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Adriana Lima: Bare Baby Bump for Pirelli Calendar!

Adriana Lima: Bare Baby Bump for Pirelli Calendar!

Adriana Lima becomes the first pregnant woman to be featured in the Pirelli Calendar, in these shots released by Vanity Fair Italy.

The 31-year-old model, who is expecting her second child with husband Marko Jaric, bared her baby bump for photographer Steve McCurry to support a slew of foundations, NGOs, and humanitarian projects with the photos.

Other ladies participating in the project, which shows off the exceptional locations in Rio, include Petra Nemcova and Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana.

Check out the rest of the beautiful photos at VanityFair.It!

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adriana lima bare baby bump for pirelli calendar 01
adriana lima bare baby bump for pirelli calendar 02
adriana lima bare baby bump for pirelli calendar 03
adriana lima bare baby bump for pirelli calendar 04
adriana lima bare baby bump for pirelli calendar 05

Photos: Pirelli Calendar via Vanity Fair Italia
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  • Lola

    Pregnant or not pregnant, she is gorgeous.

  • Jess

    Miranda Kerr, eat your heart out.

  • James

    Most beautiful woman in the world, pregnant or not.

  • yes

    Come back and model when you are skinny again, nobody wants to see a preggo in a calendar. It’s not attractive.

  • Luce

    Best thing about Adriana she doesn’t go around harping on about drugged up babies, epidurals breastfeeding, answering the door in her knickers, her preferred method of hair removal, organic tampons, making her husband pee in a bottle, etc. She actually does put her family first, she moved to madrid to be with her husband, and then to Italy a year later, they now live in Miami so Valentina has more space to play and her family could have a better quality of life. She was a virgin until she married marco at the age of 27. Another little known fact about her, she gives money to the father that walked out on her and her 18yo mother when adriana was 6 months old, she wants her 2 half brothers to have a better childhood than she did and get a good education. She now sees her father regularly, not a lot of people would be that forgiving.

  • Lilly

    Probably the bump was just too big to be airbrushed.

  • Harry

    This woman always takes my breath away like no other can.

  • somali girl

    She is pretty. But that is just disgusting. I don’t want to a nasty prego belly gross. Shameless is what this celebrities are.

  • Sayer

    Pregnant chicks are everywhere. Love Lima, but why is this necessary?

    Ps. I thought it was Jessica Alba at first.

    Once again, why?

  • TheDudeAbides

    I’m not joking. Tuesday morning at 11:19 am, I dreamed that the front left Pirelli tire on my white 1981ish BMW3-way ride suddenly peeled off the rim after I had turned onto some country road in England. And then I got enough speed up to jam it into 3rd gear; while shoving the pedal to the metal. 3rd gear is where the fun always starts in a classic 1980s Alfetta.

  • Ummm…

    @somali girl: I think you should go back to Somalia. I’m sure it’s better for you to be there.

  • sym

    it’s unfair for one person to looks this gorgeous. gorgeous even while pregnant

  • ohno

    JJ Miranda is going to be pissed

  • ohno

    who does she think she is to have all this beauty?

  • huh?

    Why in the world would Miranda be “jealous” or “pissed”?
    Miranda is doing just fine.
    Adriana has her panty model career, and Miranda has her HF career. You can’t compare them.
    Oh, and to the delusional stalker @5.
    When Adriana stops selling out her family for pap set ups, then, and only then, can you claim that she is the special snowflake that you seem to think that she is.
    I guess that now we know which fanbase is attacking Miranda on this site. It’s not the jealous Orlando fans, it’s the bitter Adriana fans. Why bring up Miranda in this thread if you aren’t obsessed with her?

  • Sammy

    what a supermodel. This woman disappears from the face of this earth, and before u know it, she comes up with something as major as this. She is having a flawless year

  • Sammy

    @huh?: omg. Adriana fans where are u? some animal here is saying she calls the paps. Wow I betting u are a Miranda fan? You’ve got some nerve?

  • when is she due?

    she is more than 7 months along right?

  • ta

    She’s really gorgeous, but not a very talented model.
    When she isn’t putting on her ‘sexy face’, she doesn’t know what to do.
    She just looks lifeless and bored.

  • so

    @huh?: miranda has a high fashion career? Girl please.

  • ash

    my niece wants to be a model. she wants to have Adriana’s career. Famous, Rich, Tall, Sexy, Drop Dead Gorgeous.

  • no way

    @huh?: Adriana sells out her family for paps set ups? Are u fine? Isn’t that Miranda’s thing?

  • @so

    Well, what would you call walking the runways of Paris for some of the biggest names in HF, and appearing on the cover of numerous HF magazines?
    Adirana is a vey pretty, very successful commercial model, with one look. Miranda has commercial and HF appeal, and much more versatility. That’s why she is successful at both.

  • @22

    Adriana actually poses for family portraits for them.

  • how

    is it that Adriana Lima fans her kids or Miranda Kerr fans are stupid?
    Anyone with a functioning brain knows that Adriana has a better career than Kerr. They are just not in the same place. Miranda needs years of work to get to where Adriana is.

  • Kate

    @huh?: You rarely see adriana’s family, I do’t think I’ve seen a photo of Valentina or marko since november. She spends her time in Miami not LA. When she is photographed, she’s dressed casually and wears no makeup. Unlike Miranda who’s dressed up to the nines with a full face of makeup, styled hair see-through dresses and stilettos to go shopping! It’s obvious that she does not sell out her family to the paps, unlike your precious miranda who parades her baby around like an accessory. If she really wants to give Flynn the best start in life she should take a leaf out of Adriana’s book and spend time with orlando rather than dragging her poor baby on planes every few days (half the time long haul flights between the us and australia). Why would a woman so supposedly concerned about health want her child on planes so often with their radiation, germ, and noise levels. When does she take Flynn to the beach like Adriana and Doutzen do with their children? When does she take her son to the playground like Gisele does with hers? When does she interact with her child like Alessandra does with her kids? When does she even look at Flynn? She’s never looking at him, smiling at him, laughing, playing with him, she never has toys with her for him. She rarely interacts with him, despite see in pictures of this woman nearly every day since her son was born she never appears to be doing anything nice with him just carrying him and smiling for the paps. If she wasn’t prepared to put him first she should never have become a mother. All of her stupid comments about greeting people in her knickers, her sexlife, making orlando pee in a bottle, breastfeeding photos will be used to bully Flynn later in his life. She clearly knows nothing about nutrition either as she follows the blood type diet, it has been widely criticized by leading experts in the nutrition field due to its exclusion of certain food groups. Flynn spends a lot of time in Australia (he spent most of last summer there, xmas & new year, and was there quite a few times recently for weeks on end), and Miranda’s family are regularly seen in the us with them, but I’ve never seen him with any member of Orlando’s family and he has spent virtually no time (if any) in England. Putting her family before Orlando’s is selfish, and it must be very hurtful to all of Flynn’s relatives in England. The only person Miranda cares about is herself. Were it not for her pregnancy and shotgun wedding who knows whether Bloom would still be with her. They announced their engagement in June 2010, hastily married without telling even her beloved grandmother in July 2010, and Flynn was born less than 7 months after the engagement in January 2011 probably a bit overdue too as he weighed almost 10lbs. Seems very rushed to me, the actions of a man not fully committed trying to do the right thing for his unborn child. They appear to spend very little time together, only seeing each other ever few weeks. Miranda can preach as much as she likes about how to raise children like the expert that she is with only one child under the age of 2 that hasn’t tested her real parenting skills yet, but I think that she is a terrible mother. Adriana on the other hand seems like a wonderful mother, putting the needs of her child and husband before her own. We’ll just have to see who’s marriage lasts longer but my money’s on Marko and Adriana.

  • forbes

    something I found interesting.
    In forbes 100 MOST POWERFUL CELEBRITIES. ADRIANA and KATE and GISELE are the only models on the list. All 3 have been on the list more than once. Wow

  • JK

    Preggo is gross, not sexy I AM FROM AMERICA

  • ana

    Isabeli is so beautiful, but she is so boring!

  • alicia

    shes gorgeous! stunning and with no makeup also. saw her in LA, shes a natural beauty with the most amazing eyes i ever saw!

  • lima lima

    oh my! The Calendar this year is gonna be fantastic. U can’t have Adriana Lima and fail

  • haaa

    omg. Just seeing this…. So glad right now. GO ADRIANA!

  • prince

    how perfect can one girl be?

  • @26

    Wow. Someone is off her meds again.
    Do you delphites ever get tired of spreading lies?
    No, of course not. That’s what you live for.
    So keep on hating. Miranda, Adriana, Ale, etc., will all go on living their wonderful, happy lives. While you remain all alone, wallowing in darkness. LOL!

  • minah

    Uhh I had no idea she was pregnant again. Where the hell have I been?

    Adriana looks great no matter what. She’d probably look fabulous even wearing a paper bag.