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Tom Cruise: 'Oblivion' Set Smiles!

Tom Cruise: 'Oblivion' Set Smiles!

Tom Cruise looks like he’s in a good mood on the set of his upcoming movie Oblivion on Tuesday (July 10) in June Lake, Calif.

Tuesday was the 50-year-old actor’s first day back to work after Katie Holmes announced that she was filing for divorce and the couple’s subsequent settlement.

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Tom stars in the sci-fi flick about a soldier who is sent to a distant planet, where he has to destroy the remains of an alien race. The arrival of an unexpected traveler causes him to question everything he knows. Oblivion is slated for release next year.

20+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise working on Oblivion

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  • WAlterBisho[

    good for him


    If anyone seriously thinks that Katie Holmes could have gone about this in any other way you are clearly deluded. As for all the Tom supporters spitting bile at Katie I can only assume your hold on reality is somewhat lacking, which I understand is a common state of affairs amongst members of scientology, but the whole world now knows she is one of the greatest actresses out there because she sure as hell put on an Oscar winning performance to ‘blindside’ Tom Cruise and his people! It appears that Tom Cruise gave up his daughter for his “religion” and because Katie had him by the balls! She has certainly regained my respect and I wish her and her family continued success and happiness!!

  • danni

    i don’t care about this guy’s private life, but I wish he stops making (ruining) movies and being in the public eye. he creeps me out

  • gros

    TC has some sizable man’s breast

  • WAlterBisho[

    whatever religion he is at least he doesn’t look like 50 at all

  • tom is still hot

    He looks so young.Love him still.

  • Maveric is back

    Wow, he’s look remind me of his TOP Gun days.Oh , I love that movie so much.I remember those days when all my friends go crazy about him.I have to watch that movie again.

  • Tune

    MI4 was great anyway.

  • Ellgy

    He’s an actor. He can look happy and miserable at will.

  • Lola

    So the plot of Oblivion sounds an awful lot like Scientology. Just saying.

  • Din

    Of course he will smile and seem fine. What do you expect him to do public?

  • Kelly

    he can control himself.. with CULT!

  • cool

    He looks hot!

  • Dropped 15 years dumpin Kate

    Is that. You Kelly Preston who did not want your son to be treated in a hospital! Who John and Kelly both are the Top Guns at the Church
    Speaking out about it looks like Tom and Katie left the church a long
    Time ago! When he gave up Katie and Suri he gained his youth back.
    So nagged hi. So,much what balls he got rid if the 2 things in his life
    That made him miserable….he is not involved in the church ‘hearsay’
    Crap! She caved in to the demands .. She is the d lister movie actress
    Who has nit made a great movie but small roles in big screen movies
    Always be remembered from Dawson Creek! Also there have been
    Several sic fi movies not from Scientology! John Travolta is the Scientologist ring leader not onto from Tom in 2006 2005 2004!

  • Daniee

    When folks are manic, they always looked this pleased with themselves.
    Katie was very, very lucky to have her Dad who eventually helped get her out of this mess.

    People, he does not look “younger” because of any miracle. He had a mid-face lift back in December and regurlarly gets restylane injections. It does look good.

  • SchwartzEdithh

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  • Danni

    He did have time to have a face lift! Let alone recover from one in Dec.
    Dani, she is manic and it was her New York Attorneys that did the job
    She had to back to Mommy and Daddy and not do it. Alone! Like most
    Wives and does she take time to be with Suri no! She hired a nanny
    Goes back to work on a film she wrote and stars in! And her clothing
    Line simian a fashion Week too! Busy for someone who wanted full
    Custody of her daughter. Don’t need to work child support and hefty
    Some of cash in settlement …Every celebrity should give up child support! No one should have to pay it anymore we are not living in the
    60′s make the wives Get back to work acting etc! Child support
    Should be cancelled!,save a lot of men a lot of money…when we know
    That it is going to the mother! Not the child!

  • katie,next superstar…not

    Be strong Tom.Many people still love and support you.Not only in America but all over the world.Only americans know your starlet wife.In other parts of the world, she is a nobody.She thinks after this divorce, she will be famous and become a superstar like you.Nicole Kidman, she’s not.

  • katie,next superstar…not

    Katie Holmes wants to parade her child everyday for the paparazzi even if she is scared.Katie really love the attention.If she doesnt, she will go away for a while so as to protect that poor child from paparazzi.She thinks that all the people are on her side.Well, not anymore, it is starting to backfire on her.People are now starting to see that she has an agenda.The internet doesn’t represent the whole world.
    Enjoy your 15 minutes while it lasts.

  • Wendy

    I think Tom doesnt care whether Katie looks old or not. He is interested only in himself.

  • beth

    Im so glad to see Tom.His fans miss him.Can’t wait for his next movie.

  • Suri is stimming

    I’d rather see these grainy fussy pictures of an adult working than Kaka Homely thrusting the stimming kid in a ridiculous dress to the pack of paps.
    It’s sickening.
    Kaka the no talent gets the primary custody means this pimp mama gets to exploit the totally feral kid DAILY and EXCLUSIVELY!


  • brit

    OMG this OLD man really disgusting

  • TomKat

    HEY! Now David Beckham is the Worldwide twitter trend! You wanna know why? Because Tom Cruise is his GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY lover!

  • Dear Tom

    Does not matter what they haters say…..
    I will always love u!

  • It’s about time Cruise

    A big high five to THE MAN – Cruise for finally dumping her. Never understood why he would associate himself with a D list so-called actress. Cruise is a survivor..look who is already on the movie set looking relieved at the new chapter in his life.

    On the other hand, look who doesn’t have a career..plain and simple because she just doesn’t have the talent. She needs to face it…she’s nothing more than a kid actress that got a lucky break just like the kids on the Brady Bunch, etc. She should be the one ashamed…threw her Catholic upbringing out to become a Scient., now all of a sudden, she’s against it? This speaks more of $$$ than anything.

    Plain and simple, Tom gave her a 5 year contract which has been her highest paying job to date. Tom’s moved on..probably a long time ago. Look forward to seeing him with someone who makes him happy. Hope he’s smart enough to see the warning ($$) signs next time.

  • lulu

    Finally after all these years, we won’t have to see Katie Holmes on JJ anymore. No career, no famous hubby to get attention for her now.

    I guess she’ll have no choice but to parade Suri in front of the paparazzi like she has always done. Eventually though that will backfire…other celebs don’t do this….if she wanted to keep suri away from the paps she could do it. She just doesn’t want to.

  • sorella

    Well it’s a good thing his life exploding happened at 50, because truthfully, how many more years does he have to be the main star and play action hero. He think he can do it forever (I personally thought he looked older in last MImp). Because no matter how good he looks for 50, he is still now the of many moviegoers Dads and his time to be a supporting acting and not the main guy is very near. So lucky it happened now versus when he was younger. Because to me, no matter how good the movie or performance he gives, you can’t help but think of his manic ways and crazy alien beliefs and now how he lives his life out of the movies. The quick settlement showed me he likely has TONS he wants to keep hidden. Everytime he is in a movie now and doing interviews, all you can think of is his crazy beliefs and life.

  • sorella

    He is still now the *AGE* of many moviegoers Dads….

  • Nise Rose

    He is still hot and that´s what matters. People talk like they know those celebrities. That´s creep me out.

  • Gossipgirl

    @OHPLEASE!: And you know all of this because??? Please, nobody is spilling bile; Katie is just not the poor innocent victim that the press are making her out to be. In fact, it seems that she was pretty calculating. And there is no reason to keep this man from seeing his child, even she knew that no court would grant her sole custody. So I don’t know how you get to “she had him by the balls”.

  • Gossipgirl

    @Nise Rose: Word! I will always go to a Tom Cruise movie.

  • jannie

    The only reason the divorce was settled so quick is cause Cruise caved and gave away his daughter for the love of his cult. Thats sick. What kind of man turns their back on their kid? Tom Cruise does and thats disgusting.

    I hope Katie ends up being a big star after getting her kid away from Cruise and I hope everyone starts to see Cruise for what he is. A total complete wacko lunatic who doesnt even love his own daughter.

  • lulu


    She’ll won’t be a big star, jannie. if she wasn’t when she was married to Tom, she never will be. That’s a simple outcome to predict.

  • Katherine

    I don’t like Tom. I used to think he was a good actor but now I don’t. I never watch any of movies anymore. They just don ‘t appeal to me anymore. I should say he does not appeal to me anymore. I support Katie whole heartely. In the past few years she looked miserable in pictures. Now post Tom pictures makes her look happy. I am happy for her. I do hope she continues to be happy.

  • Justme

    TC choose his career and religion over his family. So obvious and also obvious TC wants his life behind the scenes quiet, knows would freak out the public and we all already think he’s wack. Likely why the quick settlement, he needs to save face so sacrificed his family and they took a hit for his beliefs plus his huge ego that needs feeding. He choose his career. Weird, TC’s not 20 anymore and starting out, he has mega-$ and could just do the odd film and enjoy his family he claimed in EVERY INTERVIEW he loved so much to spend time with (yeah right). TC is not he big star he once was on the big screen and now with his weird lifestyle exposed, the general public likely just find him to be a weirdo whenever they see him onscreen or off.

  • Justme

    I should add that though I write the word “religion”, it’s not that, it’s a cult, plain and simple. Any org. who alianates you from your family and takes a portion of your money and drills their beliefs into you, follows you around, is a cult.

  • jacie

    i know people hate him and he is a weirdo but he is still TOM CRUISE, bajillionaire, who could still probably get any woman he wants.
    his divorce wasnt dragged out, wrapped up in 2 weeks.
    that’s very tom cruise no hassle efficient.
    and we hear he’s going to get to see suri lots.
    why wouldnt he be happy and smiling~


    he looks good for 50

  • Jan

    Tom auditions for Amercian Idol


    @GOSSIPGIRL: I’m not actually able to follow your reasoning clearly but I shall try to respond to the points I believe you are trying to raise vis a vis my previous comments on page 1. (i) “you know all of this because???” – I know all of what? That Katie “blindsided” Tom Cruise and his people? FACT: People Magazine’s interview with Tom a few days before Holmes moved to end their marriage. Cruise was gushing about their relationship describing his perfect day as spending “time with Kate.” If those words of Tom’s and the actions of Katie are not the definition of someone who was “blindsided” then I do not know what is…(ii) Spitting bile: Please take a moment to look at the words Tom’s supporters are using across the internet to describe Katie from “loser” “talentless” “d-list, so called actress” and these are just the tame ones. Definition of bile: bitterness, rancour, peevishness…I’d say even these tame comments reflect “bile” (iii) At no point do I say Katie was an “innocent victim” so do not put words in my mouth…What I wanted to convey with my comments was, and is, that Katie Holmes understood exactly what she had to do to get out of an unhappy marriage to Tom Cruise and she did it very well! As she did indeed “blindside” Tom and his people, (see my above People Magazine explanation), I’m sure you will agree she put in the best performance of her life ergo a fine actress after all. As for Katie being “calculating”, your words not mine, I’m sure you will also agree, all mothers are calculating if they feel it is necessary to protect their young. (iv) You state that Katie is keeping her daughter from seeing her father…erm, Tom Cruise has repeatedly exclaimed, in every interview, that his family is the most important aspect of his life and he loves to spend time with them yet, after 11 days of negotiation, he settles on giving Katie sole custody. Forgive me if I say that does not strike me as a man who “loves spending time with his family” nor a man who fought to have joint custody so I think you are confused as to who wants to spend time with the child in this relationship and who does not…As for my comment “she had him by the balls” I really do not think it takes a genius to work out Tom and his people “settled” in 11 days to avoid “something”…even the most amicable divorces do not settle in 11 days and I would refer you to speak to a divorce lawyer…Perhaps you and Tom’s team wish us to believe it was settled because of altruism…well, that would be a first for the scientologist under attack now wouldn’t it?! Have I ever met Tom or Katie? Yes. Have I ever had any dealings with scientologist? Yes, which is why I am team Katie!! Can the same be said of you?

  • Waaaaaa

    They both wanted out of this marriage. It has been a nightmare for Cruise since the start and he and Katie were tired of being the town jokes. They brought it on themselves, but they both wanted out. That’s why they both settled so fast. When Suri gets to the rebellious preteen years, she will run to her fathers house as soon as she gets mad at Katie. Kids do that all the time. And then Tom will fill her head with whatever he wants. Actually he can do that now since he has “generous” visitation. Suri will break all ties with Katie by the time she’s 10 or 11.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Tom Cruise will see Suri Cruise when he can, wants to, and without Kaite’s bodygurads, annies, etc. Ok, say Suri is with Kaites’ bodygurads, nannoes, STILL ,TOM will see his kid.
    Kaite Cruise dod not, couldnot, and would not do that. Suir is alwready a headcase mess waiting to happen. To take her away from her father, a fahter who is good to her and which she loves, is wrong.
    Kaite , by all accts from what has been leaked. has her prenup money and maybe a lil extra. Full custody of Surie :schools, church, relgion, location of permantnet residence, medical, pshyical, menatal, emptional, all but financial . That is where Tom comes in at probably $30 a month for Suir’s upkeep and the fee increases as she ages.
    Kaite KNEW all about Tom, CofS, Tom’s split from Nicole, all of it and yet, Kaite, (no big talent, so-so looking,mediocre actress) marreid him. The contract was up. The gig as TomKate was up and she bailed. They both singed quickly to avoid a media frenzy as he did with Nciole Kidman ( 6mnths done deal).
    That feral lloking child neds to be taken out of the public eye and not talked about by either parents. Kaite parades her around like this years new handbag.

  • Go Ask Alice

    that is , probably $30,000, 30 thousand a month in child support is what Tom pays Kaite and that will increase as Suir ages.

  • Kane

    Katie’s lawyers say the details that have been circulating about the settlement are not true. No one except the lawyers and the parties involved know the exact terms. Judging by the official statement, Tom will not be cut out of Suri’s life.
    The divorce was settled so quickly because most of the terms had been agreed on years ago when the couple married. No doubt Katie’s lawyers got her more because she caught Tom unprepared by filing when she did in and in NY. She was smart to strike first.

  • Marie

    Seems to me they both got what they wanted in the end or am I missing something? TC’s first wife was his “older” woman but after that? He went for the younger, less worldly, perceived naive image boosting arm trophies to bear his offspring. Granted NK for whatever reason could not biologically conceive with TC (enter Conner and Isabella) but she had all the other key elements that made her an envied woman of millions for close to 10 years. In fact, being Mrs. TC ultimately was the best move NK made because it allowed her access to a world that allowed her to become a highly paid and accomplished actress in her own right, not to mention a woman strong enough to survive being the ex of TC and to find what appears to be her destined happiness as a wife/mother with KU and their girls.

    I didn’t cry a river for NK nor will I be doing so for KH either. She married her fairytale prince and came to find out it wasn’t happily ever after after all. It happens. Since it takes 2 to say “I do” then it takes both people to either make it work or fail. KH was not so naive that she did not know from the beginning to the end that she made a choice to become TC’s wife and took the chance to reap the benefits and downfalls of all that entailed. The girl wasn’t living under a rock. Their religious differences alone were front and center from day 1 and still she married this man so, again, I’m not going to cry tears for her or Suri because in spite of what is being speculated as her having to “live through hell” she also has had many a benefit in marrying the man who just topped the Forbes list for wealthiest celebrity for the year. It will benefit Suri and in turn KH as well. Who knows what went on behind closed doors but I don’t see any victims here regardless. Two adults made the conscious effort to blend their lives and it didn’t fly. What else is new? Happens every day. Both are smiling for the paps so whatever is going on behind closed doors or not the money mill and celebrity machine is still moving right along to the advantage of both it would seem.

  • internet doesnt represnt world

    If it does Jennifer Aniston would have been the biggest star in the world for playing the victim.Katie is a starlet who will never be a movie star like Tom.She is trying to pull a Jen Aniston but sad to say it won’t work.

  • Waaaayyyy to easy!!!!

    people look at what happen!!!
    do you really think she was able to hide this from Tom and those Scientology Nut Jobs? I would be willing to bet they have been working on ending this Charade for quite sometime.

    This seems a little to clean and easy.I would not be surprise if this was all planed out and orchestrated by Tom and his people( Scientology.) Everyone knew Katie Holmes has been unhappy for sometime . Maybe this was the way Tom and his people could get rid of an unhappy wife, quick and easy. If you think about it makes sense, who reaches a divorce agreement in 11 days, NO ONE ! I don’t care if there is a pre nup, it does not happen. He tells her, “file for divorce and I won’t contest it, I will give you what you want” (meaning, what is in the pre nup) they go their separate ways and have a happy life. He looks like a saint, Katie looks like one smart cookie.( I’m sorry she is not that good of an actress, DULL!) I doubt seriously that she could have fooled all his people.

    Scientology people are scary, they all could get jobs at the CIA easy

  • Hamlet

    His people, #2? He had nothing to do with how his church is run!

    Why are you so sure that Holmes just HAD to behave like this? How does it appear that Cruise gave up anyone at all? You didn’t respect Holmes just because she married a guy with a different religion?

    How so, #10?

    What mess, #15? You have no idea how their marriage was like including how salvageable.

    Stop talking about things you know nothing about, #33? What do you even mean by caving? If Cruise got primary custody, would you say that Holmes had caved and turned her back on her daughter?

    How on Earth is Cruise give anything up by not being the primary custodial parent, #36? If he had, you just would have said that he was a jerk for separating his daughter from her mother or some other such nonsense.

    Strike first, #45? Divorce shouldn’t be a competition.