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Joshua Jackson: 'Fringe' Panel at Comic-Con 2012!

Joshua Jackson: 'Fringe' Panel at Comic-Con 2012!

Joshua Jackson flashes a smile at the Fringe panel during 2012 Comic-Con held at the San Diego Convention Center on Sunday (July 15) in California.

The 34-year-old actor was joined on stage by his co-stars Anna Torv, John Noble, Jasika Nicole, and Lance Reddick.

“Everyone was kind of happily surprised – we were on the razor’s edge this year,” Josh commented on the waiting to hear if the series would be renewed.

Be sure to tune into Fringe‘s final season on September 28!

Check out the trailer for the new season below…

10+ pictures inside of Joshua Jackson and the Fringe cast at 2012 Comic-Con

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67 Responses to “Joshua Jackson: 'Fringe' Panel at Comic-Con 2012!”

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  1. 26
    anna torv is manly Says:

    love, love joshua jackson and john noble on fringe. this two make the show.

    anna torv , not so much. she is too manly looking and has a deep voice.

    basically, i HATE anna torv with a passion. i just want her to go away after fringe. i never want to see her or hear from her delusional fans anymore.

    anna torv is too old looking to make it in hollywood anyway . her time has already passed! and nobody will miss her!

  2. 27
    anna torv is too old Says:


    you guys act like anna torv has been crowned Queen of Hollywood already. The truth is, nobody outside of the Fringe fandom cares about Anna Torv or has even heard of her.
    She is still a minor fish in the huge Hollywood ocean of beautiful, talented actresses.
    And you’re blaming that on… what, Joshua Jackson’s personality? If she can’t hold her own in an interview, that’s HER problem. (What will happen when she starts starring next to bigger actors who have REAL egoes?)

    It must be hard running a fan site for an actress who has very little on her resume yet and who virtually disappears during the hiatus. Much easier to blame her lack of high profile on her more well-established co-star, right?

  3. 28
    anna torv is a nobody Says:


    you know why jj didnt mention them , you deluded ignorant fan?

    nobody f*cking knows anna torv or john noble exsist? okay??

    joshua jackson is far more famous than these two, that’s why they only mention him.

    why dont you go to, they love anna torv there. everything this talentless nobody does is emmy-worthy in their eyes.

    it’s hilarious! lol! just go to that site and read those comments of her deluded fans!lol!

  4. 29
    anna torv is talentless Says:


    and jet, joshua jackson is still more famous than this two. i bet it kill you that no matter what anna or john do on the show, it’s joshua who gets the spotlight? lol! oh, the bitterness….

    but i like john noble, he is the best actor on fringe. he and josh have a great frienship.

    but anna torv is a very bad actress.

    joshua jackson has charisma. without him on the comic con panel, it would be so boring.

    anna torv is lame, boring and bland, just like her acting!

  5. 30
    Chrissy Says:

    From someone who was at the Fringe panel at Comic Con yesterday, except for a few fangirls in one portion of Hall H, everyone kept wishing Josh would shut up. Every time someone would start to talk, he would make a random comment or when the attention wasn’t on him, he broke into someone who was talking about the show, to say that when he stood up, he didn’t really wet his pants. It was awkward and like he just wanted attention. I think he himself got the idea that he was being annoying halfway through the panel when the rest of the cast didn’t really revert back to him.

  6. 31
    anna torv is ugly Says:

    no wonder joshua doesnt want to come near here. anna torv is f*gly.

    his girlfriend is a former model, she has a killer body. diane kruger is so feminine looking.

    anna torv tries to look like a woman by wearing dresses, but she fails big time. she looks like a drag-queen.
    anna torv stick with pants, it suits your face, body and voice.

  7. 32
    Gilmar Says:

    He is a famous famewhore.

  8. 33
    anna torv has winy fans Says:


    i saw all the comic con panels of fringe and this was not different.
    joshua jackson IS THE MAN on those panels. everybody was laughing and having a good time with him there. he was the one making the most jokes.

    the only people wo are complaining are those winy fangirls of anna torv. they want her to speak all the time. but that is never going to happen.

    joshua jackson will be on fringe till the end, he will always speak non-stop on interviews, he HAS CHARISMA and if anna torv cant keep up with him, then she can f*ck off.

  9. 34
    anna torv is bland Says:


    but if it didnt bother you so much, why are you commenting here?
    i know why, deep down you wish that anna torv name was mentioned her, dont you?

    i saw plenty of interviews of joshua jackson on TVLINE, TV Guide, EW. you know ver well that joshua appears on those sites too, dont lie!!!

  10. 35
    anna torv is warned Says:

    for all those who are complaining that anna torv is not named on justjared:

    be carefull what you wish for!

    famous people on this site, can get very rude comments.

    we are not on it can get very ugly up here, so next time joshua jackson is named here and you feel frustrated ; just shut up and go j*rk off on the site mentioned above.
    but if you start bashing joshua jackson, some will start ripping off anna torv apart!

    you are warned!!!

  11. 36
    Wow Says:

    Seems like someone is a little obsessed with Anna Torv and not in touch with reality!

    I can see Josh being a spotlight pig, I think it’s because he doesn’t usually get it around his girlfriend/leash holder. He should suck up all the attention now, once Fringe is over I don’t see him around much.

  12. 37
    Chrissy Says:

    @anna torv has winy fans: Seeing it on video and actually being there to see it first hand is a totally different experience. I’m a fan of the entire show, not just one actor or actress on it. So when Lance actually got to talk about his time on the show and answer questions about it, it was great to hear him. Especially when he and the girls got emotional. Totally unexpected. That is until someone else started to interrupt him. It was nice to see how close the two girls have become outside of the show and how they all get along with Lance and John. Josh only commented and said the same stuff that he does each and every time, and that’s working with Noble stuff. (Which yes, would be amazing but it’s the same line from him all the time.) It clearly looked like everyone else there has a deep bond and he only hung out/conversed with them on-set only. There was a bond with more of the actors there than not.

  13. 38
    anna torv is manly Says:


    NEWSFLASH; joshua jackson was always this hyper, ALWAYS.
    that’s who he is , he is charasmatic, funny and smart and that’s why he attracts the spotlights.

    all the joshua jackson’s fans know that josh was always and still is like this. that’s his personality.

  14. 39
    anna torv is famewh*re Says:


    that crying between anna , jassica and lance was cringeworthy. so stagged!!

    i felt really embarrassed for them!

    love joshua and john for keeping it cool like always!

  15. 40
    Chrissy Says:

    @anna torv is famewh*re: Clearly you weren’t there. It was the truest, heartfelt moment of the panel. And the 6,500 people in that ballroom felt the same. I’m a fan of all the actors cause I’m a fan of the show. So please don’t start hating on everyone else on the show because you only like one, the one that happens to be the one people are complaining about. And I don’t think Jackson is hyper as much as he is on something, has ADD or drinks way too many Red Bulls each and every day.

  16. 41
    anna torv is a famewh*re Says:


    hating? when you are bashing joshua jackson it’s all good, but the minute somebody makes a comment on anna torv, then it’s hate!!??

    it was a stupid, attention seeking moment between anna , and jassica? that’s a fact.

    just go to youtube and watch the reaction of josh AND especially john noble when that “cringeworthy scene” was happening! just awful!!!

  17. 42
    flora Says:


    To be fair, they all talk about how amazing John Noble is all the time, not just Joshua and it’s because he is amazing and the most talented. If that’s how Josh feels, then why shouldn’t he express that when he’s asked questions along those lines? Is he supposed to make something else up? At this panel, though, he talked about Seth Gabel and enjoying his work so I don’t really get your point. I also don’t get how you think everyone else is so close and Joshua is some sort of outsider. They all seem very friendly with one another, except maybe Josh and Anna who seem to have a more professional relationship. I also agree with the other poster who said that I’d be pretty bored watching these panels if Joshua wasn’t there. He provides levity and fun while also giving well thought out answers. With the exception of Jasika, everyone else seems pretty serious.

  18. 43
    Chrissy Says:

    Now I know why I was warned about coming over to this site. This place is just as bad as that Jackson fan site where if you pass a comment about him and it’s not 110% gushing over how he does no wrong, you are
    ostracized or ‘corrected.’ I think I just love that someone who was there and saw the entire panel live right before their own eyes is being told what they saw was wrong. Ahhhh…toodles.

  19. 44
    flora Says:


    If this is directed at me, I never said you were wrong, I just got a different impression than you did. We’re all allowed to have our differing opinions. Although, it is odd you’re claiming that this site jumps on critics of certain actors, when over half of this thread is various people bashing Joshua Jackson. And you yourself basically accused him of either drug abuse or a personality disorder.

  20. 45
    anna torv is a famewh*re Says:


    now you know how joshua jackson fans feel , everytime they go to karma is a b*tch!

    and why should we believe you. you say you saw it with your own eyes. but those eyes of yours had only eyes on anna torv.

    but i get it now, you want joshua to kiss anna torv ass like you do.

    joshua likes john noble and seth gabel , get over it!!!!!

  21. 46
    anna torv is a b*tch Says:


    but why were you here one the first place ? do you see anna torv name mentioned on top ? no!!!

    you came here, because you were jealous of joshua jackson!!!!!
    you thought that you could make a negative comment on josh and get away with it!!
    not a change, honey!!!
    welcome to justjared!!!
    dont like it? go to

  22. 47
    Peelbugs Says:


    I’m sorry, EVERYONE? Did you ask every single person there? Did anyone in the audience tell josh to shut up? So be quiet you josh hater.

  23. 48
    flora Says:

    I’m always a little confused by huge Fringe fans who spend their time bashing Joshua, anyway. Even if you don’t think he’s talented and find him personally grating, I think anyone would be hard pressed to say that he is not one of the biggest champions the show has ever had. He talks up the rest of the cast, he engages the fans and is super nice to them at all of these events, and is so supportive of the people behind the scenes. I don’t know that a show could ask for a more vocal and enthusiastic cast member. So, at the end of the day, Joshua and all of these hardcore Fringe fans who hate on him in various forums, had a similar goal: to keep Fringe on the air in whatever ways they could.

  24. 49
    Mo Says:

    We’re all in agreement here that only one person is psychotic with her comments but keeps changing her profile name, right?

  25. 50
    Eonyk Says:

    Why is it that every Josh post is filled with haters? I don’t understand the point of following someone you dislike so much you feel the need to spew venom about them every chance. Weird.

    From watching the panel videos, I saw Josh being nothing but gracious, funny and appreciative. Everyone got to say their piece, and share their thoughts. It seemed like a pretty balance panel, if you ask me. Anna has really come a long way when you look at this panel vs. the first one. It was really nice hearing from all the cast.

    I think sometimes people tend to forget that the criticisms levelled at Josh… it’s simply Josh being Josh. If you go back and watch the Dawson’s Creek cast interviews, you’d see what I mean, he’s always been a bit “hyper” and the “joker” and perhaps, yes (at times) a “scene stealer.” In fact I think he’s actually calmed DOWN over the years since! lol

    @flora: I’m really glad you haven’t been scared off and continue to post in the JJ and/or DK related threads on this site. It’s refreshing to read your comments in amongst the ridiculous hate JJ and DK attract. Please keep posting!

    @anna torv hater: I understand that from your POV you are just defending Josh, but why does Anna need to be bashed in the process? I’m a fan of hers as far as I’m a fan of Fringe and think she does a great job with the two Olivias. I don’t follow her outside of Fringe, or read/watch her interviews outside of cast interactions. But it really annoys me that Josh and Anna have been pitted against each other by the fans; fans who claim to love the entire show/cast. I don’t like Anna fans bashing Josh, and I don’t approve of Josh fans bashing Anna. You’re welcome to not like her, but it’s just unfortunate to see fans who clearly don’t appreciate their favourite actors (be that Anna or Josh or whomever) being bashed and hated on, yet they themselves turn around and bash other actors!

    Call me crazy, but I think it’s much nice to practice what we preach. Since I don’t like the bashing and hating of Josh that goes on, I would never dream of hating or bashing other actors because it’s not nice when you have to deal with that as a fan.

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