, how is her walking between a car and a building interesting? For someones who’s main talent seems to be wearing lingerie, squeezing out a baby she sure does seem to get a lot of column inches.

  14. 14
    Janice Dodd Says:

    @lexy hates bilson:
    I agree. She isn’t putting others down. She is merely giving an opinion. Everyone is entitled to that. We do have free speach. And calling her names is a bit over the top for expressing it.

  15. 15
    SHopping Diva Says:

    Gah, if she were half as smart as she thinks she is she would know an epidural does not pass through the placenta therefore does not effect the baby. There are other pain medications given intravenously that do pass the placenta but not an epidural. All an epidural does is allow a woman to have a pain free birth.

    I hate when stupid people talk.

  16. 16
    Just so Says:

    I’ll respect her opinion when she has been in a very painful labor for 30 hours. Then we will talk about whether she wants to continue or have an epidural.

  17. 17
    jo Says:

    I wish she and gisele would shut up.

  18. 18
    Lou Says:

    Great! As if the opinion of some brainless, fame-thirsty, average model was important at all. Oh Please!

  19. 19
    For the Shippers Says:

    @SHopping Diva: Then that would mean she would never open her mouth? Oh dear oh dear – we can’t have that! Not from she who knows it all, and can you imagine poor Orlando and Flynn dealing with hearing that 24/7? He ought to get a purple heart.

  20. 20
    who is she? Says:

    Can someone tell me who she is, I’m too lazy to google her!
    The only models I know are Adriana and Gisele…and the models from the 90s of course.

  21. 21
    Rachel Says:

    She thinks she’s all that ever since she got pregnant/married to Orlando Bloom. So tired of her….

  22. 22
    the hell Says:

    JJ posts a lot about nobodies these days. Miranda is not going to happen

  23. 23
    ImCraazy Says:

    Oh just ignore this bimbo. She is only trying to get attention & be talked about. If everyone would ignore her maybe she will go away. She & her lame – o husband.

  24. 24
    oh no Says:

    She couldn’t stand seeing Alessandra getting some attention here. she just had to call the paps like it’s some kind of emergency…Hi Miranda, nobody cares. Stop making a fool of yourself

  25. 25
    SuperFan Says:

    Ugh. These women who think they’re better than everyone else because they do a “natural” childbirth. Puh-leeze. The technology to make childbirth a more comfortable process is one the single greatest medical advances in history. You are not a better mother, or a stronger woman, if you opt out. IMO, you’re just an idiot. I used to be indifferent about Miranda. Now I just think she flat-out sucks.

  26. 26
    Ellgy Says:

    Ummm, she said she didn’t want it for herself. She never said other women shouldn’t have an epidural. Some of us have become oversensitive to people’s comments.

  27. 27
    Alice Says:

    ALL mothers need to get off their high horse and stop being such defensive know-it-alls. She is entitled to deliver her babies how she wants to, whether you think she’s right or wrong. You’re no better than she is criticizing her for her views.

  28. 28
    ha! Says:

    For a bunch of people who claim that they don’t care about her opinion, you guys sure do hang on her every word, don’t you.
    Pathetic haters with no lives of your own

  29. 29
    sara Says:

    There are some really cute pics around the web of Orlando, Miranda and Flynn at Sebastians wedding in France.
    Congratulations to Sebastian and his new bride!

  30. 30
    oh Says:

    just when I thought her contract with JJ has ended.
    Models like Gisele and Kate and Adriana etc are the legit famous. Will never understand jj.

  31. 31
    yes! Says:

    Miranda’s latest commercial for VS is AMAZING!
    She looks so beautiful!!!

  32. 32
    Liz Says:

    Oh wow! Here she is again. Did she have a zit on her face the past few days and needed it to clear up before she called the paparazzi? I don’t mind her epidural comments; that’s her opinion. I just don’t understand why she’s STILL talking about the birth of Flynn when he’s going to turn 2 this year. She’s becoming so annoying. You don’t see her fellow VS Angels Adriana, Alessandra or Lily talking about the birth of their babies constantly. They have enough class to just keep it quiet and enjoy motherhood out of the spotlight.

  33. 33
    anon Says:

    You women are incredibly insecure. She wasn’t attacking anyone, or even calling herself an expert, she was just saying she saw some video and made a choice based on that. Who knows, maybe she’s right, maybe she’s wrong. This is a question of science — emotion has nothing to do with it. Not long ago, if you suggested that bottle-feeding is not optimal, and breast-feeding is better, there would have been many women just like you who would have crucified you for suggesting that they weren’t perfect mothers.

  34. 34
    Anna Says:

    I just think that someone who makes a living by walking around in her underwear and calling paps to photograph her insipid daily activities as an attempt to stay relevant should shut the f*ck up and not judge other people’s life decisions…

  35. 35
    Anne Says:

    She should know epidural is a local injection of anasthesic to block the pain while giving birth and does not drug the baby. Its not like demoral, which is a strong painkiller that will drug the babies if used during labor. She must confuse both. Its a very personal decision and she should be well informed before she opens her mouth!

  36. 36
    lisa Says:

    @Med student: gah, i’d hate to have you as my dr.

  37. 37
    Lacrossegrl Says:

    Her opinion is not regarding a cooking or fashion preference. It is clearly medical based..she seems very firm and absolute without consulting scientific data or literature. She is in the public eye, some people are naive enough to believe her, therefore she should know all the facts..research a bit before speculating. She should also know this is out of her scope and she should not be commenting on this topic.

  38. 38
    Love The Shoes Says:

    She and Giselle get on my nerves! These rich chicks have a kid and have the wherewithall to have the best of everything and because they say something was easy peasy for them EVERYONE should do it! Can’t stand either of them.

  39. 39
    Ellgy Says:

    @Love The Shoes: Miranda has never said she had an easy birth. Flynn was a big baby and she was in labour for a long time.

  40. 40
    Dumb Says:

    @ha!: and what does that say about you. Loser

  41. 41
    Candice Says:

    I liked her back in 2006 and 2007 when everything she talked about had to do with Victoria’s Secret. The video diaries and the commercials were cute. If I saw anything about her it would just be her modeling for Clinque, Arben B, exc but nothing else. Everytime she talked it pertained to her job, modeling. Now it seems all she talks about is organic and baby sh*t. Who the f*ck cares?

  42. 42
    wow Says:

    Uhmmm, she’s still talking about Flynn’s birth, because people keep asking about it.
    And if you base your medical decisions on comments from a model, you are so stupid that you shouldn’t be breeding.
    Oh, and @41..
    Organics ARE her job.
    And I love that so many of you are using vulgar language. Not many people here do that, and now we have a cluster of them. Hmmmm, can you say SOCKPUPPET?

  43. 43
    wow Says:

    Oh, and I forgot to mention…
    Her new VS commercial has aready reached nearly a quarter of a million views on YouTube after only one day.
    Not famous?
    Try again, dearie.

  44. 44
    charlotte Says:

    GAWD, it’s been over a year since u gave birth.. i think it’s been enough time to stop talking about your epidural moment. nobody cares

  45. 45
    vaguely medical Says:

    wow, people are pretty amped about this.

    no intervention in medicine is without some risk, that goes for pretty much everything from an IV to a complicated abdominal procedure such as a whipple. an epidural is no exception.

    the vast, vast majority of women who receive an epidural will tolerate it well and the baby will be perfectly fine. nevertheless, risks exist to both the mom and child including some alteration of alertness of the newborn which almost always quickly improves.

    that said, feel free to get an epidural, childbirth can be incredibly painful and is in of itself fraught with some risk.

  46. 46
    shanghai Says:

    Miranda is gorgeous but it can be quite embarrassing to hear her in interviews. I just cringe at some of her replies and think what is she saying!!!!! Its everyones personal choice and although I was fortunate enough not to need anything I I think everyones situation is so different that you cannot generalise and it must be the mothers choice given the circumstances at the time.

  47. 47
    @46 Says:

    But she never generalized. She never said that women should not get epidurals. She just stated what she chose, and the reason behind her decision.
    I think that a lot of people are just overreacting.

  48. 48
    Piperwest12 Says:

    @B: You misspelled genius!

  49. 49
    be Says:

    @wow: Clearly u haven’t see Adriana Lima video’s on Youtube

  50. 50
    down Says:

    @wow: if that video wasn’t VS, it wouldn’t get more than 1000 views.

  51. 51
    fact check Says:

    From the American Pregnancy Association:
    “Though research is somewhat ambiguous, most studies suggest that some babies will have trouble “latching on” causing breastfeeding difficulties. Other studies suggest that a baby might experience respiratory depression, fetal malpositioning, and an increase in fetal heart rate variability, thus increasing the need for forceps, vacuum, cesarean deliveries and episiotomies.”
    Guess Miranda was right, eh? There are risks to the baby.

  52. 52
    @49-50 Says:

    *waves at the sockpuppet*
    You would have to prove that Adriana got over 250,000 views in one day. You can’t prove that, so your argument is invalid.
    And your post 5 minutes later doesn’t make any sense at all.
    But what can we expect from a hater. LOL!

  53. 53
    queen Says:

    @@49-50: u have a very idiotic logic. Why do u think everyone that comments on Mirand’s thread is a sockpuppet? And yea, we can’t prove Adriana has that much views in one day because people don’t check on that because it’s a given.
    But don’t worry, I’m sure this woman will disappear once Adriana makes a comeback. Just like she disappeared when Adriana wasn’t pregnant.

  54. 54
    Daniee Says:

    It’s her and her her physician’s choice and she ought to respect other women’s and their physician’s choices. Does she know that if it weren’t for local anaesthetic, some mothers would die?

  55. 55
    XYZ Says:

    Cant she talk about anything else, this idiot? A whole world is sick of her endless rants about birth, for instance… But wait, she’s a model and modelling and brains arent a good match…

  56. 56
    Tired Says:

    Omg…Is she talking about her labour…….?…..AGAIN???How many women do it EVERY DAY? My friend gave birth after 31 hours to twins….And then what?…My mother gave birth to my sister and me without any drug or epidural…Years ago EVERY woman had to do it! And why Miranda Kerr had to brag about this? My mother had a very very very difficult labour with my sister but she didn’t bore Everyone!!!!!

  57. 57
    Mina Says:

    @Mika: Yes is it her personal opinion, so why does she has to go on and tell everybody that that? Keep that personal opinion to herself than.

  58. 58
    lafamepoma Says:

    Sure she had an epidural, if not idon’t care, i’m pro epidural, women don’t have to suffer so much pain

  59. 59
    --- Says:

    I think she knows exactly what shes doing making that comment. Each mother makes a choice. She’s lucky her baby was safe and she was able to go the natural route. Not all mothers have that choice. That being said a baby is not ‘drugged up’ if you have an epi.. my baby was fine — She should wait until she has a few more babies later in life.. the births might not be so easy and she’d end up having a c-section. My point is giving birth is never simple, and at the last minute the baby could go into distress, falling heart beat etc and she’d change her mind about drugs and giving birth — And it doesn’t matter how a baby comes into this world, even if its in the middle of a war zone.. as long as he/she is loved that’s all that matters.

  60. 60
    enough of her Says:

    This person really thinks she is the smartest, the most beautiful and courageous woman on the earths. Not only that she knows everything about chemistry and invented Kora skin care, she is perfect obstetrician and pediatrician as well. Poor Orlando, he seems so nobody and stupid compared to her. She is so self centered that it is hard to believe. She is never “just saying” she is always teaching what is right. Anoying.

  61. 61
    Tired Says:

    @enough of her: You are a genius! I think exactly what you write! She’ is only Egomaniac! I rarely saw a pompous woman like her….

  62. 62
    @60 Says:

    Definitely can’t agree more with you. This woman is one of the biggest narcissists ever.

  63. 63
    JC Says:

    Its like all the women who chose to use epidural think someone is having a go at them personally for using it! *SMH* “These medications have also been known to cause respiratory depression and decreased fetal heart rate in newborns.” Please, look it up for yourself.

    After having had my first child and choosing epidural…I went through all the classic problems of stalled labor, then fetal distress and an emergency c-section. I researched all this **** well before giving birth to my second and chose NO epidural or invasive drugs. I gave birth naturally, vaginally, and in record time with zero drugs. My second child was indeed more alert and fed from the breast almost instantly, unlike my first who was indeed sluggish and weak and took a long time before he could become strong enough to feed properly.

    Until you have tried both, best not to get so defensive. Some on here have had 3 births, all with epidural, come on! How do you know anything else?

  64. 64
    To the sockpuppets Says:

    Not everyone who doesn’t like her is called a sock. But if two comments are posted with the EXACT SAME SENTIMENT five minutes apart, they are almost guaranteed to be a sock.
    And if multiple posts show up have the EXACT SAME language problems, they are socks.
    And you idiot haters really do have reading comprehension problems, don’t you. She never said that she was against any woman having an epidural, just that she chose not to.
    But wait, I forgot. Haters really do know exactly what she said, and exactly what she meant. They are only pretending to misunderstand and twisting her comments so that they can create something to gripe about.
    Your lives must really be empty if this is what you call fun.
    Just remember that while you sit there wallowing in hate. Miranda is enjoying success after success after success. LOL!

  65. 65
    t Says:

    @JC: I’ve had both and didn’t see a difference so unless you’re an OBGYN your opinion is like every other mother’s: it’s whatever works best for you. Miranda kerr watched a few video’s and all of a sudden she’s capable of making that comment? that sort of thing is best kept private. So unless she becomes a doctor i’m just going to ignore it and continue to do what is safe for me.

  66. 66
    Jenna Says:

    Ugh, she should shut up! Yeah, fine, so she gave birth without taking any pain meds. Good for her! Does that make her special?? I guess not. Women all over the world have been giving birth without pain medication for centuries. Nothing new there!

    I had an epi for all 4 of my kids – the last two being twins. And all of them were fine and able to feed right after. Forgive me for not wanting to be in a tremendous amount of pain.

  67. 67
    2 Says:

    @To the sockpuppets: i hope she enjoys where she’ll be in 5 yrs — I hear doing infomercials can be pretty profitable!!

  68. 68
    .... Says:

    I think that most people who badmouth this woman are simply jealous, based on their over the top hatred for her for no crime that is the norm here.

    But on this occasion she crossed the line. Good for her if she doesn’t want to get an epidural, epidurals are optional. But they don’t cause any damage to the baby. In fact, without pain, more blood and with better oxigenation reaches the placenta and also the baby. Besides, the delivery is much easier as the mother can focus and obey the commands of the nurse or Gynecologist.
    It’s like these “hippy” mothers that speak so well about giving birth at home. Do it if you want, but don’t tell the world it’s perfectly safe, because it’s not. If something happens to the mother or the baby, there’s no immediate critical care aid.

  69. 69
    Taylor Says:


    Most women I know who have had natural childbirth don’t think they’re better than anyone – they just made what they felt was the right choice for them. But congrats on calling all of us idiots. Remind me again how that’s somehow better than Miranda’s comment? She didn’t even say anything about others who choose to get an epidural, just that she didn’t want to do it herself.

  70. 70
    Sarah Says:

    According to the American Pregnancy Association: “Though research is somewhat ambiguous, most studies suggest that some babies will have trouble “latching on” causing breastfeeding difficulties. Other studies suggest that a baby might experience respiratory depression, fetal malpositioning, and an increase in fetal heart rate variability, thus increasing the need for forceps, vacuum, cesarean deliveries and episiotomies.”

    MOST babies born to women who get an epidural will have no problem latching on and will have absolutely no effects from the epidural. However, there is a small risk that there will be problems latching on or other issues that will result from the epidural. It’s completely a personal decision whether the mother is willing to take this risk, and since the risk is so small, I completely understand why most women would feel comfortable with the epidural.

  71. 71
    Sarah Says:


    You seriously might want to read a little more about epidurals before making your comments. There are a host of effects to mother and baby that have been documented in studies regarding epidurals – but the risk is pretty low, so I understand why women who get epidurals are comfortable with that choice.

    Epidurals are known to cause sudden blood pressure drops in some women, which is why they need to be monitored closer – something that can cause a dangerous drop in blood that passes through the placenta to the child. I have never read any of the information you’ve posted about better oxygenation or an easier birth because you can listen to the doctor or nurse more – it’s not like women who have natural childbirth are screaming the entire time and not listening to the doctor.

  72. 72
    --- Says:

    @Sarah: yes and there is a danger with natural birth too. my mother was an OBGYN for 30 yrs.. thats all i heard about for a good portion of my life but that doesnt make ME or YOU an expert. read as much as u like – once that baby decided to come out it can all turn from a normal birth to a dangerous one.

  73. 73
    @Sarah Says:

    Actually I know A LOT about epidurals.
    Everything has risks. And yes, occasionally the blood pressure of the mother can fall due to the blockade of the sympathetic system (and therefore the tone of the blood vessels) that epidurals produce. But most times it’s restored just with a change in the mother’s position and administrarion of intravenous fluids.
    This blockade in the sympathetic system is what produces a better blood perfusion of all the tissues below the level of the epidural.
    Besides, if the mother ends requiring a C-section, having the epidural she can have the surgery, lowering the risk of requiring a general anesthesia for it in case of urgent caesarean section.
    Like I said, anyone can do what they think it’s best for them. I don’t care if Miranda chooses not to have an epidural, it’s ok. I just think that she shouldn’t “warn” against it, as most professionals agree that its benefits are considerably bigger than its risks.

  74. 74
    oooo Says:

    @@Sarah: you should thank wiki for your answer.

  75. 75
    hmmm Says:

    Where exactly did Miranda say that women should not get epidurals? Where did she say that it was anything but her personal choice?
    I seem to have missed that part. Or was it just haters being psychic and reading things into her comments that just aren’t there?
    Yeah, I though so.

  76. 76
    @16 Says:

    She was in a very painful labor for 27 hours and chose not to bave an epidural. What difference could three hous make?

  77. 77
    .... Says:

    @oooo Nothing to do with Wiki. Though I don’t really care if you believe me or not.

    Well, she doesn’t say that nobody should get an epidural, but she mentions that some babies are born like this or like that, and I believe she shouldn’t.
    I think she can give advice about skincare products, that she’s successful, everything that the haters don’t say. I just say that on this particular occasion I don’t think it’s right to say that.

  78. 78
    @77 Says:

    Well, some expectant mothers might be under the impression that epidurals are 100% safe. Maybe her comments will make them aware that there are things to consider before signing that paper.
    How is that a bad thing?

  79. 79
    SuperFan Says:

    For people defending Miranda, let me point out that her last comment, “I wanted to give him the best possible start in life I could,” reeks of self-righteousness. It implies that women who opt for epidurals are making an inferior choice, and God forbid considering their needs during the birthing process. Get it? It’s not that hard. Even if the baby is a little drowsy, so what? Do you think that child is forever traumatized? Or is going to suffer a host of problems for a lifetime because it took a few extra minutes to latch onto the breast? Give me a break.

  80. 80
    .... Says:

    No doctor on the Earth will tell anyone that epidurals are 100% safe, and I don’t think women should believe that.
    But its benefits surpass the risks, both for mother and baby, and I also think that women should know that, don’t you agree?
    I’m ok with Miranda not wanting epidurals, I just think she may not be the right person to give advice on this matter.

  81. 81
    *eyeroll* Says:

    One more time….
    Relating your own preferences and opinions IS NOT ADVICE.
    And I love how in one breath haters are claiming that “no one cares about her opinion”, and in the next thay are claiming that women will follow her every word over their doctors recommendations. You can’t have it both ways, morons
    People putting words in her mouth just keep proving how irrational they are.

  82. 82
    @80 Says:

    “…But its benefits surpass the risks, both for mother and baby”
    Interesting. You just made the same broad generalization that you are claiming that Miranda had no right to do.

  83. 83
    .... Says:

    no generalization, but what studies reveal.

  84. 84
    @83 Says:

    And studies also reveal that there are risks, right? No generalization there, either.

  85. 85
    Sweetheart32 Says:

    Oh come on, models making stupid comments about childbirth? Remember idjit Gisele telling everyone that it didn’t hurt one bit to have a baby? Yeah that’s right. Just stand there and look pretty girls. Keep the mouth closed when not eating or drinking.Leave the talking to the REAL people of this world.

  86. 86
    Bella Says:

    Leave her alone.

  87. 87
    Maria Says:

    Well I just had my baby through a cesarian and I just recomend it…it was the best way to give birth!!! And my boy is now 6 years old and he is veru healthy!So everyone is entitle to have an opinion

  88. 88
    Ayn Says:

    I think after this “natural” and drog free experience mrs kerr will not have another child! Haha

  89. 89
    Audrey Says:

    This is complete bullshit coming from sources who know quite well she drinks and smokes and probably continued to do so while pregnant. Enough about the ‘organic healthy models’, they all smoke, diet and drink champagne backstage. Common knowledge

  90. 90
    @89 Says:

    Since you seem to be spouting facts, please post some proof.
    We haven’t seem Miranda with a ciggie in years.
    And there’s nothing wrong with drinking in moderation, except when pregnant. If you have proof that she drank while pregnant, post it. Otherwise stop accusing her of doing things that could harm her baby. That’s crossing a line that even you haters shouldn’t cross.

  91. 91
    Lucy Says:

    Shes so beautiful and young and pretty:) perfect.
    definitely more beautiful than Angelina.
    get out of here and stop leaving jealous negative comments angelina fan loserzzzz!!

  92. 92
    Doc-in-the-making Says:

    @lexy hates bilson:

    at least she should be honest about what she says, or if uncertain do a little research if she doesn’t know the topic. babies drugged by epidural? oh please…

  93. 93
    Doc-in-the-making Says:

    epidural is not an intravenous injection; it is directly injected in the spine; therefore it affects the nervous system; directly. simple deduction; 1 + 1. how can the baby be affected? magic? LOL
    (search it up on the net, Miranda, it will stop you from saying something idiotic. you saw the baby looking ‘drugged up’? maybe it was a difficult birth, and the baby got tired.)

  94. 94
    Brady Hardin Says:

    They interviewed her, and she answered their questions. She didn’t make a press release while walking down the street.

  95. 95
    Brady Hardin Says:

    @J Lo: I don’t think that is her intent. It seems to be that they asked her a question and she answered.

  96. 96
    Brady Hardin Says:

    @lexy hates bilson: Thank you for having sense! I’m with you on this.

  97. 97
    Brady Hardin Says:

    @B: You can’t put words in her mouth and then criticize what you mad her say. She didn’t say anything about every single baby. She made an informed decision for herself based off what she saw.

  98. 98
    Louis Says:

    A PDA (as we call it over here) does not unfluence the baby in ANY WAY! It’s just that the baby feels that there is sth going on with it’s mother…
    It can’t be “drugged” after that…. -.-

    What was her IQ again? 160 or 16 ;D ;D ? (Where does the IQ thing come from anyway?)

  99. 99
    Louis Says:


  100. 100
    @98 Says:

    People here have posted medical references that show that IT CAN affect the baby.

  101. 101
    Raziel Says:

    So people are angry that she was asked about the subject and then gave her answer? Don’t click on the link and read her statement if you do not care for her opinion.

  102. 102
    @98 Says:

    But epidurals CAN slow down the birth process, which CAN affect the baby. So how can you say that they don’t affect the baby in any way?

  103. 103
    Louis Says:


    NOT the anesthesia! The active ingredient DOES NOT get into the body of the baby! That is NOT possible at ALL! OTHER things can influence the baby but it IS NOT ”drugged” then -.- But a natural birth can even be MORE exhausting for the baby!

    You are all doctors right? I’m a nurse I saw it myself a couple of times…

  104. 104
    Important Says:

    Ladies let us calm down and focus on the more important thing… where is that dress from!?!?! Divine!

  105. 105
    @103 Says:

    Even if you really are a nurse, you admit that you only “saw it yourself” a few times, which means that you are not an obstectric nurse. Therefore you are not an expert. And remember, anything that affects the labor, affects the baby, be it meds, high blood pressure in the mother, or lengthened delivery. So even if the baby is not technically drugged, they can become quite lethargic if labor is extended. Lethargy = drugged appearance.

  106. 106
    Lisa Says:

    I’m surprised at all the retarded comments on here.
    If you dont care what she has to say.. why are you reading this and commenting? Why is it her problem when she was BEING ASKED the questions? Hello retards IT’S CALLED AND INTERVIEW!
    She is just saying what she wants for HER BABY. It has nothing to do with your baby or how you want to start your beginnign with YOUR BABY. All you sensitive and defensive ppl are the ones who are brainless. Miranda is a sweet smart girl. Good try. Putting people down won’t make you any better. Ugly, bitter jealous fatasses.

  107. 107
    Sandy Says:

    Miranda : Look at the camera and smile. If you don’t have anything inteligent to say, shut up. Wonder if she can manage that ?

  108. 108
    Bree Says:

    Sheeesh Jared! You just can’t stay away from Miranda Kerr , can you???

  109. 109
    @108 Says:

    This thread has reached 5 pages. Why would he WANT to stay away from her?

  110. 110
    Liz Says:

    @SHopping Diva:

    A simple google search will verify that the medications in an epidural do cross the placenta.

  111. 111
    JeanK Says:

    I think respecting each other is important, if we don’t, who will? And worse, this negativity is much more harmful to our children than an epidural.

  112. 112
    alix Says:

    “….came under fire from mothers around the world.”

    Prove it. Show us the “fire” from “women around the world.”

  113. 113
    alix Says:

    Miranda HAS happened folks. It’s why she gets posted.

  114. 114
    Trey Says:

    Miranda Kerr is no doctor so the comment should have been kept private. Or if she was going to make that statement she could have done it in a baby-related magazine when her son was actually born not 12 yrs later (exaggerating obvi).. And she isn’t the first and won’t be the last woman to give birth. Be grateful your child was delivered safely.. maybe the next one won’t and she’ll have to rely on drugs and people will bring up this comment and throw it in her face!! ((I’ve done both and can honestly say there was no difference))

  115. 115
    JM Says:

    Totally respect her opinion but the kid is what… 18 months now? And she still talks about it, again and again and again… Please give us a break! I’m surprised there’s not a video somewhere of that baby’s birth so we can all see every detail of it, once and for all. I had my baby girl with epidural and I am proud and happy of the choice I made. I enjoyed every single moment without having to fight pain. And my girl had a great start of life.

  116. 116
    dianne j Says:

    giving birth without an epidural is possible, been there, done that myself. but of course, most ppl dont want to get hurt. who does? technology is there to make our lives better, more comfortable. so why not, right?
    i am a doctor, i see women in labor everyday and all they cry for is for us to take away the pain…understandable.

    but you shouldnt feel bad that you had that choice, dont get mad at her for doing what she did.

    we all have our choices.

  117. 117
    health tips Says:

    He gets a pass this year. But I am worried about some things next year. Hopefully the FO won’t sit on their hands again.

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