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Katie Holmes: Coffee Break with Mom Kathleen!

Katie Holmes: Coffee Break with Mom Kathleen!

Katie Holmes rocks a bright orange dress as she and her mom Kathleen step out to grab a cup of coffee on Friday evening (July 13) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress, who reportedly used a disposable cell phone to help move her divorce plans forward, gave the cameras a little grin as she walked by.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Earlier in the day, Katie took her daughter Suri and a friend out to the Children’s Museum of the Arts!

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  • alix

    Divorce does a number on people – no matter how hard they try to appear unaffected.

  • Olson

    She looks gaunt. Enough with the photo ops.

  • Kilem

    I think photogs are camped outside her bldg. – not exactly a photo op.
    That dress is awful, though, sorry.

  • lola

    I just keep thinking that she’s trying to stay in the public eye, maybe because she fears that once people forget about her the scientology freaks will come after her.

  • ugh

    I’m so sick and tired of seeing her

  • ivankaranka

    you guys are all so harsh! katie looks beautiful and is clearly going through some tough times, she doesn’t need all these people making negative comments about her physical appearance! TEAM KATIE :]

  • solecito


  • Nina

    Why does she stay there hounded by paps? She has options.

  • uhgg

    Will she go alway ALREADY? Enough!! Ok we got it..You divorce Tom Cruise. You want to sell your new single image….STOP deluding yourself that people care about you..You’re a clown now..BTW that dress looks like it belongs in a circus. Return it!

  • Din

    She sure can wear heels from now on :p

  • boo!

    She looks heartbroken. Even though she was unhappy, she probably still loved her husband but couldn’t make it work. It’s sad when things turn out like that. Time heals all wounds…

  • w

    i just seen a clip on E! news where katie holmeswass trying to fix suri’s hair but she shoves her off! lol! that child is going to be a handful. cant wait for her bio to come out in 20 yrs!

  • pippa

    @Kilem: yes, it is a photo op. She has an underground garage now. There’s no reason at all that we should ever see them leaving her apartment again. One can hope.

  • pippa

    @uhgg: I love you!

  • Andamentothat

    She looks tired and gaunt. The dress would look pretty in hot pink!

  • Dawson Creek days back

    You are wrong about Tom he is happy and thrilled to be divorced now instead Katie can be followed by her mommy instead and have that Asian girl with her 2 . Of course she look gaunt and blank stare did she have that when she was married to Tom No! Tom and his older kids
    Are laughing seeing Katie by herself yesterday walking up a side walk
    By herself! And tonight too! Going from a fun loving wife to being by herself 2 evenings no friends thought Victoria Beckham was her friend.
    No movie Molly it got cancelled permently! Let’s see where her fashion line ends up on fashion week. Wow

  • dawson sucks nu*ts at dusk

    @Dawson Creek days back: did you type that with your eyes closed? And what ‘Asian’ girl are you referring to?


    overexposed, gives us a break Jared

  • joel

    her mom has the same smirk

  • an opinion

    She is still so boring. But the media is trying so hard to make her interesting.

  • TheDudeAbides

    Pippa; People don’t drive a car in NYC to go get a cup of Joe. Kate [Not Katie] has the right to walk around her own town all she wants. And who cares if the paps are hot on the Tom and Kate story for a few weeks.

  • o-0

    @TheDudeAbides: “Kate’s” P.R team leader has spoken! Now we wait for a message from Scientology.

  • Peapo

    Man, people’s opinions change overnight. Just last week when Katie was still married to Tom and than out of the blue filed for divorce. And now two weeks later, Katie is still not wearing the best outfits (okay they are awful) and Suri is still carried and spoiled. Did you expect everything to change immediately. Give the girl a break. Do you know what going head to head with the bigwigs of Scientology must be like? Can’t imagine. They threaten, follow you, bug your phone, etc. she has already enrolled Suri in a private girl school ( if the stories are true) which will be a major wake up call to Suri. They both have a long road ahead of them (even without Tom trying to make her life miserable, which we knw he will. He does not seem like someone who backs down and gives up so easily) I’m no super fan of Katie and I think Suri is kinda freaky but they need time to figure out what is next.
    The end

  • Shannon

    For someone going through a divorce and being flashed by paps she looked a little too happy….

  • Anne

    She looks like she just got out of prison with that dress. lol.

  • jo


    that’s exactly what I was thinking! if she weren’t famous, they’d be harassing her right now . but they don’t seem to have done anything to nicole.

  • Sara

    To let older mama care her bags is UNCOOL

  • OneillNataliama

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  • krix

    Katie Holmes in on the front all 4 of the top gossip magazine covers (People, OK, US Weekly, Star).

    As many have stated she is going to be top news for a minute, but also like others have stated she can avoid some of these Pap encounters by using tools available to her – the underground garage at her apartment, personal driver instead of taxi, and as Emma Rossum stated in an interview – “I don’t live a life that encourages attention.”

    The tangerine colored dress looks like it would have been nice with another pair of shoes (color is fine) and a different purse (carry her own purse instead of her mothers; it takes away from the outfit). The dress looks a little too loose around the top and with her hair style the overall look (waist up) looks disheveled.

  • OneillNataliama

    as Laura implied I am shocked that any one able to get paid $8110 in one month on the internet. did you see this webpage (Click on menu Home more information)

  • TheDudeAbides

    Kris; A personal driver to get a cup of Java? I don’t know how much money Kate has, but a $300 pick up ride, wait, and return fee, plus tip, is more than most people would be willing to spend for a tall latte.

  • deea

    she looks relieved honestly..

  • krix

    @TheDudeAbides: First, we’re not talking about “most people”.
    Second, the personal driver wasn’t directed at a specific outing, but a suggestion for some of the visits to public places (zoo, museum, etc) she and Suri have been to in the last week.
    Last, even non-famous people (myself included) make choices on going to places where we know there will be large crowds and other possible concerns and we plan accordingly.

  • TheDudeAbides

    Krix: This may shock you. But Kate is just like everyone else. She can go wherever she wants.

  • krix

    “She can go wherever she wants.”
    – Agree, didn’t say she can’t.

  • she is fug

    she’s getting gaunt by the second
    she’s not beautiful enough that makes people in awe of her
    she’s just a boring c lister mediocre actress from some old tv show…she won’t pull off a Michelle Williams

    this is an example of a sad women getting momentary thrill from her divorce being in the spotlight.

    JJ focus on Miley and Liam more stop wasting space on this mess.

    p.s. LA county jail wants their unifrom back

  • Jan

    I think Katie is preparing Suri for school. She is taking her to classes at the museum where Suri is in class with other children. Katie is taking Suri to gym classes with her stylist’s daughter and the girls had on matching workout clothes. She and her mom took her to the zoo to enjoy the animals and LEARN. We never saw little Suri out with other children and her grandmother so much. Katie is exposing her child to the NORMAL world.

  • Just so


    Actually after Tom so cruelly dumped Nicole, the paps did follow her constantly. Everyone wants a shot of one of them (Tom,Nicole or Katie now) looking sad, crying, or whatever. Plus some of the paps yell horrible things trying to get a reaction. And just in case one of them wants to break down and give a real clue as to why the divorce is happening, the paps have to be there you know. There are also levels of paps. Professional paps will do what they need to get the picture, but generally aren’t rude or cruel in their yell outs. You have fledgling paps who want to get in on the business thinking it is easy money and they tend to follow whatever anyone else does. AND then there are paps who don’t have any “code of contact” and will yell horrible things to adults and children trying to get them to give them a high cost worthy pic. They will also try and get right in their face. Often the same paps follow certain celebs and they will generally let the rude and pushies know they don’t like it. It’s a bottom feeder profession in many ways and some of the paps are lower feeders than others.
    At the moment there are paps camped out around Katie’s building and if they work for the same place they most probably have cell phones and walkie-talkies. They’ll do things like report “Katies heading north on xxxx street” so a partner or another pap will hurry over and they will report her moves. However, that said, I do think she calls them at times because when you look at where she is at times–there are no pics of her leaving and then there are a crew of paps at her arriving. Although someone in a celeb’s staff often will sell them out for money, I don’t think this is the case here.

  • Heather

    @Din: #10

    She has always worn heels, very high heels. Where have you been the 7 years, on the moon?

  • A Fan of Suri’s

    I like her shoes, t-strap and think had Katie used a different hair style she would have looked more chic. The style she’s using makes her look sloppy, unkempt. The color coral or orange and all its variations is very popular right now.

  • yes

    LOVE IT… she looks so classy… keep it up Katie… reminds me of when she first got married and actually loved Tom… she hasn’t been the same fashionably until recently…this divorce probably has tired her, as it would anyone… but it has refreshed and renewed the spirit… so glad she left all that baggage behind and is moving on… in style.

  • yes

    would love to see her cut her hair again too… she looked better than anyone I’ve ever seen w/ that bob haircut… so demurely pretty.

  • LOL

    she looks like she’s on drugs..look at her vacant eyes. This divorce has f’d her up..In a year we’ll be reading she’s in rehab a.k.a. having a nervous breakdown.
    You don’t go through a divorce from a powerful man without it taking a toll.
    The fronting she is doing is going to push her into an eating disorder and spiral of depression. No amount of museum going will fix that.

  • jackie

    Men will steer clear of her. No man in his right mind would want to date or marry her after being married to TC (because they can’t measure up to his success) and seeing how she exposes her kid to the paparazzi.

  • robby

    @Dawson Creek days back:

    You’re not overly bright are you?

  • robby

    Boy lots of idiots on here today (and no offense intended to the non-idiots). Enough of the Katie bashing crap. She looks fine, her dress, although not wow is pretty, and she’s holding up very well under the circumstances. She escaped a horrible cult, cut her some slack people. Not her fault she gets endlessly papped like that – dumping Cruise and the crazy CO$ cult is big news. I commend her for not letting it rule her life, she does what she wants, goes where she wants to go – good for her for not giving into intimidation and fear.

  • Hamlet

    Like what, #8?

    Was Rossum married to the biggest star on Earth, #29?

    She already did all those things and with having celebrities as parents, she was never going to live a normal life, #37.

    That’s not gonna happen, #44.

  • Me

    I never can get it. How celebs with all thier money, expensive cosmetics, therapists, stylists, spa salons, fitness instructors, and so on and so forth, manage to look older and worn than their actual age are. Katie looks loke she is 40. Honestly, guys, if we have had all their opportunities to look after ourselves we would look much younger and fresh. Would not we?

  • RC

    So now the Catholics have a hold of Suri…., indoctrinating her. Divorce stating neither can speak about Toms religion, then why is she allowed to indoctrinate her in a Catholic school.