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Michelle Obama Rallies for Obama Campaign in Florida!

Michelle Obama Rallies for Obama Campaign in Florida!

Michelle Obama looks gorgeous in green as she attends a rally for the Obama-Biden presidential campaign on Tuesday (July 10) in Miami Lakes, Florida.

The 48-year-old First Lady of the United States spoke in front of a crowd of 2,800 people at Barbara Goleman Senior High School.

“We believe that responsibility should be rewarded and that hard work should pay off,” Michelle told the crowd (via The Miami Herald). “That fundamental promise of no matter who you are, if you work hard, you can build a decent life for yourself and an even better life for your kids. That is the American dream.”

FYI: The First Lady is wearing Chris Benz and a House of Lavande vintage jeweled belt,

10+ pictures inside of Michelle Obama rallying in Florida…

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michelle obama rallies for obama campaign in florida 01
michelle obama rallies for obama campaign in florida 02
michelle obama rallies for obama campaign in florida 03
michelle obama rallies for obama campaign in florida 04
michelle obama rallies for obama campaign in florida 05
michelle obama rallies for obama campaign in florida 06
michelle obama rallies for obama campaign in florida 07
michelle obama rallies for obama campaign in florida 08
michelle obama rallies for obama campaign in florida 09
michelle obama rallies for obama campaign in florida 10

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Emma

    Bye bye Obama THE MARXIST TWIT, roll on to November. HEY Obama tell us why you Obama arming the drug cartels.

  • emily beth

    Bye bye and happy fat ass gardening in Chicago

  • alex


    michelle looks lovely. this isn’t really a site to be discussing politics.

  • minah

    omo Michelle’s in Miami? How awesome!

  • rikki

    i agree with the “lovely” comment. she seems like a really nice woman

  • V

    It’s not her fault her husband is president. She seems like a nice person to me, genuine smiley and warm grace about her. I don’t know why people are so mean and harsh, what has she done to you? Take out your anger on your president if it’s who you disagree with, not his family sheesh.

  • Velma

    Ignore the idiot trolls in their double wides

  • Dana

    @V “What has she done to you?” Suggest you ask Angela Adams and her son Dontae who was denied emergency medical services at the University of Chicago Medical Center due to the patient dumping scheme Michelle, Axelrod and Jarrett devised.

  • Rachel

    meanwhile, Ann Romney is taking a $77,000 tax deduction for her dancing dressage horse hobby. Spoiled brat.

  • we are on our own

    Obama works for corporate America as does Romney. There is no choice by design.

  • MichelleAntoinette

    Do tell us how those weapons the Hubby armed the cartels with ended up killing Brian Terry and 300 innocent Mexicans.

  • Rachel

    and we’ve got to listen to Mitt saying that women on welfare need to get to work and leave their small children to be raised in daycare so they can have the “dignity of work.”

    Ann Romney never had the dignity of work. She’s a spoiled rich housewife, who had underpaid nannies leaving their own kids at home so she could spend all day riding horses and lunching at the country club.

  • Rachel

    Republicans are so proGun – they have Guns flooding American streets EVERY SINGLE DAY and those guns KILL PEOPLE every single day. But they don’t give a damn about those victims.

  • Andrew

    WHo Poisoned Breitbart’s Coroner?

  • Emma

    @alex: Can’t handle the TRUTH. Jared posted Michelle on his site and that is politics. HEY OBAMA TELL US WHY YOU OBAMA ARMING THE DRUG CARTEL.

  • Rachel

    and if – as republicons say – guns don’t kill people, people kill people – then it makes no difference where any fast and furious guns came from.

    READ THE FORBES ARTICLE. IT TOTALLY DEBUNKS fast and furious and exposes it for the false partisan witch hunt it is.

  • Rachel


  • DEB

    Floridians, especially Latinos and Blacks know that Unemployment under Barry is higher than ever.
    For Young people Unemployment has risen to 40%.
    So don’t even bother with Florida.

  • Foodie

    Even Foodies are mad at her.
    Restuarants are now serving half the portion size for the same price since she became the Food Police.

  • db

    @Rachel….yoohoo Rocks kill people too.
    Besides if you read your history, Guns give you the right to protect yourself from your own corrupt Govt.

  • Tyranny

    If Fast and Furious has nothing to HIDE.
    Why is Obama and Holder hiding behing Exec.priveledge.
    THose guns were walked by Holder and all potential whistleblowers have been promoted within govt.
    They have blood on their hands.
    Mexico is in on it too.
    They ALL wanted to use the excuse to take away our Second Amendment and got caught.
    Cause UNARMED Citizens are easier to CONTROL just like in Totalitarian Govts.

  • Mae

    She wants to stay where she is,same place, same satus,nothing more to it than than that. None of these politicians give a rat’s asz about the people anymore.

  • Enemy Within

    Why are terrorists and cartels working together with ChAVEZ AND IRAN on our Border?
    Why has the Muslim Brotherhood infliltrated every branch of our Govt?

  • Dana

    @db correct! as do knives, baseball bats, cars, etc. My gun (and everyone I know that owns a gun) has killed less people than Teddy did.

  • Dangle that false carrot

    work manual labor for Wal-Mart Kellogs etc. in the 60′s 70′s and take advanatge of your stock options, become a millionaire, and get a pension. now you are lucky to keep your job at a lowered union tier of pay that will never even come close to those who worked there before you, with things costing twice as much or more

  • porquenon


    Hey Emma, tell us if your tv is fixed to Faux News 24/7?

  • porquenon


    DEB, maybe that’s because you’ve got an admitted medicare fraudster for a Governor who has gutted state and social programs. Not to mention the after effects of a burst housing bubble brought to you by the Bush administration.

  • porquenon



  • Live WIthin your Means

    Anybody notice all the Bankrupt CIties and Towns currently imploding under debt are in Democrat governed States.
    Sadly our Tax Dollars will probably bail them out.
    What’s gonna happen when the whole Country becomes Detroit…cause you know Obama is taking us all there.

  • BHO

    Under BHO even NASA has been outsourced to Russia.
    Our Astronauts now have to hitch a ride to the Space Station with Putin’s Cosmosnauts. RIP America.

  • Stan


  • Angela

    Porquenon…Go back to your couch and wait for your tax payer funded check in the mail while the rest of us work for a living.

  • 9/11 anniversary

    Video being scrubbed from the net. Good luck finding it.

    “All this for a DAMN FLAG”…M.Obama

  • emily beth

    Do tell the Floridians why you were disbarred from the practice of law, they appreciate transparency.

  • cal

    wow i thought they avoided political stuff on this site. i’ll eat my hat the day they post anything similarly positive about ann romney.

  • LoriLori

    4 MORE YEARS!!! Mrs. Obama looks gorgeous love her.
    The TeaBag Crazies don’t care about FACTS they are motivated by Hate and Fear
    As you measure it will be measured unto you.

  • Dana

    @LoriLori, instead of name calling you could present some facts. Here’s just a couple for you:

    8.2% unemployment (much higher for Latinos and African Americans) despite a “stimulus” package. Under Obama, the federal debt has increased by $4.2 trillion, more than the total national debt of about $4.1 trillion accumulated by all 41 U.S. presidents. We now have a record amount of people on food stamps (about 15% of the population). And the largest tax increase ever on Americans with Obamacare. Now those are some facts that have me fearful for the future of our country.

  • Rachel

    Republican governors are firing people to sabotage the economy. Treasonous traitors belong in Gitmo.

  • Rachel


  • Rachel


  • Lisa

    @Rachel: YOU PILLOCK


    Look, you don’t have to take the word of anyone blogging no this site – all of these things cam be verified with a little objective research. “Fast and Furious” was devised by the Obama Justice Dept. to allow illegal assault weapons to be obtained by Mexican drug cartels; the weapons would then be used in crimes on the U.S. side of the border, and the Obama administration could then implement one the salient acts it’s been planning since the 2008 campaign; complete restriction on ownership of assault weapons, and stricter controls on the private ownership of all weapons. Liberals have always believed that the way to end gun violence is to take guns away from ALL citizens, but statistically – and anyone can look this up – states that allow LAW ABIDING citizens to carry weapons on their person see much lower crimes rates – criminals don’t like their victims to fight back. The point of the 2nd Amendment is to ensure that the the government cannot strong arm it’s citizens – that was the basis of the Revolutionary War. If you don’t like guns, fine, don’t own any, but don’t infringe on anyone else exercising their Constitutional right to do so – and that means YOU, President Obama.


    Is she proud to be an American yet? What a fake ass troll.

  • porquenon


    I’ve worked my entire life little girl and paid my fare share of taxes -in fact I’m taxed at a higher percentage than Mitt Romney and his cronies pay.

    Obama/Biden 2012

  • porquenon

    @9/11 anniversary:

    Another World Net Daily LIE!

  • porquenon


    Maybe if Ann’s $100K horse wins an Olympic medal they’ll be a story – until then, she’s just a rich stay at home mom with staff.

  • porquenon

    Objective research? NRA plant – good job – not.