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Tom Cruise & Suri: Daddy Daughter Day!

Tom Cruise & Suri: Daddy Daughter Day!

Tom Cruise holds tight to his daughter Suri as the two head to the car while spending a daddy-daughter day on Tuesday (July 17) in New York City..

The 50-year-old recently divorced actor and his 6-year-old little one were spotted out together earlier in the day on their way back to Tom‘s hotel.

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Tom has been hard at work lately filming a sci-fi flick called Oblivion.

FYI: Suri is holding her favorite Little G from Little Giraffe!

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and Suri enjoying some daddy-daughter time together…

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  • Alexis


    Vivienne is not the same age as Suri. You must be crazy

  • Love The Shoes

    @Owen: Just thinking the same thing Owen. Suri is almost clinging to him like “where have you been?!”

  • Alexis

    You’re a little change … Go take your meds.
    I do not insult the girl. It really is huge and old to be transported.

  • Annita

    Celebrities and their are problems that involve everyone … Comedy!

  • Luna


    I was wrong. I meant “@mt”

  • mt

    @Luna: i wasn’t insulting a child tho’. and ‘off my meds’? because i dont want to talk bad about a kid? yeah maybe i am crazy.

    PS- dont have children

  • Shame on you…


  • Shame on you…


  • Stinker

    @lexy hates bilson:

    Baloney. Shes an overly pampered and indulged brat created by her bimbo mom and weird dad. She is quite likely to have issues/and/or has some kind of autism

    Other celebrity kids dont act they way she does.

  • SLS


    I agree. Tom wanted to show how good a dad he is. Otherwise, there is no reason why he could pick her up in the underground parking lot. Tom is always aware of his audience!

  • Hamlet

    Quit psychoanalyzing people you’ve never met and telling others how to raise their kids, #14.

    There are tons of them already and you know it, #15.

    Exactly, #19.

    She doesn’t have regular temper tantrums as you keep exaggerating, #37? What weird faces and tics and unusual behavior? So what if she’s seen eating sweet treats?

    You don’t know where this is, #38.

    Advanced how, #41? You’ve never met this girl!

    What is ‘unbalanced’ about any of them, #43?

    You don’t know where they are, #47.

    You don’t know how she acts nor how she is raised since you’ve never met her, #66.

    You also don’t know where they are, #67.

  • annie

    For all you people who go on about suri , go to 249 paps .com . on you tube ..Suri feeding the sheep at the zoo.
    there are 2 videos of this.
    One video starts when they arrive,( madness) the other one, when they are in the zoo.
    The part wher suri is feeding the sheep, and is talking so animatedly to her mother, sharing the food with other kids, is so delightful, and you lot should honestly be ashamed on yourselves.
    This little girl is so gorgeous, and i say gorgeous because she really is, and away from the paps just like any other little.
    What struck me in the video was how attentive Katie was to her daughter, and if any of you are parents you would notice.
    Suri is an innocent little girl, and all katie was doing was fixing her dress all the time, so that the paps wouldn’t take any pics they shouldn’t, and all through the video she’s taking things out of suri’s hair, and touching her child continuously.
    I don’t doubt for one minute that tom loves Suri very much, but what puzzles me a bit, is the fact that all Toms family have become scientologists, his sisters, his mother, his other 2 kids, even his lawyer , i believe is a scie as well, so for me…..really this is something very puzzling.
    Katie had to be a full scientoligist too ,and that’s it, so how is Tom dealing with his very own flesh and blood little girl, not being brought up in something he feels so passionate , or may I say fanatical about.
    Whether it’s talk back radio, magazines, tv, people in supermakets, or being interviewed in the street about the breakup ….all say the same thing, Katie has SECRETS!
    How does a man like TC with such infuence and power, not get 50/50 custody with Suri…..he did with Bella and Connor.
    Unless, he still loves Katie, and wants her back, so he did this to please her which I doubt, since on one site, she is no longer reffered to as Katie , but Suri’s mother now.
    Na.. there is more to this than we will ever know.!

  • Just my opinion

    #69 – Annie – All of Cruise’s family are Scientologists because I believe they are all on his payroll. He is their boss and brother. The line is blurred because they are family. Katie could NEVER be as close to Cruise as his sisters or Mother and the fact that she is wife no.3. I think when she married Cruise she was indoctrinated slowly into Scientology so she probably thought “what is the big deal?, I can do this.” In the beginning you see Katie shopping and shopping at Barney’s and dressing like a “grown up” but appeared awkward and out of place. She looked like she was playing the role of a grown up. I think when Cruise first became wealthy he shared his wealth with his mother and sisters and then put them on his payroll. They probably already went through the “spend and splurge phase” that we saw Katie go through when she hooked up with Cruise. There are pictures of her pregnant and shopping to her heart’s delight at Barney’s in Beverly Hills, Maxfields, Sax Fifth Avenue, etc. In November 2007, you can see her shopping in Paris, New York, Beverly Hills, etc. They (the Church of Scientology) probably slowly began to indoctrinate her and then demanded she attend more meetings, etc. I think that is when Katie decided to move to New York to appear in the Broadway play All My Sons (July 2008 thru Jan 2009). The previews began in September and the debut was early Oct thru Jan 2009. I think the motivation behind moving to New York was to get away from the Beverly Hills mansion because some of Cruise’s sisters and his mother live in that house with them and they probably have a lot of Scientology meetings there and little privacy. Instead of Katie being the lady of the manor I think Tom’s sister Cass is the lady of the manor. She is also the one that homeschooled Connor and Isabella.

  • Birds

    She hates the paparazzi

  • Just my opinion

    I like the fact that we didn’t see Cruise parading Suri all day and night on the streets of New York. Instead he brought her over, spent time with her and then didn’t want to interrupt her regularly scheduled gymnastic classes and took her to her classes and then I think back to his hotel. I believe he will have her a few days. I am sure her former nannies and Tom’s sisters and Mom want to spend time with her so they prepared things to do with Suri indoors. I think when Cruise’s time is up it will be very emotional for Suri to return to Katie. Most little girls tend to be close to their daddies especially those that are pampered.

  • annie

    @just my opinion
    Can’t agree with this one, Katie was – is still his wife, of course he loves his mother his sisters, but Katie and Suri should have come first. I think in the beginning Katie didn’t mind a lot of things, but slowly over time things changed.
    She was very much in love with Tom, I remember at the MI3 premiere, she was holding him, and was still kissing him, and on his neck , I remember it so clearly. O bviously something went wrong- somewhere.
    I agree that maybe Katie felt that she should be more grown up, she was in a different world, a world far removed from her own.
    She lost herself, she really did , and as a longtime fan , I didn’t know who she was either, because she started looking so different and not in a good way
    , Katie started to get unrecognisable to me, at times, she looked so drawn, always thought around 2008-2009 she had depression , I think a lot of people thought that something was up with her, but of course you can only guess at these things.
    But I do feel sorry that things went wrong , whatever they were, and they are in this place now.
    I remember her happiness, or her infatuation, or whatever it was, but I also saw her sadness.
    With Tom, I hope what we saw was real, I believe it was, although a lot of people think it wasn’t, and I find that quite sad in a way.
    I think around the time of the Morton book, the Scie video, and few other things, it kind of went downhill from there, maybe i’m wrong.
    Also maybe as Suri was growing Katie did things , the Scie way, like potty training , the bottle, and stuff , maybe that direction wasn’t her choice deep down, who knows, and was getting flack for it everyday.
    I remember in interviews , she used to talk about her sisters potty training their kids, and how busy they were, when she used to ring them up for a chat, and how she identified with them when she had Suri.
    Lot of unanwered questions really, but we”ll never really know, although you can tell a little bit through interviews and little things, and later on down the track , you see , why she said what she said at the time, or even maybe things she wasn’t saying anymore.
    My cousin married a man 18yrs older than her , lasted 2yrs, she didn’t listen to absolutely nobody, when they told her things, so i can see what happened to Katie.

  • mt

    @Alexis: i was referring to shiloh and suri.. not Vivienne.

  • Sol

    I wonder if they explained to suri that they were famous and that people would want pics from them always.I see other Hollywood children and they really seemed accustomed towards paparazzi .
    Maybe now with a more stable life she can cope with the fact that she will be photographed everytime she steps foot on the streets, just as Diana’s boys did.

  • hihihi

    watch the video, and you’ll understand why he is carrying her.

    scary. poor little girl :(

  • Katelyn

    just as Russell explained I cannot believe that a student able to earn $4282 in one month on the computer. did you look at this web page (Click on menu Home more information)

  • Kari

    Bottom line…this poor child looks miserable. So sad.

  • mimi

    I think he’s carrying her through the throngs of paparazzi because he wants to be photographed with her. He could avoid them if he wanted.

  • mimi

    @Get real folks:

    But they don’t, not really. Many celebrity parents take steps to shield their children, by the lifestyle choices they make. Katie chooses to live in the heart of NYC where she can’t go anywhere without the paparazzi hounding her. Tom could stay at a hotel or apartment with a private entrance and not have to walk long distances through the hoards of photographers carrying his daughter, but he doesn’t.

    There’s only two possible conclusions… these selfish parents want to be photographed with their child or else they just don’t care about the harm this mad crush is causing her.

  • Lalique

    @lola: See @Solecito above to get a different take on your comment :-)

  • James

    Why don’t they buy Suri a stroller, or a baby buggy, to take the load off of their bodies, from carrying her around.

  • Sandrina

    It creeps me out to see Suri with Tom. Not because he doesn’t care about her, sure he does as much as he’s capable of caring about anything (except CO$), but bothers me to know he’s going to try to fill her young mind full of cult garbage every chance he gets. I wished Katie would have seriously stuck it to him and made him surrender all parental rights. Sure she’s got plenty of dirt on him and could have made it happen but I know she’s trying to do right by Suri. She probably figures for Suri’s sake she can stomach a little Tom now and then, but even a little Tom can do a lot of harm.

  • crazylady

    Suri is a spoiled brat. Everytime you see her she is throwing a tantrum.
    Why don’t they let the kid walk.

  • gillie cosgeove

    Yes that is exactly what he is doing..I too saw the video and he is protecting her..It is scary.mobs of people,flashbulbs and people yelling out guestions. He seems to be doing the best for Suri..He is not walking her up and down the streets purposely exposing her to the press like her mother did for days following her public announcement of divorce..Tom takes her out the door and immediately gets into a car…Yesterday was great for them a ride in a helicopter away from those crazy streets..

  • gillie cosgeove

    He is doing a great job…I too saw the video of them leaving the building..The press and fans are yelling out all kind of guestions and flashing bulbs are everywhere..I have to give credit to Tom as a parent he is doing the best job..He is not walking her up and down the streets for sympathy press as her mother did for days after publicly Submit Submit Submit announcing her divorce filing…When he takes her out he puts her immediately into a car…..Yesterday was really thought out a ride in a helicopter to enjoy time with each other while seeing the city and getting Suri off the streets. I was disappointed in Katie exposing her daughter to all those guestions and comments about her parents divorce. This child is not deaf…

  • gillie cosgeove

    Like her mother protected her..She walked her up and down the streets right after her public announcement of divorce..Who does this to their child…..@lmimi: