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Miranda Kerr: Photo Shoot with Frankie the Dog!

Miranda Kerr: Photo Shoot with Frankie the Dog!

Miranda Kerr poses during a photo shoot on Monday (July 16) in New York City.

The 29-year-old Aussie model brought along her adorable pup Frankie to be in the shoot!

“Shooting on location with Frankie!” Miranda tweeted along with an Instagram pic of her pooch.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Over the weekend, Miranda was spotted out and about in the Big Apple wearing multiple pairs of floral pants. Is this a new trend?

15+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr at a photo shoot with Frankie

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miranda kerr photo shoot with frankie the dog 01
miranda kerr photo shoot with frankie the dog 02
miranda kerr photo shoot with frankie the dog 03
miranda kerr photo shoot with frankie the dog 04
miranda kerr photo shoot with frankie the dog 05
miranda kerr photo shoot with frankie the dog 06
miranda kerr photo shoot with frankie the dog 07
miranda kerr photo shoot with frankie the dog 08
miranda kerr photo shoot with frankie the dog 09
miranda kerr photo shoot with frankie the dog 10
miranda kerr photo shoot with frankie the dog 11
miranda kerr photo shoot with frankie the dog 12
miranda kerr photo shoot with frankie the dog 13
miranda kerr photo shoot with frankie the dog 14
miranda kerr photo shoot with frankie the dog 15

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33 Responses to “Miranda Kerr: Photo Shoot with Frankie the Dog!”

  1. 1
    sara1 Says:

    She looks amazing!
    She’s been busy doing a lot of photo shoots over the last week, or so. I wonder if they are all for VS?
    BTW, I added the ’1′ to my name so that there’s no confusion. Now if someone posts as sara1, I’ll know that it’s deliberate, and not someone that just happens to have the same name.

  2. 2
    sara1 Says:

    im a wh*re

  3. 3
    Shelly Says:

    Gorgeous love VS clothes wish they had a store for clothes and shoes

  4. 4
    sara1 Says:

    Really? Was that necessary? Have I ever insulted anyone here?
    Maybe those other posters are right. That the ‘haters’ can’t even function without being vile to someone. Is your life really so awful that calling me a name makes you feel better?

  5. 5
    alex Says:

    she is so fresh faced i love it

  6. 6
    sara1 Says:

    i now added a 1 to my name so people will know who i am!! a fugly s*ut

  7. 7
    Gorgeous..... Says:

    Miranda looks stunning, such a natural beauty……Orlando is one very lucky man!

  8. 8
    LOL! Says:

    Since no one else can possibly be as vulgar, pathetic and nasty as you, you should just sign your own name instead of stealing someone else’s.
    Here ya go folks!
    The poster child for haters everywhere.
    Kerrazy Liar
    Beautiful (gag) Tongue
    Take a bow LOSER!

  9. 9
    HarryStyles For ChristianGrey Says:

    she so beautiful, loves her dimples

  10. 10
    ha Says:

    Are you haters proud of yourselves?
    Is this really someone that you want representing you?
    Is you have any class at all, you will give this nasty fake a thumbs down.
    Attacking posters without cause is beyond pathetic.
    Are you 12?

  11. 11
    bitter Says:

    she needs to know that jj and a few other sites aren’t going to make her famous. theyy just won’t. It’s been almost two years since she started this fame how is it working out for her?

  12. 12
    @11 Says:

    Pretty good.
    Multiple Vogue covers. Multiple other HF magazine covers. Multiple HF editorials. HF runways. Product endorsements. Fantasy bra. Etc.
    I’d say that this ‘fame thing’ is working out just fine for her.

  13. 13
    sym Says:

    @@11: i’ll pretend that u don’t think famewhoring got her those covers and editorial, something the average high fashion models can bag. What has she endorsed that is so extraordinary not including reebok? and that fantasy bra has been worn by many models before she did, that’s nothing new

  14. 14
    Andrea Says:

    @sara1: thanks for letting us know!

  15. 15
    Candice Says:


    My teacher talked about VS in my advertising classes. She asked if anyone could tell her the names of their models. Everyone knew the names of Adriana, Heidi, and Gisele. I was surprised when two guys said the name Miranda Kerr. They said she’s hot. I was curious as to why they knew her name. Then they mentioned Orlando Bloom’s a lucky guy. I’m figuring the attention she got from marrying and have a baby is what made her name known. I know when I liked her back in 2006-2007 no one knew her name.

  16. 16
    Dieter Says:


  17. 17
    Link Says:

    If it hurts so much to look, then look away

  18. 18
    Link Says:

    Oh, and she has a better ass than most girls that have never had a baby

  19. 19
    Rose Says:

    Frankie is so cute!

  20. 20
    @15 Says:

    She was just starting out back in 2006, so of course not many people knew her name.
    And sure, Orlando’s fame helped get her out in the general public. Just like more people know who Kate Bosworth is because of him. But I’m sure that those guys don’t follow Orlando. They noticed Miranda first, then found out that she is married to Orlando.
    Oh, and @13
    You think that any “average” hf model can bag three Vogue covers? I don’t think you understand the business at all.

  21. 21
    YES! Says:

    She’s so gorgeous!
    And what’s with picking on Sara? Are you haters tired of kicking puppies and decided to bully someone else? I bet that your mammas as so proud.

  22. 22
    frisbee Says:

    What? No inspirational advice on how to be a mother or what to eat? You’re making Goop cry, Miranda!

  23. 23
    Tired Says:

    @Link: It’s sooo easy with personal trainer, nutritionist friend, beauty consultant, body massage ,facial massage, oxigen facial……etc…..etc…we mustn’t forget she’s surrounded by a crowd that works for her!!!

  24. 24
    @23 Says:

    True. It’s also genetics. But she has always been healthy. And when its your job to look good in a bikini, you work even harder.
    I think that she looks beautiful.

  25. 25
    Tired Says:

    @@15: Maria Carla Boscono is far older than Miranda….and she’s requested everywhere….but…..sorry ….I made a mistake…I’m talking about an icon….
    P.S.Maria Carla isn’t never appeared on jj, but she has made the history of fashion and high fashion….Obviously for whom understand of fashion…

  26. 26
    @25 Says:

    There’s a big difference between models who are only known in the fashion world, and models who cross over to be well known to the general public.
    BIG difference.
    Very few models are both. Miranda happens to be one of them.

  27. 27
    Tired Says:

    @@23: “Always been healty”????…..”Smoke” is healty??? I’m healthier than her, than…I never smoke! However she’s beautiful I agree,I never say she isn’t! I only don’t trust everything she says and I don’t understand why she gives advice when clearly her social and economic condition is far different from us! All of us know the difference between healty life and not: do exercises, care about our body,eat healthier…Etc …..She says nothing new to me!

  28. 28
    Tired Says:

    @@25: Yes she is, and she’s very ambitious! I do the example of Gisele than: Miranda is not like Gisele…’cause Miranda is not an icon. Miranda has not impressed high fashion soo much like Gisele. At least,not at this time.And she is an avarage model,so she has few possibilities to do that. I wanted to say that before.

  29. 29
    jj Says:

    More pictures of her ass please

  30. 30
    hi Says:

    Those clothes are super ugly and cheap looking, no wonder cheap model Miranda the fameho nobody is working for them…Sears has better models and clothes than that.

  31. 31
    @28 Says:

    Gisele is one of a kind right now. Comparing any other model to her is ridiculous.
    By her standard, EVERYONE is “average”.
    Miranda has crossed over from commercial to high fashion. That alone makes her special, and way above average.

  32. 32
    @30 Says:

    LOL! So bitter!
    Uhmmm, models for Sears don’t get paid MILLIONS. Models for Sears don’t show up on the cover of Vogue. Models for Sears don’t walk the runways for Chanel, Dior or Prada.
    Now what were you saying? LOL!

  33. 33
    Melanie Says:

    she looks so stunning!

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