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Robert Pattinson's 'Cosmopolis' Trailer - Watch Now!

Robert Pattinson's 'Cosmopolis' Trailer - Watch Now!

Check out the trailer for Robert Pattinson‘s upcoming thriller Cosmopolis, hitting limited theaters on August 17.

Here’s the synopsis: Unfolding in a single cataclysmic day, the story follows Eric Packer (Pattinson) – a 28-year old financial whiz kid and billionaire asset manager – as he heads out in his tricked-out stretch limo to get a haircut from his father’s old barber, while remotely wagering his company’s massive fortune on a bet against the Chinese Yuan. Packer’s luxe trip across the city quickly becomes dizzyingly hellish as he encounters explosive city riots, a parade of provocative visitors, and is thrust into a myriad of intimate encounters. Having started the day with everything, believing he is the future, Packer’s perfectly ordered, doubt-free world is about to implode.

Cosmopolis, directed by David Cronenberg, also stars Juliette Binoche, Jay Baruchel, Kevin Durand, Samantha Morton, and Paul Giamatti.

Robert Pattinson – “Cosmopolis” Trailer
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  • leana

    Can’t wait for this to finally be released here. Rob got a lot of good reviews for this :)

  • Anastacia

    well, it looks not so bad actually…

  • Gin

    He’s not a respected enough actor to have his name touted above the movie title. I’m sure his Twilight fans will love it but the rest of the industry is snickering.

  • lana

    @Gin: Um, no the rest of the movie industry is impressed because 1) the iconic David Cronenberg personally called him up and asked him to do this film and b) he’s getting great reviews for this. So what is there to snicker at?

  • lana

    Gin – are you kidding? This is a movie for film buffs and Cronenberg fans, and not Twihards. Twilight fans will probably not like this movie as it’s not your typical film.

  • Gin

    @lana: His performances to date.

  • linda

    @Gin: Why wouldnt his name be in the poster title? He’s the main character. What a ridiculous comment to make.

  • silver

    I actually already saw this movie and it was absolutely horrendous. Not one person I was with understood why Pattinson was praised. His acting was incredibly bad and fell flat. I’ve never seen a movie where so many people got up and left before the end. Don’t go waste your money on this; Cronenberg highly disappoints with this one.

  • Covington Beasley

    Cosmopolis is deplorable decadent rubbish! Pattinson was horribly ill-advised to play the role of Parker. Moreover Cronenberg apparently preyed upon Pattinson’s naivete and directed him to simulate sex when the script had not called for it. Pattinson has complained of being made to feel a bit like a male prostitute as a result. Lastly, Pattinson himself has wondered who would go see this film except perhaps to see him.

  • lainey

    silver…nice obvious agenda ;)

  • Gin

    @linda: Two words for ya: Bel Ami

  • Covington Beasley

    @lana: He’s not getting great reviews, the film is rubbish.

  • candy_pop

    Who are these idiots claiming to have watched the film who clearly haven’t? Puh-leese. Your trolling is too obvious.

  • lana

    LOL. Should I link you to rottentomatoes? He’s getting GREAT reviews. Who are you trying to fool? Haters are the worst.

  • lana

    wow at the lame people disliking all the positive comments and liking the trolls comments. You people are too obvious. Eveyrone knows who you are :)

  • Laura

    Rob looks great in this! Awesome cast.

  • lana

    haha..some dumbass is sitting here disliking over and over. get a life.

  • prsten_police

    gin + Covington Beasly + silver = same hater. So obvious :) :) :)

  • m

    I’m a big Cronenberg fan but I must admit that this trailer sucks. The music is annoying and it gives off a cheap David Fincher/Nine Inch Nails vibe. STILL, fingers crossed, I’m looking forward to the movie…

  • Gin

    @lana: While you’re at it, please make sure to link the page that shows the average rating for Pattinson’s films is around 35% if you exclude the Harry Potter franchise (which, by the way, did not feel the need to blare Daniel Radcliff’s name above the title).

  • lana

    Gin what’s your agenda? You sure know a lot about Rob and how well his films do. Did he kick some of your puppies? He must have the way you’re going on trying to discredit him.

  • gwen

    Rob looks great in that suit.

  • gracie

    this is the worst movie i ever paid to watch and i am a fan of robs. we lasted 45 minutes in the theatre before we left and when we did get up to leave so did 20 other people, there were 2 people left in the movie. we all got our money back! (it’s be out here in canada for over a month now)

  • Hilary

    Well I loved the movie! If you are a fan of David’s earlier work than this film captures some of his earlier themes. It’s not easy and it makes you think. I can see why some wouldn’t enjoy it. I think it’s great Robert is taking risks and doing films outside the box. I liked him in Water for Elephants too.

  • Gin

    @prsten_police: I don’t hate Robert Pattinson. I never met the man. However, I DO hate it when a studio uses an unproven faddish actor’s popularity to promote a mediocre film. If this movie was starring Edward Norton would you still go see it?

  • Covington Beasley

    @prsten_police: Absolutely not connection and certainly not a hater. I have greatly admired Pattinson’s work in the Twilight franchise, Remember Me, Water for Elephants.

  • lana

    @Gin: who said it was a mediocre film? It has a fresh rating on RT.

  • thetis


    It’s important to know what you are talking about. The rest of the industry is not snickering at all. He is considered box office and that gets you top billing depending on your character’s size.

    There are a lot of respected actors who get second billing in a lot of movies because they are in supporting roles or the box office draw is someone else.

    It’s called show BUSINESS not show ART.

  • dave_franco

    Gin’s logic is funny. She claims he has a crappy RT average score but puts down Cosmopolis even though it’s rated fresh. Either you give RT credibility or you don’t. If you do, then you’d recognize that the critics on average rated Cosmopolis as a good film. Right?

  • Gin

    @thetis: Nope. Still snickering.

  • alice

    @Covington Beasley: what the F are you talking about .i watched the movie and it was great
    its the kinde of movie made for smart people.clearly you don’t fit the category,and robert was praised for his acting,where are you getting all this nonsense

  • Gin

    @dave_franco: I consider 57% mediocre.

  • lana

    dont mind the silly haters whose sole purpose in life is to troll comments sections on Rob stories so they can convince people he’s a bad actor and people hate him and his movies. The beauty of the internet is people can search for correct information :)

  • Ehhh

    His problem as an actor is trying to do roles that aren’t geared around his looks. He needs to get the “trying to prove he’s a serious actor”…No one cares about his serious acting. Accept movies that play up into him being a romantic leading man…then gradually do serious dramas..
    Alex Pettyfer and Channing Tatum and the cast of Magic Mike…they’re versatile actors but both Tatum and Pettyfer realize they can use their assets to build up to movies that people actually want to see and are good critically.

    This movies is getting panned left and right. Yes I read the reviews. No matter who praises him, if the movie is bad no one will go see it.

  • Janine

    Well I saw the movie in France, and while I’m a huge of David Cronenberg, I had to convince myself over and over not to leave the theatre. It was really all over the place and badly directed, in my opinion, which is why Robert Pattinson didn’t shine at all. He lacked presence and I didn’t feel anything for his performance. I’m sure he’s not a bad actor, but this just wasn’t a movie for him. Juliette Binoche was also very bland and I usually love her, so that’s saying something!

  • Ehhh

    Edit to my previous post: He needs to get over his “trying to prove he’s a serious actor”

  • deb

    @Ehhh: LOL. Alex Pettyfer is a versatile actor? I’ll take Rob any day over that douche.

  • deb

    @Gin: the film is at 63%…thus giving it a fresh rating. You don’t even know what you’re talking about.

  • Jaye

    Gin @ 07/13/2012 at 11:47 am
    The rest of the industry, you know the people in charge of making movies, are offering him serious roles, I’d say they’re impressed with him. I think they know more about his worth as an actor than you do. Hardly anyone starts out on top, but he’s making a good name for himself. Don’t hate.

  • Gin

    @Jaye: And I’d say they are trying to capitalize on the Twilight fans’ infatuation with a mediocre (but sparkly!) actor.

  • wow

    @Gin: Ahh I get it now. Gin is upset being he sparkles. Gin wants to Sparkle! Alas the bitterness is explained.

  • Jaime

    This isn’t a studio film. No one is trying to capitalize on anything. If people would just get over the fact that Rob is in Twilight, they might remember that he was also in movies like Little Ashes… before Twilight. This is the genre he wants to be in. He wants to do indies. David gave him a chance, and by all accounts, the movie is very polarizing, but for the ones that liked it, they LOVED it. Rob isn’t going the Nicolas Sparks route, and I give him a lot of credit for that.

  • Gin

    @wow: Yes, that’s it. I have a problem with Pattinson taking roles from better, more accomplished actors because I want to sparkle. Very intuitive.

  • caper

    Gin is such a bitter hater it’s hilarious. This is the most attention she gets in her life, so keep replying to her. haha.

  • lana

    @Gin: oh so you’re mad because he’s taking roles from other actors you like? ok we’re getting somewhere now :) why are sticking around and disliking comments tho? Defensive much?

  • lana

    Gin’s life right now – “hits refresh” and “dislikes” any comment calling her out on her BS. Repeat x 10.

  • Gin

    @lana: No, I’m disgusted that he takes jobs from actors I respect. (You do realize that you don’t actually know Mr. Pattinson personally, right?)

  • sammie

    Really what actors has he taken jobs from? You’re a lunatic.

  • Jaye

    Gin @ 07/13/2012 at 12:45 pm
    The Twilight fans haven’t supported their non-Twilight movies. If that were the case all their movies would have made over 600 million dollars. Even movies like Snow White weren’t driven by the Twilight fans, people were excited by how the story was re-imagined with Snow White as a warrior. However, it failed to deliver of the warrior part. She had the outfit, but did little fighting. If all of their movies had been box office smashes, I would have agreed with you, but they weren’t.
    Snow White was the most successful in terms of box office and it had Chris H. and Charlize T. to boast the numbers, Stewart could not have done it on her name alone. That’s not a knock against Stewart, but realistically the Twilight fans hadn’t done much to help them in other movies. The numbers don’t lie.

  • Gin

    @Jaye: Hopefully more studios will come to realize that, unless he’s playing a broody blood-sucker, Pattison is box office poison.