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Katie Holmes & Suri: Back to Children's Museum!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Back to Children's Museum!

Katie Holmes shows off her stripes as she and her daughter Suri step out to the Children’s Museum of the Arts on Saturday (July 14) in New York City.

The Children’s Museum seems to be a new favorite place for the 33-year-old actress and her 6-year-old daughter, who also stopped by to see the exhibits on Friday.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Katie later took a solo stroll – she reportedly headed to the Time Warner center.

Friday evening, Katie was spotted out with her mom, Kathleen, for an evening cup of coffee.

FYI: Katie is wearing Bloch’s “Jenna” flats.

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84 Responses to “Katie Holmes & Suri: Back to Children's Museum!”

  1. 1
    kaya Says:

    poor girl, her parents are rich as hell and she will always have and get anything she wants or needs, but she will never have a normal life

  2. 2
    sea Says:

    I’m so happy that when I walk on the street there is no photographer on my way

  3. 3
    kathryn Says:

    @kaya: i feel like katie is genuinely trying to make her life a little normal, i always see her walking around with her mom and never with a nanny, and of course divorcing tom cruise and liberating her from scientology is major normal points.

  4. 4
    BEAN Says:

    She’s six why the hell is she carrying teddy bears and blankets around with her wtf.

  5. 5
    V Says:

    LOVE the dress! Can anyone I.D? :)

  6. 6
    elle Says:

    she is carrying around blankets and things to shield her child self from hordes of constantly flashing lights and cameras that follow her- obviously.

  7. 7
    Sara Says:

    I feel like she is purposely staying in the public eye…maybe out of fear, I hope im wrong best of luck for both

  8. 8
    ivy Says:

    I just read that Katie has enrolled Suri in an all girls private Cathloic girls school Convent of the Sacred Heart. I have a feeling September will be a rude awakening for this child. I don’t mean that in a mean way but after private tutoring and a less than normal upbringing, a reserved, strict Catholic school setting will be an adjustment for sure. My sense is that she will have to go cold turkey on the blankets, stuffed animals, dressing of choice and being carried everywhere. The up side is that she will actually be with children her own age and will begin to learn how to function in a cooperative group learning setting. I give Katie credit for breaking away from the control of scientology and for wanting a more normal life for Suri…as normal as possible consdiering who her parents are.

  9. 9
    lucy Says:

    to Ivy

    the problem will be keeping all the paps away from that school. Photos of Suri going to a private Catholic school will worth a fortune. the ones i feel sorry for are the other children who will have their privacy invaded. i hope the parents of the other children take the paps to court over that one.

  10. 10
    ace Says:


    Probably Celine.

  11. 11
    yuck Says:

    She is worse than Miranda Kerr…

  12. 12
    LOL Says:

    Omg it must be Krazy Katie Day…Another hot mess look. Hair looks like a witch on a broom stick.

  13. 13
    Jaime Says:

    I wonder if Suri is doing a little summer camp class type thing at the museum? Exposing her to other children, to a formal class type setting, and getting her a little prepped for proper school in the fall? I would if I were Katie and my daughter had been completely kept separate from other children for her forst six years of life. I’d want desperately to try to get her some friends and some normalcy.

  14. 14
    Katie the Media ***** Says:

    She’s BaaccccccccK! Long sleeve on a 100 degree humid day. This child is not being exposed to other children like her…and why would she need to be..unless they are super rich like her. She will never have real friends with two parents, one who is internationally famous and a mother who is desperate for attention from the press. The only people who want to latch on to Suri and Katie are those seeking media attention themselves. They have no interest in that child.

    She’s a meal ticket to anyone associated with her. Especially to Katie.

  15. 15
    Helen Says:

    Good luck to Katie and Suri

  16. 16
    paleezzzzz2 Says:

    I think she’s going to a private school, but I doubt it’ll be a Catholic school. If Tom had to give up her c.u.l.t school, katie probably can’t educate her in her own religion. If she can, than little Suri will now be an SP. No wonder Tom is staying away. He’ll disconnect from little Suri even though he’ll still have to financially support her. These daily photos are way beyond sad. They are just disturbing now.

  17. 17
    Diane Says:

    It’s amazing how she’s gets attention from divorcing an actor?

    There are actors and actresses who work hard 24/7 and she’s this overnight media sensation for divorcing 1 man?

  18. 18
    TLC Says:

    Let Angelina adopt her for a while; be with Jolie-Pitt kids as summer camp. Those kids at least seem having a happy childhood.

  19. 19
    so what Says:

    Mother and daughter are both fashion disasters..That awful scraggily hair.
    Katie looks like an aging chipmunk..
    She burned her bridges with anyone associated with the high and powerful of Hollywood. Not because they like Tom better but she obviously did not appreciate she was among people with power and influence so she threatened to reveal secrets? Whose secret.That didn’t sit well. She definitely shut the door on her Beckham friendship trying to smear David’s name…so throw her back to the unknown ville isn’t that what she wanted to be left alone?

  20. 20
    Question Says:

    So, was Tom to blame for this too?

  21. 21
    Elsa Says:

    Bean that was Conner and Isabella’sjob to. Stand 2 feet back and hold her toys and blankets. Everyone say that Tom is miserable ..butHelezi is not Interested in seeing his daughter so far has he! Everyone says that
    He is going to see her this weekend doubt it. Just Suri and her mom
    Who have to have one parent with her ! Or have to see Ugg the same
    Things she did when she was married to Tomster! Wow can not believe
    That Suri is allowed to wear cheap thongs! Poor Suri she does not have
    Her step brother to carry her toys and blankets any more! She had 2 do
    It herself! Ahhhh bet Conner is happy to not have stand 3 feet back while
    Suri and parents are going out! How many more sidewalk pix doing the
    Same thing! Museum Tea Cup store. For Kids Zoo take your pick!
    Nothing different no changes and no Tom who does not mind! Boring
    Life of being alone !

  22. 22
    Just my opinion Says:

    #22 – Katie looks so awful in that picture that its a disgrace to think she has a fashion line. Sometimes that girl is so delusional it makes you see how isolated she was and the people around her including the doorman told her “you look so beautiful today.” I bet when Victoria Beckman and her crew (Eva Longoria and Kate Beckinsdale) who ONCE in a blue moon invited Katie to dinner must comment on how terrible she looks that its not even funny. Its sad to see her dressed like that in public. Its like seeing someone walking in public in your local downtown and dressed in a slip. You wonder “what happened to her?”

  23. 23
    Just my opinion Says:

    The sadder thing is that she has a partner in her fashion line, Jeanne Yang who probably DARES NOT tell or advise Katie “that does not look good.” Not even her own mother tells her or maybe Katie does NOT listen to anyone because she is deluded enough to think she has great taste and those around her don’t know anything about fashion.

  24. 24
    African Girl Says:

    @Just my opinion:
    You know who needs to get over herself? YOU!!
    We are talking about a 6yrs old here? What’s the matter with you lot?? That her parents are famous does not mean she still isn’t a child. Jeez!!

  25. 25
    @ Says:

    Suri looks miserable is evey photo op  the last two weeks, she dosen’t look like she happy to be around  any of the kids she been with.  All I’ve seen in pictuers is her clinging to Katie and looking sad and unhappy.  It’s going to take time for Suri to learn how to connect with other children and Katie forcing her to do it in front of the paparazzi is not going to help her.

    But it will help Katie with this new image she trying to paint for her self and it’s great publicity for her movie she has coming out. If she really care about her child she would go away for a while and and give Suri a life away from the craziness.

  26. 26
    so what Says:


    My Lord she looks awful. Downright laughable. This woman needs a reality show fix her upper because Tom is not responsible for that.
    ‘Just my opinion’ is absolutely right, people around her don’t dare tell her she looks bad NOT because they don’t know fashion it’s the fact they are only associated with her for her name and money. Obviously she’s investing with her partner and she has the $.

  27. 27
    Just my opinion Says:

    Suri definitely needs some kind of help in the development area and her walking with these blankets and toys only compounds how she was raised the first six years of her life and how their is some kind of autism that has delayed her. This behavior definitely triggers when she is put on the spot or suddenly the center of attention she regresses to a younger child and needs her toys and blankets to clutch onto. The other children in her age range like Matilda Ledger, Violet Affleck, Gwen Stefani’s son, Madonna’s daughter, etc., all see the paps and probably don’t like them but keep walking or moving on, not Suri.

  28. 28
    **** Says:


    who would go to a movie she’s got coming out just because of her divorce? People don’t care about actor’s divorces they care about the storyline. And it helps if the actors are someone interesting. She’s not interesting..she is so unattractive. And boring.

  29. 29
    Just my opinion Says:

    #29 & #22 –

    I’m glad you see it and its not being mean spirit but this picture of Katie only speaks volumnes of Katie’s fashion taste. I think if a person has a fashion line especially if you are a celebrity you better look good or well groomed because you are the best muse for your brand. Look at Vera Wang, Victoria Beckman, even Jaclyn Smith (who brought her line to K-mart back in the day), the Kardashian sisters with Dash, etc. you have to look decent in public to get the BUYING public’s attention to want to go and buy your product. And the fashion line Holmes and Yang is NOT cheap. They are definitely targeting the high end customer who shops at Barney’s and NOT at Ann Taylor which is where they should have sold their clothes line. They had some items of the Holmes/Yang line at MaxFields in West Hollywood and those items are in the clearance area. Looking the way Katie does in that link above does NOT inspire anyone to go buy whatever she’s selling. Katie looks like she needs help getting dress NOT the other way around.

  30. 30
    Just my opinion Says:

    #31 – I agree. When people are interested in the actor/actress they go see their body of work (movies, records, plays, etc) because that person’s image is interesting. Jennifer Lopez has been married 3 times. Elizabeth Taylor was married 8 times. Mickey Rooney married 8 times. Robert Redford married at least 2 times (I think), Harrison Ford married twice, etc. That is why they have PR people to control create and control their public image. In the entertainment industry, perception becomes reality (even if it really is far from the truth). Cruise tried to sell the public the image that they were the idea couple (young, successful, with a photographic looking child, living in a Beverly Hills mansion, and Scientologists (because he was now including that in the image), etc. The public didn’t buy it. Pat Kinglsey was no longer Cruise’s PR lady. Katie is a small town girl that does not have great taste. I never knew who she was until she married Tom Cruise. I never saw Dawson’s Creek. But suddenly I along with a lot of people who watched Oprah Winfrey and then later again and again on YouTube saw Tom Cruise jumping on her couch over his love Katie Holmes. Then I knew who Katie Holmes was. I saw her in the Broadway play All My Sons in New York. She is very tall and slender in person (she was in 2008) but she did well in the play because it was an ensemble cast (John Lithgrow, Patrick Wilson, Dianne Wiest). Alone Katie could NOT pull that show off. Katie peaked in Dawson’s Creek. She is not a fashion icon. Its not being mean, its stating the facts. I hope she finds something that fulfills her and not because she wants to be something she is not.

  31. 31
    Suri is stimming Says:

    Actually according to Kaka herself, Tommy may be the only one telling her that the dress was wearing her.
    However, we all know how controlling Tommygirl is.

  32. 32
    ics Says:

    oh no, she make me puke already!

  33. 33
    Shawna Says:

    @Just my opinion: A) You cannot diagnose autism from looking at some pictures, and B) So what?! So what if she is autistic?? Do you have something against autistic children? What if she were autistic, would you stop tearing her to shreds for carrying a toy? My niece is autistic and is an amazing kid. And just because she is shy and carries toys does not make her autistic. She is 6 years old. My daughter is 6 and she takes a toy with her almost every time she leaves the house. It’s what kids like to do. Obviously you don’t have any.

  34. 34
    mary Says:

    That fame ***** should be arrested for child abuse. Instead of taking the kid away from the cameras, she’s parading this poor girl every day on the streets of New York in the middle of the divorce–you can see the kid upset and hiding from the cameras behind some teddy bear. This IS child abuse. All that to advertize her line of ugly clothes.

  35. 35
    no way Says:


    Are you kidding me???People will see her movies because of this divorce.We all know she is a terribble actress.If she think this publicity will earn her a movie star title, she is delusional.

  36. 36
    stop using suri for publicity Says:

    Katie Holmes , have mercy on your child.Stop using her everyday for attention.Í am beginning to think something is wrong psychologicaly with this woman.

  37. 37
    Katherine Says:

    Its actually nice to see normal pictures of Katie and Suri. In these pictures Suri is actually acting like a normal 6 year old. Mom is not carrying her and so forth. Suri even looks like she is not getting her way which is good. Good for Katie.

  38. 38
    Katherine Says:

    Shawna, you are so right. A lot of 6 year olds still carry about stuffed animals especially little girls. This is normal behavior.

  39. 39
    Just my opinion Says:

    This looks NORMAL. See, no stuffed animals or BLANKETS on a hot New York City day. Clearly, Suri needs to have something in her hands so they don’t begin to stim. I’m not tearing into anyone but anyone that can’t see that the toys or blankets, or bottles, or whatever else she has to hold in her hands is because her hands begin to stim. I will not post the many pictures that are on the Internet where Suri’s stimming. I hope somehow the gymnastic classes, the art classes and anything else Katie will try to get for Suri will help her address this issue. As Suri gets older and physically taller she is going to have to walk on her own two legs. I sincerely believe with time the paparrazi are going to wane away. Katie’s next big project is her fashion line this coming Sept 2012. Good luck to Suri, Katie, and Cruise.

  40. 40
    Ha-Ha Says:

    lol the CO$ hags are out in full force I see…

  41. 41
    Pat Says:

    Nearly all of you women on here are SO CRITICAL…..Low self-esteem, always judging, putting down, talking about, whispering behind people’s back….Never lifting spirits….You reap what you sow. Talking about children and their parents…..Would you say these things to their face? Cowards….

  42. 42
    annie Says:

    i like the way she looks, cute dress and fly away hair, love it!
    katie and suri have been photographed in NY for years going everywhere, now there are even more paps if that was at all possible.
    doubt the paps have a lasting effect on suri, when she reaches her destination and the paps are behind her , she becomes a regular little girl, jumping up and down, laughing and everything else, and there are many little videos of suri entering the lobby of her old apartment to see that.
    as for tom and katie, well maybe if she wasn’t so stupidly accomodating , to begin with , and he didn’t bring ”his” everything into her life…. his lifestyle, his religion, his friends , his his his, and perhaps listened and what’s more respected her opinions, instead of trying to force his opinions on her
    they probably would still be together and suri would have both her mother and her father.
    and what’s more, i have noticed over time that tom says little lies sometimes, in that what he says doesn’t always add up.
    for the past 2yrs tom has hardly seen suri, and katie has always been with her.
    don’t think for one minute, that i think that katie is blameless , because i don’t hink she is, she’s impulsive in matters of the heart, but a saggie girl needs more than just a lush lifestyle, she needs freedom, adventures, lots of good fun times.
    50 yr old cancerian tom…..been there done that, loves family more than anything. mother mostly, loves his kids, but is not really around for them, although they, the older ones, can come to him now.
    loves his work, likes his wife on set while working, yet he doesn’t seem to be around very often when she’s working.
    not long ago, in an interview, in style, don’t really remember , one thing that stuck with me, was katie saying that she was looking forward to having” lots of adventures with my daughter”.
    katies life had become restrictive. too bad that her older, wiser, husband hadn’t clicked on,
    . she won’t sit still now, you wait and see, as she said in the last interview she gave before hooking up with tom, ….i love NY you can go and do whatever your mood takes you”….. ”LA is a spooky place to live.” her words or pretty close.
    but there is a little something about katie, she likes older men, she also likes exs, so we’ll have to stay tuned on this one!
    and yes totally love astrology !

  43. 43
    Dorie Says:

    Could bea bit late now. Suri has big issues and they need to unbrat her….get treatment for autism…etc

  44. 44
    Stinker Says:


    Yikes she forgot her skirt or its her usual trashy fashion taste

  45. 45
    Stinker Says:

    Ugh…that brat has the most evil looking stare for a six year old!

  46. 46
    Pirlo Says:

    @ivy: Great, from the lunatics of Scientology to a child-molesting Catholics..this poor child.

  47. 47
    Just my opinion Says:

    Katie should style her hair the way Jessica Alba has it in this picture. I think she would look neater and prettier. Jessica looks like she’s in a good place in her life right now. Hope Katie gets to that place soon, feels peace and happiness. Same for Suri.

  48. 48
    Hamlet Says:

    You’re a moron, #16.

    Quit comparing and psychoanalyzing kids, #27.

  49. 49
    Wicked Witch Says:

    She looks like a witch!!

  50. 50
    Sunshine Says:

    Katie wore that dress at the “premier” of the movie she did with Kevin Kline awhile back.

  51. 51
    lola Says:

    do they live at the children’s museum or something?

  52. 52
    She is fug Says:

    Seriously this woman is mad dowdy and not aging well. who could have imagined this bore would be followed by the paps ..she ain’t Princess Di!

    It’s clear she has pissed her hollywood and NY celeb friends because no one hangs with her. She’s probably blacklisted by anyone connected.
    When will we see her selling goods on infomercials. LOL?

  53. 53
    yep Says:
    so this Definitely is Katie Holmes in the pet store w/ Suri… Suri Left w/ Jeanne Yang and Daughter out the front and the paps were waiting… But, Katie did not appear… I think Katie bought Suri a dog and slipped out the back with it…. Hopefully true, this little girl deserves it.

  54. 54
    paleezzzzz2 Says:

    Suri being tramatized daily like this will have a lasting affect on her. Eventually the child wont want to leave the house or she’ll have nightmares from all this.

  55. 55
    lucky Says:

    hey, annie check out 366 birthday profiles

  56. 56
    annie Says:

    @ lucky
    sorry don’t get your point.

  57. 57
    Jianne Says:

    Kudos to Katie for trying to live her life and ignore the media insanity that dogs her every move. I think she’s making it quite clear, post divorce agreement, that she is no longer willing to be bound by Tom’s or CO$’s rules, she is thinking and doing for herself and her daughter now. I have a lot of respect for her – it took a great deal of courage and conviction to break free from that horrid cult.

  58. 58
    jaspisgirl Says:

    oh my oh my what is there inside of the building??? bananas for free????? i mean every day??????? no break for the kid?????? can’t be healthy and obviously she is disturbed by the paps,so stay away from the paps(i know it is possible) and give your kid one free day!!!!!

  59. 59
    RC Says:

    So now the Catholics have a hold of Suri…., indoctrinating her. Divorce stating neither can speak about Toms religion, then why is she allowed to indoctrinate her in a Catholic school.

  60. 60
    Jax Says:

    We get it Katie, you’re free. Now stop calling the paps!

    Poor Suri :-(

  61. 61
    nancyw Says:

    I think that Katie looks 10 yrs. younger!

  62. 62
    dee Says:

    Suri = Katie’s meal ticket

    And in return Suri can be one of the most spoiled rotten kid.

  63. 63
    MIAPOCCA Says:

    @Just my opinion:

    If SHE HAS LISTENED TO ANYONE..she would not have married Tom cruise within seconds of meeting him. Firing anyone who was in her life from the dawson creek days

    She also recently fired everyone she has known in the life she changed and basically alienated suri from everyone she has know since birth

    So in 5 years will we see another abrupt change in direction…

    Daddy always provided the brain to clean up her messes, so goes around being STUPID

  64. 64
    MIAPOCCA Says:

    If SHE HADLISTENED TO ANYONE..she would not have married Tom cruise within seconds of meeting him. Firing staff and alienating friend from the dawson creek days

    She also recently fired all her new Scientology friends and companion…including Toms child, isabella. She has basically alienated suri from everyone she has know since birth

    So in 5 years will we see another abrupt change in friends and goals??

    Daddy will always provide the brains and help clean up her messes, so she can go around being incredibly stupid

    I think now that Tom can no longer be blamed for her choices, we are all going to see how bad this woman is as a parent and as a person..

  65. 65
    ivy Says:

    After reading all the above comments I am amazed to see how many unqualified commenters have “diagnoised” Suri with a condition in the autism specrtum. Really folks, that is not possible to do by simply looking at papparazzi photos. As an experienced educator of young children with special needs, I find it very disrespectul and ignorant to post such comments. This is a child who gets overwhelmed by photographers in her face just about eveytime she leaves the safety of her home. She clearly has never been taught, by her parents, how to deal with this from an early age. There are lots of celebrity children who walk out in public, are dogged the same way but have been coached as to how to handle the intrusions…the Affleck kids, the Jolie-Pitts, the Alba-Warren girls and many more.It is my understanding that scientology believs a parent is never to say “no” to child and that the child is to always be treated as an adult. Well, developmentally, that just doesn’t work. Children need modeling, coaching, and boundaries that are appropriate for each age level. It seems that Suri has been allowed to handle the intrusions however she wanted , hence the blankets, stuffed animals and “deer in the headlights” look. I seriously doubt she has any condition in the autisum spectrum. She does need some social coaching appropriate for her age level and a parent who is willing to make some serious changes in how parenting happens.

  66. 66
    Kaye Says:

    With how their divorce was played out, Katie comes off more as cunning and conniving than the “victim” that the media is trying to portray her to be. Why is she parading her daughter on the streets of NY when she is well aware that the media will swarm over them? Publicity? People in show business know that celebrities and their PR team collaborate with tabloid magazines to keep them in the spotlight especially those who needed it because they don’t have enough talent to get them to the level of stardom they want to go.

  67. 67
    Megan Says:

    There are actors who rely on image so that the public will adore them, thus they choose roles that the audiences will love, and then there are those who rely on pure talent and don’t care about how they are being perceived at, thus they choose roles that are diverse and challenging regardless whether the public likes the character or not. Tom and Katie belongs to the former. Sometimes, a nice and sweet image does not always translate the same in person.

  68. 68
    Mick Says:

    Suri is preparing for school. This is sort of schooling as the Museum has lots of instructive programmes: What’s wrong with that?

  69. 69
    catinca Says:

    Don’t they have back doors for celebs who need to hide? Looking at the photos of the child it would seem a better option not to put her through this and let her in the back door, she’s already lost her dad so doesn’t need photogs snapping. The child might be better off going to a non-religious school that way she will be away from the cults. It’s the irony of listening to people talking about Scient. as cults and not realising they all belong to a cult of sorts. Let her make up her own mind when she’s old enough if she wants to belong to the shunned cults like scient. or the accepted cults like other religions.

  70. 70
    lucky Says:

    annie a website called 366 birthday profiles check the compatibility ….sag katie and cancer tom them flip it. since you like astrology you might find this interesting as a matter a fact of any of you people who likes astrology check that out cancer 7/3 tom sag 12/18 katie

  71. 71
    ce Says:

    love and compatibility i always knew that lucky katies smart this is her year. suri is her meal ticket look at all the blogs katie is not interesting her daughter is.

  72. 72
    Pam Says:

    WTF! she can do whatever she wants to do, its HER life, not yours or paparazzi’s life. She can dress however she wants, she can marry whomever shw wants, divorce whenever she wants, she can put her daughter in wichever school she wants you. Why do you people feel like you have the right to criticize her for the choices she makes in HER life, or even for the way she dresses. You can’t question other people decisions about their own life. Like really, get a life and stop buying all this hollywood fake crap. I bet your lifes are no better than hers. Just stop hating. And if Suri likes to go out with blankets and teddy bears, who cares? my son does the same thing and he’s 5 y.o. Go and take care of your own kids and your own business, or at LEAST try to be better persons.

  73. 73
    yep Says:

    @ Pam.. AGREED. This is a gossip blog, I get it… but why do people have to be so mean… why can’t they say nice things. Most people here commenting never will walk in her shoes.. or even close to it… So, why the judgment. Until your life is completely parallel than you should have nothing bad to say. Its definitely been a bit of a trade off for Katie… She has lived this amazing life, but have any of you seen the paparazzi? Its crazy… They stake them out.,… there’s a video from when they were at the zoo and it was disturbing… there were like 100 photographer w/ their telephotos point at them… and all they want to do is pet animals… there was an article in Elle. and Katie was talking about the time they were swarmed by people on a beach and all Suri wanted to do was jump in the waves… so they did… Katie said it was not fun but she did it for Suri.. that really sucks in my opinion anyway.

  74. 74
    paleezzzzz2 Says:

    People talk about katie and discuss her because she puts herself and Suri out there to be seen. If she lived a quiet life, nobody would care or comment. It is very clear that katie can avoid the paps if she wanted to. Other bigger celebs manage to do it. Katie wants to be seen or she wouldn’t keep going to the same public places where the paps know she goes.

  75. 75
    Just so Says:


    If I may point out, she had to fire everyone connected with Scientology in order to be free of the cult. All of Tom’s employees are cult members. They tattle back to headquarters on everything Tom and anyone in his house do. A couple of magazine interviewers have said that Katie’s “minders” basically reanswer any question that they didn’t feel Katie answered “properly.” By leaving the cult she immediately becomes a suppressive which means basically she is shunned. If she wasn’t a celebrity the cult would most likely be stalking her and making her life miserable (for all we know it is). For a “normal” person no one left in the cult could have anything to do with the person that left. The cult has been known to harass, blackmail, and physically punish those that leave. In order to leave the cult you have to go through a year long procedure. Katie obviously skipped that step. You can find any of this information just by googling scientology suppressive person or leaving scientology.

  76. 76
    Kin Says:

    have a fashion store online. Please check it out!

  77. 77
    annie Says:

    thanks for that, but you have to be aware a little of some sites, not always do they have the right info .
    i’m not an expert , it’s more of an interest than anything else , and has been for ages.
    it’s slightly innacurate from what i can see , as Toms Venus is in Leo,(fire) and Katie’s Venus in Scorpio(water-) this is not a trine, this a square aspect.
    the only time it would be a trine , would be if Katie Venus was in Aries or Sag, but in this case it’s not.
    like i said i’m far from being a pro, everyone who is interested in astrology will tell you that.

  78. 78
    :) Says:

    Holy crap Suri can walk. She still obviously HATES the paps, poor we love

  79. 79
    cathy Says:

    @BEAN: To hid from the photographers that hound them. Suri doesn’t like them looking at and following them all the time so she hids behind the stuffed animals and her blanket.

  80. 80
    tantrum Says:

    Major tantrum

  81. 81
    connie Says:

    Age is just a number!
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  82. 82
    Jan Says:


    Children are traumatized by things such as Suri is going thru!..constant hysteria surrounding her, no privacy, crowds etc! She is only six!

  83. 83
    Jan Says:

    Thank God that for the most part, Suri is away from her strange father. I wish she could be on a farm to see nature, animals and get away from the stupid media. She is having to endure constant commotion surrounding her which can so easily traumatize a child. Just imagine how celebrities hate being mobbed all day long and they are adults…so poor Suri at age six is really going through it. She is a sweet precious little girl.

  84. 84
    Julia Says:

    Well said, Pam!

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