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Tom Cruise Visited By Son Connor on 'Oblivion' Set

Tom Cruise Visited By Son Connor on 'Oblivion' Set

Tom Cruise gets a visit from his son Connor on the set of his film Oblivion on Wednesday (July 11) in Mammoth Lakes, Calif.

The 50-year-old actor’s lawyer has cleared up rumors that the Church of Scientology played a role in Tom‘s quickie divorce settlement from estranged wife Katie Holmes.

“Let me be very clear about this. The Church of Scientology played absolutely no role in the divorce settlement talks at all,” Bert Fields told

“The mere suggestion that the Church was involved in any element of the talks and ultimate settlement is categorically false. Anyone suggesting otherwise is just wrong,” Fields added.

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise on the Oblivion set with Connor

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tom cruise visited by son connor on oblivion set 01
tom cruise visited by son connor on oblivion set 02
tom cruise visited by son connor on oblivion set 03
tom cruise visited by son connor on oblivion set 04
tom cruise visited by son connor on oblivion set 05
tom cruise visited by son connor on oblivion set 06
tom cruise visited by son connor on oblivion set 07
tom cruise visited by son connor on oblivion set 08
tom cruise visited by son connor on oblivion set 09
tom cruise visited by son connor on oblivion set 10
tom cruise visited by son connor on oblivion set 11
tom cruise visited by son connor on oblivion set 12
tom cruise visited by son connor on oblivion set 13

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  • hottiepatrol

    I see moobs

  • d

    uuuhh check it out… I see steroids sideeffects on Cruise’s body from other films… look at those tits…hahahahaha

  • Just so

    Wow, where did those man boobs come from?

  • tan

    I feel Tommy Girls career fading into obscurity here in the US. He has enough money to support all three of his ex-wives for the rest of his life. He will remain huge overseas, especially Asia I imagine, but in the US I do not see much happening for him.

    Karma is a byotch.

    That is why every now and then I duck!

  • tan

    @d: Ya know in Knight and Day (or whatever it was- I saw it on TV so did not pay ;) he had a scene where he was shirtless. His chest looked odd- he was pumped up but his torso was oddly square shaped. Is that from steroids?

  • Eresyn

    LOL his boobs are bigger than mine!!!!

  • Eresyn

    Dis you what his lawyer said there is no truth about Scientology!
    And Brad Pitt has bigger manboobs! Have you seen them!
    What about Jessica Simpsons fiancée! Fat and biggest man boobs
    Of them all! So shut up about Tom’s man boobs at least he has them
    Must of sole them from Katie who DOES NOT HAVE ANY she looks
    Like a man no boobs at all! To. Is with the people he loves his older
    Children did you see Isebella with Conner laughing together. Never
    Did see how happy he is ! He gained weight for this role so give me a break

  • deke

    Leave him alone! I feel sorry for him.

  • Eresyn

    LOL calm down, it’s just a comment!

  • Denice

    @Eresyn: #7

    I accidentally ‘thumbs down’ you. So disregard one of those thumbs down.
    I meant to “thumbs up” you.

  • Katie goes Catholic!

    He does not have man boobs! Better than Katie who is boobless.looks like an man! He is with the two people who mean a lot to him!
    Conner and Isabella not Suri! So shut up about Scientology his
    Publicist said it, squared because he gained weight for the role !

  • edge

    Another carefully staged PR/photo opp to show he is a responsible father…
    His face looks young but his body is kinda old…you could certainly tell in Knight vs Day…
    You can believe whatever you want – up to a certain point. When you start telling people what to do and planning for world domination, you’re in deep trouble. Scientology is a creepy cult.

  • Love, Debbie

    He is so hot!

  • DailyNightly

    Lol! First thing I noticed was the moobs!

  • Guy

    I wish Tom the best, he will always be #1 in my book. You’re hot, sexy and a beautiful man TC!!

  • solecito

    Good to see Tom for a change. Tired of seeing Katie pics every day.

  • WAlterBisho[

    Let we just leave his personal life, personal beliefs and the way he looks out of this. He’s on movie set and he’s not deliberately parading himself with a child unlike some – and that is his so-called decent and poor ex-wife Katie Holmes. yeah it looks like he’s got man boobs but at least he can act unlike some Hollywood hunks like Kellan Lutz whose only accomplishemnt in life was/is/and forever will be their toned bodies. I repeat the only thing ppl (including myself) can have against Tom is his questionable fascination with Scientology. But I am trying to be tolerant here. At least as long as it doesn’t directly bother me. Katie has made her own choice – she could have not married him in the first place. It looks like she has no brains at all – it’s other ppl who thinnk and talk for her. Had I known that my fiancee belonged to a sect (and mind You Tom had never been mum about his beliefs) and I would not have changed my religion….

  • Ememe

    Scientologsts are whackooooos good for you Katie run with suri as fast as you can!! Listen a situation that wasn’t serious she would’ve never gone to such extreme measures to avoid Tom and keep this a secret! He’s looney!! Yay Katie :)

  • Lulu

    Posh Beckham gave him beauty tips: to use special facial lotion made out of bird poops. That’s why his face is flawless. I also think he used botox in addition to laser treatments.

  • bingo

    I know someone that met Tom Cruise before and they said he was very handsome in person (more so than in movies or pictures). Also they commented on how gracious and kind he was. He is generally interested in people…also who cares if he has a strange religion (a lot of religions are strange/like my own Catholicism/bunch of men that cannot marry that pray on young children/kind of creepy and strange too)

  • Cas

    Oh come on, He’s 50 years old and he has a great body for his age. I’d like to see all of you at that age.

  • Shawna

    Oh right, so because his lawyer says it we are just supposed to believe it? How ridiculous. Scientology has everything to do with Tom’s life so I highly doubt they just stayed out of this. This settlement went through so quickly because the Church (and I use the term VERY loosely for them) didn’t want to be exposed for what they really are. I hope Suri will never be raised in that cult.

  • tom is still hot

    the youngest looking 50 year old.

  • forever tom fan

    You’re still number one Tom.We your fans will always support you no matter what.A great actor and a wonderful human being.We don’t believe in rumors your starlet wife is leaking to the media to make her look good.We are starting to see her for what she is.A famewh@re.

  • connor is cute

    Connor loves his dad.Say what you want to this man, but he is a good father.He gave this 2 kids home.He is unselfish.

  • suri with tom pic pls.

    I miss seeing Tom with Suri.Hope we can see a picture of him with his daughter.Enough of Katie using Suri by parading her everyday.We want to see her with Tom, pls.This is going to be emotional for me.To see father with his daughter again.Let this happen soon, please.

  • beth

    we love you Tom.continue being the class act in this divorce.People are starting to see what a manipulator Katie Holmes is and I can see a backlash.

  • Sorella

    Haha, like we would believe a lawyer and especially his lawyer who would say anything to make him not look like a Sci-freak. Damage control from the cult of alien-believers. But too late, Tom’s wacky controlling ways are no secret anymore. And no matter what movie he is in, it will be hard for him to shake off his crazy image when the paying public look at him now. Overseas he will continue to do well, but in North America, he is a punchline.

  • Just so

    @suri with tom pic pls.:

    Oh please. Tom is the one that has said it is okay to parade Suri in front of the paps – his “It is what is” statement and she’ll just have to adjust. He has also bragged some of the best pictures of Suri have come from paps. And when he has her we will see pictures too. Tom has consistently chosen work over this family. When he and Nicole were married they switched off on movies so that they were not apart and one was always with the kids. This didn’t happen here.

    So boo hoo all you want when you see the pictures of Tom and Suri together again, but they will be just as much of a photo op and manufactured for PR purposes as the ones with Suri and Katie.

  • Lottie

    Wonder how much Conner got paid for the PR stunt?

  • Hamlet

    They couldn’t even if they wanted to, #22.

    Why couldn’t this quick settlement have simply been a case of a loving father wanting to conduct his affairs privately?

    Cruise is one of the least prolific stars around, #29. Also, he had two older kids to spend time with.

    You’re disgusting, #30.

  • someguy

    @ #17 WAlterBisho[

    Hello OSA!

  • Clinton

    Cool! Father and son seem very close.