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Katie Holmes & Suri: Pink Ladies!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Pink Ladies!

Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri stop to have a quick chat on the sidewalk on a sunny Sunday (July 15) in New York City.

The 33-year-old newly divorced actress and her 6-year-old little one wore matching pink outfits as they ran their errands – how cute!

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The day before, Katie and Suri took a trip to the Children’s Museum of the Arts for the second time this week.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri out painting the town pink…

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# 1

Katie is insane!!! It was above 90 degrees today in NYC. Why is she wearing boots!????? I was dying outside today and I was wearing a sundress. Does Scientology tell people to dress like it’s late Fall in the middle of July?

# 2

why do you all make fun of katie’s legs? she’s a very slim woman, and her legs actually look nice since she’s tall. on another note, i feel very bad for Suri. your parents seperating can be really confusing and frustrating at that age.. but she’s got the media to deal with on top of that

# 3

You can tell that Suri is already a spoiled brat. Nice job Katie.

# 4

@Hannah: I know you think you were being funny here, but there actually are religions that encourage dressing in long sleeves and long pants all year round… might seem silly, but it’s for the sake of modesty. Why do you think nuns wear a full body-AND-head cover suit?

# 5

she has an ugly boots addiction, someone needs to do an intervention ASAP.

# 6
Love The Shoes @ 07/15/2012 at 11:12 pm

What is she so desperatly trying to prove and to whom? So strange and bloody weird that one and I’ve always thought she was even before Tom.

# 7

even though Katie did not take the dog for Suri …

# 8
Suri looking like Tom @ 07/15/2012 at 11:15 pm

I’m starting to think that Suri is looking like Tom, especially her profile.

# 9

@TWPUMPKIN: you should have seen suri shove katie off when she tried to brush out her hair. lol! good luck to K.H in the future when suri can drive

Poor little Suri, streets are becoming her playground rather than just go to a nearby park and relax or just go away from this public places. Poor poor girl… Katie once again, pls bring your child to places suit to a child like her. And.. please comb her hair.

Looks like Suri’s putting her foot down about something.

@Liz: yeah and katie holmes isn’t apart of any of them

ENOUGH OF HER ALREADY! Divorce is settled, time to move on.

Suri is miserable again.

paleezzzzz2 @ 07/15/2012 at 11:39 pm

Looks like the TomKat circus will continue. If fact the media circus started when Katie came along. Suri looks annoyed like she’d rather be home watching a video instead of being dragged through the streets of NY by her mother. I wonder if Katie is having some kind of breakdown. Her behavior is just not normal.

Katie, fique em casa com a sua filha. Acabe com esse circo onde o palhaço é sua menina.

Ela poderia aproveitar e sair com algumas amigas um pouco e deixar essa pobre criança respirar. Quer ser amiga da filha o tempo inteiro, está deixando a menina insegura.

@TWPUMPKIN: Agrees. Look at her. She’s starting to look as annoying as her dad.

Suri is a full blown brat. Thanks to her kooky parents.
Its gonna be difficult to undo the damage. Probably too late.

I just have this terrible feeling that 10/15` years from now Suri will be the Lindsay Lohan of her generation.

I don’t what the child labor laws are, but does Suri ever get a vacation day?

No, #3. How CAN you tell she’s a brat?

Same question, #20

WAlterBisho[ @ 07/16/2012 at 12:10 am

I am tired of seeing Katie Holmes already..Can’t we just be done with her? Is she trying to prove smth and most impoartnatly what is she trying to prove??Enough is enough. She is almost got to the point when everybody will start to hate her..again


Um, yes of course I am aware that there are religions that encourage modesty in dress–I grew up in NYC… I really do want to know why Katie is wearing jeans, long sleeves and suede boots in 90 degree weather. She wore those boots the other day too. I’m pretty sure she can afford a pedicure so what’s with the boots!??? I’m dying to know what her logic is behind it…. They’re not even very cute.

@Hannah: #1

Please, Stop the obsession with Scientology Katie is NOT a Scientologist.

You CO$ hags are scary….I can feel your negative hateful energy from here…it really hits you in the face. Creepy….I hope Katie has security guards around her at all times.

So here's what I think @ 07/16/2012 at 12:39 am

Suri: “Katie you didn’t say anything about me not being able to keep doing what I want through all this.”

Katie: Gets down to eye level. “Suri, honey, Mom just wants what’s best for you dear.”

Suri: “Okay MOM, clearly you didn’t get the memo that I already know what’s best for me and you were just a vehicle to get me to planet earth.”

Katie: *Sigh* (mumbles through fake smile) “God damn Scientology. I’m taking her little ass to church right damn now.”

@Hannah: #25

She does not even need a pedicure to wear flats.

Suri just seems miserable. Get that kid in a playgroup, stop parading her around town and acknowledge that she is only six years old, not a fashion diva.

Katie ought to be embarrassed, at how this child behaves in public. Suri is putting her foot down with Katie, with all the world to see.
A real brat, showing her mother who is boss.

Little girl having s showdown with her mother right in the middle of a busy city street. You can tell who is the boss between them.

@jill: @jill:

Ok, then why not wear flats–why suede boots in this sweltering heat? Is anyone going to acknowledge this is bizarre? I


I’m not obsessed with Scientology. I’m obsessed with why Katie wears jeans, long sleeves, and suede boots in 90 degree weather.

Katie looks lovely. Young, fresh and relaxed. Suri is super cute as always.


If you actually have to ask that question……. no answer is going to satisfied you.

Your observation skills are really lacking!


of course,,,,it’s non other than the bizarre Katie Holmes

Red ahoes and pink dress! What happened to Suris million $$$
Wardrobe! Her expensive shoes and now she is wearing flip flops
From Old Navy for 5 dollars! Now those red shoes …
When are we going to see Jessica Alba and her kids or Jen and Ben
In P. Rico!

oh my god this little girl looks like a handful. get this poor child to a playground & not the busy streets of NYC every single day. People always ask if Suri has any friends, but my question is does Katie??

Sweetness @ 07/16/2012 at 2:47 am

Idk but to me these daily showcasing of Suri is beginning to seem like a weird signal Katie is sending a message to Tom to bug him. It’s clear Suri is unhappy but nevertheless she’s showing Cruise she’s in charge of Suri. Krazy Katie is trying to provoke Tom into reacting. She WANTS Tom to reach out to insist she stop parading Suri solely for the purpose of creating another public media battle.

At least Suri is walking on her own and there’s no hair in her face for once.
Baby steps!

I think that the pink outfits on Sunday are another scr*w u to Tom and Scientology. Didn’t Tom used to make them wear white on alien worshiping day?

I’d like to meet any parent who hasn’t had a child be defiant or unhappy in a public place. It happens and is normal. Get over it. Celebrity kids and parents have it worse because there’s always a damn camera in their faces and people jumping to conclusions all the time.

paleezzzzz2 , a member of the scientology goon squad, welcome aboard!

Katie is faking a huge smile there….pretend pretend pretend.

Of course she’s faking a huge smile. Imagine what people would say if she looked angry.

For once there is not a picture of Katie carrying Suri.

The way she is bending down to talk to suri on the same eye level proves to me that she’s a good mother. i don’t get what people are getting out by saying all those terrible things about her. She’s allowed to do whatever she wants and wear whatever she feels like.

I think Katie should just chill out on the whole “dragging the kid out in public” thing. She apparently wanted to protect Suri, right? But even though the kid is miserable and the paps are swarming around them every time they go out, she just can’t seem to get the message that keeping her OUT of the public eye for a while might ease the stress on the poor girl.

Why is Kate grinning like an idiot when the kid is distressed? I don’t think Katie has any parenting skills at all – she never seems comfortable with the child – the child always seems to be in charge and directing the action. Katie has no instinct for parenthood (just as she has no instinct for acting or fashion).

Oh no, not the BOOTS again!!!!!!!!!!

@Hannah: It does look silly to wear boots in July! But, those boots are really ugly!!!

@Hannah: The press has been saying for years that Katie is a fashonista! I must be crazy, because I think that most of the time she is a mess! She is very pretty, so you would think that she would take better care of herself!! Wearing jeans & a blouse is fine, but lose those awful boots!!!

Katie thinks shes hot and love the attention!She cant stand properly she looks like her legs are a problem.Putting her toes together to look good,she looks really really dumb

She should stand up proud and walk away!The kid she can drag along.Suri is beatiful but Katie act like a clown standing there arguing with the girl.She has top stop that weird body crocked style with legs wingling around like she cant use her legs in a strange way.We know she can if she wants to she has some problems about her body

@DB: You are absolutely right!

@Team Tom: #57

Suri is just a plain looking child, not beautiful.

She is a child, she will pout and throw tantrums and be whiny and adorable at any given time. That has nothing to do with being a brat…just a CHILD

@Hannah: #34
What I mean is, she can wear flats, NOT boots, and that does not require a pedicure, because her toes or not seen.

@CuteSuri: Katie should not take Suri to a pet shop and get Suri’s hopes up that she will get a puppy. I think that right now, Suri does not need more disapointments! I saw her crying and she had every right to cry!
Maybe getting Suri a puppy might be the best thing for her right now!
Katie has a whole staff that could help out with it!

@Hannah: #35

You seem to be obsessed with Scientology, by keep linking it to Katie and blaming Scientology on all of Katie’s bizarre behavior. Katie is NOT a Scientology, so stop blaming it on all of her Bizarre behavior.

@Hannah: @Hannah: I agree that boots in summer is silly – however fashionable it might be right now. Your suggestion that this might be related to Scientology, though, makes me think you might not have been keeping up with the news, so let me give you the news flash: Katie is divorcing Tom, and she wants nothing to do with his “religion”.

@Din: #60

She is too damn big to be throwing tantrums, especially in public. It is understandable when it is a toddler, BUT not cute, but unacceptable when it is a child of 6 1/2 years old.

@CuteSuri: If Katie does not want to buy Suri a puppy, then don’t tease her by taking her to a pet shop!!

@Ellgy: #45

I don’t know what kind of inept parents you know. But where I come from NO child would be clowning their parent, disrespecting their parent, like Suri is doing to Katie.

Suri: “So you decided to wear pink now? Why, Kate, why?”

Katie can afford buy a house withh a pool and then a puppy.Then the kid can swim and have fun in the yard with friends

That fake grin of Katie’s is telling, she is very angry. But it is her fault. She obviously has let the child do what she wants to do, and Katie has no control. When you let a child have their way, and control you, when they get in public, they will embarrassed you.

She could get a nanny and then run around in New York to get the papparazis.Suri can be at home swimming in the pool.Kids love that and she could get a horse and a dog

Defiant shopping at Whole food @ 07/16/2012 at 10:49 am

Yeah and the space ship Holocaust is coming to get rid of all the Jews
,and to remind them of what they went through ! Haaaj! make fun a of a religion Kstie has lived this religion for
8 years so the old Scientology .she married Tom in a Scientology
Wedding! So give me a break can’t wait for the Jew Jokes and the
niggars out there ! No apologies at all just laugh at their expense!
So comment page really space ships being folowed every where
While y didn’t she leave him instead of marrying him!

jaspisgirl @ 07/16/2012 at 11:09 am

after seeing the pics with the puppy ,i have to say that the tantrum of suri was nothing compared to mine when i was a kid and wanted to have a dog. why is katie-mum going to such a shop with her kid,of course there will be crying when she sees a cute puppy and is not allowed to have one? mhhhhh mysterious!!!!!!!

Tsunami Temper Tantrum @ 07/16/2012 at 11:21 am

Good God! I feel relieved for the puppy!
Nobody deserves to be put at the mercy of this mega brat!
Katie the pimp mama should stop parading her meal ticket for attention.

You have no talent. You are not Michelle Williams. You cannot even shield the child away from the harming cameras, or make her accustom to them.

What a sorry excuse for mother. Only a very low class pimp mama.

@Team Tom:

This is a silly comment. There are millions of people with kids that live quite well in cities–NYC, Chicago, Paris, London, Rome, Delhi, Tokyo, you name it. And a lot of these folks have dogs. Having a house in a suburb, a dog and a pool don’t equate happiness. Suri had that in LA and how did that work for her?

@Jean: It will be very difficult to break Suri of having tantrums, when she has been allowed to get away with it for 61/2 yrs.

i am going blind from all the pink! stop the insanity

Mark my words, Tom will triumph in the end and Suri will want to be with him. Katie is smothering this child.

to mj

little girls like Suri love pink; deal with it.

jaspisgirl @ 07/16/2012 at 12:02 pm

poor suri,she has the choice between pestilence and cholera. father:cult addicted psycho, with a lot of money, busy in business,but at least trying to shield this kid a little,her half-siblings are with him and on the other side the mother: want to be actress,attention-addicted,money as well, but she is allowing suri friends and a non-cult education,she gives suri good grand-parents(by seeing pics) but really who is good and who is bad.together they stink(as parents and only from my point of view)

@Jean: You are right!!! Off with her head!

It is my understanding that Suri had started the scientology auditing process while Katie was in China a few months ago. When she returned she noticed Suri had changed. In addition, while visiting Tom in Iceland two weeks before she filed for divorce, Katie had tried to reprimand Suri for something and the scientology handlers stepped in and stopped her. Scientology believes that children should never hear the word “no” and that they should be treated as adults. All of this seems to have played into Katie’s decision to leave Tom. She now has the huge task of trying to rein in a child who has had her own way since birth. No small task for sure. From the looks of these photos. it starts with walking not carrying and some stern words. I think school will be a rude awakening…discipline, boundaries, rules, uniforms, cooperative learning situations…a lot for a very indulged child to adjust to .

If Katie claimed she wanted to get Suri away from an oppressive, overly-structured indoctrinating religion, then why did she enroll her in a very strict Convent school and start taking up very, very hardcore Roman Catholicism?

If she wanted to get away from a controlling and obsessively religious Tom Cruise, then why is she allowing herself to be guided and manipulated by her controlling and religiously obsessive parents?

Katie seems like one of those hollywood kids (her parents pushed her into child acting) who have never, ever had to think for themselves and really don’t seem to know how. They move from controlling parents to controlling spouses and boyfriends/girlfriends and just follow along like a mind-numbed lemming.

And all that terrible crap her father setup for her – the clandestine disposable cell phones, waiting until Tom was in Iceland or what not, buying her that new apartment and pulling some “Mission Impossible” like stuff that totally faked Tom out, lying to him for months saying she loved him when she was working with her parents behind his back.

What kind of person is she – really? Who does that kind of thing?

insane how she parades this kid around so she herself can get attention. not of a fan of her, her ex or her spoiled kid but i am starting to feel bad for that kid. katie is a pathetic excuse for a mother, with her money and many homes, she should of taken that kid out of new york and let her have some fun instead of using her daily as a photo op.

@Hannah: acaso solo se pueden usar botines cuando es invierno? Dios es solo un zapato, ella no esta violando alguna ley? no seas patetica!

From Suri’s profile, you can really see that big Tom Cruise nose.

@ang: I feel sorry for Suri too. After seeing that incident with the puppy that she wanted. Having a pet would be good for Suri. There would be plenty of help around to take care of it.

If Katie claimed she wanted to get Suri away from an oppressive, overly-structured indoctrinating religion, #83

Katie claimed she wanted to get Suri away from an oppressive, overly-structured indoctrinating religion
Katie never claimed that. She does not discuss Scientology, or any other religion. Only you obsessive nuts are trying to put words in her mouth.

TIM GUNN - Take THAT COS !!! @ 07/16/2012 at 4:07 pm


Holmes can FINALLY discipline her child. “No”, is now allowed.

The cult believes all children are adults who have lived a billion years and therefore make all their own decisions:

Example: “give me ice cream for dinner, buy me everything, I wear what I want, I stay up late, I have no rules, I don’t have to attend school, I spend time with other adults, etc.”

Holmes is now raising her child the right way. Rules, bedtimes, real school, real food, Summer Camp, punishment, playtime with normal children, normal clothing.


TIM GUNN - Take THAT COS !!! @ 07/16/2012 at 4:09 pm


Brilliantly stated AND accurate.

this famewhore already makes me puke! yuck!

Katherine @ 07/16/2012 at 4:56 pm

@Hannah: You know some people don’t like air conditioning. She might be one of those that gets cold easy especially in AC. I am not taking up for her but just pointing out what might be going on. If she is in and out of AC all day she might have decided to wear something like that. Its bascially a half sleeve and not a full long sleeve. Boots are no different than wearing other shoes that aren’t sandals. Due to Suri being dressed for warm weather that proves Katie knows how to dress properly for warm /hot weather. I think she is just wearing due to her being in and out of AC all day and not liking AC. Some AC is to cold for me to and I have been known to take a sweeter to keep warm in some AC. She might be the same way.

@Hannah: What I find bizzare is your obsession with what she is wearing. Now thats a bizzare!! You seem really really focused on her not wearing what you deem appropriate attire.

@Katherine: If you don’t like AC, then carry a sweater, a shrug or a shawl in your bag and get it out when you start to freeze from the AC. But why dress like November in July when outside?

Go Ask Alice @ 07/16/2012 at 10:09 pm

Kaite needs to keep the kid out of the public eye.
‘Seems like public opinion nhere is changing against her.
Why , eeryone asks, is thie child apraded daily and clearly the child is id terror of the media.

School, she needs small classes to start before full-blown school like NORMAL kids. Suire is at the Pre-K stage , you know, half day, or all nal with hour and half nap time.

Love to Cruise @ 07/16/2012 at 10:24 pm


looks like photos of me when I was her age

Andamentothat @ 07/16/2012 at 11:29 pm

Cut Katie some slack. We do not and likely will never know the full story. All we see are pictures taken by paps. She is starting a new chapter and is doing quite well. Taking Suri out is not a bad thing especially if she is starting kindergarten or first grade this fall. Suri will adjust fine in a short time and both will appear more relaxed as time goes by.

Yes, lots of mindless CO$ twits running amok here. Don’t you have some menial tasks to attend to? An alien to worship? A spaceship to polish? Surely one woman who divorced cult crazy Cruise is not that big of a threat to your mock religion that you need to run her down in ever conceivable way at every opportunity? Such a lovely bunch of humans you are – where can I sign up??

@Clara: If you only had an INKLING of the REAL DEAL behind all of this weirdness it would KNOCK YOU CLEAN OUT OF THE BALLPARK, NO JOKE.

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