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Katie Holmes: Gymnastics Class with Suri!

Katie Holmes: Gymnastics Class with Suri!

Katie Holmes takes her 6-year-old daughter Suri to Chelsea Piers for gymnastics class on Thursday (July 12) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress brought along one of Suri‘s gal pals for the class.

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Katie had a busy day on Wednesday. In the morning, she was joined by her mother Kathleen as she took Suri to the Central Park Zoo to see the animals, and then she met with a friend for dinner later that night.

FYI: Katie is wearing Paul & Joe’s Fenice top. Suri is wearing FlipOut sandals.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes taking Suri to gymnastics class…

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katie holmes gymnastics class with suri 03
katie holmes gymnastics class with suri 04
katie holmes gymnastics class with suri 05
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55 Responses to “Katie Holmes: Gymnastics Class with Suri!”

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  1. 26
    Andamentothat Says:

    Suri looks relaxed and pretty!

  2. 27
    Katie the Media ***** Says:

    Katie is a media w_ _ _ e. This is PR. No one ever controlled her, she wanted to be a stay at home mom to Suri..and now that she will be single she wants create the impression she was held under lock and key…Before this divorce no one cared one iota about her. She wants mass attention that Tom always had.

  3. 28
    paleezzzzz2 Says:

    I guess she chose an apartment with the front door right at the street on purpose. Im sure there must be apartments on more private streets. Katie is a media H*O. Maybe she’s waiting for the “settlement” check to clear before she stops the PR. You’d think she would have bought a house so Suri could run around and play in the yard. But since they never stay home, I guess an apartment will do.

  4. 29
    Hamlet Says:

    Exactly, #3.

    Get a life, #5.

    You’re a moron, #6.

    She already did these ‘normal’ activities before, #8. His older daughter probably isn’t into sports like he is and there are plenty of pics of Cruise with all his kids.

    Critics are idiots, #18.

    No celebrity should have to move from NY or LA to raise their kids, #21.

    There are plenty of pics with Holmes and her parents and other friends, #25. You don’t know anything.

  5. 30
    annie Says:

    @ katie the media *****
    you’re so wrong, before Tom, people cared for her , for all the right reasons, producers directors, everybody, even her movies were more successful. so your comments are really for people who didn’t know katie, not for the people who have followed her since the Ice Storm, DC, and after.
    i’m really sad she’s not with Tom anymore, because you saw her happiness. but then you also saw the unhappiness, in her face , in her eyes, so she had to leave for whatever reasons , only she knows.

  6. 31
    solecito Says:

    Why do people think they know everything about celebrities’ marriages, parenting skills, etc? We DON’T know these people. We DON’T know how their minds work or their decision making process. Human behavior is very complex and multi-layered and sometimes we don’t even understand those close to us, much less celebrities. Get a grip and stop speculating, is just plain stupid. They don’t care about your opinion or mine.

  7. 32

    Media Ho.

  8. 33
    A Fan of Suri's Says:

    I LIKE THIS OUTING Katie – I’m not on anyone’s side but I am hoping the three work it out: Cruise, Katie, and Suri. Nice to see Katie and Suri out with one of Jeanne Yang’s daughters. Jeanne Yang is Katie’s partner in the Holmes and Yang fashion line. Jeanne has two cute daughters. See link below. It makes sense that Katie and Jeanne must be meeting at her new apartment or at some Garment District office as they will be presenting their fashion line Holmes and Yang this coming September in New York’s Fashion Week. I don’t know that the fashion line will be a hit but why not have their daughters hang out together? Suri needs someone close to her age to talk and laugh with too. Why not have her hang out with someone whom you know? Good for them. I like that Katie is wearing the color coral which is a very popular color right now.

    ***=Jeanne+Yang+%2C+celebrity+stylist+with+her+two+cute+daughters.&sigr=1601rjo0q&sigi=15p2u446e&sigb=1234oel2j&fr=yfp-t-701-1" rel="nofollow">***=Jeanne+Yang+%2C+celebrity+stylist+with+her+two+cute+daughters.&sigr=1601rjo0q&sigi=15p2u446e&sigb=1234oel2j&fr=yfp-t-701-1

  9. 34
    A Fan of Suri's Says:

    There are several pictures of Suri and Jeanne Yang’s daughters out with Suri and Katie and all their entourage. I guess Katie could not cut
    everyone out that associated with Cruise and her and Suri PRE divorce.

  10. 35
    A Fan of Suri's Says:

    I think its safe to say that Suri looks more comfortable with kids in her age range that she knew PRE divorce than the other kids she’s never been seen with POST the divorce. Jeanne Yang’s daughters have known Suri for a few years now. Suri looked more comfortable with Jeanne’s daughter.

    Suri looked very shy around these other kids.

  11. 36
    Katie the Media ***** Says:

    After the fanfare of being in the spotlight it will be clear that mediocre Katie Holmes will not be tabloid’s darling unless they milk her divorce from Tom for every drop of juice they can get.
    She is not a fashion icon. In what world is she a fashion icon…for soccer moms in the midwest.
    She’s a mediocre C List actress…who in the world will race to see her in a film. She’s too old to be a Broadway dancer. Her ONLY claim to fame will be she left Tom Cruise. She is reduced to show ponying Suri because the press is eager to get pics of Suri Cruise. For some weird reason people are creepy obsessed with oggling celebrity children online. Without Suri, Katie Holmes would be forgotten by the end of July.
    By fall we’ll here this desperate woman will be doing a reality tv show.

  12. 37
    A Fan of Suri's Says:

    FROM NEW YORK POST – Katie’s freedom

    Last Updated: 12:23 AM, July 13, 2012

    Posted: 12:07 AM, July 13, 2012

    Newly single Katie Holmes was plotting the next moves in her career over dinner with a CAA agent at the Lion in the West Village on Wednesday night. Holmes was spotted at a table on the balcony overlooking the main dining room, looking elated to be out and about — and free. She was overheard saying the meal was her “first night out” since announcing her divorce from Tom Cruise. That could be because she doesn’t have a minder available every night for 6-year-old daughter Suri — Holmes was also heard saying she doesn’t yet have a nanny or an assistant. The actress was spotted leaving the packed restaurant at about midnight, “laughing and smiling” as she headed out.

    Read more:

    Its interesting that this article states Katie hasn’t found a nanny or personal assistant yet. I think that’s true because she had to plan this divorce secretly and probably didn’t have the time or knew the budget she was going to have to hire a nanny or personal assistant. One doesn’t know them personally but you can almost tell these things by the timeline of things and their daily activities which are so publicly documented thanks to the Internet.

  13. 38
    krix Says:

    Katie seems to have new help, but whether or not its Suri’s new “minder” we don’t know – and

  14. 39
    jaspisgirl Says:

    to whoever says this is not tom cruise’s daughter: please ,as much as i do not like this once cool,now crazy man,i believe he is clever enough to make some tests and he has they money to pay for this tests.i do not believe he gives his name and money and time to a ,, Kukuks” child.(is it even aloud in his cult,to raise a child of another man mhhhhhhhh ?????)

  15. 40
    Sunshine Says:

    Definitely Josh J’s kid. I’ll be ready with the “HA! I told ‘ya so” when the truth comes out ;-)

  16. 41
    Sara Says:

    That women is manipulative,cold and calculating
    I feel badly for Tom.
    I bet a dollar there is another guy within 2 months of this divorce! Any takers? If there isn’t one already. And her daddy is no prize either. So don’t tell me that Tom controlled her….her dad did before Tom. I wish TOM all the best…her….she is a coward of the worst kind. No REAL woman would pull…

  17. 42
    Just so Says:


    She did exactly what he did to Kidman. Blindsided Kidman with the divorce and then moved on immediately with Penelope Cruz, so why is it different when she does it than when Tom did it?

  18. 43
    Sara Says:

    @Just so:

    And Kidman did exactly same thing to Mimi Rogers.

  19. 44
    jaspisgirl Says:

    @sara @just so : carma is a bit ch :-)

  20. 45
    annie Says:

    Katie , i believe is no longer with CAA, she went back to the people she was with before Tom, including her old publicist as well.
    it looks like she got rid of everyone, from the past 6 years, and has connected back to some people from her past.
    Nobody knows what went on behind closed doors, but there are just little things that you can see, that makes you sense that she had a bit of a rough time.

  21. 46
    [~Fug Face Man!ston~] Says:

    …poor girl’s going to be stalked for by the media for a very long time. `if it weren’t for suri katie would fade back into obscurity.

  22. 47
    Shawna Says:

    @lisa: She doesn’t have her arm around the other girl? Really? So the girl just has fingers growing out of her waist? Look at the picture – – you can clearly see Suri’s arm around her waist.

  23. 48
    My Wish For Suri Says:

    Has always been a box of tissues:

  24. 49
    My Wish For Suri Says:

    And maybe a Neti pot:

  25. 50
    nancyw Says:

    I really don’t think that Suri has any stress! She is used to her dad being gone to do movies. Her mom certainly keeps her stimulated with plenty of activities!
    And, I don’t think that Tom wanted Suri to have “regular” frends. He just wanted her to associate with children of Scientologists.
    But, Katie is going to try to give her a normal life with boundaries!
    Katie will probably give her the discipline, that she really needs!
    Just my thoughts!

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