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Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Celebrate New Dash Store!

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Celebrate New Dash Store!

Kanye West holds hands with girlfriend Kim Kardashian as they arrive at the grand opening of the newest Dash location on Friday (July 13) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old rapper and his 31-year-old girlfriend stuck close together as they made their way through the crowd.

“Dash LA opens today on Melrose!!!” Kim tweeted before the event. “I’m so excited! We’ve worked so hard to get this going! Can’t wait for you all to see it!”

10+ pictures inside of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West arriving at the grand opening of the new Dash store…

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kim kanye new dash 01
kim kanye new dash 02
kim kanye new dash 03
kim kanye new dash 04
kim kanye new dash 05
kim kanye new dash 06
kim kanye new dash 07
kim kanye new dash 08
kim kanye new dash 09
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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Jennay

    lol looking thrilled, kanye

  • Clara

    Her b**bs are going to be at her ankles soon. You need better support, nasty one!

  • Silly Woman

    Kim’s face is horrible she overdosed on Botox.

  • Lynn

    guys, she is wearing spanx underneath her skirt… it is so sad that people think that this woman is perfect looking… did not know that perfect-looking meant having big butt, botoxed face and legs that need spanx for her to fit into a skirt

  • Bri

    Kim looks pretty, it’s sweet how they always support each other.

  • ab

    Apparently he dresses her, i hope she burps him – just to be fare.

  • amy

    Only in America does a chick do a porno, gets a guy to literally pi-ss on her, does a TV show, gets people to worship and buy stuff. Meanwhile she gets free designer clothes, jewelry, trips, cars, is now a multimillionaire, etc, etc. And expects average people like us to PAY for the stuff. NEVER will me and my friends fall for her BS every again. What a GREEDY, botox, fake boob, juviderm thing she is.

  • Peapo

    Kanye should make friends with Vicki Beckman. They could have frowning contests. Good times!

  • /

    @amy: whats worse is her mother markets from her se*x tape, and so does the rest of her family

  • Lynn

    @amy: agreed!!! I am very disgusted by this aspect of our society

  • Maurice

    Why is he always clutching his pants?

  • boo!

    Kim, whatever you did to your face was not a good idea. The way your eyes slant now looks very strange on your face, as does all the plump you have going on. And Kanye West may know fame, but he has kept from acting famous as far as paparazzi and such. His discomfort with everything around him is obvious, but hey, he knew what he was signing up for.

  • notyourfriend

    Kanye’s swagg-attitude is giving me life…and Kim just compliments him ohhh soooo welll! me likey

  • LOL

    HAHA why is she wearing granny bra and those nipples are abt to shot out.ROFL

  • truthsayer

    her boobs r real low! sigh!

  • kathryn

    kanye is such a pig. He claims to be so smart and intellectual, and at times he can be, he’s friends with all these artists and upper tier people but he continues to date these hags? Amber rose, now kim. You should’ve seen his first girlfriend before 808s and heartbreaks, she was naturally beautiful not overdone and she was a fashion designer a REAL fashion designer unlike kim that probably doesn’t know how to work a sewing machine or basic fashion knowledge, she just wears whatever her stylists tell her to wear. I don’t respect kanye when he tries to make the impression as a genius in music, but then he dates these c-u-m dumpsters.

  • Jamie

    I think Rihanna looked better in this same dress. Kim has a fantastic figure though.

  • Marcus


    Lynn, the perfect looking woman does have a sexy bubble butt, that is perfection right there.

  • Amanda

    I honestly don’t know they’re famous. Their shows are f-cking stupid. It’s tainting future generations. People should stop watching so it can get cancelled. Seriously, they have no talent. Can’t sing, act, or dance -unless its on someone’s lap but maybe not even then. Frankly, their whole family is a hindrance to society. No wonder other countries think we’re dumb.

  • thema

    no one thinks your dumb, its just that lately we ve been surrounded by fools like these all around the world. This kind of stupidity has become the norm universally.

  • Trish

    It’s so funny to read comments from haters, you can tell the ones that are just pure miserable and need to put others down to make themselves feel better. It’s so sad. These two are doing them, and living their lives, they both continue to be successful whether you hate on them or not, whatever issues you take with these two are your problems not theirs so you need to deal with it. You clicked on the link to bring you to the story, you read it and then you took the time to comment, so obviously you care, you have just wasted at least 5 minutes on people that you claim to dislike, and calling Kim a slut and making sh*t up will not change your history and your situation, so no matter how much you judge her it won’t make your ratchetness go away. Now go look in the mirror and count how many people you have been with and what you have done with them, unless you are a virgin you have absolutely no right to judge her, stop the bullsh*t about her mother shopping a damn sex tape, you know it’s a lie but you keep pondering it. Just remember Karma is a b*tch and your kids or future kids will receive the same treatment that you are dishing out now when they make a mistake and you expect others to not judge them, they will be judged just as harshly or worst because of your ignorance, start thinking before you put bad karma into the universe.

  • Trish

    @Lynn: really? I hope that you are just as disgusted about these people out here having kids out of wedlock and having kids by 1, 2 and 3 kids. I hope you are just as disgusted at all of these young women sitting at home on welfare and they are able bodied and able to go out and work. I hope that you are just as disgusted about the pedophiles and idiots that are out here harming our kids. All of the bullsh*t going on in our society and this is what you are disgusted about? You people have you priorities really f*cked up. I swear. You are not disgusted you are jealous, lets be hones.

  • crissy

    Something about him just really grosses me out. He literally disgusts me. I think he is talented but from his crazy blog rants to the Taylor Swift thing and his creepy, vacant expression… ick. I am a Kardashians fan but I’m so dissappointed that Kim really is the trash that everybody said she was.

  • minah

    Oh hey Kris, when’d you start dating Kanye?

  • lolka mercy laex remix

  • Shotta

    Train wreck. Only a matter of time.

  • lafamepoma

    my question is who watches her reality show? what kind of people do that, cause everywhere i read everybody disses on her but if the reality goes on it’s due to somebody see it, sad very sad, s*hit of society, we have to care ’bout our world, people, animals and economy which is getting worse

  • carol

    how does she manage to go to the bathroom with that kind of outfit? o.O

  • DASHing

    The new dash store looks pretty cool. The area is high end and it will probably be very successful from the TV time alone. Anyone been there yet?

  • DASHing

    Anyone been to the new DASH store yet? On Melrose?

  • Jokergurl

    Well at least their ego sizes match at least…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz