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Freida Pinto: 'Flaunt Magazine' Dinner Party!

Freida Pinto: 'Flaunt Magazine' Dinner Party!

Freida Pinto poses with an issue of Flaunt Magazine for the issue’s “All Wrapped Up In Blue” dinner reception held at Sherbourne on Tuesday (July 17) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old actress celebrated the denim issue in a Contrarian New York top and skirt and Christian Louboutin shoes alongside Dallas star Josh Henderson, in an Alex Maine shirt and pants.

“I guess the journey is very beautiful and at the same time very tragic,” Freida recently told the New York Daily News about her film Trishna. “Because it goes from being really innocent to being in a situation of almost desperation and finally to redemption.”

Trishna is playing in select theaters now.

FYI: The event was also sponsored by Agave Denim.

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82 Responses to “Freida Pinto: 'Flaunt Magazine' Dinner Party!”

  1. 1
    debong Says:

    this girl is cute

  2. 2
    Lauren (BestTrendz) Says:

    Freida looks amazing in the red silk skirt and all the best on her new movie.

  3. 3
    Amit Shah Says:

    As an Indian, Im very Proud of Freida.But Sadly Most of the Indians Completely Hate her.The Kind of hatred she gets from Indian People and Media here is nothing short of Brutality.All because she is Successful in West.

  4. 4
    Preeti Says:

    She looks beautiful!!!

  5. 5
    Sindhu Says:

    @Amit Shah: Completely agree with you.Indians who hate her are simply jealous of her Success.In India even a Pig would be considered as Pretty if it has White Skin.

  6. 6
    Ivy Says:

    @Amit Shah and Sindhu
    Agree. She’s India’s first bona fide Hollywood star whether the Bigots like it or not. I like the red skirt and shoes but not sure of the top. Love the way she doesn’t dress tacky.

  7. 7
    James Says:

    Josh looks great too, in his Alex Maine shirt! Think those are Alex Maine pants as well… anyone??

  8. 8
    Noemiq Says:

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  9. 9
    HighFivinMutha Says:

    what a cool outfit, love the color of the silk skirt beautiful

    I shoot fashion www. modamonterotti .com

  10. 10
    kk Says:

    Trisnna was a disaster what can freida do except going into these magazine dinner party.She is not a bonafide star but she got that sort of great starting with SDM but as she lacks skill she is still struggling to make it big.

  11. 11
    Mahmoud Says:

    This IVY Amit saha is same troll who continuously dish indian’s because they dont pay much attention to pinto.In every post they will bring Aishwariya rai they will bring indian are jealous of freida’s success and also Freida was rejected in bollywood as she was dark skinned which are utterly lie.This person is a PR called radsuinda.

    Freida is not popular in india because she had no work in indian industry and also she says some unnecessary rude things(as example indian worship only white skin,Indian movie are joke,,her fake brit accent)
    India has a variety of dark skinn actress like deepika padukona nad priyanka chopra rani kajole.

  12. 12
    Alex Says:

    I can not but wonder where the hell is her neck?Madam Pinto your acting sucks big time.Come back to Hollywood with some presentable skill.You have good fashion sense but you have good stylist as well.

  13. 13
    Ketaye Says:

    Terrible actress

  14. 14
    Ketaye Says:

    WOW kam walli/ Gobar vali doing magazines after 3/4 days of release of Trisnna?No success blash for Trisnna?COme one throw a party for Trisnna success…

    She said Trisnna will determine what kind of work she would get next.. I guess all she meant was doing magazine cover.

  15. 15
    KK Says:

    Cut the crap honey……..

    I agree with the rest

  16. 16
    Edge Says:

    She’s undeniably a pretty person…but omg the haterz are right, she can’t really act. All hype…

  17. 17
    Priyanka Says:

    Yes I agree with the poster who says about success party.
    When your movie just got released this weekend you dont really need to attend cheap dinner party for a magazine specially where you are not the cover girl.Why so desperate for attention?

    Join acting school instead may be?

  18. 18
    ajay Says:

    im Indian too!! and I f**king love her!

  19. 19
    Danuuu Says:

    Considered like an ugly peasant girl in her country, so reduced herself to being the exotic dark-skinned sexpot for white men in western movies.

  20. 20
    rondi vatel Says:


    Success party for Trisnna?I thought its magazine cover lauch?

    Trisna failed and Freida is blaming director for weak script for the failure.I doubt its the script I think Micheal W. chose two terrible lead for this movie.RIz i can still appreciate freida was totally plain and expressionless.Why the hell she killed him!

  21. 21
    Kiran Says:


    If you find her pretty just check out deepika padukone priyanka chopra diana panty sarah jane dias lara dutta for a change

    They all are 100 x better then her and they all are talented actresses.Mark that they all are dusky beauty

    Pinto is all hype for Slumdog and I dont want to accept her as an indian re presenter because she mocks indian on international level.Also she fakes a brit accent(Lots of actor fakes accent but why Brit?)

    Indian are not a bit jealous of her(Its an immature thought by the way)
    Most of them dont care about her and when they do specially because of her irritating attitude to Indian film industry.This wannabe says inidan film is all about dancing and signing where she was the one trying her feet on Bollywood.

  22. 22
    mallik Says:

    @rondi vatel:

    Hey you un-educated idiot have you read the book Tess of the Durbevilles . Go back to school will ya moron.

  23. 23
    Tilan Says:

    Most of the time, neither the indian or american media pays attention to her. Why does she lies and say indian media hates her? If they hate her, why don’t they hate Kunal Nayyar? Why is also from india, has a thick accent and has dark skin too? Why does Freida keep crying the dark skin problem when Kunal Nayyar is also dark and indian looking too? He has made it based in talent and India praises the guy. They don’t even praise Freida because she hasn’t done anything great. They don’t even call Freida a bad actress, you wanna know who are the ones making fun of her bad acting constantly? The American and British movie critics thats who. Does Freida ever say target them? Does she ever say that they are lying and are jealous of her? She is afraid to. Those critics know about acting and how an actor should play the part. She won’t dare to question them. Which I find odd. After all, she is in Hollywood right?

  24. 24
    avino Says:

    No more big movies, why am I not suprised. With little to no talent, these kinds of chicks are a dime dozen in Hollywood. Welcome to the D List.

  25. 25
    Rondi vetel Says:



    In original Tess there was two lead

    Alec(Who raped her took advantage of her)
    Angel(WIth whom she fallen in love married but was rejected because of her affair and love child with alec)
    Where as in Trisna you will find only Jay who represent neither Alec nor angel.

    In the whole story Tess was unstable and alec was always cunning.In trisna she flled with jay and Jay was passionate about her.Its stupid that she didnt raise her voice and killed him in the end.

    Trisnna is a stupid version of Tess

  26. 26
    kk Says:


    She has desert dancer upcoming in 2013..she has a small cameo in Night of the CUPS..I dont get it !!2011 was soo good for her but she didn’t end up getting bigger project like she did in 2009…why is that?If desert Dancer also fails(based on the cast I have no big hope) then I think pinto is in trouble…Hollywood is neglecting her….they picked her then they are throwing her…………HW is one tough industry

  27. 27
    kk Says:


    Dawn of the planet of Apes(Sequel to RISE ) is on process..Is freida is that movie?I heard I will get release in 2014.Hey IVY do you know anything about it

  28. 28
    AliasLBW55 Says:

    It has been over four years now that Freida Pinto has been in the industry and it hasn’t stopped her fellow country people from tearing her down at every turn! She’s still a “one film wonder who was only in a film for 20 minutes” to them. Each new film brings out the same comments, but by now they should realize Freida could care less what they say. She’s getting to work with directors that some Bollywood stars would sell their souls for! Any projects Freida gets are bigger projects because HW is not offering them to all those stars posters claim are better actors than Freida. Just plain jealousy of Freida

  29. 29
    kk Says:


    Hey mate slow down!!!

    Please check any post related to freida..she is always mentioned as slum dog millionaire beauty freida pinto..Why is they((Western press) referring her still with the same tag after four years in which film she was actually for 20 min..

    Please stop saying such stupid things that indian are jealous of her.They dont share a personal relationship with her like you do so there is no point for them to come here and attack or defend her like you do.

    She is criticized for her acting mostly by western media not by indian.It is her who constantly passing rude judgement of indian.

    Indian people dont give a dam and go jujde padma laxmi kunal nayar kal penand other indian west based celebrity.Same goes with Freida Pinto….

    You do have a problem with anything and everything slightly negative with pinto…You take everything very serious and personal.

  30. 30
    mahmoud Says:


    you are still snigging pinto’s ugly ass?Dont you have a life?

    Bollywood and Hollywood is separate world and these two industry care less for each other.I doubt many BW celeb would sell their soul or whatever for working in HW(I remember Will smith said Aishwariya rejected his two movie including hitch for intimacy issue)..

    However it is really nice to someone indian representing india in Hollywood.Pinto is labeled as an expressionless actress by many western critics.Indian media hardly criticize her work and if they do its has very low impact on international market.Indian media and market are not freida’s zone and thus very few indian actually knows about her.So spare us with this jealous and indian hates freida non stop quotes.

    By the way if you have the courage to accept truth then let me tell you she made her career based on luck and it is her lack of talent/skill that she is non stop getting awful review for her work.If she was that good as an actress why she has not landed on big budget project after immortals and RISE of Apes?If she was slightly talented she would have survived the test of time.

    You can say whatever you want, label us with hate and make us angry but at the end of the day we are not her audience so we dont decide her destiny.We simply just dont bother……

  31. 31
    mahmoud Says:


    HAHA burning soul?

    Which big project is waiting for her ?Would you please enlighten me?Mentioned some director waiting to work with her in 2013.
    ROPOA,IMMORTALS,TRISNNA,MIRAL all these film she was signed in 2009 and 2010 times with her Slumdog fame.After watching her work I doubt there are much eager director waiting for her at her door step.Please let me know her next project in 2013 and 2014.I am waiting.


    She is not in that movie.”Dawn of planet of apes “is releasing 2014 and serkis is playing ceaser once again.Why would they sign her?She got a rezzie nomination for her hilarious performance as Caroline.

  32. 32
    betty Says:

    More importantly, why is awesome Freida taking a picture with douchebag Josh?

  33. 33
    kk Says:


    So that you can ask this awesome question.cheers

  34. 34
    Ko Tatasugi Says:

    Oh Noo

    Her board are always full with unnecessary racial fight.Come on guyz! Dont you have anything else to do except sniffing protecting or attacking some semi celeb?There are some commentator only join this site to fight.Stupid deluded all.This post is about a magazine launch so it was not necessary to start with india hates freida and hence what kind of project she is grasping in near future.Don’t understand how people can be so obsessed with a celebrity given the timezone is 21th century.Who would believe much of these people might be well educated!!

  35. 35
    Priyanka Says:

    I have a question.I heard freida got a brand endorsement costing 7 million USD in 2011.I would like to know which brand we are talking about?can anybody tell me?

  36. 36
    Priyanka Says:

    It was also said that its a fashion brand not cosmetic brand like loreal..I am confused I dont see her endorsing any fashion brand like Mila kunis or Kristin.Which brand it is?Am I missing something here?

  37. 37
    AliasLBW55 Says:

    @ posts after mine… all proved my point. :D


  38. 38
    Ivy Says:

    LOL…….I got them too and how. You don’t have to do anything. Just wait. They will prove your point for you. As I said before …They are are not so bright.

  39. 39
    KK Says:


    Ha ha ha..talking to your hand?LOL…Ho Ho Ho Ho

    Come on its fun.Keep prove your fun.You have many audience.
    he he he he

  40. 40
    KK Says:


    Talk to your hand.LOL..ha ha haha ha.Its really cool and fun.Please keep it up.He he he he

  41. 41
    KK Says:


    I also heard that last year but did not find her promoting any particular brand.I guess it was a PR job.IVY can give you better insight about this matter.

  42. 42
    KK Says:


    Talk to your hand bubby..Talk to your hand…keep making ID..Come on now don’t stop this fun.I am must go on.Hahahahhahaha
    laugh out loud..

  43. 43
    Ivy Says:

    I don’t give a rat’s ass whether you believe me or not but I post only under Ivy. Anyway, it’s nice to know there are more more supporters of Freida on JJ than Bigots.

  44. 44
    AliasLBW55 Says:


    Not Ivy’s hand….but i@Ivy:

    And here I thought Brangelina got the most hate EVER on that FF site, but the hate for Freida is surpassed here…..just look at every post here for her on JJ , past and present, and the replies and it is the same thing…..Glad that Freida is living her life, getting better with each role, living in LA for the convienience of work and living with and loving her man Dev to pay any attention to the haters…..too bad haters fail to realize Freida is SOOOOO over ya’ll….

  45. 45
    Priya Says:

    This is really sad and pathetic. it’s obvious this troll only comes here tp pick fights. They have no proof that all the indians around the world ‘hate’ Freida. All stars have their fans and people who don’t like them, why is it so shocking? There are many celebs of diffrent races that get called names, you really think Freida Pinto is the only one recieving this? This troll is now coming up with stupid things like she is more ‘hated’ then brangelina(LOLLLL!!!), who are the most famous celebrity couple in the world. Angelina Jolie is called the most photographed woman in the world, after Princess Diana, are you really gonna compare a quasi-celeb like Freida Pinto with her? Wow. This troll is really making an effort to wash Freida ass well.

  46. 46
    Priya Says:

    Oh and its obvious who this person is, no matter how many diffrent identies they create for themselves. Alias, Ivy, Rasuinda. All one person. There are no ‘supporters or ‘haters’. Like I said, Freida is a quasi-celeb in the United States. No one really pays much attention to her. Not the mags or the Talk Shows. She is not a household name here. Just stop it.

  47. 47
    TDKR IS HERE Says:

    who cares for freida pinto? she is a nobody in both countries. spare us this indian haters theory loser. and, she is more famous then angie and brad? is this person retarded in the brain or what? go to any magazine stand and how many are featuring freida pinto on the cover? how many are featuring brad and angie? well, I would really like to know.

  48. 48
    kk Says:


    Talk to your ass honey.Infinite Id you can make to prove lots of ass smells as yours.Its nice and creative.

    Rear of the year
    Our love and heartwarming support for you..

    Hilarious mate!
    @IVY’s A**

    Chumma for you.keep farting

  49. 49
    alisha Says:


    I love freida.Her fashion sense is classy and always girl to next door type which I adore.I absolutely love her outspoken personality.I also dont think she can act.Its impossible to connect with her onscreen.I am not jealous or looser and i do think she has many haters.But its true I never buy a ticket to see freida onscreen it is always for someone else from the movie.I do feel sorry that she has no good project in hand because of her poor acting.She started with a fluke and if she fails to prove her potential then her haters is right that she will fade away very soon.

  50. 50
    Mahmoud Says:


    LOL…trolling non stop 2/3 years dont see why you would stop now..

    I seriously believe pinto has almost no online fan thanks to you.


    new id old thought….new bottle old wine…..


  51. 51
    Raj Kappor Says:

    Why I am not suprised that this Ivy/Poser is still pulling the same ” All Indian are racist ” crap. What a loser. They are just sniffing up Freida Pintos ass , guys don’t fight with them. Let them get beat up by strangers for talking like this in public. It will happen. People will kick this Ivy’s ass for talking racist things about a whole group of people that haven’t done anything. Keep hiding your face behind a computer, calling people racist names, that shows what kind of person this troll is.

  52. 52
    AliasLBW55 Says:

    With each film role that Freida takes on, the hope that she will fade away becomes less of a reality. By my estimate that couldn’t possibly happen until well after 2014 when Freida’s next three films hit the big screen.And by then she will have three other NEW films on her schedule. BTW all Freida’s upcoming films are considered “independent films’ and are made with budgets of 20 million or less and not designed to be mega blockbusters like Spiderman or Twilight! Freida also has L’Oreal and Ferragao contracts that will keep her face in the public eye for the next several years!

    Freida just wants to be a good actor, and only goes on talk shows to promote the films she has done. You don’t see her and Dev out night clubbing which tells me they have their priorities in the right place.

  53. 53
    Mahmoud Says:


    No matter how many film she has or who ever is working with her unless she acts well she will fade away.She is just not given in that department.

    Big budget film lost interest in her and independent she cant pull with her limitation. Check out kahani from bidda need that kind skill to pull independent.

    I never heard about Ferragamo contract. with freida.She just attends dinner party like other celeb.Ferragamo face is kate moss earlier was giesel.Where did you find this information?I goggled!!

    Loreal is a great platform for her though.I really wish they keep her considering she doesn’t have a fan base like aishwariya fan bing and eva.

  54. 54
    Mahmoud Says:


    She already is fading away.No more biggie for her.Trisnna was her last attempt to survive the test of time for independent which is undoubtedly biggest flop from Micheal W. entire career.

    Did you see parmindar and dev patel career path?They were so talented still landed in TV show.Did you see megan fox doing nothing since 2010?
    The most important fact is she has no fan base.

  55. 55
    kk Says:


    Show must go on…Show must go on…
    Ass must **** on and on..Ass must **** on and on….

    ha ha ha ha ha


    Dont disturb her.Let her concentrate..

    Come on baby Come on….
    Keep it keep it going…………
    make my day

  56. 56
    alisha Says:

    Whoever said they dont go to clubbing is lying…I remember they were caught in london club leaving at midnight.That time paparazi were interested simply they are not now.

    I go clubbing every saturday and that doesn’t change my priorities.
    I dont know about indian but in europe clubbing is a common for young adults.
    Freida pinto has no contract with Salva ferragamo .Fashion house faces are mila-Dior,blake lively-Gucci,giesel-many many,jessica miller-channel.This is coming from a person living on fashion job.

    Her fashion statement is cool but she is a terrible actress.Dev patel is terrific though.

  57. 57
    rondi vetel Says:

    Hollywood gave two fame and these quasi celeb thought they are star..LOL

    Dev patel said he is ashamed to watch bollywood movie and though he has been offered many he is not considering any bollywood movie.LOL
    Sure he has no problem repeating poor indian boy charecter for western audience and doing TV shows as indian geek.Ha ha ha.I wonder who wanted him as a hero in bollywood film.He cant speak hindi and is damn ugly.

    Freida is one step ahead.With her 10 min role in slumdog she started criticizng her home country and Bollywood for no visible reason.She said she doesnt want to do Bollywood movies unless director is dibakor banerjee or anurag kashap.LOL because they are only from Bollywood who has social bonding with her.LOL..Piece of **** cant act speak in fake accent has no prblem playing slum poor indian girl for western sympathy.

    Just complete ****..move please.Time up

  58. 58
    rondi vetel Says:


    Trisnna was made with 7 million USD, Desert dancer is estimated 5 million USD.Night of the cups may be higher then 20 USD but its her 2 min cameo role with other two beautiful cameo lady.Cant claim its her movie.Which third film you are talking I dont know google dont know as well.May be Freida whispered in your ears and asked to keep it secret.
    Have a nice day friend.

  59. 59
    pari Says:

    Debate over pinto??LOL

    she will not fade away soon.Hollywood and UK director need someone to play ugly poor slum victim of poverty roles.They can not accept the fact india is super power now and indian are not ugly and they have own version of spoken English.You can not find a better fugly slum girl then freida who speaks in brit accent to butter western ego.She is just perfect for them

  60. 60
    kulfi Says:

    @AliasLBW55: Oh please, Freida can’t land even an extra role in something like Spider-Man. Her movies are not even going to be shown in the US, and she is not even the lead in any of them. Please tell me how Freida and Dev are not fame hungry? They are extreamly fame hungry, like any new celebs. There are pics of them clubbing,going to cafes,in parks. What are you talking about? Their showmance looks lame and they both need each other to stay in the limelight. Freida is a famewhore. She goes to more parties and fashion shows rather then act in movies.

  61. 61
    kulfi Says:

    @Mahmoud: This person is lying, the new face of Ferragamo is Kate Moss, which is not much of a suprise. Google it and see for yourself. Freida’s claim to fame is that stupid 4 min role and having a showmance with her co-star. Even the new Spider-Man Andrew Garfiled and Emma Stone are doing a showmance for attention. Lame.

  62. 62
    Erika Says:

    @Ketaye: “kam walli/ Gobar vali”? Wow, Indians are so bigoted… And well she was a model so it’s likely she’s going to be asked to appear on magazine covers. Better to appear on magazine covers then appear in low budget British films no one’s heard of lol

  63. 63
    Erika Says:

    @kulfi: So Dev and Freida are fame hungry because photographers take pics of them lmfao? And Freida’s films HAVE been shown in the US. She had lead roles in both Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the Immortals. Stop being jealous because your fave Indian actress can’t accomplish what she is lmao.

  64. 64
    kulfi Says:

    Please just stop this. Freida was not the lead in Rise of the Apes or Immortals. Freida and Dev are fame hungry wheather you admit or not. ames Franco was the lead in Apes and Henry Cavil was the lead in Immortals, did you watch either movies? No you haven’t . Nobody is jealous of Freida. I suggest you do something else with your life rather then trying to pass off as many diffrent people and picking fights with others who have a difrent opinion then you. I think you are jealous of the other actresses in both Hollywood and Bollywood. Since you seem to hate on them so much and call them ugly non-stop. You have even called some of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses ugly. I would like to see what you look like. Put up a pic and lets see if you are any better looking then Aishwarya Rai or Hollywoods Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie. Come on now, put up a pic.

  65. 65
    Manish Says:

    @kulfi: This person just a pyscho. Don’t fight with them. They are just eating this Freida Pinto **** to make themselves feel better. They like to pretend to be non-indian and start saying racist things to people. They are an indian living in India. Really don’t waste time fighting with this moron with no life at all. They are one sad human being. Really, they are making themselves belive that Freida Pinto was the main character in Rise of the Apes, see how deluded they are. They need to get laid or find a boyfriend or something. But I bet no guy want to date a crazy moron like this sad,patheitc person, no wonder.

  66. 66
    Ivy Says:

    Yes, it’s BIGOTRY, pure and simple. They will deny it vehemently but the dimwits don’t realize their hateful words give them away.
    They have been dismissive and predicting Freida’s doom from day 1 and it’s still the same 7 Hollywood films later. LOL
    I am looking forward to Desert Dancer where Freida will be acting opposite the awesome Alfred Molina, one of the World’s sublime actors. Then of course the Terence Malick film.
    She’s getting to work with so many great directors and actors. She must be having the time of her life. I see her being asked to present at the Oscars this year. She was invited to the GG last year so Oscars seems very likely ….if not this year …..definitely next year when DD and KOC releases.

  67. 67
    KK Says:


    LOL IVY great performance…Come on go on..Your temporary ass erika is also doing awesome….Carry on

  68. 68
    Jaggers Says:

    @Ko Tatasugi: I cannot belive that this kind of nonsense is still going on KO. How far is this person going keep crying racisim? When they are the ones being a racist? This always happen on any frieda pinto post. Whenever I come here, her boards have many racist comments that come from this Ivy or Erika or whatever they are calling themself.
    I don’t know how many times I have said this but racisim is a crime in North America. What this person is saying could land them in jail. Calling indians haters, raicst, they hate their own kind is extreamly bad and people will take you all the way to court over this. I don’t know how many times I have to say this.
    Calling a person a bad name on the internet does not mean that person is a racist, it just means they are a troll looking to start fights or make some fun calling a celebrity names.
    I hope that this person goes see a psychiatrist. They sound insane and make no sense in any of their comments. If this is a relative of freida pinto’s why are they here then? What are they trying to achieve. Just Jared should be not be allwoing commentors like this. This person has created many accounts only to fight with strangers online and thumb up their own silly comments. Quite sad if you ask me. Giving one person 15 thumbs down for their comments is just silly and it’s obvious that only one person is doing it.

  69. 69
    Priyanka Says:


    Freida Pinto is a damn fame *****.Her PR machine is 24/7 working promoting her ass.She said so many times rude things about india just to get sympathy from american audience.She non stop says she doesnt want to work in bollywood and she is under pressure because of that when the truth is You will never see any indian director saying they want to cast her.She has done so many unnecessary magazine cover when she has no film to promote.She is a big time fame *****..She is not playing the lead in desert dancer and only nominated people are invited in Oscar.What the hell are you talking about?

  70. 70
    Priyanka Says:


    Pinto was never a model she lied.Doing one min in a commercial is not being a model.Deepika,dippanita,bipasha are indian model who became actress.Pinto in 5 fit 2 inch..she dont have the potential to be a model.

  71. 71
    Pari Says:


    She cant more bullshit.Her time is up

  72. 72
    KK Says:


    Yes Yes she is going to Oscar wearing a ferragamo gown with her ferragamo contract.Ha ha ha ha.Come on honey keep it up.

  73. 73
    kulfi Says:

    @Priyanka: The only people invited as presenters to the Oscars are the nominated actors, nominated cast and crew, and big legends like Steven Speilberg, George Lucus, Kirk Douglas,etc. I don’t see any of these movies Freida is acting in are Oscar worthy. She was invited as a GG presenter because of her agent got who her to be a presenter. Not too many people knew who the heck Freida Pinto was at the ceromony. They did not do any cut-aways at the show to her. They were doing cut-aways to everyone who was invited but her. Why is that then.This troll can keep lying and lick Freida pinto ******* all they like. It still won’t change that she is going downhill in her career.

  74. 74
    hardymil Says:

    I saw trishna recently and freida pinto did an awful job. She is not cut out to be an actress. They could have chosen a better leading lady then her. She can’t express emotions or say lines properly. I don’t see her becoming the next big thing in Hollywood sorry to say. She is not star matrial. To the person who said she has acted in 7 movies, have you seen most of them? She only has small sides roles and acted so poorly, only two or three she had the lead and blew it. She is not cut out to be an actress. Please watch one of her movies and then come back to talk about her skills. From what I saw in trishna, she has no acting skills. Even the movie critics and audience are not impressed by her poor acting.

  75. 75
    Nandini Says:

    Ms. Pinto is cute and fresh looking compare to many other holly celeb.I like her fashion statement as an actress?Bullshit.Period!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I dont think she is trained to be an actress.You can clearly see her overacting through her unnatural expression’s.Trisnna is a visual treat as beautiful as the serene rajeshani background is simultaneously a torture of onscreen bigotry of two unskilled wannabe actor.She cant pull small role leave those big role’s!!!!!!

  76. 76
    ketaya Says:


    Go suck kamwali’s *****.I am not an indian but sure you are.

  77. 77
    kk Says:
    Just check this post.Jallucious,dark and lovely and whatever all are IVY’S ass and freaking smell freakishly similar.
    Now check this one..Haha ALias LBW(14)Jalucious(10)MOMOa
    Are they on same agenda?LOL.They even know where freida and dev dine and when freida is leaving canda to meet dev in london.IMO!!!! Surprised?HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHHHHAHHAHHAHA

    GUYZ This IVY or whoever damn is sure freida’s relative
    and burning out of jealousy with IAhswariya.HAHAHA poor soul.Why india is not rolling red carpet for fugly pinto?HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!On a mission since 2009 still no one convinced!!IHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.Please Dont you ever stop.I am having laugh of my life.Its so much fun

  78. 78
    Nandini Says:

    She’s pretty, ya’ll, but DAMN, I don’t see how people are having heart attacks over this girl. I have seen many Indian women (and other Eurasian women), light-skinned, dark-skinned, and everything in between who are far more beautiful and arresting than this chick. Women who don’t even have to try. Women for whom being beautiful is not paramount. She’s something new and “exotic” for Hollywood and the American masses to salivate over and she appeals to the American mainstream because she looks ethnic but not overwhelmingly so. Take a good look — she could pass for a white girl if she weren’t brown. I’m not some jealous chick coming on here to hate on her, it’s great that Hollywood’s standards of beauty are changing, but she’s just a girl who got lucky in her first film role and got labeled as being drop-dead gorgeous so she’s playing right along so she can ride the wave as far as it will take her (good publicist, good agent). She certainly hasn’t proven that she has any acting chops. She’s photogenic and she’s got a few stock facial expressions down that she seems to regurgitate again and again, but she doesn’t seem like she has any real acting skills under her belt or the intelligence or maturity to cultivate them at this point. She’s starstruck and simply seems very intent on becoming famous in Hollywood which is my least favorite kind of actor.

  79. 79
    Mahmoud Says:


    HW already kicked her out after 2 poorly acted big budget.Now she is living on UK based independent movie.With her very very short range of expression its not a big wonder! Jusk check out Night of the cups role of her.Her career is in downhill.So early I hoped for a 5 year run.

  80. 80
    Raj Kappor Says:

    @Nandini: Freida pinto is not even that hot compared to the hollywood actresses. I don’t find her hot but I don’t find her ugly too. She is just average looking at most. Its this troll that says ‘westerners’ find her breathtaking but nobody I know has even heard of Freida Pinto. Who the hell is she compared to someone like Megan Fox or Jessica Alba and Biel? Angelina Jolie, Sofia Vergara, Natalie Portman,Sandra Bullock are are freaking hot and she looks like a pile of dog crap compared to them. Not to mention most of them have acting talent, execpt for Megan Fox, but why are they getting leading roles and not Freida? It has something to do with acting talent. This loser can keep thumbing up their own comments by 50 if they want. They can thumb down as much as a 100 down, it just shows how idiotic they are and that won’t stop until they make up like a 1 million diffrent people to keep defending her.

  81. 81
    Raj Kappor Says:

    @kk: Let them keep snifffing up Freida Pinto ass and smelling her farts. I think they have been putting their head in her ass too many times to know what going on in reality.

  82. 82
    SardersZ3 Says:

    @ Erica/Alias507/Ivy
    Did you watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes? She was not the lead. Don’t lie and make up things.
    In Immortals, the main star was the guy playing 2013 Superman, what are you talking about?
    Do you own a TV? It looks like you don’t. Or are you too poor to afford one? Are you too poor to even buy a ticket to go watch a movie? Please tell you aren’t. If you are thats just sad, because it looks like you know nothing about these movies to even comment on them.
    Also honey making 7 ID and writing similar comments gives you away. Cut the crap now.

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