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Leonardo DiCaprio: Mauro's Cafe Lunch!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Mauro's Cafe Lunch!

Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys lunch with some pals at Mauro’s Cafe at Fred Segal on Tuesday (July 17) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 37-year-old actor attempted to keep a low profile as he enjoyed the outdoor restaurant.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

This past weekend, Leo and his The Great Gatsby co-star Tobey Maguire went out to dinner together at Cut in the Palazzo hotel in Las Vegas, according to People.

Tobey enjoyed a vegan meal, while Leo dined on steak and sides with the rest of their party.

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Photos: FameFlynet
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213 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: Mauro's Cafe Lunch!”

  1. 1
    somali girl Says:

    Leo is a pig now. I can’t stand him.

  2. 2
    tinkerbell Says:

    apparently working VERY hard to get rid of playboy image

  3. 3
    tinkerbell Says:

    tee hee, you actually tried to block me? didnt work. I know how to get rid of cookies. Somebody’s flack made a call. BIG suprise.

  4. 4
    Yeah Says:

    @tinkerbell: It’s all about you and your comments that certain someone abd ger flack care about! lol
    I can’t wait for Leo to shave finally!

  5. 5
    @4 Says:

    @Yeah: I know, can someone say psychooooooooo

  6. 6
    Gossipgirl Says:

    Where is Haas? He is always lurking around Leo.

  7. 7
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Why am I finding it unusual for him to luncheon at Fred Segal? Leo, hun, if you don’t want to be photographed, don’t sit at the head of the table. Silly.
    He’s filling out the shoulders nicely. Looking good. Glad he’s enjoying down time. As am I. :)
    How is everyone??

  8. 8
    LOL Says:

    Hi Canada Girl.
    TBF I think this is only a story cos its a tres slow news week.
    Apart from TDKR nothing else is going on.
    I wonder if Leo’s gonna keep the beard till the end of the year. Maybe its a bet?

  9. 9
    Cammie Says:

    Hand over face…I guess this isn’t a biking or Beach photo Op…but whatever

  10. 10
    Geez Says:

    Hi C/G, I think that’s his godson Milan sitting at the other end of the table? Why do I know this? Christ I need a life!!! lol

  11. 11
    Leo Cheating??? Noooo Love E Says:

    I hope LEO and an exgf aren’t cheating on current girlfriend, Erin.

    There were some suspicous pictures floating around of an underwear model in the middle of the Arctic? Sounds Leo-ish?

    It seems EVERY YEAR that Leo makes time in the summer for Europe or beaches across the seas and Venice? I hope to see Erin and Leo together on a yacht!! She deserves that. She has been a good girlfriend. Hope Leo is treating her right and not stringing her along?!

  12. 12
    ????? Says:

    Are you on something?

  13. 13
    ????? Says:

    @11: Are you on something?

  14. 14
    LOL Says:

    I know right? if its not tinkerbell that derails a thread its another loon we’re not even 20 comments in and its started already!

  15. 15
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @Geez: lol. I know what you mean. I squeaked through calculus in school, but I can tell you what designer Giselle wore to the MET Gala, the names of Leo’s friends, and tons of movie trivia. Something’s not right here. :)
    @LOL: I was like, TDKR, huh… oh…. Dark Knight…. got it. I do have to see that while I’m off. I think I’ll still think about Heath as I watch though. Is it just me?
    Well… I’m off to the *inserts snooty voice* theatre (not cinema). Have a good one, Leo-fans.

  16. 16
    Elle Says:

    It’s good to see him without Blatherton! Her BZ Stans will be so upset that they haven’t done another photo op since Hawaii.

  17. 17
    @12 Says:

    @Leo Cheating??? Noooo Love E:

    If you have seen the pictures, then you know it makes sense. No, I’m not on “something”. Please be nice. This is also a public opinion board.

  18. 18
    Elena Says:

    I call photo op shenanigans on this. Fred Segal is one of approximately five locations in all of Los Angeles where you’re almost guaranteed to get papped. Jesus, I’m not celebrity and even I know that. Also, who sits outside if they don’t want to be photographed?

  19. 19
    ????? Says:

    @17: I haven’t seen the photos and I can’t stand Bar so why would I care about her or her pictures? Also I don’t care about conspiracy theories. Sorry but you do sound off like you are on something! Why can’t we just stick to the actual topic of this thread for a change?

  20. 20
    Tyra Says:

    How is Leo a pig, now? I’ve always loved Leo, but i think i love his personality and the things he cares for even more now he has gotten more mature and serious.

  21. 21
    @Elena Says:

    I’m happy to go with a conspiracy theory. But sitting outside a restaurant cause the weather is nice is not strange behaviour for anyone. Famous or not everyone should be free to do stuff like that without motives been questioned, so much read into it or websites feel obligated to write about it as a nefarious plan. Leo going out to eat is not really a story.
    I stress – Just My Opinion

  22. 22
    On Says:

    His friends are hot like him <3

  23. 23
    Zia Says:

    He doesn’tlook good with his natural dark hair color. He should go back to blond, or a light brown.

  24. 24
    On Says:

    @Zia: You seriously have no idea.

  25. 25
    Elena Says:

    @@Elena: Yeah, I’m inclined to agree with you that it’s not unusual for someone to sit outside for lunch on a nice day, it’s just that there are literally thousands of places he could go and eat and he chose one of the most paparazzi-ridden places in LA. Honestly, before I moved to LA I thought paparazzi were intrusive scum (which honestly they are), but the city is so massive it’s not very difficult to find a private place to do stuff. I’m not saying I think Leo calls photographers to take pictures of him, but the vast majority of celebrities either provide tips themselves or go places where they know they’ll be photographed. I mean, clearly he likes to play coy with photographers but I think if he really wanted to give them the slip he wouldn’t have too much difficulty.

  26. 26
    @Elena #25 Says:

    Maybe he likes that restaurant? Just an idea since this is not the first time he was seen eating at Fred Segal`s… When it`s a photo op with him it`s more obvious than this. JMO.

  27. 27
    Elena Says:

    @@Elena #25: Sure he might like the restaurant, I’m just saying that if I know that Fred Segal is one of the places celebs are most likely to be papped then obviously HE knows that too. Even if he didn’t go there with the intention of being photographed it couldn’t have been much of a shock when he was (and let’s face facts, Leo sometimes goes months without being photographed even when he’s in LA, so clearly he knows which places to avoid when he doesn’t want to be seen).

  28. 28
    @26 Says:

    @@Elena #25:
    Good point. I agree. When we had those Miami restaurant pics with his mom those were REALLY clear and you could make out who was who.
    These are grainy and almost look like they are from a passer by’s phone,

  29. 29
    ichi Says:

    @Zia: he is natural blond that’s the reason why he looks better blond, he doesn’t have dark hair !

  30. 30
    LEO REPS - Solve Easy by Post! Says:

    So, let me get this straight and true. (1) Bar and Leo have NOT been travelling together in the last 6 months? (2) They have not seen each other romatically in the last 6 months?

    Leo Reps? Don’t ignore the question by trying to change the subject, bury the post, purposefully misunderstand, or just ignore the question completely. It’s 2 parts, yes or no. True is good, non?

    1) yes or no?
    2) yes or no?

  31. 31
    @30 Says:

    Seriously, go make your own Leo thread / blog and answer these questions yourself or get professional help. Christ

  32. 32
    tinkerbell Says:

    @LEO REPS – Solve Easy by Post!:

    OK, Leo reps dont read here as far as I know, or they do but they dont bother posting. I bet they think all the smoke and fire is actually GOOD for business, or signs of his ongoing popularity.

    They do monitor for real crazies and that is his security team, Galahad,who are trained to spot behavioral tendencies that make you a risk. I just saw a REAL Livia Bistceanu post on Gossip Cop. If you read the documentation on that case (i was just interested ok?) his SECURITY team monitors these sites for real threats, like people who think they are carryng baby jesus for him.

    That was OBVIOUSLY Bar’s rep…her job is to try to steer up coverage and start stories….Bar recently went to Alaska or somewheres with her Dad—that is the implication, that are still involved.

    I dont even really hate Bar, she is just a stupid plain faced girl. But I hate the lying and hyperbole, and still using his name a year later?


    And supposedly I’m “crazy/”

    What I think is crazy about the whole thing is how hard they have tried to build some kind of empire out of nothing…bar never had it to be even a moderately successful model, never mind a supermodel. And she’s not very bright either, or media savvy making the kind of remarks she does—those ultra zionist attitudes might be ok in her crazy right wing family but they dont play well elsewhere.

  33. 33
    huh? Says:

    I thought Bar was dating Shaun White(the ginger snowboard dude)…

  34. 34
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Elena: Oh he wants this shot. Everyone in a while, its like, OK take my picture. I think Bar was so embarrassing maybe his reps told him not to be seen with the draft dodger everyone hates in Israel. His uber rep, Ken Sunshine is

    A. Jewish and
    B. From a political background…maybe he told Leo to hide his head around her if he had to date her. Because he just isnt doing it with Blake or Erin. She had serious political problems and compounded it by saying things like “celebrities have different needs” when asked about it.

    You THINK I am obsessed with Bar—I am just fascinated with the media deception from the both–it’s really something.

  35. 35
    tinkerbell Says:

    @huh?: No, not famous or rich enough, and he’s not interested. She worked her way through all the rich young jews by 22 or so, who is left? And Leo is a very hard act to follow.

  36. 36
    #32-30 Says:

    God please make it stop!!!!! Tinkerbell & Crazy number person in convo
    Tinkerbell was called out in the other Leo post but she persists
    No wonder everyone thinks JJ posters are bat munching freaks

  37. 37
    Noemiq Says:

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  38. 38
    Sweet LV Says:

    T Simpkins

    #ThatAwkwardMoment‬ when your roommate was partying all weekend w/ Leonardo Dicaprio n Vegas & is now laying on YOUR bed texting him 😒 lol
    11:27 PM – 15 Jul 12 via Twitter for iPhone

  39. 39
    LOL Says:

    @Sweet LV:

    Are you surprised? Erin = Bar 2.0

    Nonstop cheating and she will turn a blind eye.

  40. 40
    Geez Says:

    @Sweet LV:
    Oh dear. I guess the girl *could* be lying. Leo usually covers his tracks well no? (side eye – shrugs).

  41. 41
    tinkerbell Says:

    @#32-30: I care what the other person said…I was “called out?” about what? you know nothing about me sugar and I dont care even if you did.

  42. 42
    tinkerbell Says:

    @LOL: exactly, not as obnoxious, and already a real working model, but will be cheated on heavily. I believe he made contact last night…..he loves to sext….

  43. 43
    Mars Says:

    Leo off screen is turning into Jack Nicholson before our eyes.

  44. 44
    Leo Fan Says:

    He obviously spotted the paps taking these pics. But thanks JJ for sharing these brand new photos. I recognize some of his friends as we saw them in NOLA and Miami with Leo before.

  45. 45
    Gossip alert, gossip alert Says:

    I am afraid some “haters” will hit the ceiling….LOL, LOL!

  46. 46
    desperate alert Says:

    @Gossip alert, gossip alert:
    Was it not a sister mag that said Erin was the one 2 weeks ago?
    Both BS IMO

  47. 47
    @45 Says:

    @Gossip alert, gossip alert:

    Finally something I might believe!

  48. 48
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Gossip alert, gossip alert: yeah right. The NE is always right. Let me tell you LSA, Ted, and CDAN have a much better track record anyway.

  49. 49
    Hahaha Says:

    I wouldn’t blame him if he missed Bar. He could cheat on her forever and no one cared. But her friend should have aimed higher than the Enquirer to sell this bullshite. No one believes a bloid that contradicts itself every two weeks.

  50. 50
    LOL Says:

    IKR. Aim higher Tzipi, try US Weekly /People or even In Touch. Not “My Dog is the actual US President” Enquirer
    But he can cheat on Erin too and she seems fine with it. Leo is Leo, and always will be, god bless him for entertainment

  51. 51
    Leo Fan Says:

    Leo is Leo and always will be. And he won’t start to change at 37, for sure.
    Thanks for the gossip rumors, #45. Have you noticed though, that the end of the story finishes with …This latest tale is not true, and a real friend — who doesn’t blab to tabloids — tells Gossip Cop the National Enquirer’s is “silly.”.
    Have you noticed that the “real friend” is not denying the story…. just says the NE is “silly”.

  52. 52
    @51 Says:

    @Leo Fan:
    Saying a story is ‘silly’ – is implying its not even worthy of a denial because its so improbable Barfbot. A year on and still praying lol

  53. 53
    @ 51 Says:

    @Leo Fan:

    You missed the real story, and that is that Leo made a comment at all. Silly. Short, sweet, to the point and dismissive as all get out. Like wiping gum off his shoe.

  54. 54
    rosie Says:

    I’m surprised that the pics from the beach were never posted.

  55. 55
    Geez Says:

    Not all pics go to websites. They beach shots appeared in the Daily Mail but not on popsugar or lainey. I know they were in People and US Weekly.
    Who knows maybe there is a distribution rule for certain celeb pictures I have no idea how it works.

  56. 56
    @55 Says:

    Us Weekly? Definitely not in the magazines on news stands maybe on their website? Also those photos weren’t pretty in any ways maybe that’s why?

  57. 57
    @56 Says:

    Not only were they not pretty, but Leo looked so bored next to her, it was almost embarrassing.
    I believe they posted the ones of Leo next to Tobey, though. He looked more happier next to his good friend than next to his pot of glue.

  58. 58
    More tweets Says:

    For the ones interested, here are more tweets from girls who spent quality time with Leo. This time, it was at his house.
    Zeta Morrison ‏@AngelZetaM

    After meeting Leonardo Dicaprio, I have fallen even more in love! Gah I could’ve stayed in his house foreverl
    Olivia Flowers‏@oliviaBflowers

    Awesome night with Leo Decaprio @AngelZetaM, met so many great stars, along with Entourage cast ‪#gorgeouspeople‬
    LOL, looks like Leo is having a really good bachelor time!
    Mighty Leo

  59. 59
    vagabond Says:

    lol@that the recent tweets.I guess the good boyfriend routine is over with for the moment.
    I think one of the girls mentioned this concert in her tweets.

  60. 60
    ? Says:

    If Leo was married he would still be talking to women. They make up about half of the population. I don’t think him and Erin are anything but whether he’s single or not he will ALWAYS talk to the opposite sex. They’re everywhere. You guys are funny.

  61. 61
    @? Says:


    and sleeping with them. a ring won’t stop him.

  62. 62
    aaa Says:

    wtf, nice grainy pics

  63. 63
    Elena Says:

    Wait, so Leo partied with some random girls and EH isn’t his future wife?!?!? SHOCKING.

  64. 64
    Elle Says:

    The BZ idiots, are saying Erin was there when he was partying with all of these women back at his house. Riiiiiiggghhhhttttt!!! Even though there’s been tweets of her “working” in NYC, they just won’t get over that he and Erin aren’t going to last!

  65. 65
    Patricia Says:

    OMG there is moreeeee:

    Zeta Morrison ‏@AngelZetaM
    ‘Oh u mean Dicaprio’s? We’ll think about it’ HA @oliviaBflowers

    …and the girl is what she called herself a ‘future VS model’

    Hahahaahahahahahaha…where is borington (??!!!)

  66. 66
    Patricia Says:

    …and the girl is a black model,what do you guys think about that??? And He still doesn’t like chocolate??? Hahaha

  67. 67
    RoselovesJack Says:

    Yay!! Finally an actor on here with real talent that is actually working. I love Leo, he’s such a good actor that’s not afraid to show emotion and mean or feel it. U know, when he’s working I mean. And he’s really not out for the publicity or media whoring like some celebrities.

  68. 68
    Geez Says:

    So he talks to a black model and that is groundbreaking and automatically means he’s sleeping with her? D you realise how desperate you sound?

  69. 69
    Fan Says:

    Like some posters mentioned above, Leo will always be Leo:)

  70. 70
    @Elle Says:

    WTF is your obsession with bz?? Just don’t go to the website problem solved. And don’t bother calling me a bellafreak or that I’m not but you KEEP talking about what they do/write. Who cares?

  71. 71
    @Elle Says:

    Someone rattled the peace at bellazon today. It’s funny to see how upset they are about it! They don’t handle reality well!

  72. 72
    @Elle Says:

    Have you seen the thread recently? It’s hilarious! Sorry but except for like 2 people it’s a bunch of drama queens who are unable to handle opposing opinion! It’s a guilty pleasure to read that thread!

  73. 73
    Philly Says:

    I don’t get it either. There must be insecurity on the part of some posters here – they look at the site, happily get info from it and then come b**tch and rag on them here constantly. As if we are any better.
    Oh and In Touch Weekly is apparently seeing a baby for Leo and Erin.
    Calling gossip-cop LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. 74
    OY Says:

    In Touch? Now that’s reliable! The article posted is a mix of old quotes but I have to agree. Having kids makes more sense for Erin than what she does now. Being a boring underwear model. She should start looking for a baby daddy…
    Bellazon? Indeed they are a good source of info other than that they are unbearable.

  75. 75
    @74 Says:

    Erin seems to have really low self esteem. Leo may have found his perfect no strings attached incubator.

  76. 76
    @72 Says:

    If Erin has the good sense to leave she will be the devil incarnate.

  77. 77
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@74: Yes I agree—she used to have an eating disorder for one thing. Means she’ll stick like glue. Poor girl.

    Wonder how she is taking the partying in Vegas???

  78. 78
    Baby? Says:

    Now, he’s having a baby? “Leonardo DiCaprio to Have a Baby?” ShowbizSpy lol…Maybe it’s true. I believe he is still hung up on Bar!

  79. 79
    lol Says:


    eh is shameless as hell, please don’t worry about her ass!

  80. 80
    @ #76 Says:


    Isn’t it crazy? She’s already the devil incarnate, but if she leaves him it will be worse. I’m not a fan of EH, but I don’t understand the love or the hate. The girl waves panties around for a living and dates a manchild philanderer who’s too old for her. Big deal. She’s only 23 and she’s not hurting anyone but herself.

  81. 81
    Hattrick ? Says:

    Looks like we got a nother of a thousand plastic faktastic wanna bees rollin into the hills to try to get some of the de cap man. heard one of those Types he has been clear he would never marry and despises you know trying to get All she can while working it is tryn not to be a baclorette no more thinking with the L man she finally gonna score

  82. 82
    OY Says:

    And here is the next cr*ppy tabloid story about how serious Leo is about EH. Life&Style: she lives in his apartment ( even though she has an apartment in the city ), Leo is no longer a bachelor and he got her a bike! That means marriage and babies! lmao All the unreliable tabloids ( except for Star ) has some story on them this week. He is ready for babies ( In Touch ), he lives with her ( Life&Style ) and at the same time he is still not over Bar ( NE ). Nothing from reliable sources like People or Us Weekly as usual… Does anyone believe any of these stories?

  83. 83
    tinkerbell Says:

    does anybody think the recovery of the amelia earhart wreckage story is interesting? I do I am fascinated.

    They found this old photo recently that shows what looks like a airplane wheel sticking out of the water….and they are now in Nikimakerora island or whatever looking for it.

    The problem with Amelia is she disappared in 1937 in the Pacific and WW II intervened. Also her bones might have been lost during the Battle of Tarawa—I think they have found the right island they are using one of those remote sensing devices that found the Titanic to find the plane. Hope so !

  84. 84
    desperate alert Says:

    Keep holding on to that fantasy. You’re pissed the National Enquirer story -which you believed – was dismissed. I say 10 years from now you and Tzipi will still be hoping and praying.
    Tinkerbell wtf cares about Amelia Earhart. Why do you have the need to disembowel yourself and spread unrelated crap on Leo threads?

  85. 85
    @OY Says:

    It’s weird we have about 3 different Leo stories (although in the unreliable supermarket rags) in a week. I think maybe its cos its been an uneventful /boring week in celeb land. The TomKat thing is winding down , no Kardashian is pregnant/married, BranJenlina is 10 years old to death and so they have to fill in space somehow.

  86. 86
    @OY#82 Says:

    No. None. They are recycled stories that the tabloids come out within the six first monts Leo is seen with a girl.
    The truth is that he acts and thinks like a very single man. Still parties with his buddies, still sees girls.
    And for the record, Erin Bubley Heatherton has her own apartment in NY.

  87. 87
    changes 4 lyon K Says:

    ah haa haa lol that Leo and his hat is helping the world see Tom Cruise may be getting ready to date the re incarnate of LRH as a bachlorette makes her moves in to twinkleland

  88. 88
    Philly Says:

    Just had a look at Gossip Cop.
    Does anyone know why some tab stories are targeted by that site and others are ignored? For instance the NE story was debunked (lol saw a poster on that site called out the Refaeli family and got 3 likes lol) but the In Touch, Star stories of this week etc are not mentioned.
    This is not only specific to Leo but all celebs why is that? Do the stars’ agent’s single out stories they want to deny specifically or its just like drawing straws and whichever BS comes to them first?
    Anyone know?

  89. 89

    Those gossip columnists are too much!
    Well if ever Bubley thinks of becoming pregnant one day, she better considers stop smoking. It’s gross and unhealthy.

  90. 90
    Well Says:

    The poster who mentioned Refaeli’s family is no other than one of the losers who post here on a regular basis and is a regular on the Bellazon freaks.
    I remember that when Leo was dating Blake, many rumors were denied at the Gossip Cop.

  91. 91
    be happy Says:

    Hey, finally new photos. I see I’m behind, looking at all the comments. So who’s going to see TDKR tonight? I know I got sucked into the hype but it’s fun. I bet Leo is seriously regretting not playing the Riddler in this movie. I don’t know why he didn’t? Either he passed (bad move) or maybe Christian Bale had something to do with it…..I would love to see Bale and Leo in an on-screen match-up! Sigh…..missed opportunity. What’s the deal with all the Vegas talk? What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…..everyone knows that. :)

  92. 92
    @Well Says:

    LOL Barf stan you’re still hurting/bitter about the past.
    Everyone who knows how Tzipi operates is not from Bellazon/CIA/Mossad, calm your conspiracy. Leo’s rep probably never denied the numerous Leo cheating stories when he was with Barf because she was always C list in America as she is D list now. And no one cared that much except men who bought SI and Playboy.

  93. 93
    @be happy Says:

    TDKR – I’m on the fence the third part in trilogies usually blows (Godfather, Original Spiderman). And almost 3 hours? I’ll wait for word of mouth. I also don’t really believe in shoulda-woulda casting. There is no telling if Leo would have been a good/crap riddler. Or if he and Bale would have been either orgasmic or clunken on screen together.

  94. 94
    be happy Says:

    @@be happy: Usually, I would wait too but because it is so popular, I know someone somewhere is going to ruin the ending for me just by talking out loud. Since we are so connected these days, it’s like you can’t avoid someone giving a spoiler! I know…’s LONG….I’m totally going to be a walking zombie tomorrow, haha. I think Leo would be good, but I have serious faith in his acting skills, apparently. I would hate to think he turned it down because it was a superhero movie and it ends up winning best picture or something. He seriously needs to take on more diverse roles.

  95. 95
    tinkerbell Says:

    @desperate alert: I can write anything I want. As a matter of fact, I will.

  96. 96
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Philly: I am not sure about this one either… however, I’ve noticed that Leo’s people go after the supermarket tabloids a lot. The reason is probably that in that case the tabs have suprisingly deep pockets, and there is someone to sue there. Libel is when you intentionally print something you know if false, and you can be sued on that. However it is expensive to go after them in court….you remember Leo went after Playgirl to the tune of 45 milllion for nude pictures that now everyone has seen hosted on a foreign website?

    You can’t really sue the gossip sites for poster’s comments–Jared is not making these comments himself or endorsing them (well, he does stir it up and I think post under Dieter) so he cant be sued. Also, sometimes go after minor gossip like the stuff we post and repost, if you sued or paid attention to it that validates it. Suddenly a rumor like “Leo is cheating on Bar” gets national attention because you were willing to sue over it.

    The PR firm has to justify its existence/fees so going after the tabs is one way to do it…..they probably dont mind the “Leo is going to settle down with EH” stories anyway, they almost make him look good except to us. Anyway I want to go read the posts…..

  97. 97
    tinkerbell Says:

    Oh, by the way, the CORRECT COMPLETE expression in black english is “call you outside of your name” not “call you out.” As in you were calling someone a name besides their given name. In some African cultures there were public and private names—some people had secret names known only to themselves–knowing them was a type of power.

    That is why people also say “Government name” –the official name on their birth certificate….versus the name they got in the hood or in childhood or gave themselves.

    And also “Slave name”—your last name from the plantation owner, the people that owned your ancestors—that is why Erica Wright became Erykah Badu—she wanted to get rid of her slave name.

    “My government name is Mike Johnson but people call me Kwesi (Taj, Toure, Raekwon, Akif, Alif, etc) I hate it when people call me out my name….instead of Mike or Kwesi, something negative like brownsnoser, liar, cheater, manwhore etc.

    Just thought I would teach you a bit about Ebonics Tel Aviv. You still have a lot to learn.

  98. 98
    tinkerbell Says:

    yeah and I’m crazy for noticing it. This chick sounds like she is using a translation tool…could be Israeli, they know all about them thugs in Israel.


    the “pal ” of “leo” side is Zipi Rephaeli – bar mother that trying to do everything in order to attach bar to him – stillll .
    Zipi – u and Bar should move on – Bar is not Supermodel – she never does runway or high fashion – she only get super small modeling photo jobs – thanks to the attachment to Leo .
    poor Leo – u took advange on him in order to push u’re girl .
    Sham on u – get a real job and stop pimping u’re girl


    7 hours ago


    Funny and very true!


    4 hours ago
    in reply to Lizpassal
    1 Like


    Is Bar STILL “stalking” Leo? OMG! Get a life already!!! Find someone else and stop this campaign!

  99. 99
    Leo Fan Says:

    So no new tweets about Leo?

  100. 100
    Nolan Says:

    I am more than surprised to learn that the pot of glue did not follow him in Vegas and L.A.

  101. 101
    News! Says:

    Some of the actors of Django Unchained are in Simi Valley filming,one of the actors just posted some pics of Him on set,don’t know if Leonardo is there,I didn’t sked Him,could be only a few scenes without Leo on it…but anyway,this could be a sign of where He is right now!

  102. 102
    News! Says:


  103. 103
    News! Says:

    oh so kind of you guys,I came here just to share what I know and I get thumbs down,okay then…

  104. 104
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Nolan: I am not, and I am sort of relieved. I dont see any great passion there, she is sort of a fill in the blanks blonde…she’s like craft services or something. He’s not that serious about her, otherwise we’d see them together more. Probably when doing Wolf we’ll have a few sitings, but it your man is always “busy” and out texting models in Vegas chances are he aint the man of your dreams honeybunch.

    Sorry !

  105. 105
    xXx Says:

    an article about all these rumours

  106. 106
    @xXx Says:

    I was just about to post the link… It`s National Enquirer so I don`t believe a word of it ( Leo not over Bar or he wanted to marry her ) BUT the article kinda makes sense to me. Regardless of the source I do think Leo needs a challenge. When it`s too much he runs away ( Gisele and Lively ) and when it`s not enough he gets bored ( Erin ). Bar could have been in between. So even though I don`t believe the story it kind of makes sense. And you can already see the boredom…

  107. 107
    @105 Says:

    The Kaiser person’s write up on the stories looks like she reads Just Jared!

  108. 108
    @106 Says:

    All the stories this week in NE/Star/InTouch have already been mentioned here 80 -100. I would rather we appreciate there’s nothing new than to keep regurgitating this BS

  109. 109
    @108 Says:

    Oh, I`m sorry if leaving a comment bothers you so much. Even though the stories were mentioned before this is the first time I actually read the NE story so I shared my opinion. Big deal!

  110. 110
    Elena Says:

    @*** Hahaha yeah, Bar’s the one that got away. For Leo chasing her is like chasing a turtle on a quaalude, not hard to catch. I do believe the part about Leo being bored with Erin though, he seems to choose women that are mannequins with a heartbeat.

  111. 111
    People US????? Says:


    I believe everybody knows that People and US choose sides and the stories are pretty much bought by the celebrities. So, NO, I don’t believe everything you read in those 2. They are a PR rep’s wet dream. You can spoon feed them all the crap you want and they will publish it. So I wonder who is working the tabloids??? Brrrr….cold in ere.

  112. 112
    @111 Says:

    Aw geez, no its not cold in here.

  113. 113
    @111 Says:

    Oh and if you bothered to read NONE of these stories are coming from People or US, but the other lesser tabloids

  114. 114
    Fan of former VS models Says:

    I know it comes from a gossip column, but still. I wouldn’t want to be in Erin’s shoes.

    LEONARDO DiCaprio wants to get back with ex-girlfriend Bar Refaeli.

    Sources say Leo is using currently love Erin Heatherton, because he’s desperate to rekindle his romance with the Israeli supermodel.

    “Leo is using Erin,” a source said. “She’s nice and all, but she’ll never win his heart. He hasn’t gotten over Bar, and in many ways he never will. She’ll always be the one who got away.

    “Erin’s playing the perfect low-maintenance girlfriend, but Leo’s going to get bored with that fast.

    “He loved Bar’s feistiness and her ability to stand up to him. She was the only girl who was able to drag him home to play dutiful boyfriend. He wanted to marry her and even considered converting to Judaism for her.

    Just to see this written all over the internet would make a 23 year-old clinging girlfriend quite sad or mad.

    Especially this last part:

    “…The one who deserves sympathy is Erin. She’s a really sweet and genuine girl, but she’s just another notch on his bedpost.”

  115. 115
    Gossip? Maybe, maybe not Says:

    Even if it’s an invented story, people have to be totally blind or gullible to imagine that Leo is into Erin. He probably was attracted at the beginning I mean, she is the one who makes herself extremely available and begging for attention. It’s pathetic.

  116. 116
    @114 Says:

    @People US?????:

    Why not? Erin’s got her boyfriend’s pr dismissing the Bar story to Gossip Cop and not one, but two stories favorable to her in the Star and In Touch saying she’s moved in to Leo’s place and she wants a baby. Leo’s pr is still faithful to their relationship even if he’s not.

  117. 117
    @@114 Says:

    Interesting. And who reported not too long ago, that she changed her PR team recently? So her new publicist makes sure she is in the news…. and with Leo’s name attached to hers. Hmmmm….
    The only thing she can not control is the tweets coming from girls who were at his house partying with him and his friends, LOL!

  118. 118
    @116 Says:

    @Fan of former VS models:
    Excellent observations I never thought of that. Good points
    And only ‘Fans of Non VS Models’ would ever believe that Enquirer BS.
    Leo converting? Bar independent & fiesty? LOL
    Reading other blogs, everyones laughing at the NE lies

  119. 119
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Fan of former VS models: absolutely direct from Tel Aviv, and deeply sad and disturbing.

  120. 120
    @116 Says:

    Oops, this part was meant for you #116-
    Excellent observations I never thought of that. Good points

    The rest of my post was meant for #114.
    Love Celebitchy’s comments on the NE story even she knew it was crap.

  121. 121
    @119 Says:

    Hi Tink. Pathetic aren’t they. Maybe Erin should be worried about Leo’s nuts but the stalkers from Tel Aviv should be of concern to her too.

  122. 122
    Gossip, almost Certainly Says:

    @Gossip? Maybe, maybe not:
    And people have to be equally desperate or gullible to believe Leo is still pining for an ex he treated like Kleenex, cheated on for 5 years and dumped a while ago.

  123. 123
    @117 Says:


    She may have changed her pr team, but Gossip Cop cited a source from his and he hasn’t taken similar measures to deny the Star or In Touch articles. I repeat, his pr team is faithful to the relationship even if he’s not.

  124. 124
    ???? Says:

    This thread definitely turned into a spy movie. All these conspiracies that every story comes from a PR team. Either Leo, Bar or Erin`s… Not like NE invents stories. Also NE stories are denied on a regular basis unlike the other two sources. Sorry but some of you just have overactive imagination. I`m not saying some stories aren`t planted but you act like all of them are…

  125. 125
    LOL Says:

    False. NE stories are often considered so outlandish most don’t bother to respond to them. No need to pretend you’re above it all and know it all some of us also know how tabloids operate and its OK to have this discussion. If it displeases you fcuk off.

  126. 126
    ???? Says:

    If my comment displeases you why don`t you fcuk off? It`s OK to have a discussion. It`s a two way street! Why are you so worked up? I do not believe that every story is planted by someone. Sorry but that`s ridiculous. I don`t pretend I know it all I just have an opinion but it seems like you know how tabloids operate… So who knows it all? Just a question. IF the NE story was planted by Bar`s PR team how come it ends with `The one who deserves sympathy is Erin. She’s a really sweet and genuine girl, but she’s just another notch on his bedpost.”` Why would Bar`s PR team say that? That doesn`t make sense to me…

  127. 127
    @#123 Says:

    Thanks for that. Ken Sunshine is surely earning his paycheck.
    Everyone stay safe

  128. 128
    LOL Says:

    We must have read it differently as Erin is described as all things nice b4 the knife is stuck in. How is describing someone as ‘just a notch on a bedpost’ something positive. Bar on the other hand is defined as a ‘feisty supermodel’ so intoxicating Leo was apparently prepared to convert. Yeah right. Some of us don’t see Erin any more/less of a follower then Bar was. They are exactly the same. Some people have different perceptions as time goes on and other remember differently. That’s not going to change. Those like you who are however fcuked off that people see it differently from them insist instead we are all in a conspiracy BS.

  129. 129
    be happy Says:

    I have to agree with the “over imagination” bit. Seriously, if we’re talking about making up stories, all we have to do is read these threads to see that whoever you are and whatever “team” you are on, you are only going to see what you want to see. We don’t know anything about what happened or what is happening with any of these people. The Leo in Vegas assumptions are ridiculous. First of all, any woman who tags along on a guy’s trip to Vegas is a “pot of glue”, not the other way around. So he met some girls at a party….once again you guys want it to be boys only, monks and maybe a priest standing by to bless the festivities. Whoever met him was probably star struck and that was the biggest thing that ever happened to her, meeting Leo and other famous people. My bet is….she will never see any of those people ever again. It was a party, please. If they exchanged texts, and that is a BIG IF, what was the content of those texts? We have NO PROOF. Here’s my over imagination at work:

    Girl text: Hi Leo, it was nice meeting you last night.

    Leo: Go away ***** and leave me alone.

    See? WE HAVE NO IDEA so stop making stuff up, goodness. I would hate to be standing in front of you in a court of law. I would probably get the death penalty before I had even been found guilty of any crime. Why don’t you all take your creative energy and write a novel or fan fiction like Twilight or Fifty Shades of Grey. I hear there is a big market for that right now.

  130. 130
    Erin Fan Says:

    Before anyone believes the latest gossip about Erin moving in with Leo in his apartment near the Hudson River, please take everything you read with a “huge” grain of salt. Erin has worked very hard to decorate her apartment and is very proud of it. In an interview she gave in March, she even explained how it is decorated mostly with shells of all sorts.
    She stays in her own apartment, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t visit Leo’s. But no, she is not moving.

  131. 131
    Philly Says:

    @128 – Please just ignore the B bots. No need to argue with him/her
    I dunno why Leo thread always have to turn to warzones.
    Thanks for your message #127, I’m not American but its all over the news here. Scary stuff

  132. 132
    Equality Says:

    Erin moving in with Leo in his own apartment??? Why wouldn’t he move in with her in “her” apartment? Why do the tabloids always make the girls like the ones who are after the guys? I am so sick of these sexist news.
    Anyways, we know these stories are BS.

  133. 133
    @124 Says:


    I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but three articles in the same week about Leo and his low profile girlfriend and even lower profile ex of over a year smells fishy. The NE does make stuff up all the time. That’s why it’s odd he he bothered to respond. Scintillating articles about his dog farting on planes and his distaste for deoderant didn’t get a response. The Star is no different from the NE, but there was no denial. They said “Poor Erin” to portray her as pathetic, in sharp contrast to the “courageous” Bar memo they’re pushing.

  134. 134
    @133 Says:

    Tabloids were saying Leo was still hung-up on Giselle and was calling her when she was dating Tom Brady. Yeah ok, we’ve heard it all before.

  135. 135
    Fan Says:

    Thanks ERIN FAN, but some of us here have been Leo fans for many years, and believe me, we had our share of the gossip, trash and idiot rumors written on him througout the years about his life, his girlfriends and friends. You can not imagine how many times, he was supposed to get married, have children move in with the girls, buy them diamond rings!!! But you know, not everyone is gullible and naive as the immature dreamers who post on Bellazon. So let them believe whatever they want, they are the ones who look like fools.

  136. 136
    West Side Says:

    @Erin Fan:

    They didn’t say she gave up her apartment. They said she was at an event and told them “I live on the West Side Highway now and I love it.”

  137. 137
    Philly Says:

    Oh yeah I forgot about that Leo shower averse story. Odd they did not address it. They definitely should have.
    I’m sorry but there is nothing in this world that is more gross than a man with poor personal hygeine. Bleurgh. Thank god I only like Leo for his films and not as a lust object!

  138. 138
    be happy Says:

    I would believe the “Leo is very much in love” (with Erin) story over he misses Bar…..these totally conflicting stories are just weird. Just like he was at a play with a mask on in NYC when he was spotted at an LA club that same night all the way across the country……who knows what is true? Only time will tell.

  139. 139
    \/// Says:

    Some people are saying it’s Bar’s flack who are pushing the rumours to put public pressure on him to actually marry and have kids with bar. She has been WORKIN his friends like a hooker at St. Peter’s Gates.

  140. 140
    Philly Says:

    @be happy: @<
    I agree. But this is an argument that seems to be going around and around in circles. Pointless. Here's hoping for a mistrustful tweet lol.

  141. 141
    ???? Says:

    @LOL: Yeah, I see things differently and some fcuked off people like you can`t handle it. Is this the law that everyone has to agree with you? Why? Who are you and why is your opinion so important? And it`s a BS that as soon as someone has an opposing opinion or sees things different than you do it`s dictating the thread. Grow up! And of course Philly again with the Barfbots because if you don`t believe everything nasty about Bar that makes you a Barfbot. It seems like it`s forbidden to have a different opinion or have a discussion here. Great!
    @130: Don`t worry nobody believes that she moved in.
    @be happy: If you believe a Leo is in love with Erin story something is wrong with you. It seems like he is ready to fall asleep next to her and they don`t have a trace of attraction.

  142. 142
    f**k u leda Says:

    saying people can’t handle different opinions in one line and then saying something is wrong with @behappy cos she has a different opinion/interpretation from you. nothing is wrong with you behappy and go watch a midnight screening leda. stupid b***h

  143. 143
    ???? Says:

    I simply posted my opinion and disagreeing is allowed. You just can`t handle it as usual. You fcuk yourself and you are the one who deserves the midnight screening, you fcuked up creep. Are your parents proud of how they raised you? Getting psychotic and wishind death over online comments? Now go and relax already.

  144. 144
    Outback Says:

    @????: I don’t see what’s wrong with anything she posted. You go girl!! Losers stay losing!!!

  145. 145
    @tinkerbell Says:

    @tinkerbell: haha “deeply sad and disturbing” you have a habit of describing yourself lol.

  146. 146
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: it was you I was describing, doll. Holding onto to the fantasy of a man and generating “Refaeli propaganda” as Lainey called it (funny how the truth gets out) like that Gossip Cop story “He loved her feisty ways and she was the only one who could drag him back and make him behave” I mean that was a fantasy at the time, never mind now.

    I simply decided to make the shoe fit and have you wear it. You dont like the truth, that is “sad and disturbing” to you as it should be.

    It’s really sad that a over a year later they are still trying to make money off Leonardo and someone is still insanely hoping over there.

    You like ME to be the sad one, but really, I think, case in point…your fantasies about life and about Bar’s “fairy tale” (it often was just that)
    relationship with leo it really fits you.

    You can only put me down by saying I’m “crazy” because you dont like the truth…the facts are there. The fact that he cheated on her with Anne V and Julie Henderson are confirmed on Gossip Cop as well by another poster. THAT IS THE REALITY . Not conforming to your very right wing, traditional and naive point of view makes me “Crazy” by you.

  147. 147
    tinkerbell Says:

    @????: Guess i am not the only one that is “nuts.”

    Bar is that you? Sounds like you this time Adi is a lot more careful with the punctuation.

  148. 148
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@133: yeah but we believed it when it was about Gisele. He was rumored to drunk dial her….at the same he was supposedly hooking up with barfie…

  149. 149
    tinkerbell Says:

    @///: you know that for sure? that she is “working his friends?” I know that particular story about how he still wants bar is obviously from her flack, but putting pressure on Leo for anything is like squeezing a toothpaste tube too hard—its just blasts out the other side.

    You dont have to worry, there is no way in hell he’s “moved in with Erin,’
    because in New York there are squatters rights—once you’ve resided more than 9 days in someone’s apartment you have rights there, and he is not going to let that happen. Also that means you are “living together” not just in New York but in LA and Vegas, where he has apartments/houses and is obviously not “living with her” in Vegas.

    Remember how barfie used to brag she “lived with Leo in LA” and showed her friends “where I live in LA” and that just meant he let her shack up for a couple of weeks while he wasnt doing anything else, not really living with anybody? It’s like that. bullshizz ! but not from erin herself, from bullshizz websites

    He will NEVER LIVE with a woman…might have informally cohabited with Gisele but there are legal and personal implications for that…among them palimony which is a real issue in LA. You live with someone for a while you might be able to collect, or even sue for the home itself. He’ll GIVE them a house to live in alone when he dumps them but no, he wont move in

    It’s also hard to kick someone out—bad press, and where would he bring his hoe sback to? A hotel?

    Remember Sandra Locke came home to find an eviction notice on the door from Clint Eastwood? It can get messy when there is actual “living together.” He aint going to do that with no one.

  150. 150
    Tamiami Says:

    @tinkerbell: he will never live with you. Whether you liked it or not he lived the longest with Bar(six years) and yes Bar did LIVE in LA, toothbrush and all. Jealous?! YOU on the other hand will never even come that close to Leo in your entire life. Enjoy the screen time, some people get the flesh! Jealous?! I’m sure Leo wouldnt be attracted to you. I am Leo’s type though I have to say! : )

  151. 151
    xXx Says:

    @Tamiami: and you said that she’s jealous desperate and pathetic, it’s you who said :”I am Leo’s type though I have to say! : )”….

  152. 152
    @Tamiami Says:

    2006 – 2011 with a million breaks between is not 6 years Barfbot.
    Even those daft at math know that
    You’re Leo’s type? Mmmmk. To announce that on some website for whateva reason implies you’re just as desperate and pathetic. Sorry

  153. 153
    no question Says:


    that’s you talking to yourself, leda. you’re not fooling anyone.

  154. 154
    Tamiami Says:

    Bar lived in America a lot, she did not have her own place. Guess where her toothbrush resided every single time she was over here which was pretty much all the time. New York and LA Baby!!! She lived with Leo. LOL

    I’m just stating the facts sweethearts. I’m his type in more ways than one. Jealous?! I actaully have a DECENT shot. Like I said some people only get the screen. Its all good though. : )

  155. 155
    @Tamiami Says:

    You left out that Bar was the most cheated on and broken up with until she was very publicly discarded like she meant nothing to him.

  156. 156
    @Tamiami Says:


    Her brother lives in L.A.

  157. 157
    @Tamiami Says:

    You might have a chance with that attitude. He’s not too discriminating.

  158. 158
    @no question Says:

    How stupid are you? Read the comments ( if it isn’t too hard for you ) again then you just might realize I wasn’t talking to myself. Not to mention posts were removed, genius. No question you are dumb!

  159. 159
    FYI Says:

    @156 – No he doesn’t. None of her brothers live in L.A. One has a restaurant in Tel Aviv and the other runs a clothes store also in Tel Aviv.

  160. 160
    SaraT Says:

    So people want to rewrite history between Bar and Leo…??? And some claim Bar was the most cheated? LOL, LOL!!! Obviously, they are not aware of the time Leo was dating Gisele Bundchen?

  161. 161
    @Sara T Says:

    Aww Gis the most successful model of the last decade, who’s married to an equal and expecting her second child. She still bugs you.
    No ones rewriting history but the Israeli Mafia who STILL cant let go.;jsessionid=2079D3708F00D20A07590EB945288A9D
    Never mind the millions of King ******* posts.

  162. 162
    Philly Says:

    You wanna go there lol
    Go over to ******* type in Dicaprio’s name and read the wonderful details about the women who enjoyed his company in Vegas and New York nightclubs for the past 4 years. The Parisian nightclub details are the BEST!

  163. 163
    #155 Says:


  164. 164
    @be happy Says:

    I’m very sorry of this is inappropriate but did you go see TDKR in the end?
    Is it any good?

  165. 165
    Tamiami Says:

    Who knows who was cheated on the most. I think he cheated on all of them starting with Zang…. but Bar lived with Leo, its not a big deal and it doesnt mean anything. I don’t think a girl moving in with Leo is seeing as anything by him. Just like meeting his mom doesnt mean that he’s serious about you but I’m not going to be in denial like a moron. The girl lived most in the states with Leo for 5 years on and off…thats a long a** time… I would kill.

  166. 166
    SaraT Says:

    And what about the time he was dating Gisele and was a regular at the Playboy mansion leaving with 2 hookers In 2004 precisely.

  167. 167
    @Tamiami Says:


    I don’t keep up with Bar or her family. I keep up with Leo and I know what she said she was with him. She said her brother had an apartment in L.A. She was cheated on and broken up with more than Gis. She stuck around longer.

  168. 168
    SaraT Says:

    Leo and Gisele split and remained apart for a period of one full year exactly. From May 2002 to May 2003.
    You think you keep up, but you are not the one one, hon.
    Bar never said her brother had an apartment in L.A. If you find it written somewhere, please post it here.

  169. 169
    @#163 Says:


    They haven’t recovered, but what can you expect from girls who idolise a doormat? Jared, the Bar lover is getting antsy for more underwear pics. Throw her some scraps.

  170. 170
    Fan Says:

    I am someone who have followed Leo a lot. And I mean a lot. YES LEO and GISELE broke up many times. But they broke up for good in fall 2005. Who was the third party? Some claimed Gisele fell for Slater, the surf dude…. but others said Leo was already dating Bar secretly.
    NY POST – November 2005:

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bundchen’s split has been blamed on a mystery third party.
    The star couple are said to have ended their on-off relationship for good because one of them has fallen for someone else, US reports have claimed.
    New York Post gossip column Page Six reports: ‘We hear that Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bundchen, after dating for several years, have called it quits for good. We don’t know why yet, but we expect to hear about a third party.’
    Leonardo and Gisele reportedly decided to call time on their relationship last month after a series of arguments.
    The star pair have always had a rocky relationship since they started dating four years ago.
    Gisele split briefly from Leonardo last year, after reportedly becoming tired of waiting for him to propose.

    And we know what happened after.

  171. 171
    Philly Says:

    That’s funny

  172. 172
    Leo in 2008 Says:

    He boasts an impressive track record, and so you would think, for a regular, non famous girl, even a really, really beautiful non famous girl, it would be an insurmountable obstacle to catch his eye…right?

    Not so.

    She and her girlfriends found him at a club in Vegas recently. Danced in front of his booth and eventually caught his eye. He sent over the bodyguard, they were invited to join, and soon everyone ended up in his suite, even though he’s supposed to have a sexy steady. On this night however he was playing single.

    First he asked his evening’s target to give him a massage. She obliged. ………….
    The rest is too salty to paste. The doormat, sorry the greatest love of his life (lol) must have been in Tel Aviv

    @170 Never fear Barfbot a lot of us have followed Leo a lot and can smell BS from you guys easy.

  173. 173
    Fan Says:

    @Leo in 2008 – LOL, LOL, LOL!!!! Oh I see, you take your “reports” from really reliable sources. And you think we’re believing this kind of stuff? Please.

  174. 174
    Leo & Gisele: sneaking around? Says:

    DiCaprio and Gisele Bündchen, who called it quits last November after an on-again, off-again five-year relationship, “started hooking up again about a month ago,” a pal tells Us Weekly. Despite the fact that since December, DiCaprio, 32, has been dating model Bar Refaeli, 21, he and Bündchen, 26, “never really got over each other,” the source says.

    Tongues started wagging that the exes had gotten back together when DiCaprio showed up at Bündchen’s 26th birthday party in L.A. last week

    They’re not talking about getting back together. They just still care for each other.”

  175. 175
    @174 Says:

    So from what I understand with Leo’s pattern, he never really gets over his exes. LOL!

  176. 176
    @Fan Says:

    Your ‘stuff is from the NY Post Barfbot, sorry ‘Leo Fan’. Not the NY Times
    US Weekly is a credible source for most
    No need to believe it though. Its posted here to counter your own ‘truth’
    But I understand you need to hold on to your own version of reality/fairytale from Tel Aviv.

  177. 177
    Fan Says:

    … and you think your stuff coming from US Weekly is more reliable???? Please.

  178. 178
    @175 Says:

    I think its only the ones that dump him! He recovers easily from the ones he treats like Kleenex I’m sure

  179. 179
    Beatrice Says:

    I wish Leo could look at me this “loving” way.

  180. 180
    Beatrice Says:

    … or touch me wih such lust

  181. 181
    @Fan Says:

    No need to plead with me. Convincing you and your compatriots ain’t my mission. Its out there and its known. Despite what BS your Tel Aviv crew on here are trying to spew as fact.

  182. 182
    @Beatrice Says:

    So saaaad and desperate these years on.
    Was this in 2008 after Leo banging Julie Henderson and Anna V- FAN/Sara T/Beatrice?
    Tinkerbell is going to have some fun with her counter pictures.

  183. 183
    Beatrice Says:

    DO you think Erin Bubley will be invited at one of the diners at l’Elysee in Paris? Does she have the subtance and class to mingle with the guests and the President of France?
    I doubt it. LOL!

  184. 184
    Beatrice Says:

    I have no problem debating with Tinkerbell. I welcome her…. whenever she wants.

  185. 185
    Fan Says:

    @183 – Beatrice:
    Bubley at the Elysee? With her cigarette and the hand of a guy grabbing her butt on the red carpet? I can only imagine.

  186. 186
    @Beatrice Says:

    Oh its no longer Gisele on your rader its Erin?
    @184 Oh me too its gonna be fun.
    I think Majejk Fashek who was a know drug user has been invited several times to the Elysee,
    Substance and class is not a requirement for those visits.
    Substance and class are repped in getting on the cover of Vogue, W, Vanity Far, acquiring the most prestigious HF contracts/campaigns with houses wanting you to be their spokesperson and runway. Publically wanting your name for their brand. Not being snapped with Sarkozy.

  187. 187
    Philly Says:

    Seriously leave the Tel Aviv mafia to ponder on and post pics of the past. It’s ALL they have. Honestly hun, no shade, but the regulars aren’t here, go out and enjoy your Saturday! I am.

  188. 188
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@174: he gets over by replacing them, period. He needs a new piece of meat to fill his sexual security needs. Once he finds it you are history. I think he was texting and sexting Blake for six months getting ready to jump to her after a planned final Refaeli split. Very much like Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise….it was over in Nov, he went to Israel to give her her going away present (condo beachhouse) and then in May was ready to make the jump. He made contact with and had an endless supply of ******* in Australia so he let Blake go. Same thing with this girl when someone better looking or more in shape or more exciting comes along she is history as well.

  189. 189
    @tinkerbell (188) Says:

    I totally agree with you on this one. Except with your last sentence, as I think the ” current one” is surely the least pretty and exciting of all the bunch he’s dated. So it certainly won’t be difficult to find one better looking and less boring. BUt for now, maybe he is too busy working on his next movie’s pre-prod, he’s not on the flirting mode. So that’s why he doesn’t bother chasing around, he knows boring Bubley is always available to keep him company.

  190. 190
    The Truth Usually Sucks Says:

    This is a little off topic but:

    As a person who lives in Northeast Aurora, I want to say thank you to all the well wishers and people who have supported this community since this began.

    The news of this was absolutely shocking, followed by the media flooding the neighborhood and the constant helicopters flying overhead, it has been a really tough/long weekend here.

    I want everyone to know that Aurora is a wonderful place that is full of diversity and people who are honest, hardworking and are absolutely stunned that all of this went down.

    Thanks for your kindness and your condolences.

  191. 191
    tinkerbell Says:

    @The Truth Usually Sucks: If you are talking about the cinema shooter guy, I am sorry to hear it. I went through the same thing 9/11/01–I woke up a friend called and left a message on the answering machine to say a plane had flew into something. I woke up just before the first tower fell, and the F-14s over head were disturbing, that and the diesel fuel in the air and all the refugees coming from lower manhattan to Brooklyn. Then the economy tanked worse than ever before and we all lost our jobs. I could see the smoking towers from my bedroom window.

    Don’t take it personally, crazies are everywhere, I’ve been trying to analyze the school shootings and dont come up with much…if you watch bowling for columbine (my college buddy wrote it) Trey Parker, who grew up in the same city (Loveland or Fort Collins I think, very redneck) came on and said, look, its the ******** who stay here, its the cool people who move away and do something. I couldnt understand why they had to do what they did, they WERE GRADUATING IN SIX WEEKS. I mean really.

    There is also a folk song out there

    If it were up to me by Cheryl Wheeler

    Words and Lyrics by:
    Cheryl Wheeler

    Maybe it’s the movies, maybe it’s the books
    Maybe it’s the bullets, maybe it’s the real crooks
    Maybe it’s the drugs, maybe it’s the parents
    Maybe it’s the colors everybody’s wearin
    Maybe it’s the President, maybe it’s the last one
    Maybe it’s the one before that, what he done
    Maybe it’s the high schools, maybe it’s the teachers
    Maybe it’s the tattooed children in the bleachers
    Maybe it’s the Bible, maybe it’s the lack
    Maybe it’s the music, maybe it’s the crack
    Maybe it’s the hairdos, maybe it’s the TV
    Maybe it’s the cigarettes, maybe it’s the family
    Maybe it’s the fast food, maybe it’s the news
    Maybe it’s divorce, maybe it’s abuse
    Maybe it’s the lawyers, maybe it’s the prisons
    Maybe it’s the Senators, maybe it’s the system
    Maybe it’s the fathers, maybe it’s the sons
    Maybe it’s the sisters, maybe it’s the moms
    Maybe it’s the radio, maybe it’s road rage
    Maybe El Nino, or UV rays
    Maybe it’s the army, maybe it’s the liquor
    Maybe it’s the papers, maybe the militia
    Maybe it’s the athletes, maybe it’s the ads
    Maybe it’s the sports fans, maybe it’s a fad
    Maybe it’s the magazines, maybe it’s the internet
    Maybe it’s the lottery, maybe it’s the immigrants
    Maybe it’s taxes, big business
    Maybe it’s the KKK and the skinheads
    Maybe it’s the communists, maybe it’s the Catholics
    Maybe it’s the hippies, maybe it’s the addicts
    Maybe it’s the art, maybe it’s the sex
    Maybe it’s the homeless, maybe it’s the banks
    Maybe it’s the clearcut, maybe it’s the ozone
    Maybe it’s the chemicals, maybe it’s the car phones
    Maybe it’s the fertilizer, maybe it’s the nose rings
    Maybe it’s the end, but I know one thing.
    If it were up to me, I’d take away the guns.

  192. 192
    tinkerbell Says:

    at least our buddies arent pretending to be black anymore. that was really starting to irritate me…

    I won’t flog that anymore….but just so you all know..

  193. 193
    Oh, Dear. Says:

    @The Truth Usually Sucks:

    My condolences, prayers, and best wishes for you and your loved ones. God Bless everyone.

    Wow, poor Leo doesn’t stand a chance against TA. I really wish Leo would learn to move on and his ex would get professional help. Seriously already….I can’t believe what she’s doing!

  194. 194
    The Truth Usually Sucks Says:


    I’m just dealing with this moron the same way I dealt with 9/11 and Columbine. It’s strange to be in a place with two massacre’s in less than twenty years.

    I’m done

  195. 195
    tinkerbell Says:

    Honey, just let it go. But consider gun control. They cant get rid of guns in this country because of the second amendment, but controlling who can buy them, and maybe limiting it to folks over 30 would slow down the shootings. Men tend to mellow out later on, 90% of crime is committed by men between 18-25. They either slow down, get killed or paralyzed, or marry and have kids which slows down the crime rate. Or incarcerated, or blown up in their very own meth lab.

    Anyway. dont be freaked. I freaked twice about public events, one was the murder (???) suicide of Kurt Cobain, the other was the murder of John Lennon whom I loved kindergarten. But we have a long time to heal.

  196. 196
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Oh, Dear.: what is TA???

  197. 197
    tinkerbell Says:

    oh, wait aurora COLORADO???? I’ve been there, a family member was in the hospital there. Didnt get to see much, but there was nice little wetlands behind the hospital. Probably some of the people are in the same place…

    he killed a six year old girl. What a little ****. You dont have to worry about him, he is just plain evil and he’s being turned on a spit right now…did he at least do us all a favor and kill himself?

    Sorry I have been doing massive freelance projects left and right and I have been out of the loop. Dont watch tv either.

  198. 198
    tinkerbell Says:

    nope sorry, he didnt, but they’ll warm up the chair. I am anti death penalty until it comes to children and then I’m no quarter. McVeigh was the only death I really approve of, he took out a day care center with babies. I was like, that’s OK, you can roast him.

    OK lets go back to obsessing about Leonardo DiCaprio as if it married, probably mustache deep in some ho’s cooch right now.

  199. 199
    @tinkerbell Says:

    @tinkerbell: Crazy, paranoid comments as usual, I dont like Bar, I dont know her ‘team’ or her mother haha

  200. 200
    dumped Says:

    I reckon that Leo was dumped by Gis and Bar for his lack of committment and cheating ways, Blake dumped him after his dalliances with Aussie models, he’s too apathetic to do the dumping, in my opinion, he’s happy as long as he has a pretty thing to be with when the need arises.
    I dont see the merit in conjecture over who he cheated on most, once should be enough for anyone…but this is Leo!!

  201. 201
    Tinkerfool Says:

    @tinkerbell: excuse you!?!? I am Black. I wouldnt be back but I guess this b*sh likes to read her jibber! Just because someone doesnt agree with you doesnt mean they’re with the Bar clan idiot. I win, you loose.

  202. 202
    be happy Says:

    @????: Oh, now something is wrong with me. Yeah, ok. Leo and Erin are pictured and spotted together on a regular basis and from the looks of it, their relationship is moving forward with no involvement from the ex. Leo has been famous for a while now and does not seem regulated by public opinion. The man is going to do whatever he wants. If he wan’ts to get back together with an ex, he will, so relax already. I’m saying I would believe the gossip about Erin and Leo based on the fact that they actually seem to be in a RELATIONSHIP of some sorts. The ex nonsense comes out of nowhere and frankly, sounds silly.

  203. 203
    be happy Says:

    @@be happy: No, I was unable to go to the midnight showing last Friday so I decided I would see it Friday night. When I found out what happened, I was so sick to my stomach about it, I couldn’t bring myself to go see it. The opening midnight showing of a movie like Batman is an electrifying experience: everyone is excited, the theater is packed and the crowd gets involved. It’s fresh because no one knows the movie because they haven’t seen it yet. I cannot imagine the horror those people experienced and to read reports about people wearing costumes, kids and young people getting killed or hurt and some of the final tweets of the victims is truly heartbreaking. I will eventually go see it, because a movie like Batman should be seen on the big screen but right now I can’t…..

  204. 204
    Yup Says:

    Looks like we might get pics of the vacation on a luxury yacht after all. Lukas just posted a video of him landing by helo on a yacht in Italy. Who else would he be vacationing with? I’m sure Leo brought his lap dog for the ride this time. Good for her, love it up while you can, girl!

  205. 205
    @be happy Says:

    Maybe you should read my comments again and then maybe you should realize I said nothing about him getting back with his ex so relax. Also I think being spotted and pictured together occasionally is one thing. Being in love with her is another and I think that’s what I referred to in my comment. I admit saying something is wrong with you was too much. I simply don’t see chemistry or attraction there. At least not from Leo. That was my point and I should have said it differently.
    Ex nonsense. Again what I said was I don’t believe the part about Leo not being over Bar do why are you addressing that to me? All I said was the part about Leo being bored with Erin makes sense to me because that’s what I see on photos and the ‘another bedpost’ part also seems to be spot on but that doesn’t make the story true. Just like the other two about Leo and Erin. I don’t buy any of the three…

  206. 206
    be happy Says:

    @@be happy: I think their relationship is at a normal stage (however much a celebrity relationship can be normal?) for two people who have been dating for less than a year. Whether or not they are in love, have mad attraction, moving in together, having babies or whatever, I don’t know and frankly don’t really care. It’s just, I DO believe they are together and the ex thing is most likely not true…..just sayin’.

  207. 207
    @be happy Says:

    Again who said that they are not together? The ex thing is a tabloid crap as it was said a couple of times already but whether you like it or not the Erin is boring and the bedpost thing is more than fitting. Whether the ‘relationship’ ( as you said ‘some sort of ‘ ) is normal or not I doubt it will last much longer. JMO not ‘dictating’ the thread.

  208. 208
    be happy Says:

    @@be happy: Some guys like boring…..if his ex is sooooo exciting and he is no longer with her, then Erin fits the bill for love of his life, according to you.
    The reason that story is RIDICULOUS, is because it says his ex is so much different than Erin. Haha, well he’s not with HER, so that’s why Erin is the new girl…time for something different!

  209. 209
    @be happy - 206 Says:

    Mad attraction???? You must be talking about someone else, for sure. Or you missed the last pictures of Leo with his flat boobed thing together from Hawaii??? Because honestly, I have never seen Leo looking so bored next to someone since I’ve been following him.
    So please drop the “attraction” thing, it is completely ridiculous.
    But since she’s never busy and gave up her friends and family to be at Leo’s disposal…. then, I wouldn’t be surprised to see pap pics of them on a cruise in Europe (surrounded with multiple friends, of course). It is the time of year, and we all know how Leo is faithful to his pattern.

  210. 210
    Not very flattering Says:

    The rumours are everywhere, from Brasil to France to Japan. I know it is just gossip, but how humiliating for Erin it must be to be considered as BORING. So not only Leo fans find her flat and not too pretty but also the reporters. Even if the story is invented, it is not very flattering for her.

  211. 211
    #209 Says:

    He is indeed in Europe on a private yacht with Lukas Haas. JJ posted pictures. Go and check.

  212. 212
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Tinkerfool: No, honey, you’re not. And you just tipped yourself off again. It’s very insulting and racist what you are doing, but I wouldnt expect you to know.

    Ugh the yacht pictures. I will have to check out for a couple of days until they are over. Yes, I would like that kind of privilege, but no, I dont actually want to be on a yacht in st. tropez…..I’ve been there and there are a lot of other places I’d rather be.

    Is the “Friend” Vlad Doronin? Double ugh indeed.

  213. 213
    Tinkerfool Says:

    @tinkerbell: yes I am..sorry! lol You’re insulting and racist!

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