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Jennifer Lopez: Greatest Hits Album Drops Tuesday!

Jennifer Lopez: Greatest Hits Album Drops Tuesday!

Jennifer Lopez holds tight to her sweet daughter Emme as she and her beau Casper Smart step out for a stroll on Tuesday (July 17) in Toronto, Canada.

The 42-year-old entertainer was also spotted chatting and walking arm in arm with a gal pal while Casper gave Max a piggyback ride!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Lopez

JLo recently tweeted some exciting news – “‪#LOVER‬!S, I can’t wait for you guys to hear my greatest hits album ‘Dance Again…The Hits.’” The album drops this Tuesday, July 24, which is also Jennifer‘s birthday!!

FYI: JLo is wearing a Vince v-neck t-shirt.

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  • LisaL

    She has hits?? What are they?
    She is pretty fug with no makeup

  • ughhh

    This woman lost her mind. Her midget boy toy could be her son. Disgusting.

  • somali girl

    She’s really trying hard to stay relevant with this toyboy creature.

  • Jades

    What is this album going to be one song played over and over.

  • willanka

    Damn, I really see these children more now than when she was with Marc Anthony, the FATHER of the twins. It’s kind of weird. Or maybe Casper just like to spend time with kids and Marc didn’t.

  • Sheila

    HAHA so this “hits” album has like only a couple of songs on it then? Because many of her songs don’t even reach Top 5 I don’t think (she was dropped by her record label before her latest album because of no interest in her music). Hew new album doesn’t seem to be doing well either, I don’t hear it much on readio, except for the fluke hit On the Floor, seems like it tanked to me.

    JLO looks like Aunt Jemima here, not a good look for her because without her hair around her face, she is showing her true age.

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    Lol a bunch of haters’re ALREADY here!! Stay pressed!! Double congrats Jen!!! Your kids looking very very cute, especially Max!!!!! GO JEN, GO!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    Word is American Idol wouldn’t give JLO the big $ she asked for, because JLO’s not worth it and AI wanted to attract younger blood (OUCH for her!!!). Same as when she got the boot from the record company JLO wants us to think she made the decision. But bye-bye decisions are made for her but to save face allow her to say it was her choice. Jlo’s in her mid-40s now, hard for a woman in Hollywood. Her career before AI was pretty dead and that will happen again (she’s not likeable enough, too much ego). JLO thinks she’s still “it”, but she hasn’t been “it” in over decade.

  • Anthony

    Suddenly she remembered about the children?her biological children?

  • Anthony

    @Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi:
    I agree with you, and it’s because Max is a copy of Marс

  • Mike

    Aww they are cute!

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    @Anthony: What do you mean by that?? You wanna say Jennifer ain’t beautiful?!??

  • Limpopo

    where she dug up those sunglasses?
    she forgot to fasten the false hair and tied a kerchief on this?
    this guy is absolutely gay…
    i hope he isn’t pedophile

  • anonymous

    Boy is cute. The girl is wearing a cute green tshirt. That is all I can say about her. Sorry :( but true. Before the thumbs down rain down on this post, think of what they always say “stars are just like us!!!!” So yes people even celebs can have an below average looking kid.

  • Tori

    JLO seen with her twins the sky must be falling and from the mean look on mom’s face she is none to happy about it.

  • Jillyro

    Oh my, I heard Casper interviewed on Etalk Canada last night . Ok, knew the guy is not cute, but I thought good personality maybe, but YUCK he does not sound eloquent or intelligent or charismatic. Nothing about him made me see her attraction to him. But when he said “at the end of the day, we know who is the boss”, that explained it. Makes me think less of her.

  • Limpopo

    Marc did’t likes the paparazzi .. he did a secretive person, Lopez likes the audiences, and this young gay like too, he need audiences, he dont’ sleeps with woman who can be his mother for nothing, he needs has benefits.
    Lopez was recently in NY with kids for Marc.. but no pictures, Marc knows how to hide their personal lives

  • jaspisgirl

    ok the boy is kind of cute but the girl mhhhhhhh not fair the have a nice looking brother . :-) ms.lopez mhhhhhh i mean it is en vogue to have a younger men in home and bed,but this is looking ridicules and to be fair for me it is also ridicules if a 60 year old guy has a 20 year old woman.i wonder what such couples are talking about,the duty of the younger one to take care of the older one in a couple of years.or about the money the older on gives the younger one to look nice and presentable.????? OK i have to admit i have to much free time if i think about things like that.

  • Gossipgirl

    Life is short; if she is happy, let her be.

  • Anthony

    @Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi:
    No.. she is absolutely amazing with many surgical intervention
    You said yourself that Max IS charming , and Max and Marc are like as two eggs

  • horrible mother

    she is happy with kids when she know what the camera is close….this pic was taken suddenly.. she shows real feeling

  • Sofia

    Made the mistake of clicking on the smaller picture of her daughter Emme! That is one ugly little girl she looks like a Rhesus Monkey.

  • PuertoRicanGurl

    @Sofia: A monkey? Really now I agree she isn’t cute but it’s not her fault.

  • TMZ

    Always looking at the camera.He has to take advantage of his 15 mins. of fame .Poor kids! look miserable forced to hang with Mom’s creepy boyfriend.

  • horrible mother


    is down to earth to say the horrible things about kid… can you imagine what your kids will be named also? I think no…

  • YIKES!!

    Jlo is wearing tons of makeup but she still looks matronly and homely this is the real Jennifer.

  • complete fac*k

    she has light makeup

  • Lauren (BestTrendz)

    She is looking so different in the photo, is it really Jennifer Lopez.

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    @Anthony: Actually, when I said double congrats, I ment her album dropping and coming birthday..and, when I mentioned her kids, I just wanted to stress, that she’s GORGEOUS IN EVERYTHING, no matter what this’s albums,…or kids!!

  • Britney

    Pathetic sad old 3 Time Loser at marriage has succumb to buying the affections of an unemployed backup dancer. So sad.

  • Anthony

    @Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi:

    you are like your idol ! absolutely amazing in your nonsense
    have a good day))

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    @Britney: Thi’s the ONLY THING YOU CARES ABOUT, YES??!

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    @Anthony: Thank you. THE same to you))

  • Anthony

    @Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi:
    Thanks! i feel we can be a friends))

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    Sorry, but I don’t like Mark Anthony.(( I think you chose wrong nik (wrong to me)

  • http://deleted Isha

    @Gossipgirl: I think that’s JLO’s problem, she does not know how to be happy unless she’s with a man. She seems to fall in love with every man she dates. Then next thing you know she’s talking about marriage. She’s never single for more than a month or so. You would think that she would have grown out of that teenage phase by now.

  • Anthony

    @Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi:

    it’’s my real name, maybe i will change it for you LOL
    be frankly i also don’t like name Natasha, for my country is nickname for whores, sorry but it’s true..i don’t’ want to offend you..
    actually Marc Anthony should write with ” C”…shame for you!! he was for years husband of your idol and Max is Anthony ‘s xerox
    DO you realy like her new gay boy-toy? please don’t
    disappoint me…

  • Jaime

    Is he wearing a Rosary around his neck? Come on, that’s so tasteless.

  • Lola


    he is kid
    it’s so early to have tests

  • Lola

    her problem is deficiency of brains

  • http://deleted Isha

    @Lola: You are probably right, because something’s not clicking. It is said, the definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing and expect a different result.
    In time, JLO will once again be heart broken and alone.

  • Luna

    Her thighs are flabby and she has a short thick neck she looks very average when not dolled up.

  • mar

    Max is really cute

  • Ellie

    Her daughter is really ugly and Maxx is passable but nothing special.

  • Lola

    now she is looking well, but when she will be in her 50 she will don’t need for nobody, and hold men for her just for money)
    i don’t belive what this boy-toy e is consumed with love for her , he has his interes for fame and money

  • joel

    I really hope she doesn’t ruin Casper Smart’s life. He is amazingly talented….he can do so much better. Get a young chick CASPER!!!!

  • Petal

    JLO looks miffed that she got stuck holding the uglier twin I’m sure her agent told her to go out with her children for the cameras.

  • anonymous

    Max is cute, but poor Emme not. LOL funny when a celeb who has based her entire career on sex appeal and her good looks (like JLO and Demi Moore) has unnattractive female kids!!!! These type of Moms are so looks oriented I can’t imagine they don’t notice that their eggs did not make a good omelette. Think their girls were born with their original faces before the Moms changed theirs with procedures!!!!!

  • Noemiq

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  • mj

    true–rumor was they were in the hamptons–
    so everyone who bashes the paparazzi-yes, not exactly a noble profession, but these celebs want to be shot!
    tom and katie could take a lesson and hide suri for a while, but then we would have nothing to bitch about lol