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Miranda Kerr & Flynn: Day Out in the Big Apple!

Miranda Kerr & Flynn: Day Out in the Big Apple!

Miranda Kerr and her baby boy Flynn head out for a day on the town on Wednesday (July 18) in New York City.

The 29-year-old Aussie model, in an A.L.C. red silk dress, held hands with her little boy as the two headed to their car.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

The evening before, Miranda, in Bally shoes, got all dolled up to go out to dinner in the Big Apple!

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, husband and dad Orlando Bloom attended the Bremont Boutique launch the previous evening!

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and her little boy Flynn heading to their car for a big day out in Manhattan…

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  • the great kate

    cutest baby ever! PS: miranda, i’m not buying your whole organic and treasure yourself BS. if you could quit smoking, that would be great thanks

  • Rach

    Oh goody, something new for her, walking from a building to car. Not really news is it, lets be honest.

  • Hanna

    She smokes? while she give us those health tips?
    Love Flynn! I miss his extra chubby cheeks.

  • HarryStyles For ChristianGrey

    she looks cute..

  • Lola


  • Ian

    Hm…She could hold the hand of her child better without high heels…

  • http://mehdimossadek Mehdi

    @the great kate: 1
    She stopped smoking before she was pregnant…

  • Raine

    @the great kate: she doesn’t even smoke… quit making things up!

  • …..

    @Ian: so what? at least she’s still holding her child’s hand unlike other moms.

  • Drea

    Flynn is such a cute baby!

  • Anthony

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  • fetr

    @Drea: he’s a toddler you dumbass.

  • Noemiq

    just as Rita answered I’m blown away that a student can get paid $4967 in a few weeks on the computer. did you look at this link (Click on menu Home more information)

  • Sayer

    Why’s this woman always posing? She’s never just natural.

  • Meme

    Looks like someone’s trying to revive their career with VS. Miranda is pretty but I’d much rather see Candice more because she has the body of a goddess and a beautiful face as well. I could be totally wrong but it feels like Miranda can’t deal with the fact she’s not in the spotlight anymore and is trying so hard to get back there.

  • miaorlando

    Why are they never seen all together as a family? It’s either Miranda and Flynn or Orlando and Flynn.

  • awwww

    Flynn is getting so big! And such a handsome boy! Just like his daddy. =)
    You haters keep hating. Your delusions and lies have no effect on anyone but yourselves.

  • sara1

    Aww, look at the big boy! Flynn is just too cute for words.
    And I love that color on Miranda. She looks beautiful, as always.

  • Tired

    @Ian: You are totally right! I think so every moment I see her with his son! Plus: I couldn’t put my son in danger taking him in my arms with those heels! True, she’s a model, she was born with heels,but is she sure she’ll never fall down?

  • @19

    So now you are saying that high heels put her son in danger?
    Do you guys hear yourselves?
    You can fall down wearing flats. Is a mother never supposed to hold her child?

  • @1

    She hasn’t smoked in a long time. If you have evidence otherwise, please post a link. Put up, or shut up.

  • @15

    You don’t have to revive something that you never lost. Miranda has always been one of their most popular models. That’s why they use her so much. Her having yet another solo commercial while VS is still trying to get people to notice their new girls says it all. They love her.
    If they didn’t she would be gone. If VS doesn’t want to use you, no amount of begging will get your job back. Just ask Selita.

  • ohh

    I find her a silly woman, especially with her comments on epidural injections during giving birth. (I too gave birth without).
    She thinks she is special and genuine because she didn’t want an epidural. And because she wants organic things . LOLOL.
    Her intelligence lacks a kind of concept that many people, before even her birth, had a much more genuine lifle style than she does. With or without epidural injections during giving birth to their children.

  • Tired

    @@19: I can fall down with flats ….more with heels!!!! Not ’cause she’s Miranda Kerr she’s perfection! She seems more interesting to show off herself every day she come out her apartment …. She’s the only model acting in this way….Not even Gisele do it! And Gisele doesn’t look for paps like her!!!

  • lol

    I like her. She always has a nice expression unlike the has been always sh*t faced Katie Holmes.

  • Tired

    @ohh: I agree. If she where really intelligent she would tell good and ALSO bad things of her ’cause she’s human like us…

  • http://mehdimossadek Mehdi

    @@1: And this is a link of a picture of miranda when she was smoking !

  • reba

    Love her shoes!

  • sick of her already

    @Mehdi:there were pictures of her smoking afterwards too. She is selling a product – herself and her props are her husband, her dog and Flynn. The only one smart in that family is Sidi.

  • sick of her

    @awwww: Right – that’s why more people and sites are calling them out for what they are – fakes

  • WAlterBisho[

    I loved Flynn’s My quiet book

  • pickles

    Bcz Orly is in London hanging out with friends. Seems off to me.

  • ta

    Post a link to a photo of her smoking that isn’t 4-5 years old. *eyeroll*
    Put up, or shut up.
    And Flynn is just too gorgeous for words!

  • James

    @the great kate: #1

    Are you serious? She smokes, yet is always mouthing off about healthy organic eating and lifestyle? Disgusting. You darn sure are not treasuring yourself, when you smoke.

  • @34

    Love it when trolls talk to themselves.
    You have yet to post a link to a picture of her smoking that isn’t YEARS old.
    Since you aren’t able to back up your LIES, or to ‘put up’. I guess that you will have to ‘shut up’.

  • Rachel

    Even if the photo of her smoking was taken 4 years ago, she was then to doing the whole “treasure yourself” “eat organic” “I’m so healthy” thing back then as well.

  • Julia

    I like Miranda’s style a lot. She’s got a very goog taste about clothes. She looks so amazing in everything she’s wearing.

  • @36

    You said “she smokes”…present tense.
    Put up or shut up.

  • frisbee

    As much as I prefer not to believe in conspiracy theories, there’s something off about Miranda and Orlando being apart more often now than before. The usual course of a marriage though?
    And still no new lifestyle advice? Don’t leave us hanging, Miranda!

  • @39

    You haters live for conspiracy theories. If none exist, you make them up yourselves….like you are doing right now.

  • frisbee

    @@39: “If none exist, you make them up yourselves.” So who creates the ones that do exist? Evil sprites?

  • @41

    As you know, your fellow haters create them in their own, tiny little minds.
    I guess that we can call then evil spirits if you want.