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Katie Holmes & Suri: Pink Ladies!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Pink Ladies!

Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri stop to have a quick chat on the sidewalk on a sunny Sunday (July 15) in New York City.

The 33-year-old newly divorced actress and her 6-year-old little one wore matching pink outfits as they ran their errands – how cute!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

The day before, Katie and Suri took a trip to the Children’s Museum of the Arts for the second time this week.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri out painting the town pink…

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  • Hannah

    Katie is insane!!! It was above 90 degrees today in NYC. Why is she wearing boots!????? I was dying outside today and I was wearing a sundress. Does Scientology tell people to dress like it’s late Fall in the middle of July?

  • rikki

    why do you all make fun of katie’s legs? she’s a very slim woman, and her legs actually look nice since she’s tall. on another note, i feel very bad for Suri. your parents seperating can be really confusing and frustrating at that age.. but she’s got the media to deal with on top of that


    You can tell that Suri is already a spoiled brat. Nice job Katie.

  • Liz

    @Hannah: I know you think you were being funny here, but there actually are religions that encourage dressing in long sleeves and long pants all year round… might seem silly, but it’s for the sake of modesty. Why do you think nuns wear a full body-AND-head cover suit?

  • lola

    she has an ugly boots addiction, someone needs to do an intervention ASAP.

  • Love The Shoes

    What is she so desperatly trying to prove and to whom? So strange and bloody weird that one and I’ve always thought she was even before Tom.

  • Lia

    even though Katie did not take the dog for Suri …

  • Suri looking like Tom

    I’m starting to think that Suri is looking like Tom, especially her profile.

  • a!

    @TWPUMPKIN: you should have seen suri shove katie off when she tried to brush out her hair. lol! good luck to K.H in the future when suri can drive

  • Gigie

    Poor little Suri, streets are becoming her playground rather than just go to a nearby park and relax or just go away from this public places. Poor poor girl… Katie once again, pls bring your child to places suit to a child like her. And.. please comb her hair.

  • CuteSuri
  • Sheri

    Looks like Suri’s putting her foot down about something.

  • -j

    @Liz: yeah and katie holmes isn’t apart of any of them

  • solecito

    ENOUGH OF HER ALREADY! Divorce is settled, time to move on.

  • joel

    Suri is miserable again.

  • paleezzzzz2

    Looks like the TomKat circus will continue. If fact the media circus started when Katie came along. Suri looks annoyed like she’d rather be home watching a video instead of being dragged through the streets of NY by her mother. I wonder if Katie is having some kind of breakdown. Her behavior is just not normal.

  • Sara

    Katie, fique em casa com a sua filha. Acabe com esse circo onde o palhaço é sua menina.

  • Sara

    Ela poderia aproveitar e sair com algumas amigas um pouco e deixar essa pobre criança respirar. Quer ser amiga da filha o tempo inteiro, está deixando a menina insegura.

  • Capoeira Moves

    @TWPUMPKIN: Agrees. Look at her. She’s starting to look as annoying as her dad.

  • Stinker

    Suri is a full blown brat. Thanks to her kooky parents.
    Its gonna be difficult to undo the damage. Probably too late.

  • gillian

    I just have this terrible feeling that 10/15` years from now Suri will be the Lindsay Lohan of her generation.

  • Question

    I don’t what the child labor laws are, but does Suri ever get a vacation day?

  • Hamlet

    No, #3. How CAN you tell she’s a brat?

    Same question, #20

  • WAlterBisho[

    I am tired of seeing Katie Holmes already..Can’t we just be done with her? Is she trying to prove smth and most impoartnatly what is she trying to prove??Enough is enough. She is almost got to the point when everybody will start to hate her..again

  • Hannah


    Um, yes of course I am aware that there are religions that encourage modesty in dress–I grew up in NYC… I really do want to know why Katie is wearing jeans, long sleeves and suede boots in 90 degree weather. She wore those boots the other day too. I’m pretty sure she can afford a pedicure so what’s with the boots!??? I’m dying to know what her logic is behind it…. They’re not even very cute.

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  • jill

    @Hannah: #1

    Please, Stop the obsession with Scientology Katie is NOT a Scientologist.

  • A

    You CO$ hags are scary….I can feel your negative hateful energy from here…it really hits you in the face. Creepy….I hope Katie has security guards around her at all times.

  • So here’s what I think

    Suri: “Katie you didn’t say anything about me not being able to keep doing what I want through all this.”

    Katie: Gets down to eye level. “Suri, honey, Mom just wants what’s best for you dear.”

    Suri: “Okay MOM, clearly you didn’t get the memo that I already know what’s best for me and you were just a vehicle to get me to planet earth.”

    Katie: *Sigh* (mumbles through fake smile) “God damn Scientology. I’m taking her little ass to church right damn now.”

  • jill

    @Hannah: #25

    She does not even need a pedicure to wear flats.

  • Julie

    Suri just seems miserable. Get that kid in a playgroup, stop parading her around town and acknowledge that she is only six years old, not a fashion diva.

  • jill

    Katie ought to be embarrassed, at how this child behaves in public. Suri is putting her foot down with Katie, with all the world to see.
    A real brat, showing her mother who is boss.

  • deneen

    Little girl having s showdown with her mother right in the middle of a busy city street. You can tell who is the boss between them.

  • Hannah

    @jill: @jill:

    Ok, then why not wear flats–why suede boots in this sweltering heat? Is anyone going to acknowledge this is bizarre? I

  • Hannah


    I’m not obsessed with Scientology. I’m obsessed with why Katie wears jeans, long sleeves, and suede boots in 90 degree weather.

  • Mara

    Katie looks lovely. Young, fresh and relaxed. Suri is super cute as always.

  • Hammie


    If you actually have to ask that question……. no answer is going to satisfied you.

    Your observation skills are really lacking!

  • Hammie


    of course,,,,it’s non other than the bizarre Katie Holmes

  • Katie

    Red ahoes and pink dress! What happened to Suris million $$$
    Wardrobe! Her expensive shoes and now she is wearing flip flops
    From Old Navy for 5 dollars! Now those red shoes …
    When are we going to see Jessica Alba and her kids or Jen and Ben
    In P. Rico!

  • nbv

    oh my god this little girl looks like a handful. get this poor child to a playground & not the busy streets of NYC every single day. People always ask if Suri has any friends, but my question is does Katie??

  • Sweetness

    Idk but to me these daily showcasing of Suri is beginning to seem like a weird signal Katie is sending a message to Tom to bug him. It’s clear Suri is unhappy but nevertheless she’s showing Cruise she’s in charge of Suri. Krazy Katie is trying to provoke Tom into reacting. She WANTS Tom to reach out to insist she stop parading Suri solely for the purpose of creating another public media battle.

  • y

    @So here’s what I think: this isn’t tumblr!

  • N. J.

    At least Suri is walking on her own and there’s no hair in her face for once.
    Baby steps!

  • Sunshine

    I think that the pink outfits on Sunday are another scr*w u to Tom and Scientology. Didn’t Tom used to make them wear white on alien worshiping day?

  • Ellgy

    I’d like to meet any parent who hasn’t had a child be defiant or unhappy in a public place. It happens and is normal. Get over it. Celebrity kids and parents have it worse because there’s always a damn camera in their faces and people jumping to conclusions all the time.

  • someguy

    paleezzzzz2 , a member of the scientology goon squad, welcome aboard!

  • joel

    Katie is faking a huge smile there….pretend pretend pretend.

  • Ellgy

    Of course she’s faking a huge smile. Imagine what people would say if she looked angry.

  • Reese

    For once there is not a picture of Katie carrying Suri.

  • M

    The way she is bending down to talk to suri on the same eye level proves to me that she’s a good mother. i don’t get what people are getting out by saying all those terrible things about her. She’s allowed to do whatever she wants and wear whatever she feels like.