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Daniel Craig: 'Skyfall' Motorcycle Pic!

Daniel Craig: 'Skyfall' Motorcycle Pic!

Daniel Craig zooms through the street on a motorcycle in this new image from the upcoming James Bond flick, Skyfall.

The 44-year-old actor used a Honda CRF250R motorcycle in the scene, which was specially modified for the movie, in theaters November 9.

A partnership between Honda and the film was released in conjunction with the Bond in Motion exhibition designed to celebrate Bond vehicles from the past 50 years at motor museum Beaulieu in the UK.

“We like to try and do things differently at Honda, including finding innovative, yet relevant ways to showcase our diverse products, whilst also really engaging with our customers,” Honda corporate communications manager Fiona Cole said. “It’s great to not only have Honda machines chosen as the choice of Bond, but also to be working with such a longstanding film franchise.”

Bigger pic inside…

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daniel craig new skyfall image

Photos: MGM
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  • Bela


  • Elle

    Honestly, I like a motorcycle in QOS better.

  • Lilly

    A little bit of The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo style :> Awesome!!

  • Monica

    It’s 100 days until Skyfall is out… soo excited!

  • Behind the times

    “We like to try and do things differently at Honda, including finding innovative, yet relevant ways to showcase our diverse products, whilst also really engaging with our customers,” Honda corporate communications manager Fiona Cole said. “It’s great to not only have Honda machines chosen as the choice of Bond, but also to be working with such a longstanding film franchise.”
    But, holy roller, they are antediluvian!

  • to Lilly

    A little bit of The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo style :> Awesome!!
    Yeah, a bit of Ducati and Kawasaki as well…

  • Marilyn

    Bond’s motorcycle reminds me the communistic era.

  • Mike
  • Ana

    Honda has a motocross racing bike image to me. This one looks like a delivery bike. I like it though.

  • Guinness

    What bike?

    Damn–to be Dan. what a trip. ho hum.
    hi Fio.
    And Mendel–do you see a powerful tool between Dan’s legs? waaa-hoo!

  • Amy
  • Amy
  • Rie

    I think it looks gr8. On bad roads this bike really comes into its own.
    The Honda CRF250R is considered one of the best bikes on the market. It’s got a pedigree unlike any other, as evidenced by its long history of racing success. It made its debut in 2004 and took its first-ever AMA Supercross win early in the season. Two years after that, Honda Red Bull Racing’s Davi Millsaps rode it to the 2006 Supercross Lites East Championship. In 2008, GEICO Powersports Honda rookie Trey Canard rode all the way to a Supercross Lites East Championship, and in 2009 Ashley Fiolek notched her second consecutive AMA/WMA Women’s Motocross Championship. The common denominator with all those wins is that all the riders rode a CRF250R.
    Thank god, Daniel’s able to handle the hard machine well!

  • jafrum

    That’s a nice motorcycle. I will definitely watch this movie.

  • a

    Am i the only 16 year old out there who has a crush on him??? O.o XDDDDDDDD <3

  • Fio

    Hi, Guinness
    “do you see a powerful tool between Dan’s legs?”
    Yeah, of course! Daniel has a 100 horsepower engine betweem his legs. lol
    to Rie
    Honda is using the most advanced technology. Large-size luxury models selling for around two million yen are the specialties of Harley-Davidson of the United States and BMW of Germany. But my uncle had Kawasaki z900 (I don’t know whether he was inspired by The Spy Who Loved Me), didn’t carry a bomb, tho… :)

  • Fio

    ‘Skyfall’: Daniel Craig Turns James Bond into a Hell’s Angel
    What do you think about when you think “James Bond?” As vivid as the character is, there have been so many movies and so many different Bonds that there are bound to be a variety of images borne by the character among his boundless fan base. To some, Skyfall should seem like an epitomic Bond adventure. Judging by the trailer and the poster, the movie seems sleek, metallic, high-flying, almost futuristic and fantastical. But for those to whom Agent 007 will always be more of a down-and-dirty soldier, Skyfall won’t disappoint.

    Pictured below, courtesy of E!, is Daniel Craig as Bond, propped atop a motorcycle, coursing through the streets of what appears to be Turkey. He upholds both airs of Bond here: he’s clad in a freshly pressed suit while simultaneously (somehow) handling a beat up motorbike. So maybe it’s not the metallic gray digs that identify Bond, nor the dingy high-risk vehicle. Maybe it’s the fact that he can manage both at the same time. That’s a Bond we can all agree upon.

    Catch Skyfall in theaters November 9.

  • Davidson

    ‘Skyfall’: Daniel Craig Turns James Bond into a Hell’s Angel
    Then it must be definitely Harley Davidson.

  • Crush On

    Am i the only 16 year old out there who has a crush on him??? O.o XDDDDDDDD <3
    if Dan drove a pink bicycle….

  • to Ana

    Honda has a motocross racing bike image to me. This one looks like a delivery bike. I like it though.
    I had a dream a month ago, Daniel dressed in this elegant suit, around him many guys driving sport bikes like Suzuki GSX-R, Suzuki Hayabusa, Cagiva, Yamaha, etc.. it was Motorcycle Racing and in real Daniel and Ola Rapace drove these “bikes” in the end.

  • bissgirl

    Never mind the bike, what a gorgeous man

  • Amy

    Daniela G ‏@nangarist
    Just saw Rachael Weisz and Daniel Craig. Almost said ‘I work for your baby daddy’.

  • Fio
  • Fio

    “Skyfall (Domestic Imax trailer #1) Running Time: 2:30″

    Patrick |: Just saw the new ‪#skyfall‬ trailer. HOLY F*CK.

    Patrick |: @JamesBondBR In the cinema in Ireland. ‪#weakattheknees‬

  • Fio

    (VIDEO) Exclusive: Bond’s DB5 is back!
    First footage of the all-time great Aston from new film Skyfall
    The white underwater Lotus Esprit. That awesome one-off Toyota 2000 GT. The BMW Z8. Goldfinger’s Rolls Royce Phantom. The Renault 11 taxi that was cut in half. The tuk-tuk.

    Fine vehicles one and all, but really, when you’re talking Bond, you’re talking Aston Martin. Specifically, the peerless 1963 Aston Martin DB5. You know, the one with the pop-up bulletproof rear screen, ejector seat, oil-slick button and Cold War ice maiden in the passenger seat.

    Well, it’s good news ahead of new Bond blockbuster Skyfall, as the Aston DB5 is once again BACK. It had disappeared briefly during the Pierce Brosnan era, but since Daniel Craig’s more sinister Bond won it in a card game in Casino Royale, it’s been as important a cameo as martinis, elaborate torture and puntastic female names.

    And here – only on – is the first ever footage released of the car from Skyfall. Not too much is revealed, but director Sam Mendes does say: “there’s something about the last part of the movie which deliberately, and consciously, could have taken place in 1962.”

    Skyfall is out in the UK from 26 October, starring Daniel Craig and Judi Dench (obviously), as well as Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Berenice Marlohe, Naomie Harris and Albert Finney. And we’re looking forward to it.

    We’ll have a few more exclusives for you in the coming weeks. In the meantime, following a heated morning debate at Top Gear HQ, let us know your favourite Bond car moments in the handy space below…

  • Fio
  • Fio

    ‘The Girl Who Played with Fire’ coming!! :)
    But Fincher may not return :(

    Columbia Promises Sequels to ‘21 Jump Street,’ ‘Men in Black 3,’ and ‘Dragon Tattoo’; ‘Jumanji’ Reboot Coming
    and are “pushing ahead” to make The Girl Who Played with Fire. That project’s been in such a weird spot; Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig are expected to return, while Steve Zaillian has already written the script for that and its sequel — but, yet, there’s no word on David Fincher. I sort of suspect a busy lineup just won’t let him return, and that MGM having “severely altered their plans” for the rest of the series would call for someone with a lower salary. Just as I’ll be a viewer with lower investment. Look out!

  • Amy


    Jay Leno ‏@jayleno
    Daniel Craig gave Rachel Weisz a car. Jay Leno gave her a fire extinguisher.

  • ol’wisecracked

    There’s a reason why Jay gave Rachel a fire extinguisher -Jay knows his cars! Its a beautiful car (beautiful gift!!), but loads of problems.
    My Uncle -a physician, had a similar car like that. Constantly fixing it -in the shop, and the engine does somewhat overheat -kinda reminded me of a Pinto’.
    I hope that Dan did some research/checked and restored this car with a better engine for Rachel’s sake.

  • to ol’wisecracked

    Every joke is lost upon you.

  • ol’wisecracked

    @ #30

    ‘It’s a goofy combination of carburetors and smog. Just keep this in the back seat of your car.’ ~Jay Leno

    It’s called SAFETY! It wasn’t a JOKE that Jay gave her a fire extinguisher. He was being a gentleman and KIND enough for looking out for her -especially driving that car

    Geeze, you really don’t know much about cars do you…especially from the 1970s

    Jokes on YOU!

  • to ol’wisecracked

    Relax. Don’t take it seriously, it’s nothing but a joke. He would hand a fire extinguisher in a dressing room if he really worried about it. Apparently he tried to make her/audience laugh by saying a joke on the stage.

  • ol’wisecracked

    @ #32

    yeah…I do need to relax, thanks! :)

    I have this huge speech project to give this Tuesday at the Univ. NOT looking forward to it…yeesch! Been stressed out since last Thurs. ‘:(

    I <3 <3 Daniel and Rachel

    Have a safe and wonderful week…I'm outta here to get on with that speech! Wish me luck to make everyone laugh :D just like Jay

  • Fio

    Daniel pretends to be tough Bond … I had to do all my own stunts in the Bourne movie Says Rachel Weisz
    She reckons SHE is the real action hero in their family because she does her own stunts in new movie The Bourne Legacy.

    Rachel stars alongside American Jeremy Renner who playssecret agent Aaron Cross. His rugged looks have drawn comparisons with her Bond star husband.

    Rachel said: “The similarities are that Daniel and Jeremy are extremely good actors — proper actors.

    “Are they two tough guys? I suppose they pretend to be.

    “In Bourne films, the policy is you do your own stunts and that kind of realism heightens your appreciation of the story.

    “I found all the physical work quite scary and exciting at the same time — it toughens you up.
    “There was a great deal of running and lots of stunt work I didn’t expect to do. You feel like you can handle yourself in difficult situations after doing a film like this one.”

    Rachel married Daniel in June last year. They live in New York with her son Henry, six, from her previous relationship with director Darren Aronofsky.

    The London-born actress, 42 — whose other films include About A Boy, Lovely Bones and The Mummy Returns — says they love living in the Big Apple because it allows them to keep a low profile far from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

    In fact, she reckons the two of them are rarely recognised when they are going about their daily lives.
    She said: “I’ve never had to worry too much about that. With Daniel, it’s just a matter of putting on a hat.

    “You try to walk quickly and go about your business. Living in New York makes it much easier.”

    She also avoids the parties associated with the traditional A-lister lifestyle. The actress said: “I’ve never been one to go to loud clubs or trendy restaurants.

    “And as a mum, you want to put your child to bed then take a nice hot bath because you’re generally exhausted from your day.”

    Rachel is still amazed by how her son Henry has transformed her life. She said: “Being a mum gives your life an entire new structure and beautiful sense of responsibility.
    “You suddenly realise that you don’t have the luxury of being lazy any more and you become ruthlessly efficient with your time as a result.

    “You also don’t have time to worry about lots of silly and selfish things.

    “So all that focus has helped me in my life generally. Your world changes irrevocably once you begin raising a child. Even though it can be hard work, it fills you with so much joy.

    “I love listening to everything Henry says, especially what he tells me about his day at school or some odd observation only children will make.”

    And she knows just how lucky she is to have a job that allows her to work on a film for a short period, then spend time at home being a full-time mum.

    Rachel said: “I speak to mums at my son’s school who are lawyers or bankers or who work for Facebook — and they struggle as much as I do.

    “I think to be a full-time working mother just is a struggle. I’m lucky in that I work intensively but then I’m off. I am taking a few months off now. Some mums have to leave at six in the morning and come home at seven at night and they are working most of the year.

    “But I have stretches at a time where I’m not working. Having a child does affect the kinds of projects you choose and how often you work.

    “You don’t want to do films back to back or to work while your partner is doing a film.”

    Mum or not, Rachel is chuffed that, now she has The Bourne Legacy under her belt, she is also a certified action hero just like her husband.

    Allstar Rachel plays scientist Marta Shearing in the fourth instalment of the Bourne franchise — the first without Matt Damon as the title character. The film opens here on August 13.
    Speaking about her role, Rachel said: “I like being a strong female. Marta is not just a damsel-in-distress figure. She has a vital role in the scheme of things.

    “And there are many interesting levels to the story that made me want to be a part of it.”

    Despite all the action scenes and stunts, Rachel was not put under any pressure to buff up for the role. She said: “They didn’t ask me to get into shape. They took me as I came. I’m quite fit and I can run but I didn’t have to get into extra shape for it.

    “I’m not Lara Croft. I didn’t have to be all biceps. I can climb trees and run and jump. I’m not too girlie.”

    The action flick comes in a career which has featured everything from edgy political dramas such as The Constant Gardener to romcoms including Definitely, Maybe.

    Rachel recently finished filming a Wizard Of Oz prequel called Oz: The Great And Powerful, in which she plays the Wicked Witch Of The East.

    She admitted: “I like to mix things up.
    It’s always more interesting to throw yourself into different kinds of stories.

    “After I had my baby boy I was in a mood where I only wanted to play in romantic comedies.

    “I was in this carefree and light spirit. Then I did some dramas and so on, which suited me better.

    “I think. in general. I’m more fearless, personally and professionally, at this point in my life.”

    She admits that finding this inner clarity and focus took her a long time. Rachel said: “I was a bit of a mess, as any young woman is approaching her twenties.

    “I was shy and didn’t feel very comfortable with attention from guys.”

    The star also admits that she struggled for years to really feel she was allowed to enjoy a career that her father loathed.

    Dad George, an inventor, and mum Edith, a psychotherapist, were initially furious when their Cambridge-educated daughter announced she wanted to act.

    She revealed: “My father hated the idea. He was a very harsh critic. He didn’t think I should be acting because he thought I wasn’t good enough.

    “So in some ways I’ve felt rather guilty about my profession.

    “It’s actually come quite easily to me and that feeds my natural inclination towards guilt and self-examination.

    “But I think my parents were both relieved once I began to enjoy some success and they saw how much I loved acting.”

    However, she admits she is still not wholly at ease with how well her life and career seem to be going.

    She said: “It makes me vaguely uncomfortable that everything has worked out so well. I’m not confident with compliments and high praise.

    “It makes me wonder whether I’ve really done anything to deserve such attention and approval.”

  • Lucy


    Be careful with the Sun, they are known for lying about doing interviews with people. if you read the article carefully, you can see that they have lifted other quotes from Rachel from other interviews and pieced them together. Some of the stuff might also be fake as well.

  • Fio

    to Lucy
    Yeah, the Sun ‘stole’ quotes from the Empire magazine :)
    She said, “I suppose you just don’t turn up to places with red carpets,” she told Empire magazine. “Now and again [press intrusion is an issue]. Sometimes you don’t know they’re there. You don’t find out until later. I just think there certain places, there are certain restaurants in New York where there will be photographers, so any celebrity who goes there will know that. I would assume they want to be photographed when they go there. So I just don’t go there.”

  • Lucy


    That’s the sun for you and not only would they steal quotes, they rewrite them as well to suit their needs. if you look at the interview, there are no questions asked, that’s how you know that its also fake. Why would she give up answers if there are no questions asked.

    The bad thing is some web sites are falling for it.

  • Fio

    (Google Translation)
    James Bond’s latest film shot during the 5 days stayed SkyFall’un bays of Fethiye and the film’s starring actor Daniel Graig fans, is coming to Fethiye again for vacation in May 2013.
    Daniel Graig, James Bond series film shot during the residency Yacht Classic Hotel in Fethiye and signed photograph 2 months after the film’s original images I sent a note. As long as the atmosphere of the place, eats the food taste and unique bays of Fethiye beauty of this unforgettable holiday you very much for mentioning that the hotel and the team said.

    Classic Yacht Hotel officials, Daniel Craig stated prefer seafood and Mediterranean cuisine.

    Daniel Craig as manager of the hotel suite where the meeting with the month of May 2013, and also learned that his five-room reservation. Four days after the actor was staying in the hotel the hotel’s marina berthing bays will visit a private gulet from Fethiye Gocek said.

    Yacht of the world that come between James Bond Hotel Classic Hotel officials of a growing interest in the rather confused. Experiencing strong demand from customers to the British plant, 007 James Bond Penthouse suites are filled to the 2014 season, he said. Forced to respond to the demand of the growing interest in the hotel restaurant is quite satisfied with the marina.

  • Fio

    So Daniel STILL was in America yesterday. I thought he already was in London, and have rehearsed for the Olympics Opening Ceremony this week. It means he won’t attend the opening ceremony? I don’t care whether he does the stunts himself, but I hope he will be there!! Oh well, I’m still looking forward to seeing the short film, ‘The Arrival’, directed by Danny Boyle, tho…

  • Fio
  • Fio

    Pyrrha: Apparently Rachel Weisz gave Daniel Craig our Love Conquers All for his birthday in March. Be 1st to find a pic and win the necklace.

  • Julia

    Daniel gave Rachel a 1978 Jaguar.
    Rachel gave Daniel the Love Conquers All necklace.
    Just Saying.

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness

    “And Mendel–do you see a powerful tool between Dan’s legs? waaa-hoo!”

    Va Va Vrooooom!

    to Fio

    “Yeah, of course! Daniel has a 100 horsepower engine betweem his legs. lol”


    “So Daniel STILL was in America yesterday. I thought he already was in London, and have rehearsed for the Olympics Opening Ceremony this week. It means he won’t attend the opening ceremony?”

    Well, the papers still talk about him being there tomorrow (or rather today, since it’s already midnight here):

    I shall be glued to the TV :) (just in case…)

    Hope he shaves off that P0rnstache though…

  • Fio

    Daniel is here! YAY! :)

  • Fio

    Jordan Blenheim: Waiting with Daniel Craig at Heathrow, 25 mins till we leave #imout

  • Mendel

    Brilliant! Did you see it?

    Dan looked soooo hot :)

    And very nice corgis, too *grin*

    Still watching the ceremony…