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Tom Cruise Visits Suri in New York City - First Pics!

Tom Cruise Visits Suri in New York City - First Pics!

Tom Cruise holds on to his daughter Suri while visiting her for the first time following his divorce settlement with estranged wife Katie Holmes on Tuesday (July 17) in New York City.

The 50-year-old actor quickly made his way into the back door of his hotel with Suri in his arms.

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Tom is back in New York after working on his film Oblivion for the past couple weeks on the west coast.

While on their way home last night, Katie and Suri got into a minor fender bender when a garbage truck rammed into the back of their limo. Suri was very shaken up by the accident, but there were no injuries, according to TMZ.

FYI: Suri is holding her favorite Little G from Little Giraffe!

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Credit: Mike Disciullo; James Devaney; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline (, Wire Image
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  • solecito

    Good to see Tom with Suri. Regardless of his beliefs, Tom is a great dad and kids need both parents in their lives. It’s not all about moms.

  • Hanna

    Just leave them alone, pleaser!

  • Hanna


  • Carbon Copy

    Katie is always with Suri. I’m sure she’s feeling sad to be alone without her but it’s good for her to see her dad no matter how self-absorbed he might be.

  • African Girl

    Oh look! It’s Tom Cruise and he is carrying Suri!
    That can’t be right. . . according to some people (TC apologists) Katie Holmes is the one doing the spoiling because she is the only one who does the carrying.
    So who is this man and what has he done to the real Tom Cruise???

  • Gossipgirl

    @solecito: Agreed!! He is a great dad and I am happy that he is visiting with his child.

  • D.Palumbo

    Relax. Just a father with his daughter.

  • Gossipgirl

    @Hanna: Another good post! People should back off and leave them alone!

  • Tara

    Huge respect for Tom for settling this matter quickly, and moving on, both of them. So cool to see him with Suri!

  • ana

    @African Girl:

    it looks like he is carrying her to speed the process of going from the car into the hotel.look at their older pics…he is hardly carrying her in any of them

  • DB

    I wish Suri smiled. She hardly ever seems to smile.

    Jennifer Garner’s kids are ALWAYS smiling. They look happy.

    Poor Suri just looks afraid. No matter with Katie or Tom, she just looks afraid and unhappy.

    Is it the paparazzi exposure that’s doing that to her?

  • Lola

    @solecito: @Gossipgirl: what the f-ck do you know? qué gente pelotuda de mierda hay en este blog. La verdad que son insoportables.

  • Go Ask Alice

    She doesn’t smile because both paretns carry her around and put her in the blinding flashbulbs of the media and papaprrazi.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    @Go Ask Alice: go back to sleep. LOL

  • Pat

    She looks confused….poor thing. I’m glad she has what appears to be her favorite stuffed animal. Tom sure made a point of being seen picking her up. From the look on his face, those flip-flops are going in the trash-she never wore them before her escape. He’s showing the world that he indeed has rights to see Suri.

  • jc

    suri looed so much relieved and calmed with the dad now.

  • Kim

    Finally he hasn’t seen her in a month when Katie took her to Iceland. A man worth 300 million dollars who is pilot not seeing his child for a month.

  • Flor

    Mierdas!!! me cago de risa de todos ustedes perdedores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just My Opinion

    This FIRST VISIT with Tom will not be easy for Katie or Suri. Bet Katie is sitting on pins and neddles wondering what they are doing and how Suri is reacting AND surely her former nannies will be there because they also bonded with Suri along with Cruise’s mother and his sisters and Connor and Isabella (maybe, she seems to have planted roots in Los Angeles) and of course her father Tom Cruise. I bet it will be hard for Suri when its time to go back home to Katie (alone with the nanny IF they have already found one for Suri). Maybe that is why Katie wanted to keep Suri busy all week so she can feel that being with her is fun vs. being with Cruise (with all his nannies, staffers, and bodyguards). Hope they resolve this amicably. They will be linked for YEARS to come.

  • fer

    I cant believe Tom is 50

  • Love to Cruise

    Coach Dooley of the Vols is his double

  • Just My Opinion

    In this picture you can see Tom Cruise holding Suri and going into an elevator.

    In the next picture you can see Tom’s sister WAITING inside the elevator wearing sunglasses (probably very emotional to see Suri) and holding a lot of stuffed animals in her hands for Suri.

    Looks like when Suri is with Tom they will be gentle with as far as development issues are concerned and provide the stuffed animals and blankets for Suri to hold onto until she’s ready to let them go. And it looks like Katie will try to do the opposite and help Suri walk out without the blankets or stuffed animals and take her to gymnastics clases and hang out with kids her age regardless if they are scientologists. This is going to be tricky because Suri has already been seen throwing tantrums so she knows how to get her way.


    What a bunch of Crazies on this site, Katie is wrong for wanting to protect her daughter from a Cu!t, does Isabella look happy to you? KH is wise to keep a spot light on her self SciFi loons are dangerous.

  • Barbara

    Why go to a hotel…he has a place in NY.

  • jannie

    First, a “good dad” doesn’t get his kids involved in an abusive cult. Learn something before you speak. Scientology is a freak show that screws people up and thats why Katie ran from it and got sole custody of Suri.

    Second, as somebody else said, Cruise is worth a fortune. It’s about dam time he saw his daughter! The minute he found out his “wife” (beard is more like it) was divorcing him, he should have got on his private plane and flew to NYC to be with her. No movie is as important as his child. If he’s such a big star, they could have either worked around him or shut down for a few days.

    Third, he gave up joint custody of his daughter, which no “good father” would do. He didn’t even TRY to get custody. He was so worried about the world finding out his secrets and the secrets about the cult, that he agreed to sole custody for Katie, just to keep her quiet. Whatever she has on him was more important to him than is little girl.

    He’s a crap father and a crap person and I wish that poor little girl the best of luck growing up with him for a father. Money doesn’t buy happiness or sanity. Poor Suri is the poor little rich girl.

  • Cruise in Control

    Good for Tom! Enjoy your time with Suri…Whatever crazy fans from both sides think…Suri will spend time with her Daddy! He is not cut out of her life.

    I hope Tom stays clear of Katie who attempted to smear his character after he took her from C List life to an A List existence.

  • Fools

    the media tells you to hate someone so you hate them…

  • Just My Opinion

    If in fact the reports are true that she planned a secret escape with the disposable cell phone, secret calls, etc., and then lower the boom and requested a divorce with sole custody, and was reportedly given sole custody with generous visitation rights for Cruise, IF ALL THIS is TRUE, Cruise now KNOW who he’s dealing with and Katie will be seeing Cruise play hardball back. He controls the $$$ and has more influence in the entertainment business in front and behind the camera. Hollywood is an interesting town, the bottomline is that its a business that is interested in art and commerce equaling PROFITS$$$. If you can’t produce that or be attached to something that produces $$$$ you will fade away. For a woman, it takes money to look good. Youth only goes so far, you need peace to not look stressed out, your bills and staff paid, facials, trainers, spas, massages, voice coaches, acting lessons, etc. All that takes $$$. I don’t think Katie had access to any of these extra amenities until she hooked up with Cruise. Not until she married Cruise did the press ever photograph her going to private dance classes or living in a nice New York City apartment (too expensive), etc.

  • DB

    I think what Katie and her parents did – the clandestine nature of their deception regarding Suri and the Divorce – was appalling. Telling Tom everything was fine and that she loved him, and on the same day preparing for the legal onslaught.

    Some people really rail on Scientology as being a cult. I don’t have an informed opinion on that. But Scientology can focus heavily on strict and restrictive behavior with negative consequences if you do not conform. They basically indoctrinate.

    But, I have personal exposure (years worth) of going to Roman Catholic institutions and studying Roman Catholicism.

    RC at its most conservative basically does the SAME THING.

    Very strict and restrictive. Negative consequences if you do not conform. They also can basically indoctrinate.

    Why is one so reviled here in the US and the other not?

    When traveling to Europe I find that even in Rome, extremely conservative RC is not thought well of. Around the rest of Italy religion can be openly mocked with a severe preference to secularity.

    In Ireland the rift is tremendous in terms of being and Irish Catholic compared to a Roman Catholic.

    In France they disdain just about any religion it seems.

  • jannie

    Seriously, Just my opinion, are you HIGH?? Holmes has been in the business since she was a kid. She has money of her own before Creepy Cruise.

    You know sweetheart, money isn’t everything. The safety of her child was obviously more important to her. She got her kid away from the cult and made sure they can’t indoctrinate her child.

    Again, what man just gives up joint custody? Not a “good father”, thats for sure! Holmes has MAJOR crap on Creepy Cruise and he cares more about his PR than his kid.

    Also, TC’s last film flopped and after all the terrible press he’s getting right now, that he pretty much mentally abused his “wife” and wanted to put his kid in a cult, people hate his guts. Katie is the heroine in this drama. Thats not supposition. Read the internet, newspapers, watch tv. You’d have to be stupid not to see that Cruise is in deep do-do with the public. If the public hates you, they dont see your movies (after this little disaster, no one will), and if they don’t see your movies, Hollywood and the studio’s drop you so fast your head will spin.

    Nope. TC is a creep and a terrible father. This is going to be the end of his career, thanks to him believing is garbage and acting like an entitled, ignorant, obnoxious, know it all. He’s DONE.

  • DB

    @jannie: I absolutely disagree with you here.

    Katie and her Parents were hell-bent for a legal Armageddon, regardless of the potential consequences.

    Tom, having gone through this before and seen how it affected Conner and his sister, discussed it with everybody involved and finally came up with “I love my daughter and I don’t want to see her go through this. I don’t want to see this hateful, parent against parent thing in the press every day, because she will have to live with that for the rest of her life. I’m doing what’s best for my daughter – putting her needs ahead of my ego. Down the road, we’ll see how it goes.”

    If I could thumbs-down your comment 800 times I would.

  • KC

    This must be such a difficult time of adjustment for Suri. I cannot imagine how confused she must be by everything that is happening in her life right now.

  • rtpk

    This child has some serious issues. I don’t care what she is going through, a six-year old should not be carried around like some infant. With all her parents’ wealth and fame, she seems so insecure, always clinging to a blanket or some kind of stuffed toy. What she needs is a group of friends her own age so she can learn how to be a six-year old; she doesn’t need parents who are constantly treating her like an infant.

  • DB

    @jannie: You seem particularly biased and ill-informed.

    His last big movie (MI 4) was a huge, huge hit. He tried something different with the musical, and it didn’t work that well. But that often happens when people step outside what people expect of them.

    Tom was the Highest Paid actor of last year – $75 million. He must still be doing something right. It makes whatever you say tainted and meaningless.

    You seem to have way too much hate towards Tom to have any sort of credibility when trying to discuss this topic.

  • janekay

    @janine: the public hates him, speak for yourself dear…i surely don’t hate him and if he releases a movie that i think is good, i will go to watch it, i couldn’t care less abotu his personal life and i am sure that goes for a lot more of the public than you might want to believe…especially the male populace…and his career is over, really, over this nonsense, think again sweety, Tom Cruise will be around for a long time, and i dare say much longer than his soon to be ex-wife, you can bet on that!

  • Just my opinion

    #39 Janine – You are very angry and please don’t attack me by saying I’m high. High on what? Life, the truth. Please remain civil. I love entertainment business and have followed the industry for years because everything about it is an art form but it is also a very lucrative industry. Becoming successful in this business will change your life. Katie MIGHT have made SOME money but NO WHERE NEAR what she will make in this divorce. If you read anything about her past, you will read that while filming Dawson’s Creek she bought a $200,000 townhouse to live in. When the show wrapped her father helped her sell it. $200,000 townhouse? I can afford to buy something in that range and I’m not rich. Friends of mine have homes in the 900,000 range and I do NOT consider them rich. When Katie married Tom Cruise she moved into a $35 million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills. This is the biggest and most expensive home Tom Cruise had ever lived in and DEFINITLEY the most expensive for Katie. When Tom married Katie he introduced her to a new world of finer, luxurious living, private planes, the George V Hotel in Paris, the Caryle Hotel in New York, etc. Tom Cruise also comes from humble beginnings. Katie comes from a middle class background but certainly NOT wealthy. But Tom Cruise (whether you like him or not because of Scientology) is an American success story. He lifted himself from a poverty, humble beginning and became a multimillionaire.

  • CF98

    How is she going to make a bundle in a divorce when she signed an ironclad prenup where she doesn’t get anything beyond child support?

  • Just my opinion

    In this video you can see a glimpse of the life “Tom Cruise introduced Katie Holmes to: introduction to Victoria Beckman and Roberta Armani (Armani’s niece), company of Anna Wintour, and other famous european celebrities, and lodging at the famous and expensive George V Hotel in Paris), etc.” Into the video, 2 minutes and 24 seconds a reporter tells Katie “thank you” and she turns around and says “thank you.” Like telling him thank you for taking our pictures. The reporter is shocked and says “Wow.” He then tells Victoria Beckman “thank you” and she ignores him and gets in the car. Today, Katie IGNORES the reporters and does the same thing that Victoria does in the video, she just gets in the car because she understands these people are taking her picture NOT because they are interested in her, they are looking for the “MONEY SHOT” to sell the the biggest bidder. But this is a mutual game, the celebrity needs publicity to maintain a good image which helps keep interest in him or her brand and whatever they are selling (movie, fashion line, books, music, plays, cause, etc.), But in this video it shows HOW NAIVE and NEW ALL THIS, the A LIST WORLD WAS TO KATIE HOLMES from DAWSON’S CREEK fame.

  • African Girl

    It’s time some people look up how TC handled his divorce from Kidman before talking about appalling clandestine moves.

  • Shannon

    Is Suri going to be carried away from paps for the rest of her life? She is already 6 and yes the paps are crazy and scary to a child, but she shouldn’t be taught to be scared of them so much so that she needs to be picked up like a baby. It’s unfortunately been a part of her entire life and will be for years to come so both Tom and Katie need to let this child walk at all times and ignore the paps as much as possible.

  • DB

    @African Girl: I am not sure. There was an affair by Nicole and a pregnancy then miscarriage involved. It was more complicated. Nicole said she expected to be able to work things out, talk about it, have marriage counseling, whatever. Tom said – hey, I’m not down with that. You broke the vows, we are done.

    I don’t see how that’s quite the same.

  • amensister

    WOW you know all these fact, i mean you know that he gave up joint custody for a FACT, like hell you do. but hey maybe your right and hes a crap father after look how degenerate and vile connor and isabel turned out RIGHT, FACT

  • DB

    @jannie: Good dads don’t let kids get involved in an abusive cult?

    Seminary alter boys? Are you kidding me? You turning a blind eye to what the Catholic Church has covered up?

    You don’t seem to be very open minded.

  • Rebecca

    For heavens sakes put the child down and let her walk. I understand he might want to spoil her especially with the divorce and all but still she is 6 years old and very much able to walk. I can see where this will quickly develop into a situation where one parent is the one who wants discipline and the other spoils. I can see Tom doing that. In recent pictures Katie has not been carrying Suri but here is Tom carrying her again.

  • joann

    rtpk @ 07/17/2012 at 3:15 pm #33

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    This child has some serious issues. I don’t care what she is going through, a six-year old should not be carried around like some infant. With all her parents’ wealth and fame, she seems so insecure, always clinging to a blanket or some kind of stuffed toy. What she needs is a group of friends her own age so she can learn how to be a six-year old; she doesn’t need parents who are constantly treating her like an infant.
    The above comment bears repeating. I couldn’t agree more. It’s warped for them to treat her like an infant. They are screwing her up royally.

  • Jillian

    Nobody lets this big@ss girl walk. Her big@ss will be carried by her parents down the aisle to get married.

  • Rebecca

    @rtpk: I totally agree. They do treat her like an infant.. Due to her parents Suri has an rude awakening coming when it comes to the world and how it works. If she attends school even in private school she will not be pampered like that.

  • Jillian

    @African Girl: #39

    Screw you with your Katie loving BS. You are all up in Katie’s @ss.

  • Danni

    Somehow this particular child of Tom’s insists on being carried. Tom did not do Connor and Bella like this. So it is obvious it is THIS particular child. Tom did a fine job with Connor and Bella. But with this child, Suri, not so good. She is being pampered too much, as though her feet are too good to hit the grown.

  • ivy

    @DB: I think you need to get your facts straight. Althougn Nicole has been silent about exactly what transpired, Ii was Tom who blindsided Nicole with a divorce announcement. She was pregnant but the question remains with whose child. I think that question lingers in regards to Suri as well. Tom’s wives have often been referred to as his “beards”. Tom systematically turned the two adopted children against Nicole. Nicole was not into scientology and my sense is she had no intention of raising a child in the cult. Clearly, Katie knows a lot and the divorce was resolved quickly to keep her quiet. What “great dad” would forgo joint custody unless there was underlying issues he wanted to surpress. Of couse, all any of us can do is speculate based on press reports and our own bias. However, a “religion” is based on the writings of a less than stellar science fiction writer who touted a billion year old alien as the spirtual head of said religon is more of a cult than anything else..