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Sam Claflin: Finnick Odair in 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire'?

Sam Claflin: Finnick Odair in 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire'?

Sam Claflin has reportedly been offered the pivotal role of Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

The 26-year-old actor, who recently starred opposite Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman, is being lined up for the role, according to Variety.

Finnick is the youngest person to have won the Hunger Games and is not trusted by Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) until he (SPOILER!) saves Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) after he runs into a force field during the Quarter Quell.

Oscar winner Melissa Leo is the frontrunner for the role of Mags, while Emmy winner Tony Shalhoub is being courted for the role of Beetee.

It was recently announced that Amanda Plummer landed the role of Wiress and that Philip Seymour Hoffman will play Plutarch Heavensbee.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Sam Claflin as Finnick in Catching Fire?

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58 Responses to “Sam Claflin: Finnick Odair in 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire'?”

  1. 1
    n Says:

    melissa leo is a bit young to be mags, isn’t she?

  2. 2
    Lia ESP Says:

    I want Armie Hammer for Finnick.

  3. 3
    Kirsten Says:

    NO WAY! I was hoping GARRETT HEDLUNG could be Finnick!!!:(
    OH WELL…

  4. 4
    kiki Says:

    meryl streep for mags!

    i liked sam in pirates of the Caribbean and SWATH but not sure of him as Finnick. maybe i’ll be convinced after seeing clips.

  5. 5
    Heather Says:

    No way!! I knew I’d be disappointed in anyone other than Trevor Donovan being cast as Finnick, but this choice is a HUGE mistake, not disappointment!

  6. 6
    Ita Says:

    they would never cast an 80yrs old actress and put her in the middle of the florest to do action. was obvious they would choose someone younger. its a lot easier to make someone look older than the other way around so i think its a great choice. she is an amazing actress.

  7. 7
    Scudder Says:

    I knew more than anything else it was going to be a foreign actor. It’s an epedemic!

  8. 8
    Anna Says:


  9. 9
    Namb Says:

    Sam clafin has the best agent in the world POTC, SWATH, and now CF! but a refuse tho believe he was the most charming guy that auditioned. i mean he was so meh on his movies i dont even remember him and neither of the critics even bother to metion his acting presence. i think its a mistake he is very band for finnick! Melissa e Tony are great choices.

  10. 10
    nooo! Says:

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!! orlando borelando 2.0. God the casting directors are getting over their head. they were going well with PSH and Amanda but now sam ridiculous clafin?! WTF!!!!

  11. 11
    kekwd Says:

    Wtf finnick doesn’t save peeta from drowning, he gives peeta CPR because he gets electrocuted by a forcefield. Jared needs to get his facts straight all it takes a simple Wikipedia search -.-

  12. 12
    Nicole Says:

    I never thought of him as a choice, but he was a great addition to PotC, so I am happy if he gets the role! At least he’s got talent!

  13. 13
    rio Says:

    i always pictures michael emerson as beete but he is busy with his series so i guess tony its good too. Melissa its an amazing actress but no sure on mags and for finninck i think jesse williams would be perfect but kind unlike.

  14. 14
    Dean Says:

    a britsh for finnick?! how predictible lionsgate.

  15. 15
    Krapi Says:

    Yeah like a British actor for Batman and Spiderman. lol It doesn’t matter where the actor is from just as long as they have the talent.

    Go Sam Caflin if it’s true!

  16. 16
    Ann Says:

    Sam Clafin as Finnick is good as Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. I love Josh but i never gonna see him as peeta at least not for Jennifer Lawrence/Katniss. People are gonna be disapointed with the beach scene because he doesnt pair well with her and will be even worse when he tries to strangle her in mockinjay. Sorry Sam isnt Finnick Odair!

  17. 17
    Jessica Says:

    Sam is perfect for Finnick! I support him 100%

  18. 18
    Sabrina Says:

    Oh no God, please, that is a joke, right ?! Can’t believe, you got to be kinding me. Oh Lord, nope…

  19. 19
    shannon Says:

    Sam isn’t even close to hot enough to be Finnick Odair. That’s the worst casting they’ve done so far.

    Tony Shaloub would be great though!

  20. 20
    @Krapi Says:

    the problem isnt the country he is from its the stereotype. Finnick suppose to be tall, strong, tan, stronger and Claflin is the classic british men: skinny, pale, not very tall…

  21. 21
    Gush Says:

    i think the charm is more important for finnick than the looks so if an actor is able to play that doesnt really matter his looks. i dont know about Sam, his caracters in POTC and SWATH are totally differents so its hard to compare. he isnt the most beautiful finnick but he isnt bad either.lets wait and see.

  22. 22
    Stars Says:

    i just hope he knows where is getting into. i mean there are millions of fans that will crush him if he messed up this beloved character. so he better star working out a lot to gain weight and some sun because he cant be pale!

  23. 23
    Alisha Says:

    @n: that’s were make-up does its magic.

  24. 24
    shar Says:


  25. 25
    Alisha Says:

    I don’t think he has the Finnick look, you know what I mean?

  26. 26

    CLAFLIN has always been my hubby! i have always loved him and nw as finnick its even better! may his career keep on rising! sad thing is thou that i will have to share him with a million other people especially those wh are hating on him right now!

  27. 27
    montanaskies1 Says:

    which make me believe this is fake. he didnt save him from drowning, he gave him cpr. there was the point where he swam out to get peeta at the cornucopia but he wasn’t drowning.

  28. 28
    cece Says:

    nooooooo i wanted hunter parrish he would be the perfect finnick.
    this guy does NOT look like finnick

  29. 29
    Katie Says:

    Absolute fail. Jesse Williams would have been perfection.

  30. 30
    MJ Says:

    Catching Fire producers really missed a great opportunity – should’ve found a way to make it work with Armie Hammer’s schedule.

  31. 31
    sarah Says:

    UH NO !! i want joey graceffa to be finnick!

  32. 32
    Courtney Says:

    YES!!! I hope he gets it! He’s exactly who I wanted to play Finnick and I think he’s perfect!

  33. 33
    Jane Doe Says:

    Hell no! Finnick Odair can only be portrayed by Armie Hammer. THE END.

  34. 34
    mrsmellark98 Says:

    @Kirsten<@n: She is, she’s only 51, mags is 84, they better have some good aging makeup.

  35. 35
    Nana Says:

    This actor just doesn’t look the part!

    we need Jensen Ackles on the big screen <3 <3 <3

  36. 36
    Kelly Says:

    This disappoints me. In the books, Finnick is described to be one of the best looking male specimens of the districts. He also is supposed to carry a charisma and sex appeal which Sam Claflin does NOT. Poor choice, casting directors. I think you can do wayyyyyy better

  37. 37
    Carla Says:

    Hope this isn’t a rumor. I’d love him as Finnick. Not gonna lie, it’s a bit unexpected but I think it’ll work brilliantly! I mean, everyone is saying Alex Pettyfer, Garrett Hedlund, Armie Hammer etc etc… Sam could surprise us! Also, I did not expect Jennifer Lawrence or Josh Hutcherson to be cast as Katniss and Peeta but in the end they did an amazing job. So I hope Sam is cast.

  38. 38
    dolly Says:

    I’m not happy, but I’m not really angry either. After all, he’s only short listed, so I don’t want to become irrational just yet. Personally I don’t find him attractive, so if he will be casted, it will be a bit of a disappointment for me. Especially when I think of so many others that would be amazing for Finnick…

  39. 39
    Kristen Says:

    YES YES YES…he is awesome! And amazing actor! I am sure he is going to do a great work, like he did in SWATH and POTC!!!

  40. 40
    the truth Says:

    Two words: Hunter Parrish

    BUT he could surprise everyone..

  41. 41
    Icha Says:

    Yes! Honestly, he’s the closest to how I imagined Finnick. Somehow he has that classy seductive look to him, but I can picture him vulnerable and weak as well. But anyway they could pick anyone and they’d still be unable to satisfy 100 percent of the fans. Some even demanded Zac Efron for the role…hottest guy in Panem…what?

  42. 42
    Cece Says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t see him when I think of Finnick–wasn’t Jesse Williams mentioned before? Now Jesse is exactly the way I imagined Finnick.

  43. 43
    Spidy Says:

    Alex Pettyfer, that’s all i’m going to said. If he was Finnick, every fangirl would freaking die in the movie theater

  44. 44
    Susie Says:

    He’s too forgettable looking to play Finnick.

  45. 45
    Carla Says:


  46. 46
    Astro Says:

    I knew they’d never pick an actor who was actually has good-looking and buff as Finnick is. I guess it’s too hard to find an actor who has the acting ability for this difficult role AND a perfect face and body.

  47. 47
    Cailet Says:

    I totally think that Luke Mitchell would be a better Finnick!

  48. 48
    ally Says:

    @Kirsten: I think that he is a great person to play finnick. Go garrett hedlung!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. 49
    ally Says:

    im sorry but Sigourney Weaver is a great part for coin! i mean im dead serious! i know its completley off topic!

  50. 50
    HEY HEY HEY Says:

    PICK SOMEONE ELSE!!! He does not look like Finnick

  51. 51
    Judgeandjury Says:

    The finnik omari charm is inside. Its the charisma he oozes as for this choice in sam, you see it through his eyes… He’s got it written all over him. The man is going to smash hit out the ballpark! Get ready for Claflin mania…

  52. 52
    Cavalin Says:

    Welp… that does it. Really hope it isn’t true, but hey, who knows. I won’t say that I love the guy… but it’s not his fault :P Blame Lionsgate.

  53. 53
    lizb Says:

    I don’t know how much stock I put in this report. Since they went with an actual old lady to play Mags, and not Melissa Leo or even someone in her age range…I will wait til they post it on the Hunger Games fb page.

  54. 54
    Michele durkan Says:

    Sam ciaflin is the absolute worst choice for Finnick. Everyone should resoundingly complain that this will ruin the remaining Hunger Games movies. Anyone who has read the books knows this and anyone seeing the movie seeing what the character Finnick does will see it. Sam is too frail, not nearly muscular enough. Finnick is also supposed to be so incredibly handsome – I mean extremely desirable. Come on casting director – do your job!!!!!!!

  55. 55
    starlet Says:

    oh my god noooooo finnick has to be gorg and tbh hes is not help!!like come on !!! finnick is the most gorgeouse boy in panem and this fool like omfg gale (liam) is wayyy beter looking than him so thats gonna be dumm hair dye and contacts can only go soo far !!!!!!!!!!!!!! afghfshwgfdhedghegdyeyhdgehdgehdgehgdeuw

  56. 56
    zoi Says:


  57. 57
    zoi Says:


  58. 58
    Tracey Says:

    Finnick is supposed to be gorgeous, tan, and buff. Claflin is only mildly attractive , scrawny, and pasty. He is not what everyone desires as described in the book. How can anyone even notice him when Gloss is asgorgeous as he is. Terrible.

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