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George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Switzerland Scooter Ride!

George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Switzerland Scooter Ride!

George Clooney and his girlfriend Stacy Keibler enjoy a romantic scooter ride around Lake Lugano on Thursday (June 12) in Lugano, Switzerland.

The 51-year-old actor and his 32-year-old gal pal were joined by some pals for their sojourn around the lake.

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“I am so ‪#Grateful‬ for my life and where I am on my journey :)” Stacy tweeted the day before, even after battling a nasty bout of food poisoning last week! “Finally had a bad meal in Italy, our whole dinner party got food poisoning ‪#ohwell‬ at least I’m still in Italy,” Stacy tweeted earlier in July.

Glad George and Stacy are feeling better!

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  • Giuliana

    Is not true that she is pregnant!
    I don’t think she would be riding a motorcycle while pregnant.

  • http://NONE BLONDIE

    She better get herself knocked up and quick,
    before he slips through her fingers, and then
    go “oops! I don’t know what happened!!!!”

    It is the oldest trick in the book,
    and it sure won’t hurt to give him a son.

    If you love him, you sure better hook him
    and keep him. He needs to be shown
    what is good for him….imo.

  • BSN

    This is the contract relationship from hell that never ends.

  • Sydney

    Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest generate more chemistry between them than Stacy Keibler and George Clooney.

  • KicksandGiggles

    I love how Stacy Keibler says “at least I’m still in Italy” because she is so stupid that she cannot even fake having the pretense of a real relationship with Clooney. Beyond pathetic and Clooney looks even more ridiculous with her trying so hard not to touch him. Just skeevy all the way around.

  • Brangaloonie

    This is a boring couple and I don’t give two rips about them

  • guest

    George Clooney looks like such an old, old, old man with Stacy Keibler even though she looks like a fortysomething cheerleader. Way to turn people off of you, George!

  • Guest

    Same old pictures, George and Stacy out to dinner, George and Stacy on the boat, George and Stacy on a bike ride. Also, they are always with friends, never alone. Boring.

  • guest


    Well, George Clooney and Stacy Keibler are the fake relationship publicity tour that never ends, Brangaloonie and BSN, so it appears we are stuck with it.

  • Kandaise

    It’s just a matter of time when Stacy will become an EX-Girlfriend.
    Don’t think Clooney has long term plans for this girl. So enjoy it Stacy, while it lasts and be prepared for a broken heart.

    I don’t think you can convince George to change his stand on marriage.

  • ITA

    Holy Mother of WTF, ITA. Same ole, same ole, same ole staged photos of the least believable couple on the face of the earth. At least the food poisoning looks like it slowed down the fake photo ops for several days though, THANK GOD.

  • Louise

    Why can he not get an age appropriate girlfriend. Gives me the whillies when I think of these old men with the sweet young women. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore………ewwwwwwwwwww, old lady, young man.

  • HuckleberryFinn

    George Clooney and Stacy Keibler — Fakety, Fake, Fake Take number 752,983! (Ok, no one bought that one either. Let’s go for Fakety Fake Take number 752,984!)

  • HuckFinn

    George Clooney and Stacy Keibler — Fakety, Fake, Fake Take number 752,983!

    (Ok, no one bought that one either. Let’s go for Fakety Fake Take number 752,984!)

  • jacie


  • nika

    I want them to have babies and lots of them! cure couple and why would they pretend? Are you suggesting that he’s in the closet? don’t think so…

  • Joanna

    My favourite tabloids & editorials where I contribute are catering to all the chavs out there! I’m getting paid! £££ Good show!

    Public figures do as they’re told by elderly matrons like me!
    Charlie had to marry Diana too.
    And George WILL date this breed of “bland-looking, school dropouts, trashy-entertainers”… He’s helping them out as a favor, he reasons to himself, poor silly sod! And soon he’ll warm to her as the conformist he is! That’s a good ol’ boy, lovey-dovey!!
    Oh, my! *chuckle*…
    So, to all you trolls who disagree with me:

  • Black Label

    Clooney: Keibler.
    Unbalanced. Mismatch from hell.
    Anomalies of the grotesque.
    He looks like he’s silently enduring an internal inferno… yet concealing it with phony smiles & fables of fake domicile bliss….zzzzz
    Aaahhh… Clooney’s choice!
    Given his track record of lame-looking guttetrash, brace yourselves for the next fugly ho!
    What a deadbeat!

  • Le Rêve d’un flagellant

    Pity the man! For he never found true love.
    Hence, his self-punishment of hiring dispensable rent-a-hos who need a quick buck remedy. But as a true humanitarian, he picks the runts of the litter. The mutts of the dog show, because, alas, these ho-bags never stood a chance up against the supermodels.
    Plus the latter are too high maintenance.. No dramas….


    Dammm! George looks like a shriveled midget with her on the back. WTF??? Now what I want to know is how can Stacy expect Stults can any respect and want her back if it is true she tempoarily broke up with him for a pr deal with George. That’s whacked! Also someone must got the signal to promote more because pending issues viewed as “threatening” is almost taken care of. Sickos!

  • paula

    @TIMEKEEPER: lololol

  • Guest 2

    So Just Jared ,what is Stacy ,a girlfriend or a gal pal.? Even you are confused, imagine what all of us are going through.

  • Kikicohen

    George looks like a wrinkled up 65 year old, while Stacy looks huge. She won’t even touch him on a motorcycle with no protective clothing!! What does this tell us all??? Wonder when the contract ends??


    Enjoy Stacey. Your time is almost up!

  • blah!!


  • Joanna
    Well done, old boy!

  • Abstract Artist’s Perspective

    another interpretation? Insight into the future?
    Visualize the Piaggo Mp3 scooter as his wheelchair and the giant female behind him pushing him along as his nurse/ bodyguard.

  • Abstract Artist’s Perspective

    of course… there’s the automatic wheelchair version too:

    Oh, wait!
    Is this more product placement/ inadvertent advertising? Big incentives?

  • Channing Tatum

    this if for you, George:

  • final symposium

    I think the quality of his work has taken a downward spiral since GNGL.
    His creative output stagnated. Nothing inspiring.
    He’s become as bland and unappealing at the women HE chooses as his partners. Whether contractual publicity stunts or genuine… or a bit of both.

  • no one

    Keibler left Como before July 4 and hasn’t been back. These are more staged photos, the release of which is being timed to give the impression that Keibler is still in Como.

    @Giuliana: George would have to actually sleep with the giant rodent in order for her to get pregnant, and he doesn’t sleep with her.

  • final symposium

    *I guess when you feel messed up on the inside, it reflects externally*
    Here’s the proof. Look at George!
    He looks like he’s losing his charisma.
    Getting more feeble by the minute. Aged & haggard.
    Not in love. Complacent. And living a lie. Living in denial.
    Clooney’s choice :)

  • Daisy Dukes

    Clooney belongs an older generation of leading men. Soon to be archived as others step into his shoes. I guess his 10 year at the top of his typecast has reached its expiration. The fake George that has rendered him so arrogant & conceited from method acting the part so often.
    Hollywood is churning out the new generation of leading men.
    The daddy of ‘em all IMO, is Chris Hemsworth. The ultimate ladykiller.
    He should play Christian Grey.

  • New Blood

    @Daisy Dukes: Clooney still projects that old world Hollywood glamor though. Chris Hemsworth is more of a Brad Pitt stud. The next classic rogue in the mold of Clooney… and his predecessor Cary Grant… is still ripening… :-D

  • final symposium

    or….maybe he’s living freely following what’s in his heart, making what’s right according to his conscience….
    And this is as good as it gets. Might find what the right person one day.
    He hit a milestone age a year ago. His mental age hasn’t caught up yet.
    Midlife crisis?
    Who knows?
    I sense an insecure man who doesn’t radiate genuine happiness.
    Just complacency.
    Ironic. Life imitating art… yet again :)

  • Kiki Cohen

    @TIMEKEEPER: You gotta wonder if clooneys buddies even know the truth- is this monstrosity his GF or a contract? No wonder Angelina Jolie doesn’t give this ditz the time of day when they’re together- according to reports.
    @BLONDIE: You’re kidding right? Word on street, is he’s fixed. He’s made it clear he doesn’t wasn’t children. Narcississists make very poor parents.


    Kiki Cohen I agree. Man is a embarassment in my opinion. I don’t even know anymore that I can believe he is straight or not mentally challenged. People do not engage in behaviour like this unless something is suspect and it is being covered up. Narcissist? Is that all? oh well, I refuse to pay a dime for any of his movies. I just cannot support his movies when his personal life is one of being a A-list pimp/publicity w*h*ore/women hater/ deceit. I can be wrong, but he is not doing ANYTHING that suggests otherwise. He is a huge letdown. He had me fooled. I actually thought he had some ethics, sincerity, and couth. Sad…

  • Mayzy

    I feel very sorry for all of the poor dismal people that make like they knoow all about George Clooney and his lady friends. He is the man that has his pick of the ladies, roles, has several homes, and is able to live his life as he chooses. It seems to me that there is a lot of jealousy going on. Also for the women, everyone thinks that they know the moral character of each and everyone of them. I am sure that none of you want your female family members classified in that maner. As far as a talented man, there is none better. Also if we had more like him and his friends this world would be much better. They do more humanitarian work that most countries. He is a true American, even if I do not agree with his politics, he gets envoled. Have a great day.

  • EarrthDay

    @Mayzy: You have a great day too Mayzy but I would much greater appreciate it if you spent it learning what a rank hypocrite you are for judging people when you claim to dislike judging so much. And, honestly, you reek of one who covets, what with the loving of several homes and all when most people do not place such immediate value upon monetary things.

    I know about George’s lady friends because he pimps them out on red carpets and in photo ops constantly and their whoring is all over the Internet and, no, none of my female family members are hos like Stacy Keibler, thankfully, and yes, people are responsible for their life choices, including George and his rent a ho escorts:

    When George is not pimping out his rent a ho escorts for publicity ops or doing other ad campaigns he does do some humanitarian work but it is certainly not more than most countries and it would have much more of an impact if his life was was not a hypocritical mess since it is difficult to ask others to take moral stands when you so clearly do not do so in your own life.

  • Charlotte

    He really must have a thick skin to endure her laughing and grinning all the time, I can’t stand people who are fake smiling and laughing at every occasion. Servile submissiveness is pretty boring.

  • Kiki Cohen

    @Mayzy: Wow! Are you sanctimonious or what?? You need to get off your high horse- you may not agree with people’s negative views of Clooney or his contract girlfriends, but this is a site designed for expression of opinions- period, the end. Too bad if someone doesn’t agree with you that GC is THE most talented man in the world- WAH!!!!
    Oh, btw— humanitarian??? He hosts the POTUS and assorted millionaires and billionaires at his manse with all their bentleys, porsches, maybachs, etc, parked out front, while Wolfgang Puck serves up din-din and the hacks can all cplain about how the rich aren’t doing their “fair share”- uh huh. Bunch of guilty hypocrites. Going to jail for Darfur? The drone doesn’t know anything about the country, it’s history, politics, etc
    It looked good for him to do that- it was emotional, impulsive- but useless
    His buddy, bama, won’t do a thing bout it.- can’t anyway.