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Joshua Jackson: 'Fringe' Panel at Comic-Con 2012!

Joshua Jackson: 'Fringe' Panel at Comic-Con 2012!

Joshua Jackson flashes a smile at the Fringe panel during 2012 Comic-Con held at the San Diego Convention Center on Sunday (July 15) in California.

The 34-year-old actor was joined on stage by his co-stars Anna Torv, John Noble, Jasika Nicole, and Lance Reddick.

“Everyone was kind of happily surprised – we were on the razor’s edge this year,” Josh commented on the waiting to hear if the series would be renewed.

Be sure to tune into Fringe‘s final season on September 28!

Check out the trailer for the new season below…

10+ pictures inside of Joshua Jackson and the Fringe cast at 2012 Comic-Con

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • Annon

    If you don’t like people admitting their true feelings (that don’t conform to your feelings) about Josh maybe you should stick with your other 5 fangirls at Josh’s fan forum group.

  • flora


    I’m totally fine with people stating what they feel, but then that means I am also free to comment on their opinions. I am not a poster at Fan Forum nor am I involved at Fringebloggers. I rarely visit either of those sites so your point is, what exactly?

  • flora


    Thanks for the nice words! I don’t mind being a voice of dissent among the many haters. I’ve followed both Joshua and Diane for years and am a big fan of both, so it’s been interesting to see how this site in particular has taken a very nasty turn regarding their relationship and careers . Elsewhere online they seem to be very much liked by most people so maybe this site is just an anomaly, like a Fringe event.

  • Eonyk

    @flora: Yeah, you’re right. DK and JJ are seemingly liked elsewhere, it’s just sad because they used to be quite liked here, too. Some of the haters used to be fans… not sure what happned or why… maybe it’s now the “cool” thing to do, to hate on these them?? Well, I’ve always liked being the odd one out :)

  • Peelbugs

    People hate on josh and Diane only because there is nobody else to ‘hate’ . Josh and Diane did absolutely nothing to do these people. This is what bullys do, they get bored with one person so they pick on somebody else. They also go for the actors who did nothing to them.

  • Peelbugs


    And it’s not only about Olivia or Walter either, hypocrite.

  • flora


    I sometimes wonder if some of it has to do with the gossip that surrounds Joshua’s relationship with Anna Torv, or lack thereof, to be more accurate? Some of her fans are very intense and seemed to start hating Diane for, I don’t know, not breaking up with Joshua so that he could date Anna? And then as the years have gone by with no sign of acrimony in JJ and DK’s relationship, I think bitterness festered and eventually, they started disliking him, too. Just a guess on my part, though, but at least some people on tumblr seem to be this way.

  • anna torv has a lot of haters!


    hmmmm, so you think there is only one hater on anna torv?

    hate to break it to you, but there are a LOT of them.

  • anna torv forever single

    i wonder why anna torv marriage broke down so fast?
    why is she still single after all those years?

    why are anna torv and her deluded fans jealous of JJ and DK relationship?

    anna torv must be a horrible person in real life.
    she just doesnt seem to be able to keep a man in her life.

    for the last time: Joshua jackson doesnt want te be with anna torv.
    maybe he knows how she really is or maybe she is always trying to seduce him. i heard those rumours. what a sl*t!
    why cant she accept that JJ is in a committed relationship, something she will clearly never have.

  • anna torv is an idiot

    I’m annoyed that Just Jared doesn’t include Anna Torv or John Nobles name in the headline. They are the stars of Fringe afterall!
    this was the very first comment in here and you wonder why the hate started??

    those anna torv fan dominate all the fringe sites, and on top of that they search for joshua jackson articles on internet, to make sure he doesnt get attention.


  • anna torv is a famewh*re


    If you don’t like people admitting their true feelings (that don’t conform to your feelings) about Josh maybe you should stick with your other 5 fangirls at Josh’s fan forum group.
    and i can give you the same advice; maybe you should stick with the other deluded fangirls “who want to turn lesbian for anna torv” (LOL) at fringebloggers.

  • diane kruger french actress


    i love all your comments please keep posting them!
    oh it’s nice to see joshua on his own, doing his work.

    oh and i love that joshua made sure to be on diane kruger birthday party!
    what a lovely man!
    i hope that after fringe ends, he will make some good movies

    he has potential: he just has to find a way to use it.
    like somebody said here; there is something about him…….

    i’m a diane kruger fan, but diane and joshua together makes me start to love him also.

  • Pixie

    Patty please stop posting under different names and talking crap about everyone but Josh. You do this on every site. You are one person posting every 5 minutes hating everyone on the show except Josh. You’ve been doing this for years. Enough already.

  • anna torv, the drag queen


    first, i’m not patty. it’s so funny: everytime somebody talks crap about anna torv, everybody assumes it’s patty, because anna torv could not possible have more people who dont like her, right?

    second, the only person i dislike on that show is anna torv, the rest of the cast i like very much.
    especially john noble and seth gabel.

    anna torv is a stuck up b*tch who thinks that she has conquered hollywood already, because she believes her deluded fans who keep telling her se needs an emmy.
    but after fringe, she will face hollywood on her own for the first time ever, living in los angeles.
    and then she will realize that nobody f*cking knows her and nobody will kiss her f*cking ass.

    and can she please give an interview or just speak without doing that irritating manly laugh every second. what an airhead!

  • give anna torv a razzie award!

    that’s the ONLY award she trully deserves.

  • montana woods

    Calm down kids!.All you Josh and Anna bashers should just grow the “FRIAR TUCK” up and put your dummies back in your mouths and sit quietly in your prams and go to sleep.

  • G

    @montana woods: