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Katie Holmes' Divorce Weapon: Disposable Cell Phone?

Katie Holmes' Divorce Weapon: Disposable Cell Phone?

Katie Holmes goes out for a late night dinner with a pal on Wednesday (July 11) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress took her daughter Suri to the Central Park Zoo earlier in the day along with her mother Kathleen.

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Katie reportedly used a disposable cell phone as her secret divorce weapon in the weeks leading up to her divorce filing to keep her tracks clean, according to Reuters.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes heading out for dinner…

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katie holmes divorce weapon disposable cell phone 01
katie holmes divorce weapon disposable cell phone 02
katie holmes divorce weapon disposable cell phone 03
katie holmes divorce weapon disposable cell phone 04
katie holmes divorce weapon disposable cell phone 05
katie holmes divorce weapon disposable cell phone 06
katie holmes divorce weapon disposable cell phone 07
katie holmes divorce weapon disposable cell phone 08
katie holmes divorce weapon disposable cell phone 09
katie holmes divorce weapon disposable cell phone 10
katie holmes divorce weapon disposable cell phone 11
katie holmes divorce weapon disposable cell phone 12
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Credit: Guillermo Bosch; Photos: FameFlynet Pictures, INFdaily
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  • Buzzy

    All cell phones are disposable. What the Daily Mail should have called it was untraceable or prepaid.

  • Allo

    Enough with the photo op!!

  • bahha black sheep

    stop talking to media Kate, time to move on….remember when she was an actress and not Tom’s wife? you took the hush money, move on now already

  • April

    Congrats on your independence Katie. Watch your back honey and sing along with us…..*I can see clearly now the rain is gone*. I have a new found respect for you. Best wishes for you and the baby.

  • Tom

    She threw out the cell phone because her Dad kept nagging her over the phone, “If you think you’re moving back in with us then you’ll be taking out the garbage… yada yada yada… blah blah blah…”


    leather pants and that guy in blue background…make me laugh

  • TMI

    herez S1 2G2BT, B/C, E1 knowz, :-i haha —-

  • LOL

    oh boohoo Tom Cruise was an evil creature got married to her at gunpoint…like this bitch didn’t know what she was getting herself into.

    she wanted to live her fantasy childhood dream she did and did not turn out the way she had hope who’s problem should that be.

    she knew what she was getting herself into so therefore I do not feel sorry for her.

  • N.N.

    Wow! She is so sexy.

  • ****

    Stop parading yourself and start taking care of Suri!

  • Rita

    People keep saying that tom spoiled this kid. but if you think about it its katie who is spoiling her. making her dress up in designer clothes and making her wear heels. those things can spoil a kid to a great deal. suri is 6 years old. at some point she will have to walk by herself. its obvious that katie is using suri to let people know how good of a mother she is and using the girl to get publicity. what a bitch. selling her kid for fame. i bet she call the paps too. even though tom is a nutcase i still think he was the more sane one in the releshionship. lets see if when suri gets old and she would leave katie and go back to tom.

  • Jane Doe

    @bahha black sheep:

    Talking to media?!

    She hasn’t said a single word! Don’t mix gossip blogs and tabloids to actual interviews!

  • MJ

    She look like nicole kidman

  • krix

    It must be her partner (Jeanne Yang) who has all the style and design ideas, because whenever I see her I just don’t see “**Designer Style***.
    Whatever she wears (with few exceptions on the red carpet when she was with Tom) she looks not so put together or stylish. Somewhat on the level of Jennifer Garner everyday mommy wear, which if your focused on your role as a mother and not a designer, may not be terribly bad. But if your “new future” includes a Major Design label and Producer/Writer/Actress, I’m thinking you should show some style when your in public. Maybe Katie should hire a stylist and let Jeanne Yang have the label to herself.

  • RiggsJamie68

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  • lexy hates bilson

    Enough with Katie’s big “escape”. Do you really expect us to believe that Tom Cruise had his people watching all Katie’s phone calls and he’s checking any numbers that are not “new”?? Nicole Kidman didn’t need to do all this to get a divorce from him and she’s OK with him having joint custody of their kids – who seem to be fine.
    This is America if Tom wants to practice Scientology who cares?? It’s no different from him having the freedom to practice any other religion!

  • sookie

    love her outfit..

  • missy

    @lexy hates bilson:
    Nicole didn’t need to “escape” because Cruise is the one who dumped her. And while she may have “joint custody” on paper it’s pretty obvious that her kids have very little to do with her. I can’t blame Katie for trying to ensure that Suri remains in her life and that she can go to school etc.

  • acemiyazar

    love her outfit,she is becoming younger again.remember all those grandma clothes that she wore.ugh!

  • Nygal

    It’s a 100 degrees in Ny! Leather pants?! Such a photo op. She was a nobody until she marries Tom Cruise. Took his millions & now on a publicity tour to launch her “new” career. Team Tom!

  • amy

    So that I’m clear. Other than Dawson’s Creek (TV not MOVIES) she didn’t really have a “movie star” life, money, lifestyle and get the red carpet treatment. She married Tom, sealed the deal by getting pregnant (now a days with all the birth control out there, she knew what she was doing) and travelled, clothes, private plane, homes, MONEY, Tom (one of the most respected and best MOVIE STARS out there) because she married Tom she had people kissing her a-ss and other stuff we could only dream of having or doing. Umm, we are suppose to feel bad for her????? What a load of crap. She’s living a life we could only dream of having. She played Tom and won the JACKPOT, she’s set for life.

  • amy

    @missy: Nicole was a famous actress and made her own money she didn’t need to use the kids. As for Katie, Suri is her meal ticket and the reason why she gets millions of dollars.

  • Sara

    Tome made money by him own
    She married him and his money..
    actually she WAS 27 when she made that
    NO sHE IS PLAYING innocent teen who was kidnapped by evil man

    What a funny story!

    By the way Suri has DAD as well
    It is not only her child!

  • Jaime

    This is the cutest outfit I’ve seen her in in a long time. Did Tom make her dress like a moron, or was that Katie just being rebellious? There are two ways to look at her style.

  • missy

    She had a pretty decent film career before she met Tom. She may not have been an A-list movie star, but she was consistently working with talented actors, directors, etc.

  • Just so

    @lexy hates bilson:

    Actually Cruise had Kidman followed and her lines wire tapped by PI Anthony Pellicano who is now in jail for the above among other people he harassed and followed. Cruise went after her with a vengeance in an effort to protect his money and reputation.

    And when Cruise divorced Kidman land lines were still the major way to phone someone.

  • dani


    I don’t care for Katie, but maybe she got tired of being followed and spied upon constantly by the cult. Various high ranking cult defectors have said that Tom’s entire staff (from nannies to bodyguards to cooks etc) are Xenu followers and every move Tom and Katie (and at one time Nicole) make is reported back to the cult. Tom is also known as a very controlling person–basically it is his way or the highway. Maybe she got tired of the micromanaging. Imagine having to constantly assert yourself as to what restaurant, activity, clothing you want to do/wear. Imagine having your every move monitored and reported back to someone. Then look at how cruelly Tom dumped Nicole. Like I said I don’t care for Katie, but I admire her chutzpah and determination to get the heck out of that abusive situation. What good is money, fame and Tom when you are trapped and caged like an animal. Besides she is worth upwards of 12 million on her own and she knows she would get some sort of settlement from Tom. We’ve never seen her purchase wildly extravagant clothing–more like H&M and the Gap levels. I say GO KATIE GO. And she kept Suri out of the hands of the cult. Still don’t like you Katie, but hat is off in admiration.

  • CF98

    I have a feeling there’s more to this divorce than meets the eye sure Katie hasn’t said anything but really why go to these extremes to get a divorce if it wasn’t going to be a simple “I’m leaving you”

  • Bridgette

    I happy four, ah, Katiy, des day.
    O, voici TMI,
    faire U “herez S1 2G2BT, B/C, E1 knowz, :-i haha —- website titre “fallenchristian”
    vous parlez de victorium, from, a, christian forums
    ah, yis?
    eglish ah, no good.

  • JadeKincaid

    I’m sorry, but I like this new cunning Katie…secret divorce ninja. DC comics need to turn this into a comic book series with a future film in the works. That’s all I’m saying. Man, I bet she has loads of dirty stuff on Tom, and the world will never know until he kicks the bucket.

  • baugh

    I’m happy she’s free at last and looking happy again and for those troll who keep saying photo op. if you don’t like to see her(paid troll god know by whom tom or sci. ) you don’t have to click on her just keep going when you see her picture, these are for us her fans.

  • Marieme

    I’m a curious person by nature but even I think this is soooo none of our business. Whatever Katie did she had to do and did it well. She’s clearly a super strong woman. I wish her happiness.

  • Susan Lambert

    @lexy hates bilson:
    Oh puleeeezzze, you are obviously one of the cult, go back under your rock until they throw you in the hole.

  • A Fan of Suri’s

    According to several reports, in a few days Cruise will be completed filming the movie Oblivion and I am betting he will then appear and visit Suri. There was a report that next week Katie was going to begin filming the movie Molly (which she wrote) but that’s been postponed indefinitley. The sure thing for her is the Holmes & Yang fashion line will be making its debut at this year’s New York Fashion Week in September.

  • A Fan of Suri’s

    When people divorce, there is also the dividing of the friendships, I am betting friends like Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler and their wives will go with Cruise.

  • Shan

    @****: Are you crazy??? She’s always with Suri, Tom is the one who has never been around much, it’s not like she can control the paparazzi.

  • Monica

    She’s meeting josh for dinner???

  • Hamlet

    Right, #17.

    How is it obvious, #19? You don’t know any of these people.

    How was her own daughter not already in her life and not attending school?

    A child that doesn’t do anything is NOT the reason why she rakes in so much cash, #23.

    And how was she still not, #26?

    There are so many things to begin cutting down your post with, #28.

    She probably just wanted to prepare herself against her powerful husband and her father likely pressured her more, #29.

    Like what, #31? He just believes in a goofy religion.

    He was busy making money for her to spend, #37.

  • Nic

    Tom and Katie are only playing the media and the public. The whole marriage and divorce thing was FAKE. Everything seems so orchestrated. The short courtship, the over-the-top declaration of love for each other, the semi-short lived relationship and the quick divorce settlement, everything was talked about and attention-grabbing. Tom really knows how to make headlines and for sure he’s loving it even if it puts him in the negative light. I mean publicity, whether positive or negative, is still publicity, it keeps you famous.

  • A Fan of Suri’s

    FROM NEW YORK POST – Katie’s freedom

    Last Updated: 12:23 AM, July 13, 2012

    Posted: 12:07 AM, July 13, 2012

    Newly single Katie Holmes was plotting the next moves in her career over dinner with a CAA agent at the Lion in the West Village on Wednesday night. Holmes was spotted at a table on the balcony overlooking the main dining room, looking elated to be out and about — and free. She was overheard saying the meal was her “first night out” since announcing her divorce from Tom Cruise. That could be because she doesn’t have a minder available every night for 6-year-old daughter Suri — Holmes was also heard saying she doesn’t yet have a nanny or an assistant. The actress was spotted leaving the packed restaurant at about midnight, “laughing and smiling” as she headed out.

    Read more:

    Its interesting that this article states Katie hasn’t found a nanny or personal assistant yet. I think that’s true because she had to plan this divorce secretly and probably didn’t have the time or knew the budget she was going to have to hire a nanny or personal assistant. One doesn’t know them personally but you can almost tell these things by the timeline of things and their daily activities which are so publicly documented thanks to the Internet.

  • Just so


    There are none that are so blind as those that cannot see Hamlet.

    There are so many things wrong with your posting that I wouldn’t know where to begin!

    You are like a cart horse. You have huge blinders on your eyes/ears/mind and like one of those draft horses you see only what is right in front of you, right or wrong. You can’t think for yourself or see right or left, up or down.

    Oh right, you are a Scientologist. That says it all. You can deny it all you want, but no one on this board is fooled anymore.