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Leonardo DiCaprio: Mauro's Cafe Lunch!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Mauro's Cafe Lunch!

Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys lunch with some pals at Mauro’s Cafe at Fred Segal on Tuesday (July 17) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 37-year-old actor attempted to keep a low profile as he enjoyed the outdoor restaurant.

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This past weekend, Leo and his The Great Gatsby co-star Tobey Maguire went out to dinner together at Cut in the Palazzo hotel in Las Vegas, according to People.

Tobey enjoyed a vegan meal, while Leo dined on steak and sides with the rest of their party.

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  • somali girl

    Leo is a pig now. I can’t stand him.

  • tinkerbell

    apparently working VERY hard to get rid of playboy image

  • tinkerbell

    tee hee, you actually tried to block me? didnt work. I know how to get rid of cookies. Somebody’s flack made a call. BIG suprise.

  • Yeah

    @tinkerbell: It’s all about you and your comments that certain someone abd ger flack care about! lol
    I can’t wait for Leo to shave finally!

  • @4

    @Yeah: I know, can someone say psychooooooooo

  • Gossipgirl

    Where is Haas? He is always lurking around Leo.

  • CanadaGirl

    Why am I finding it unusual for him to luncheon at Fred Segal? Leo, hun, if you don’t want to be photographed, don’t sit at the head of the table. Silly.
    He’s filling out the shoulders nicely. Looking good. Glad he’s enjoying down time. As am I. :)
    How is everyone??

  • LOL

    Hi Canada Girl.
    TBF I think this is only a story cos its a tres slow news week.
    Apart from TDKR nothing else is going on.
    I wonder if Leo’s gonna keep the beard till the end of the year. Maybe its a bet?

  • Cammie

    Hand over face…I guess this isn’t a biking or Beach photo Op…but whatever

  • Geez

    Hi C/G, I think that’s his godson Milan sitting at the other end of the table? Why do I know this? Christ I need a life!!! lol

  • Leo Cheating??? Noooo Love E

    I hope LEO and an exgf aren’t cheating on current girlfriend, Erin.

    There were some suspicous pictures floating around of an underwear model in the middle of the Arctic? Sounds Leo-ish?

    It seems EVERY YEAR that Leo makes time in the summer for Europe or beaches across the seas and Venice? I hope to see Erin and Leo together on a yacht!! She deserves that. She has been a good girlfriend. Hope Leo is treating her right and not stringing her along?!

  • ?????

    Are you on something?

  • ?????

    @11: Are you on something?

  • LOL

    I know right? if its not tinkerbell that derails a thread its another loon we’re not even 20 comments in and its started already!

  • CanadaGirl

    @Geez: lol. I know what you mean. I squeaked through calculus in school, but I can tell you what designer Giselle wore to the MET Gala, the names of Leo’s friends, and tons of movie trivia. Something’s not right here. :)
    @LOL: I was like, TDKR, huh… oh…. Dark Knight…. got it. I do have to see that while I’m off. I think I’ll still think about Heath as I watch though. Is it just me?
    Well… I’m off to the *inserts snooty voice* theatre (not cinema). Have a good one, Leo-fans.

  • Elle

    It’s good to see him without Blatherton! Her BZ Stans will be so upset that they haven’t done another photo op since Hawaii.

  • @12

    @Leo Cheating??? Noooo Love E:

    If you have seen the pictures, then you know it makes sense. No, I’m not on “something”. Please be nice. This is also a public opinion board.

  • Elena

    I call photo op shenanigans on this. Fred Segal is one of approximately five locations in all of Los Angeles where you’re almost guaranteed to get papped. Jesus, I’m not celebrity and even I know that. Also, who sits outside if they don’t want to be photographed?

  • ?????

    @17: I haven’t seen the photos and I can’t stand Bar so why would I care about her or her pictures? Also I don’t care about conspiracy theories. Sorry but you do sound off like you are on something! Why can’t we just stick to the actual topic of this thread for a change?

  • Tyra

    How is Leo a pig, now? I’ve always loved Leo, but i think i love his personality and the things he cares for even more now he has gotten more mature and serious.

  • @Elena

    I’m happy to go with a conspiracy theory. But sitting outside a restaurant cause the weather is nice is not strange behaviour for anyone. Famous or not everyone should be free to do stuff like that without motives been questioned, so much read into it or websites feel obligated to write about it as a nefarious plan. Leo going out to eat is not really a story.
    I stress – Just My Opinion

  • On

    His friends are hot like him <3

  • Zia

    He doesn’tlook good with his natural dark hair color. He should go back to blond, or a light brown.

  • On

    @Zia: You seriously have no idea.

  • Elena

    @@Elena: Yeah, I’m inclined to agree with you that it’s not unusual for someone to sit outside for lunch on a nice day, it’s just that there are literally thousands of places he could go and eat and he chose one of the most paparazzi-ridden places in LA. Honestly, before I moved to LA I thought paparazzi were intrusive scum (which honestly they are), but the city is so massive it’s not very difficult to find a private place to do stuff. I’m not saying I think Leo calls photographers to take pictures of him, but the vast majority of celebrities either provide tips themselves or go places where they know they’ll be photographed. I mean, clearly he likes to play coy with photographers but I think if he really wanted to give them the slip he wouldn’t have too much difficulty.

  • @Elena #25

    Maybe he likes that restaurant? Just an idea since this is not the first time he was seen eating at Fred Segal`s… When it`s a photo op with him it`s more obvious than this. JMO.

  • Elena

    @@Elena #25: Sure he might like the restaurant, I’m just saying that if I know that Fred Segal is one of the places celebs are most likely to be papped then obviously HE knows that too. Even if he didn’t go there with the intention of being photographed it couldn’t have been much of a shock when he was (and let’s face facts, Leo sometimes goes months without being photographed even when he’s in LA, so clearly he knows which places to avoid when he doesn’t want to be seen).

  • @26

    @@Elena #25:
    Good point. I agree. When we had those Miami restaurant pics with his mom those were REALLY clear and you could make out who was who.
    These are grainy and almost look like they are from a passer by’s phone,

  • ichi

    @Zia: he is natural blond that’s the reason why he looks better blond, he doesn’t have dark hair !

  • LEO REPS – Solve Easy by Post!

    So, let me get this straight and true. (1) Bar and Leo have NOT been travelling together in the last 6 months? (2) They have not seen each other romatically in the last 6 months?

    Leo Reps? Don’t ignore the question by trying to change the subject, bury the post, purposefully misunderstand, or just ignore the question completely. It’s 2 parts, yes or no. True is good, non?

    1) yes or no?
    2) yes or no?

  • @30

    Seriously, go make your own Leo thread / blog and answer these questions yourself or get professional help. Christ

  • tinkerbell

    @LEO REPS – Solve Easy by Post!:

    OK, Leo reps dont read here as far as I know, or they do but they dont bother posting. I bet they think all the smoke and fire is actually GOOD for business, or signs of his ongoing popularity.

    They do monitor for real crazies and that is his security team, Galahad,who are trained to spot behavioral tendencies that make you a risk. I just saw a REAL Livia Bistceanu post on Gossip Cop. If you read the documentation on that case (i was just interested ok?) his SECURITY team monitors these sites for real threats, like people who think they are carryng baby jesus for him.

    That was OBVIOUSLY Bar’s rep…her job is to try to steer up coverage and start stories….Bar recently went to Alaska or somewheres with her Dad—that is the implication, that are still involved.

    I dont even really hate Bar, she is just a stupid plain faced girl. But I hate the lying and hyperbole, and still using his name a year later?


    And supposedly I’m “crazy/”

    What I think is crazy about the whole thing is how hard they have tried to build some kind of empire out of nothing…bar never had it to be even a moderately successful model, never mind a supermodel. And she’s not very bright either, or media savvy making the kind of remarks she does—those ultra zionist attitudes might be ok in her crazy right wing family but they dont play well elsewhere.

  • huh?

    I thought Bar was dating Shaun White(the ginger snowboard dude)…

  • tinkerbell

    @Elena: Oh he wants this shot. Everyone in a while, its like, OK take my picture. I think Bar was so embarrassing maybe his reps told him not to be seen with the draft dodger everyone hates in Israel. His uber rep, Ken Sunshine is

    A. Jewish and
    B. From a political background…maybe he told Leo to hide his head around her if he had to date her. Because he just isnt doing it with Blake or Erin. She had serious political problems and compounded it by saying things like “celebrities have different needs” when asked about it.

    You THINK I am obsessed with Bar—I am just fascinated with the media deception from the both–it’s really something.

  • tinkerbell

    @huh?: No, not famous or rich enough, and he’s not interested. She worked her way through all the rich young jews by 22 or so, who is left? And Leo is a very hard act to follow.

  • #32-30

    God please make it stop!!!!! Tinkerbell & Crazy number person in convo
    Tinkerbell was called out in the other Leo post but she persists
    No wonder everyone thinks JJ posters are bat munching freaks

  • Noemiq

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  • Sweet LV

    T Simpkins

    #ThatAwkwardMoment‬ when your roommate was partying all weekend w/ Leonardo Dicaprio n Vegas & is now laying on YOUR bed texting him 😒 lol
    11:27 PM – 15 Jul 12 via Twitter for iPhone

  • LOL

    @Sweet LV:

    Are you surprised? Erin = Bar 2.0

    Nonstop cheating and she will turn a blind eye.

  • Geez

    @Sweet LV:
    Oh dear. I guess the girl *could* be lying. Leo usually covers his tracks well no? (side eye – shrugs).

  • tinkerbell

    @#32-30: I care what the other person said…I was “called out?” about what? you know nothing about me sugar and I dont care even if you did.

  • tinkerbell

    @LOL: exactly, not as obnoxious, and already a real working model, but will be cheated on heavily. I believe he made contact last night…..he loves to sext….

  • Mars

    Leo off screen is turning into Jack Nicholson before our eyes.

  • Leo Fan

    He obviously spotted the paps taking these pics. But thanks JJ for sharing these brand new photos. I recognize some of his friends as we saw them in NOLA and Miami with Leo before.

  • Gossip alert, gossip alert
  • desperate alert

    @Gossip alert, gossip alert:
    Was it not a sister mag that said Erin was the one 2 weeks ago?
    Both BS IMO

  • @45

    @Gossip alert, gossip alert:

    Finally something I might believe!

  • tinkerbell

    @Gossip alert, gossip alert: yeah right. The NE is always right. Let me tell you LSA, Ted, and CDAN have a much better track record anyway.

  • Hahaha

    I wouldn’t blame him if he missed Bar. He could cheat on her forever and no one cared. But her friend should have aimed higher than the Enquirer to sell this bullshite. No one believes a bloid that contradicts itself every two weeks.

  • LOL

    IKR. Aim higher Tzipi, try US Weekly /People or even In Touch. Not “My Dog is the actual US President” Enquirer
    But he can cheat on Erin too and she seems fine with it. Leo is Leo, and always will be, god bless him for entertainment