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Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan: Italy with Stacy Keibler!

Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan: Italy with Stacy Keibler!

Channing Tatum, wife Jenna Dewan, and pal Stacy Keibler brave the rain while taking a walk around the village on Saturday (July 14) in Cernobbio, Italy.

The couple is off in Italy visiting their pal Stacy and her boyfriend George Clooney at his Villa Oleandra in Laglio, Lake Como.

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Channing and Jenna spent some alone time the next day on a boat, which Channing drove while his lovely wife sat on a seat in front of him.

FYI: Jenna is wearing a CC Skye ‘Montauk Crossbody’.

15+ pictures inside of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan vacationing in Italy…

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channing tatum jenna dewan italy with stacy keibler 01
channing tatum jenna dewan italy with stacy keibler 02
channing tatum jenna dewan italy with stacy keibler 03
channing tatum jenna dewan italy with stacy keibler 04
channing tatum jenna dewan italy with stacy keibler 05
channing tatum jenna dewan italy with stacy keibler 06
channing tatum jenna dewan italy with stacy keibler 07
channing tatum jenna dewan italy with stacy keibler 08
channing tatum jenna dewan italy with stacy keibler 09
channing tatum jenna dewan italy with stacy keibler 10
channing tatum jenna dewan italy with stacy keibler 11
channing tatum jenna dewan italy with stacy keibler 12
channing tatum jenna dewan italy with stacy keibler 13
channing tatum jenna dewan italy with stacy keibler 14
channing tatum jenna dewan italy with stacy keibler 15
channing tatum jenna dewan italy with stacy keibler 16
channing tatum jenna dewan italy with stacy keibler 17
channing tatum jenna dewan italy with stacy keibler 18

Credit: E-pics ; Photos: AKM-GSI, SplashNewsOnline
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  • lauren

    not fair..

  • Wilmaupl

    like Thomas implied I’m shocked that a mom can make $8527 in four weeks on the internet. have you seen this link (Click on menu Home more information)

  • rochelle

    Channing did a Magic Mike performance for George. George slipped a Ulysses S. Grant into Channing’s g-string.

  • Hollyweird

    Explain to me the appeal of this guy? Really….

  • alex

    i don’t get it. paparazzi actually fly out to italy to take photos of celebs?

  • sam


    i feel the same way, in close up pictures of him he looks so plain… I actually think that his wife is so much hotter than him

  • RasberryGurl

    Channing and Jenna are a cute couple but he looks rough here. Stacy Famehho Keibler looks like a fugly cray cray freak as usual and her manly shoulders are almost as wide as Channing Tatum’s. She is so gross!!!

  • RasberryGurl

    @alex: Stacy Keibler is a total fameho who has the paps on speed dial.

  • Delphine

    After seeing Channing dance to “Pony, I have a whole new respect for him!

  • soi

    Whatever, he is adorable.

  • emilie

    Meathead Channing Tatum… I don’t see the appeal.

  • mmmmmmmmm

    Channing Tatum is HOT period.

  • Josephine


    Do you really think there are no paparazzi in Italy? Even that term is originally Italian. I’m pretty sure, people like Keibler have paps on speed dial, but they don’t have to fly from the USA, she calls the local ones. Paps are basically in every country, hunting local celebs and wishing to catch the intenational stars to earn even more money.

  • no one

    Keibler hasn’t been at George’s house in Como for weeks, not since before July 4. A few days before July 4, Keibler went to NYC and then laid low at her parents’ house in Baltimore. When she was at George’s place, she stayed in a guest room far away from him. It looks like she has now returned to Italy by herself to try to give the impression that she is staying at George’s house again, but she’s not.

  • no one

    @Josephine: There are paps in Italy, but they don’t hang around on every square foot. Keibler is a huge fameho and does have paps on speed dial. She even has a hired photog to take staged photo op pics.

  • Agnes

    @no one: You are delusional! LOL! Stacy has been in Italy with George for a looong time. Their relationship is stronger than ever.

  • Sera

    Channing and Jenna are a hot couple! Love them!
    Stacey Kiebler is an amazon! She is a tall as Channig and has an amazing body!

  • no one

    @Agnes: There is no relationship except a publicity contract. A real boyfriend would have joined his real girlfriend in the U.S. to celebrate the U.S. Independence Day after the real girlfriend had already flown all the way to NYC, but that didn’t happen. Instead, we are supposed to believe that after she was photographed at an event in NYC, Keibler flew all the way back to Italy to spend July 4 there with George. You’d have to be very stupid to buy this nonsense fauxmance.

  • Lena

    I’d love to go on vacation to Italy. I’m so jealous!

  • Lena

    @no one: Nobody believes your nonsense. You are another crazy Clooney fan. They ARE together and they are going really strong. You need therapy!

  • justsayin’too

    All this fake PR stuff isn’t holding up. They are obviously there on the boat together! There are pictures on another site of the four of them with another couple on a boat laughing and having a good time. I have to say SK and GC don’t have good chemistry and seem strained at times, but it is obvious they are together for whatever reason only they know. I don’t buy the PR staged photos because it makes NO SENSE! He has NO reason to have a fake relationship with anybody for any reason. Enough of the fake PR already!!!

  • Fashionista

    Stacy Keibler is George Clooney’s hired help and everyone knows it. To quote Kaiser of Celebitchy, “Whatever, he totally hired her”.

    Try google searching that one and Kaiser is not a Clooney fan. Neither is Lainey who called it out as a contract.


    I saw a pic earlier today with George, Stacy, Channing, and Jenna. Forgive me, but it look like Dad telling a story to his children. WTF??? George is old enough to be these people’s father. So George’s emotional intelligence and maturity is on a level of a twenty-thirty something? Romance going strong? I guess so if considering EXACTLY where his emotional and maturity truly lies. I just read an article yesterday where Tatum expressed honestly he is just a redneck with no solid social graces. I have to respect him for his honesty. He is authentic in where he is on a social level, and that the acting success makes him a lucky man. Perhaps that is why there is a comfort level here, Tatum knows he is a redneck, Stacy is a Appalachian Honey/Trailer Trash, and George years ago said he is simply trailer trash. Birds of a feather flock together. Yes, these stars paid BIG MONEY for these planned photo ops, and the photogs tell them how to position themselves. Seldom is it random these sightings. Stars are just very good in portraying it as random except part of present company here. I guess someone is trying to prove my postings on the other Just Jared as wrong. Looks like the mother*fu*ck*ing dumba*s*s just proved me right. Lol! Oh man! What good comedy! I just hope Channing has the good sense the Good Lord gave him to NOT to take career or relationship advice from George. Good grief!! Stick a fork into the boy, he is DONE!


    Oh by the way, the paid pr staff is obvious in the postings here. God bless and give it a rest! Then again, go ahead… I can use the laugh.

  • CokeistheRealThing


    Lainey is now sarcastically calling Clooney and Keibler solid since Stacy has gone past Lainey’s contract expiration date. I think the Clooney fans, most of whom are in their 50s, 60s, and 70s are totally missing the sarcasm, though. And, yeah, it’s the oldsters and the generally clueless who buy into the Stacy and George relationship bit. Kaiser has called out Keibler and Clooney numerous times and does not use coy sarcasm as Lainey sometimes does. Even Enty is getting close to outing the Clooney Keibler farce, as if it is not obvious enough to everyone who, I don’t know, has eyes and a functioning brain.


    So this is what Channing has to for a $20 ; )

  • Stikki

    Why are they all hanging out together?

  • Kilem

    Channing looks bored out of his skull. lol.

  • Kiki Cohen

    @TIMEKEEPER: Yes, Georgie’s emotional and especially, intellectual IQ- is that of a 20 year old- what an amazing man- he can shoot the bull with these people and then turn around and entertain the POTUS??? Wow!!! I am SO impressed- what a remarkably intelligent and gifted man- I’m full of sarcasm for all of you “Clooney’s Open Houser’s” that worship him, stalk him, analyze his and his girlfriends every breath and bowel movement, blah, blah, blah. The dude is full of s–t, big time, not very bright, total narcissist, weak actor, and lookin mighty road hard ( drinking issues???)
    As for his gargantuan contract ho of the year- her folks must be proud- but she’ll be able to purchase new teeth for the family!
    How can these people sleep at night being so disingenuous???


    Kiki: 20??? Well that explains his penchant for dim witted, easy lay women. Sigh… Such high hopes that has sanked just like the Titantic. Unfortunately all the bs has caught up with him and hired dips. I notice that this time around sneak attack sabotage has been happening. Some that can adversely affect the POTUS campaign. Oh well! I never have accused them of being rocket scientist. Stacy should have worn a blue jean skirt instead of that bright blue boomerang she has on. The sweater/skirt clash is hurting me eyes! I have worn less than desirable clothing at times, but as of lately, it is becoming the norm. Channing is growing on me. No pretense, and smart enough to settle down, and focus on the right things. He does look like he is bored to tears in this photo op. Was this suppose to give more cred to Stacy and her paid dailiance with George. Well at least it is entertaining……

  • Charlotte

    She could wear a red nose, it would go with her smile and each of her outfits.

  • no one

    In one of his attempts to try to get people to think that the publicity contract is a real relationship, Stan even persuaded Billy Crystal to make a “joke” about George taking the “Oscar” home with him, when 99% of those in attendance at the Oscars knew very well that Keibler would not be going home with George that night or any other night. People laughed politely and played along with that pathetic attempt to get people to believe that Keibler was George’s real girlfriend, but everyone knew that the real joke went much deeper than that failed attempt to give credibility to the publicity contract. The real joke is that George was looking like a defective, desparate man who had to hire hooker escorts to be his dates instead of being able to attract classy women. Understand that I am talking about the false persona that has been created for George, a persona that is Z-list. How Stan is still in business is beyond me, unless he has serious organized crime connections. The only reason I can work out why George didn’t refuse to go along with the Keibler contract is that he must have signed it at the same time he signed the Canalis contract. Still, a man with courage and integrity would have found a way to get out of the contract. He chose to hurt his real friends and family and protect hookers and criminals. He took a WWE stripper to the premiere of a family movie with child actors in attendance. What the hel.l was he thinking and when is he going to come to his senses?

  • Kiki Cohen

    @TIMEKEEPER: Ohyeah- Channing T’s stock is rising- ( very nice guy,btw- my family has distant business ties to his wife’s family in Tx)- so IMO- he’s slumming it with Clooney and his contract ho. As for Keibler’s own parent’s- I find it disturbing that they were an integral part of her soft porn career 10 or so years ago when she was in a WWE Video taping a Faux wedding to some muscle head and then stripped to nothing and proceeded to water-gun a bunch of women, while verbally making sexual innuendos to the women….. It’s all on utube. SK parent’s were right there- UN- frickin’believeable! What class!!!!! I guess they’re also in on this fraud too!!


    Kiki- Do not forget George’s parents too. Apparently both sets are in Italy. The parents looked madder than h*e*ll in the pics. What is the point? George looked mentally challenged and it all looked staged. Now I am having an even HARDER time believing he is actually straight and/or dealing with a full deck. It looked like a Hee Haw reunion. Stupid motherf*u*c*ker is trying the settling down and getting married due to his parents influence. Is there something in the food and water in KY thatt makes people that stupid? Apparently so…… I bet comedian/actor Chris Rock can develop a whole comedy routine on this idiot’s escapades and this latest Beverly Hillbillies episode. Dumb! Just dumb!


    So the next s*l*u*t* puppy has made her announcement. How damm predictable! She is friends with Stacy and doing the trade? Sickos!!!!

    Going to hell? Keep this s*h*i*t* up and you will own Hell George. You are just saying this to dispel what is being said about you. That is disturbing. This shows you are no longer able to distinguish what is right, wrong, or just downright disturbing. You have a young niece who WILL suffer karmically because of your stupid s*h*i*t*! You are now quickly becoming Satan’s b*i*t*c*h*! Wow! How far has the mighty has fallen!

  • Kikicohen

    @TIMEKEEPER: Righhht… His usual routine of trying to be self-deprecating, humble, seem unimportant, human, just a normal “Joe”. The conflict comes in when he parades around his contract whores, gets in the political limelight, starts doing huge fundraisers, etc. Who exactly is he and who does he want everyone to think he is? Seems to be a major disconnect there. For that reason alone, I don’t respect him as an actor, “humanitarian”, or person.