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Vanessa Hudgens: Cheetah Print Cutie!

Vanessa Hudgens: Cheetah Print Cutie!

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her wild side in a super cute animal print sundress as she steps out on Friday (July 13) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actress, who reportedly left a business meeting, kept a low profile behind her sunglasses.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

Earlier in the week, Vanessa posted an adorable pic of herself and a gal pal to her blog with the caption, “We’ve got love for you moon.”

10+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens leaving an office building…

Just Jared on Facebook
vanessa hudgens wild side dress 01
vanessa hudgens wild side dress 02
vanessa hudgens wild side dress 03
vanessa hudgens wild side dress 04
vanessa hudgens wild side dress 05
vanessa hudgens wild side dress 06
vanessa hudgens wild side dress 07
vanessa hudgens wild side dress 08
vanessa hudgens wild side dress 09
vanessa hudgens wild side dress 10
vanessa hudgens wild side dress 11
vanessa hudgens wild side dress 12
vanessa hudgens wild side dress 13
vanessa hudgens wild side dress 14

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • zac

    she looks adorable <3

  • Xo

    Can’t wait to hear about her new project :)

  • abbimorgan

    damn it i miss her alot¡¡¡¡

  • zac

    i want her legs <3

  • My 2 Cents

    Just Jared how come you didn’t post or mention about her hosting the NIght of Music at the Hollywod Bowl. That was awesome. She looks lovely as usual. Nice to see her and yes Zac she’s got goreous gams.

  • annie1st

    Aww I miss her, love nessa

  • http://Lala AiWen

    I love u Vanessa really do nice to see u :D

  • Haters Suck!

    Nice to see baby V again. She looks great hope her meeting went well.

  • Rise Above Hate

    Such a pretty girl

  • EmmaG

    Can’t wait for her next project :) it’ll be interesting if she and Zac both attend the 2012 TCA’s on the 22nd. Still waiting/hoping that they would rekindle their relationship somehow. Fingers crossed :)

  • -


  • ivanka

    hot i like her style

  • Heather

    Sorry, #11 was me. I was saying I miss her natural hair. She should have grown it out instead of wearing extensions. And I miss her old style where she would go out in jeans and a cute blouses (like when she was still doing high school musical) she dressed casually and it was more relatable for regular people(non actors and singers)

  • R U sure

    WOW!!! Looking good

  • Tera

    i live near her house i see her everyday. she was in los angeles for the last four days. she went to hawaii but she was at home the past few days. kinda ironic that we didn’t get any pics of her . well that is probably becouse she didn’t call the paps. but now she again starts with her famewho*ring. wearing skimpy clothes and showing us how in love she is with her boytoy. this wan’t end for weeks until her fans get sick of seeing her.

  • Clara

    whenever there’s a candid of her she has this attitude and this look on her face. its hard to discribe but its like she thinks that she is the hotest girl on the planet and nobody is better than her and that she’s so special kind of look and i hate it. does she seriously think that. dumb girl. well guess what honey you’re not.

  • zac

    lol she was in LA all the time.. she was hosting a charity event last week and n a couple of meetings, she is going to another gym and out wit her BOYFRIEND <3 all the time!

  • justsaying

    @Clara: Clara, if I was yelled stupid stuff by the photogs all the time I would be a bitch too. If you would watch her being yelled at on youtube you would see how annoying it is…Plus,you don’t know her so you can’t say squat about her personality anyway.

  • zac

    lmao WTF??!! she is just walking… hatersgonnahate

  • justsaying

    @Tera: Her fans don’t get sick of seeing her, sorry. You just sound jealous….

  • kami

    hope we hear about a new project soon–an upcoming movie role.

  • yen

    Why so flawless Vanessa?!!!?

  • yen

    Zac who? I hope she goes too! But with her boyfriend! Or with her friends Ashley Benson and Selena!

  • Vic

    See a LOT OF PERFECTION over here! Love you Nessa-Bear. And I also see a lot of hate and jealousies. What a waste of energy people… Nobody is forcing you to comment here if you don’t like V.

  • MoreThanWords

    I like pooping in the morning and wearing it as a mud mask.

  • NBTT

    @EmmaG: won’t happen. He’ll be there, Vanessa not. No confirmation from her side and she’s nowhere on the published lists of the celebs who will be there.

  • BOJI

    Missed her. Thought she went on a trip out of the city. Love it when JJ reports that she’s had a business meeting. Am wishing and hoping for another movie project before too long .

  • evz

    I miss her… so much. Wish all this meetings meant she has something to film this year…

  • http://jj pretty

    cute dress

  • Selma Kacha

    OMFG she is so hot ! Miss her so so so much. It was horrible.

  • http://facebook me

    @Clara well she is better than you…atleast she is out there doing her thing what exactly are you doing??ohhh yeah insluting a girl behind your computer good luck with that…

  • florence2

    Of course the ex will go as he’s up for best kiss with Taylor and no doubt if he wins he’ll be the first one up on state doing a replay with Taylor.

    I hope that Vaness does go and takes Austin as after all he is her boyfriend and Zac is nothing to her anymore and visa versa if efron turned up with a girl, they have been over for two year’s and don’t even speak and they are both nominated it’s a big event and a big venue so I’m sure they would have no trouble avoiding each other. But sooner or later they will be at a public event at the same time but personally I don’t see a problem with it.

    She has the life that she wants and efron has his playboy lifestyle that he has longed for just like his idol Leo so they are both happy without each other.

  • OneillNataliama

    like Peter answered I can’t believe that any body can earn $6781 in 1 month on the internet. have you read this site link (Click on menu Home more information)

  • maria

    @florence2: Know what? It doesn’t matter. Like you said, they are both living lives that make them happy. The TCA’s are so lame and irrelevant, and honestly, I could care less if either is going. I want Vanessa to move past teen movies, and going back to the TCA’s throws her squarely back into a fickle, popularity driven demographic. Teens will always move on to the next best thing, with no loyalty. Those aren’t the fans she needs. Yes, it’s very nice she was nominated. I just don’t think she will go, and it has nothing to do with Efron.

  • maria

    And BTW, she is looking lovely! Cute dress, pretty summer style! She looked gorgeous hosting that concert saluting Filipino artists last weekend at the Hollywood Bowl!

  • R U sure

    @floerence2 I hope if Zac wins he goes up on stage, that is what winners do. I hope Zac wins in every category he is in , so you can kiss your TV screen every time he is there. You know you want him, or why else would you bring him up on a Vanessa post. You just never cease to amaze me

  • yets

    ok i miss this girl where have you been V?

  • tina

    Good to see her, but even better to hear she is going to business meettings. I love her stalker neighbors who feel the need to say stupid stuff about her. I have lived in the same house for 30 years and don’t know what my neightbors wear everyday, and we live closer than these people would to Vanessa. More than likely they are the one’s calling the paps. Other neighbors (adult ones) say she is a good neighbor.

  • tina

    @Heather: That comment had to thave come form someone with half a brain. You think she’s not trying to grow her hair out? Are you on some medication? As for the jeans, she’s an adult now, when adult’s go to meeting sometimes they wear big girl clothes.

  • maria

    @R U sure: Because someone else brought him up. And hate to tell ya, since you do seem to have the hots for him, the rest of us don’t.

  • BOJI

    R U sure, is an Efron fan. Wasting your time here defending your idol. You have crazies on his threads and we have ours but you don’t see me posting on his thread right?

  • Haters Suck!

    @r u sure
    Oh screw you and zac

  • Ash

    She looks as pretty as always. I live for the day when her sleazebag of an ex-boyfriend is no longer mentioned in any of her threads.

  • Ash

    @maria: Amen. Not everyone thinks that guy is hot. In fact, he always looks greasy and disgusting. Wish they would just stop mentioning him in association with Vanessa.

  • maria

    @Ash: He is as unappealing to me as a guy can get. Not into short, pretty men. I much prefer a tall, masculine guy rough and tough. Those girly guys like him, who look like they spend too much time primping themselves are just gross to me. Cracks me up how people think we secretly love him if we don’t gush about him. Wrong. I also can’t wait for the day he is no longer mentioned here. He’s a distant memory now.

  • Tampa

    @maria do you mean a guy like austin?

  • maria

    @Tampa: Austin is not my “type” either, but he is at least TALL, well built, with beach vibe looks. He’s not perfectly pretty, and young. He will grow into his great features in a few years, as all guys do in their twenties. He’s adorable. But why are you comparing? The ex is long gone. My point was that not all women like the ex’s too pretty looks.

  • maria

    @Tampa: OF COURSE, because Austin is veeery tall, masculine, rough and tough, look at this MAN

    Feel the masculine power, manly features, very rugged, almost a neanderthal

    Austin would be in The Expendables 3, but the cast would not stand this much of testosterone

  • bella

    que linda mi vanessa carambas


    @NBTT: thats because she was not nominated in anything. I hope her meeting stank and she did not get anything. she is a lousy [i was going to say actor ] but it is a waste of film to use her.