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Katie Holmes Steps Out After Tom Cruise & Suri Leave NYC

Katie Holmes Steps Out After Tom Cruise & Suri Leave NYC

Katie Holmes holds a pair of sneakers as she heads inside a private residence on Wednesday (July 18) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress reportedly went to enjoy a spinning class at the popular cycling studio SoulCycle!

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Katie has been without her daughter Suri for the past day – estranged husband Tom Cruise has been in the Big Apple taking care of her. Earlier in the day, Tom and Suri choppered off away from New York City.

FYI: Katie is wearing Fluxus and the Bloch “Jenna” flats.

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katie holmes steps out after tom cruise and suri depart 03
katie holmes steps out after tom cruise and suri depart 04

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  • Lola

    I feel like she’s one of the few celebrities who actually doesn’t call the papz.

  • alex

    the reason she’s getting so much attention right now is because of her recent divorce. i wish her the best of luck.

  • lauren

    is she calling the paps or do the paps just know where she is all the time?

  • solecito

    Not her again! It’s now all about Tom and Suri.

  • Kayt

    Are you stupid? The paps camp in front of her house and follow her around. Look at how many people around them no wonder Suri looks scared all the time
    She needs to live her life.
    Those paps gotta go

  • http://none blondie

    …and when I grow up,
    I want to be rich, rich, rich,
    and oh so very, very famous!!!

    And I want to marry one of the really big
    actors, and live in several giant mansions,
    and have the finest clothes
    that money can buy.

    And luxury cars and private planes.

    Oh, how happy I will be;
    My husband, my baby,
    and me!!!!

    Tommy!!! Take me back,
    and please do my bidding,
    like a good husband should.

    O.k. then.
    Just hook up with me on the Holidays,
    so I won’t be so lonely and blue.

  • I wonder

    Is fame and money worth all the loneliness and sadness? And having your kids traumatized by the paps and called ugly by the press and haters? Or even worse, have your son dead in a filthy room like it happened to S. Stallone? I wonder.

  • Rebecca

    OH MY Is the media EVER going to leave this alone. Move on already.

  • Yada yada ya

    She looks sad. I know she misses Suri. She’s always with her, even on sets as a mother should be. Hang in there Katie!

  • Juliet

    Don’t you think it’s a little contradictory for people to say the paparazzi need to leave her alone when here we are on a website dedicated to paparazzi photos?



  • Tom’s fan

    She looks like garbage.

  • Mary

    Has anyone notice that she seems to have no friends at all? I mean you never see her hanging aroung with pals, it’s always with Suri or her mom. I think it’s sad and not healthy for a young woman

  • Just my opinion

    - Even if Katie has sole custody, she made a deal with the devil when she married Tom Cruise and brought her daughter along as part of the deal. Sole custody or not, Katie signed a prenup agreement and the only way to get any $$$ from Cruise is to share her only living daughter with him. And she needs money to at least pay for the security and education Suri will need thanks to the exposure she received with the TOMKAT sham. I never thought Tom was the biological father but that doesn’t matter anymore, they BOTH agreement to this part of the sham, Cruise being Suri’s father, and now he will play the role of father in a divorce situation. Deal with it Katie. You agreed to this and you were NOT some young and naive thing. You were already in your late 20”s. This was not your first serious relationship but it was your most lucrative contract. According to the Daily Mail: Katie Cuts a Lonely Figure on Outing to Spin Class –

  • Just my opinion

    #13 – We actually did see Katie hanging out with two ladies and their children going to the museum after she announced her intention to divorce. That was the FIRST TIME I ever so Katie with civilians (not minders). I don’t consider Jeanne Yang and her daughters Katie’s friends because Jeanne is a business associate so their is a financial interest there. The other ladies I think were relatives of Katie’s.

  • solecito

    @Mary: Why is it sad and not healthy? Not everyone needs friends in their lives, maybe she’s perfectly happy just hanging out with her daughter. I’m young and have no friends by choice. It’s just me and my man. I’m happy and don’t need anyone else in my life.

  • Just my opinion

    # 13 – You have to consider, when Katie hooked up with Tom Cruise she DUMPED all her civilian friends (non Scientologists) so now she’s alone. She probably hung onto her parents relationship by a fine thread because they are Catholics and Scientologists don’t like it when you stay connected to people outside of the Church of Scientology. Luckily that relationship was not completely severed. Whoever the ladies were that were seen with Katie visiting the museum a week ago looked like civilians (non Scientologists and non entertainment people). I think they were extremely old friends OR relatives. They were absolutely NOT Scientologists. I also agree with the last poster, you don’t always need a lot of friends, but you do need at least a hand full of people you can trust in this life. Katie has that or else she would not have been able to leave Cruise.

  • Oh my!

    The fact that Tom sold her on the idea that she could be Catholic as well as a Scientologist was a web of lies he created. She went into the marriage in love with the very charismatic TC. He swept her off her feet and to her it felt right. But it was all a scam on his part. She was pretty much hand picked and I’m not sure if she was aware of that. With that said, she can only mob forward. I hope Tom and his family don’t push Katie out of Suri’s life, but they are too much into Scientology. I don’t see him backing down with all the power and influence he has.

  • Just my opinion

    - Bet Katie probably has a lot of things to do like interview a list of nannies and housekeepers, personal assistant, etc. and also get things approved for the Holmes & Yang Fashion Line that her and Jeanne Yang are going to present during New York’s Fashion Week. And in all this surely Katie is thinking about Suri and video chatting with her too. These last two weeks were probably very busy and stressful for Katie that we didn’t see her going out to a gym. Maybe she has a small gym in her apartment building but nothing like the gym where she’s going to in these pictures. She was also paying a lot of attention to Suri and devoting her time to her as we all saw in the pictures because she knew Cruise’s visitation time was coming soon and that is stressful for a soon to be divorced mom. Especially when we are dealing with two very extreme ways of believing: Catholism and Scientology.

  • puppy

    @Mary: And you wonder why? She’s retarded and she’s raising her daughter in a retarded way.
    P.S. I don’t like Tom either.

  • lol

    Could they be more spoilt with all the attention they get??

  • Waaaaaa

    Katie’s lawyers made it sound like she was the big winner. And now Tom has taken Suri out of town with him very quickly after Katie signed the “settlement”. I wonder just what Katie gave up. I also wonder how they are sharing “legal” custody.

  • SuzQ

    Katie is sure going to have an uphill battle raising Suri. It seems like she’s spent the last few weeks trying to instill some discipline and structure in her life that she did not previously have (i.e. not giving in with the puppy). But when she visits Tom, how much do you want to bet that it’s the complete opposite–back to the Scientology tenets of giving your kid whatever he/she wants, with little to no discipline? Suri is going to have such a tough time dealing with the dual households. Katie is such going to have to stand her ground to be a good parent.

  • Mercy

    Katie isn’t what you see. She’s a very nice person deep deep inside.

  • Hamlet

    A bit like Angelina Jolie, #13? Anyway, the woman is busy and doesn’t have much time for a social life.

    You don’t consider her business partner a friend as well, #15?

    Stop calling non-Scinetologists civilians, #17. It is a free country. Holmes could have left anyone at any time.

    Stop with the paranoid rantings, #18. You don’t know why the couple split up.

    You’re demented, #20.

  • Hamlet

    Her lawyers never said anything, #21. That was the media who were ready to paint a woman getting a divorce as a hero for no good reason. Holmes didn’t give anything up. She has primary custody after all. It was just the overzealous media that took that as saying her daughter’s father couldn’t even see her.

    How do you know that Cruise isn’t a good parent and that Suri Cruise never had any structure and discipline already, #23?

  • Just my opinion

    #23 – SuzQ – I agree with you 100%. One household will be enforcing discipline and boundaries (Katie side) after NOT having done this the first six years of Suri’s life (how do I know, just look at pictures of blankets and stuffed animals, stimming, treated like an infant when she’s six years old etc.) AND Cruise’s side is going to go the other way, let the child decide, carry her, give her a new stuffed animal everyday, blankets, heliocopter rides, the finer things in life, etc. Of course Suri doesn’t realize that having discipline is a GREAT THING. Her father had the discipline to lose weight for several movies, had the discipline to finish filming his movie Oblivion before flying over to see his daughter after Katie announced the divorce, etc. Note: Tom Cruise NOR Katie Holmes were raised as Scientologists as children. So they can’t say that is the best way to raise a child. Its gonna be very tough on Katie Holmes but she is gonna experience Karma herself. Imagine what her own mother, a devout Catholic went through when Katie told her she was converting to Scientology (and there is a video on YouTube where Billy Bush of Access Hollywood is interviewing her and asks her if she’s looked into it and gone to the Scientology classes and audits) and she responds “yes, its bettering my life.” Imagine the pain Ms. Kathleen Holmes felt seeing and hearing Katie utter those words? I hope that doesn’t happen to Katie with Suri. I just don’t see Cruise giving up trying to win over Suri for the Church of Scientology. God help her.

  • puppy

    @Hamlet: No, I’m not demented because sometimes I can be very bad too.

  • kizbit

    I bet she is just sick to her stomach with worry wondering if she’ll ever get Suri back from her visit with Tom. No matter what you think of her, she was VERY brave to stand up to this egotistical nutcase.

  • Just my opinion

    #29 – I think she will get Suri back physically (this time). But it will be a slow seduction into Scientology for Suri. Suri is going to be treated with kid gloves. Yes, Katie was BRAVE to stand up to Cruise but also DARING to bite the Scientology apple that was offered (which was covered with fame and fortune). She could have done it the hard way, she was already on a career road with a portfolio that included Dawson’s Creek, Pieces of April, Batman Begins, etc. but she wanted to FASTTRACK her career by hooking up with Cruise. She put her faith and convictions aside and thought she could live with that. I am a practicing Christian, I have been in a situation where I had to choose to renounce my faith and marry and have an easier life, I could NOT do it. But I hope this works out for her.

  • Just my opinion

    Cruise will definitely REMARRY. He has said many times that he likes being married. I hope he marries a Scientologist this time. But it will be very hard on Katie if the next Mrs. Tom Cruise is an insenstive as she was with Nicole Kidman and says “Suri calls me Mom.” That remarks was a jab under the belt and whether they called her mom or not, Katie did NOT need to say that in public. Even if she was coached into saying it I would have said “I’m not saying that.” But maybe that is how scornful the Scientologist are with Nicole Kidman. They like to get a jab in every now and then. I hope its not how Katie will be treated. According to TMZ, reports are that when Cruise picked up Suri, Katie was NOT in the building and they did not see or talk to each other. That means they are speaking through their lawyers.

  • Just so


    You know Hammie, for someone who obsesses about this couple and reads everything he can about them, you certainly don’t keep up with the cult.

    NO SHE CAN’T JUST LEAVE THE CULT. It isn’t a free country inside the cult. For a normal, non-Hollywood person, you are put thru a year long process and sometimes after that they deny you the ability to leave. They are a cult. They have the top ten cult characteristics. You sign a contract for a billion years and when you leave as a “normal” person they charge you $120,000 or more to leave.

    If you leave without your year long separation course, they can and do go after you. They release information from your confidential auditing tapes, they deny you the ability to see your children, family and spouse who remain xenu cult members, some ex-members have been threatened, physically assaulted, blackmailed and some feel murdered for talking about cult practices.

    So Hammie my boy. Instead of sitting on the internet all day looking up Tom and Katie and Suri, maybe you should do something productive with your time and google scientology and read articles by those that have left.

    Whether you like Katie or not, she took Suri and ran and I and many others who know what this cult is capable of–don’t believe Tom and his lawyers denials at all that this wasn’t about Xenu. You bet it was. And it was about Tom and his controlling personality. If he was Joe Blow, he’d be classified as abusive.

  • Mary

    I agree with you saying it is because of scientology, and this is the reason why I think it’s a little sad, not because one needs a lot of friends. Just a few true friends, who help you in your bad times (like her divorce)

  • paleezzzzz2

    Hamlet, have you read their divorce settlement? I hear its sealed and neither can talk about it, but you seem to know what’s in there. Katie doesn’t look happy here at all. And doesn’t look like she’s saving Suri from Tom.

  • an opinion

    You haters apologize to Tom Cruise. Katie is still a robot and boring.

  • lulu


    Don’t be such a dumbass. Obviously NONE of those things meant anything to Katie or she wouldn’t have divorced the dwarf. And not for a lot of cash either. She just wanted to get herself and her daughter away from him and his crazy cult.

  • lulu

    @Tom’s fan:

    And you sound like a moron.

  • danny

    I feel for Katie. She’s been very strong throughout the divorce but this is the real test – feeling completely powerless while Cruise has their daughter and is doing god knows what with her. You can be sure though it involves some loony CO$ shit.

  • Just my opinion

    #38 – You are right on!!!

  • Andamentothat

    Katie needs time to herself and figure out her life going forward. She will also meet someone nice and generous perhaps and have more kids. Still, her relationship with Tom will always be in the media because they are raising Suri. Suri is the only one who we must feel sorry for.

  • Your momma Gertrude

    @Hamlet: Please put down the notepad where you write who you’re going to address and go take you Xanax. I can’t believe the Sea Organization let you out again. Your cloudy mind is keeps you from thinking straight. You can judge people who have an opinion on your darling TC, but YOU bash and have an opinion about Katie as if you know her. I don’t think she has gone near you and I don’t think she will. So back, take your meds and relax.

  • ce

    check out your birthday profile or that special someone

  • Just my opinion

    #41 – You hit it on the nail!!!

  • baugh

    Isn’t she afraid tomy is going to brain wash suri, i thought he only allowed to visit suri that’s sad .

  • baugh

    and she seems sad in these photo .

  • Just my opinion

    After these pictures of Katie going to her spinning class and getting back in the SUV she wasn’t photographed again today in public. Hopefully she wasn’t too upset that Suri was with Cruise and worried sick about what she could be doing. I hope she was at least able to see her video chatting but I think that would be heartbreaking if I saw my child on a computer and standing behind her were her relatives coaching her what to say. I bet Suri’s nannies and staffer and Cruise’s
    relatives were there visiting with her.

  • Melanie

    Angel Katie is missing her little one…she’ll be home soon Mamma Bear

  • Just so

    @baugh: She is going to a spinning class. What do you want her to do? Grin like a maniac, jump up and down laughing, smile like a loon? She is walking in a door, out of a door. Why would she look happy? For the paps?

  • who


    I agree. But if Tom tries to do something and keep Suri from Katie, I hope she told him that if he even tries anything, that she would start talking and blow his and his cult’s secrets.

  • Just my opinion

    #49 – That is why she needs to be careful because when you start talking and telling secrets, you get labeled a whistle blower and the entertainment industry is a town made up of secrets, debauchery, bisexuality, homesexuality, adultery, etc. There is an upcoming HBO documentary “About Face: Supermodels, Then and Now,”

    Read more:

    it talks about the sexual harrassment and pressures of the world of supermodels. But no names are given, they just say executives, etc. Yes, someone might say BUT HER DAUGHTER IS MORE IMPORTANT but she should have never gotten herself in this situation.
    Bottomline: She is in this situtation and the question is “If worse comes to shove, does Katie want to pick up her dollars and move back to Ohio with her parents and join the PTA Club?” I honestly don’t see her having a big career in the movies nor in the fashion industry. Time will tell.