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Kim Kardashian: Rockin' Beach Body!

Kim Kardashian: Rockin' Beach Body!

Kim Kardashian shows off her smokin’ bathing suit body in this new photo posted to her Instagram account.

“Good morning Miami,” the 31-year-old reality television star captioned the sexy swimsuit photo.

Later in the day, Kim and her beau Kanye West went out to lunch together at Puerto Sagua restaurant in Miami Beach – where Kim wore a bra exposing outfit!

Earlier in the weekend, Kim and Kanye visited an office building together in Tarzana, Calif.

“Got in a good workout today! Feels good to start my weekend like this!” Kim tweeted that same day.

10+ pictures inside of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West leaving lunch in Miami Beach…

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kim kardashian rockin beach body 01
kim kardashian rockin beach body 02
kim kardashian rockin beach body 03
kim kardashian rockin beach body 04
kim kardashian rockin beach body 05
kim kardashian rockin beach body 06
kim kardashian rockin beach body 07
kim kardashian rockin beach body 08
kim kardashian rockin beach body 09
kim kardashian rockin beach body 10
kim kardashian rockin beach body 11
kim kardashian rockin beach body 12
kim kardashian rockin beach body 13
kim kardashian rockin beach body 14
kim kardashian rockin beach body 15
kim kardashian rockin beach body 16
kim kardashian rockin beach body 17

Photos: FameFlynet, Instagram
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  • lauren

    i still dont

  • Din

    I am sorry but I just can’t take her seriously…

  • doodle


  • Verity

    That picture went through a serious touch up before being posted to Instagram.

  • a!

    Sharks would spit her back

  • Bri

    Liar LOL u know she’s pretty

  • if u got it flaunt it

    Kim has a nice curvy healthy figure and she can flaunt it all she wants.

  • smh

    You cared enough to comment….

  • judsie

    she should hire a better stylist who would dress her for her body type bc she looks fat most of the time dressed that way.

  • Yup

    Size 2 my a$$. That is one thick girl.

  • jill

    @judsie: #14

    She, herself, is a stylist.

  • channy

    @Yup: I know people that know her. she is a 2 just curvy

  • channy

    @Yup: and i own one of her dresses from an ebay auction. she is tiny

  • tina

    why can’t she dress her size for once

  • Yes I Said It

    @channy: Chany I don’t know what you are seeing or imagining, but that is NOT a size two. That isn’t even a size two when she slaps on her Spanx uniform under all her clothes. She’s a healthy woman and needs to embrace that. But what she needs to not embrace is all that leather… Who wears a leather swimsuit?

  • x

    lol her working out well i dont see a difference

  • channy

    @Yes I Said It: i am not gonna argue. she wears between a 2 and a 4. i know that for a fact.

  • Juanita

    This chick is hopeless. Doesn’t matter what she wears, she always looks trashy and tacky and her clothing never seems to fit right. Just goes to show you, you can’t buy taste or class.

  • channy

    @Yes I Said It: this is exactly y i hate commenting. all her clothes on ebay are xs or s and 2, 4 and 6 depending on the style, we also have a mutual friend. my co worker saw her in person and was like damn she is tinier than i thought… the girl wears a 2, 4 or 6 depending on the style.

  • channy

    @Yes I Said It: @Yes I Said It: and another gf of mine saw her in LA and said the same thing, she was tiny in person

  • channy

    @Yes I Said It: AND i own a dress she wore on Kim and Kourtney take NY and its is a 2. that is all.

  • doodle

    @channy Give it up no1 cares

  • chocolate cookie

    @Yup: i agree! the last time she was a size two was probably when she was 12. not to say someone has to be a size two..but there is nothing size two about her!

  • Tracy

    @channy: Honey you are talking to a bunch of haters that have their minds set on hate no matter what you say they will try to ignore it Kim is a little 5’2 chick and she is very tiny in person, but these idiots have to find something to make themselves feel better about their miserable lives. Don’t waste your time. They ignore facts and embrace tabloids and negativity.

  • channy

    @Tracy: :-) totally agree

  • -

    @smh: everyone is allowed an opinion. If she can make money from being pis*sed on than i think we can say what we like.

  • midgetpornskank

    well at least photoslop , stilts & girdles can pretend she gots legs & that the tub of lard big fat blubber of an ass ain’t hitting the floor ..
    ugh she’s a greasy fat slob….
    whoever likes that is nuts …

  • midgetpornskank

    lil’ midget-man with lil man complex kanye are ya’ll deliberately making a joke with this woman ????
    if he’s styling her she better dump him fast or get married fast .

  • midgetpornskank

    kanye is 5 ft 2 ‘ numbskull ..take it from there ..
    she’s a midget ..
    it’s the best kept secret in the family ..
    kanye is a tiny nasty lil’ man & can’t get anyone else ..
    she’s smaller than snookie …get REAL loon

  • Yes I Said It

    @Tracy: @channy: First Tracy, if you read my comment you would see that I was not “hating” (eye roll). I said Kim Kardashian has a healthy body. There is nothing wrong with her curves and she looks great in all her clothes. It is hard to imagine that with a curvy body like that she and someone like Ann Hathaway or Rachel Bilson could possibly be rocking a size two body. And Rachel Bilson is just as short, if not shorter, than Kim Kardashian.

    As for you Channy, I get that you’re a fan (so much so that you went on the Internet and bought used Kardashian clothing). But you shouldn’t hate commenting and supporting someone you’re a fan of because people may disagree with you. At the end of the day, it’s fans like you that keep her empire strong and people like me who give you fuel to do it. You see how we all help Kim Kardashian stay on top?

  • yz

    y’all know kim k and her man-child-”BOYFRIEND” go on this site and read comments. I just hope she’s so shallow that she responds to people under the name “knmkfn” or some sh*t.

  • somali girl

    Looks like she photoshoped that pic. I mean she clearly looks huge in those untouched ones.

  • nonsensefinder

    I don’t like her face. Horsey and too much surgery. Very sad situation.Desperate and stale .

  • mimi

    One-piece bathing suits are sexy. We’ve been drowning in bikinis for decades. It’s time for one-piece suits to make a resurgence.

  • elle

    Fake breasts are so weird and unatractive. These people look like aliens to me.

  • Stongsister1

    Very nice picture, she’s beautiful!

  • léa

    no way “that body” looks like “that” in a bathing suit !!!
    does she really think she is foolin’ everyone LOL

  • minah

    When will this lady ever have a photo shoot where she isn’t half naked. I know that’s how she got started *cough* but, i don’t understand how she expects people to take her serious when all she does is shit like this.

  • http://n/a loveskime

    stop letting this guy dress you. his taste doesn’t suit your body type!!!! stop him. tell him no and see his response to you dressing yourself again. there’s a good meter for the relationship’s worth