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Tom Cruise & Suri Head To Their Helicopter!

Tom Cruise & Suri Head To Their Helicopter!

Tom Cruise holds tight to his daughter Suri as they leave their hotel on Wednesday (July 18) in New York City.

The 50-year-old actor and his little girl were en route to a helipad to chopper out of the Big Apple!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Tom Cruise

The day before, Tom was reunited with Suri for the first time since his estranged wife Katie Holmes filed for divorce.

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise holding tight to Suri as they head to their helicopter ride…

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109 Responses to “Tom Cruise & Suri Head To Their Helicopter!”

  1. 1
    benny Says:

    I love suri

  2. 2
    Lilly Says:

    I wonder why she loses ability to walk when Tom’s around.

  3. 3
    pattilee Says:

    she is hovering

  4. 4
    JennG Says:

    You would think they would get her a dress to cover her behind especially since they know she’s getting her picture taken,or at least cover her up a little more with that blanket.She looks a lot better with her hair off her face!

  5. 5
    no Says:


  6. 6
    Anthony Says:

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  7. 7
    Marianne Says:

    Why is it, in all the recent Tom cruise and Suri pics, he is always carrying her? She is 5 years old. She can walk.

  8. 8
    tan Says:


    First, Jared publishers – PLEASE STOP PHOTOGRAPHING/PUBLISHING PHOTOS OF THE SIX YEAR OLD. She did not ask to be famous.

    Second, Tom Cruise is followed by hoards of photographers on a slow day- for example pre-divorce from Katie. Can you imagine how many photogs are following him this week?! So Tom picked her up because she looked scared. A 6 year old does not involuntarily CLING to her Dad (as pictures reflect!), a Dad that she has not seen in weeks unless she feels like clinging to him. You think a Dad would not pick up his 6 year old in this case? If he didn’t pick her up and she looked scared in the pics you would be saying what a crappy Dad he was for NOT picking her up.

    With that said, I think in Suri’s best interest to be separated as much as possible from the crazy that is Scientology.

  9. 9

    “Helicopters hovering”

  10. 10
    Robocop Says:

    I live in this neighborhood (Chelsea), and trust me the number of paparazzi surrounding the bldg. are ridiculous. They are loud, relentless and totally freighting to a little girl of 6. If Tom didn’t carry her, she’d be trampled on and scared out of her wits even with the bodyguards!!

  11. 11
    Sabrina Says:

    You’re all laughing cause her mom or dad always carry her. But look how she hides in the neck oh her father. Or her mother. The little Suri is just afraid by those f*cking paparazzis, always taking pictures of them. Not surprising at all…

  12. 12
    Annon Says:

    I feel sorry for poor Suri. She’s always surrounded by people taking her picture, I think it would be scary for anybody let alone a little kid.

  13. 13
    Just so Says:


    Then why have her parents been so remiss in giving her the tools to deal with the paps? The JP kids are often just as or more surrounded by paps. For the most part the JP’s keep their kids out of the views of the paps. Brad Pitt said it is like a detailed spy mission sometimes to avoid the paps and give the kids some normal experiences. Princess Diana managed to keep her kids off the paps radar many times. As did Jackie Kennedy. The Afflecks and Stefani-Rossdales who’s kids are frequently snapped by the paps have also managed to teach the kids how to deal with them.

    When will Tom and Katie teach Suri how to deal with them? When she is 18 and they can no longer carry her?

    Tom once said that she’ll have to get used to it–it is what it is. Well, no Tom, it is what you make it. And you’ve made it a zoo. He also has bragged that the paps have taken some of the best pictures of her. He courts the paps. No wonder the poor kid is surrounded. It appears tho that the JP’s and the rest of the celebs who’s kids are papped constantly have been able to teach them to look straight ahead and ignore them and walk to their destination. Of course it doesn’t help that both Tom and Katie take her to popular pap hang outs. And quite frankly based on the pictures over the last few weeks, it appears someone is notifying the paps as to when they are leaving, where they are going etc. Tom certainly can go around NYC privately when he wants to, so why not do it when you have your daughter Tom?

  14. 14
    rzrshrp Says:

    #7 – I agree, put that child down and let her walk. But Suri is not 5, she’s 6, which makes this ridiculous treatment of her even worse!! Tom and Katie carry Suri around like she’s a newborn. This child is messed up now, and if she’s going to continually be carried around, she’ll be messed up years from now.

  15. 15
    Lynette Says:

    Uh-oh! I hope Katie has somebody watching where Tom is taking Suri. She may never see her again!

    Tom and scientology turned Nicole Kidman’s kids against her by telling the children she was “psychotic”. Betcha the same thing happens with Suri.

    You know Tom and his scieno freak family and buddies are working on that poor little girl right now, telling her how terrible her Mommy is and how they are going to hurt her and all that.

    The paparrazzi are bad, but Suri should be more afraid of what scientology is going to do to her. That poor kid.

  16. 16
    Noemiq Says:

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  17. 17
    rzrshrp Says:

    #7 – I agree, put that child down and let her walk. But Suri is not 5, she’s 6, which makes this ridiculous treatment of her even worse!! Tom and Katie carry Suri around like she’s a newborn. This child is messed up now, and if she’s going to continually be carried around, she’ll be messed up years from now.

  18. 18
    solecito Says:

    People can be so stupid with their comments it’s disgusting. Tom can carry his daughter as much as he wants. He’s PROTECTING her from the paparazzi. I’m sure she can walk freely when there is no one around shoving a camera to her face and taking her picture.

  19. 19
    tan Says:

    @Just so: Just wow.

  20. 20
    Gloria Says:

    I know Suri’s is horrified of all the paps…..who wouldn’t, but how does these Paps know where to find T & K all the time. Another thing, Katie has to be worried by turning her over to Tom knowing he’s a child brainwasher. I don’t think I could relax knowing he had my 6 yr old.

  21. 21
    tan Says:

    @solecito: What I love the most is people speak like they know what is going on in family discussions or between the parents. I wonder how old those commenters are. And people drone on and on in details they have made up in their own heads over photo(s) that took place during a one or two minute window- like walking from an apt. building door to a car door 50 feet away. Or from a car to a helicopter 100 feet away.

  22. 22
    tan Says:

    @Gloria: In NYC the streets are open to anyone. You walk out the front door fo your building and you are in public space. There have been paps camping outside anywhere Katie has been since annoucement of their divorce. And their are most likely paps assigned to Tom fulltime, just like Brad and whatsherface.

  23. 23
    Apricot Says:

    The camera action is obviously traumatic. Nice to see her Dad taking her out of the eye of the storm where she can calm down and play free without being on hyper alert. Her braid is a nice touch.

  24. 24
    janekay Says:

    @tan: I couldn’t agree with you more…the stories are getting more and ridiculous along with the comments; people are lapping up all this nonsense that is printed in the media like it is the divine word of Jesus Christ…i am sure i remember reading the other day that Katie insists that Tom visit Suri on neutal ground (NYC) because apparently she is so scared to let her out of her sight; but lo and behold we seem them taking off in a helicopter flying away from NYC…people really need to give it rest…

    and if they want to carry her, that’s their perogative, she is their kid not yours. give it a rest..

  25. 25
    Robocop Says:

    The paparazzi have camped out in front of Katie’s apt. since she first announced to divorce. I know ’cause I live four blocks away and pass by every morning to get to work. As far as, pap hangouts — what like the children’s zoo and WholeFoods??!! Yea, real popular spots!

    What can I say about Suri’s training to deal with it? I have no idea what goes on about that. Other than to say, some kids handle it better than others. The J-P’s are usually out en masse, so there is safety in number! As far as the others you mentioned, I applaud their PR know-how!

    These people are not the Kardashians. They don’t call the paps to say “I’ll be here wearing a bikini!!”

  26. 26
    Uhm Says:

    Wonder who did her hair lol

  27. 27
    solecito Says:

    @tan: I agree. I rather see Suri being carried and protected by her father, than walking on display in front of the ruthless paparazzi.

  28. 28
    ashhey Says:


    I was wondering too.. why the heck was he allowed to leave the town with Suri? If Kate has primary custody this should not have happened. I’m afraid things will turn nasty for the poor kid and her mom.

  29. 29
    blondie Says:

    Nicole Kidman must be….fill in the blank,
    in you are the Red Head on “The View”
    so the rest of the mottly crew can start clucking
    louder than the next.

    Nicole Kidman is a lady,
    and will not sink to trashing Tom,
    or making snide jokes and hurtful comments
    about Tom, Katie, or Scientology.

    But, if this were Brad and Angelina, going through
    difficult times, the talk shows would be going
    to any lenght to include Ticky, the Tick
    that just keeps sucking.

  30. 30
    janekay Says:

    @ashley: like i said before, all the nonsense that is being printed in the media, is mostly that, just nonsense..they obviously share custody/joint custody!!! I don’t know why people would think otherwise..

  31. 31
    blondie Says:

    My typing above, is flawed:

    Fill in the blank,
    IF you are the Red Head on “The View,”
    I was joking that Joy would make one of her
    imo, crude jokes, about the former Mrs. Tom Cruise
    being somewhat delighted about Tom losing his
    very young wife….Not funny, in my opinion.

    I thinik that more than one joke
    at Brad and Angie’s expense
    has been made, concerning Jen
    and her possible delight at the idea
    of a split between Brad and Angie.

    (As if Brad would even entertain the notion
    of getting back with Ticky-Wanna-Be-Edgy.)

  32. 32
    Yada yada ya Says:

    He better ring her back. Poor Suri is getting brainwashed by her psycho father and his family that is with him. Katie beware of all of this! He’s going to turn her against you.

  33. 33
    Just my opinion Says:

    - Even if she has sole custody, she made a deal with the devil when she married Tom Cruise and brought her daughter along as part of the deal. Sole custody or not, Katie signed a prenup agreement and the only way to get any $$$ from Cruise is to share her only living daughter with him. I never thought he was the biological father but that doesn’t matter anymore, they BOTH agreement to this part of the sham, Cruise being Suri’s father and divorce is a part of it. Deal with it Katie. According to the Daily Mail: Katie Cuts a Lonely Figure on Outing to Spin Class –

  34. 34
    ohh Says:

    He has the same plastic surgeon as Pierce Brosnan and is carrying a child (his?) and a doll to look mature, genuine and all the rest that he obviously is not.

  35. 35
    puppy Says:

    Again their daughter looks retarded. Shame on these parents. They are ruining their own child’s life.

  36. 36
    Hamlet Says:

    Quit comparing kids, #13. All kids are different and the Brangelina brood has all those siblings and eccentric parents.

    Deal with them how? She doesn’t have to tolerate any of this. She shouldn’t have to learn to ignore anything and you should mind your own kids.

    Don’t be an idiot, #15 and #20.

    Right, #24.

    Just because someone has primary custody, it doesn’t mean the other parents doesn’t have visitation rights, #28.

    You’re a moron, #33.

    You’re disgusting, #35.

  37. 37
    nancyw Says:

    It looks like Suri is reverting back to infancy. A 6 yr. old should not be swaddled in a blanket and carried like an infant. It’s just my opinion!

  38. 38
    nancyw Says:

    @Just so: I agree with you! It is the parents responsibility! I was responsible for my children, they are responsible to Suri!! And it seems to me, that one day they treat her like an adult and the next day she is wrapped in a blanket being carried like an infant! I don’t mean just carried, but she is curled up like an infant would.

  39. 39
    Jean Says:

    @Marianne: #7

    She is 6 1/2.

  40. 40
    Jean Says:

    I wonder if they will expect her teacher to carry her. I can see the other kids making fun of her being carried by her parents all the time.

  41. 41
    queen jolie Says:

    omg, please leave this child alone. it is not your business if she is being carried or not.she seems to be a great girl and nothing is wrong with her.spare Suri heart aches for her.she cannot have her parents together. have conscience please.

  42. 42
    Denise Says:

    Paris Hilton the sequel.

  43. 43
    gia Says:

    She was sucking on a baby bottle a few month ago, I bet she still has it.

  44. 44
    Nellie Says:

    By them using a baby blanket, and all of her little props and enablers to get around in life, they are setting her up for dependency, which means drug use in the future.

  45. 45
    Just my opinion Says:

    Cruise got his way anyway. I really believe he married Katie under a marriage contract (young wife and child) to attract a younger demographic audience. They, he, did NOT know Suri would turn out to be a photographic child pursued by the paparrazi. Now with the divorce he doesn’t have to put up with Katie as his wife anymore and that is probably a relief to him and still has access to future photo ops with Suri. Unless Suri loses her photo appeal, she is a paparazzi magnet. With Suri by his side he can still claim the part of “good and loving father” and target his fan base, WOMEN.

  46. 46
    Just my opinion Says:

    #44 – Nellie, correct, dependency on Scientology and auditing classes and all that enables.

  47. 47
    Nellie Says:

    I wonder if she is still in diapers.

  48. 48
    Deb Says:

    She has her dad’s nose. Not an attractive feature for a girl.

  49. 49
    Jenn Says:

    She is curled all up in his arms, wrapped in an infant blanket like he is 6 months old, instead of 6 1/2 YEARS old.

  50. 50
    Nellie Says:

    @Just my opinion: #46

    Katie is not a Scientologist. And she treats Suri like an infant just as much as Tom does.
    Don’t blame that mess on Scientology.

  51. 51
    ivy Says:

    The scientology way is to never say no to a child and to let the child chose what they want to do and wear. Hence, the carrying, the baby bottles, the lack of jackets in the cold, the make-up, the blankets and stuffed animaIs. I understand that there are even guidelines for things like toilet training and discipline. If this is not yet another indication this “religion” is a cult, then what is? I can’t think of any organized religion that has such specific rules for child raising and toilet training Little Suri will be in for a rude awakening when she attends school in the fall.. no blankets and stuffed animals, no carrying, uniforms, rules and discipline!

  52. 52
    James Says:

    I guarantee you, they will be carrying that brat years from now. UNTIL so many children mock and shame Suri. Then they might top carrying her.

  53. 53
    Just my opinion Says:

    Imagine how Suri feels flying off in a heliocopter? Katie cannot compete with this. And that is what divorce becomes a competition. But the MOST IMPORTANT thing is QUALITY TIME. I hope Katie remembers that. QUALITY TIME. I think Stallone’s son never got over his parents divorce and he was 36 years old and was probably living off a financial trust but and kept the pain inside. He could have gotten help to heal from that but didn’t. Reportedly he was found in an unkept room but the home was spotless but he was in emotional pain. Paris Hilton fame is fading away, hope she finds peace in whatever she has. Same with Suri because she is being ‘set up’ to depend on these people. The same goes with Katie. I mean she has her parents and don’t know how well she gets along with her brothers and sisters but the people she has waged a war with the Church of Scientology believe you are either with them or against them.

  54. 54
    Just my opinion Says:

    Cruise LOVES the paparrazi and attention but he is going to try and (temporarily) offer Suri isolation away from the paparazzi versus Katie who has to go outside to get to public places and face the paparazzi. I still say that QUALITY TIME will overrule all the material goods you can give someone. Yes, money can provide comfort but it doesn’t replace quality time. So many rich kids has material goods but absentee parents off working on a movie set. Its worse when there is a divorce. Both camps in the end will depend on a nanny or personal assistant to pick her up and take her to school because they will both be working actors (they hope). Cruise of course would love to have his sister Cass homeschool Suri and avoid from having her be picked up and taken to school. Katie will be the one having to deal with that scenario.

  55. 55
    WAlterBisho[ Says:

    For some I have a feeling that Suri will want to end up staying and living with her father…

  56. 56
    Just my opinion Says:

    I think right now Cruise is going to go out of his way to make sure Suri feels very comfortable, happy, and cared for (pay extra attention to her whims and spoil her), and keep her away from the paparrazi. Cruise is going to want to prove that Suri is better off homeschooled. Just wait until Katie has to decide to film in Los Angeles or Europe (she hopes) and has to deal with Suri’s school demands. I would not be surprised if Katie somehow gets offered a role (unbeknown to her via Cruise’s help) to film in a location outside of New York. She is going to need to have good help to accomodate Suri’s school schedule. Her mother can only stay so long.

  57. 57
    Sergi Says:

    Of all the celebrities kids Suri is the one who looks more traumatized, she is always hiding her face or been carry by her parents . Look for example the kids of Brangelina who gets paps even more than Suri, they never look terrifying, even Sunday when she is WALKING with Nicole and the paps are around looks a normal child, Matilda Michele Williams daughter, etc. etc. And don’t get me started with the blanket Suri is always carried around.
    Poor suri is different in every aspect. Katie will have to work a lot with that kid.

  58. 58
    joel Says:

    Sur’s been wearing that dress for 3 days now. What’s going on?

  59. 59
    eccentricity Says:

    All of the family of Tom are eccentric. Including Suri.

  60. 60
    Marc Says:

    Suri is very thin.

  61. 61
    Tom is the best father Says:

    Suri is a well adjusted girl not like say Alec Baldwin’s daughter who
    Has not been seen since the wedding who had to hear her dad call
    Her horrible names and a nasty divorce… Tom is one of they best
    Actors and one of the kindest men out their how dare you say that.
    Can’t wait for the catholic priests to get their wankers (molesters)
    on Suri we all know that is how they train their women! And they
    Get away with it! Fun ah for Suri their is no way since Suri was
    Born that the church got involved. Just wondering why Katie would
    Have a child with Tom knowing that he has 2 other children adopted
    Who went to Scientology school. Than proceeded to marry him too!

  62. 62
    African Girl Says:

    @Just my opinion:
    OMFG! Take a break will ya!!
    Even if you are getting paid by the word, you still have to come up for air.

  63. 63
    pr person Says:

    YUCK! He is such a douche.

  64. 64
    JennG Says:

    She’s mollycoddled so much,they’re going to eat her alive at school.I wonder if she’s even developmentally prepared for a regular school?I can’t see them letting her drag blankies & stuffed toys there.

  65. 65
    abc Says:

    @Sergi: her kids (angelina jolies) act out 2. if you see them they hide their face with a blanket or shoot their ‘fake’ guns at them. all kids act out differently. besides what kid LOVES to have a grown man shove a camera in their face??? if a 40 yr old took a pic of a child it’d be illegal. how is this right?

  66. 66
    Deb Dooleee Says:

    Sad…I want Tom back with Katie

  67. 67
    why Says:

    @Sabrina: Lots of kids of famous people are photographed by the paps and they don’t react like Suri. Why??? Think of all the smiling children with their famous parents. Not one seems this insecure.

  68. 68
    bobo Says:


    It’s not just your typing that is flawed there blondie. Back to the mother ship with you, scat scat!!

  69. 69
    Cyd Says:

    If you ask me, yea this might be hard for Suri, but she KNOWS EXACTLY how to play it.

    Most of it is an act and she looks silly pulling that stuff

  70. 70
    lily Says:

    @why: she is a child. stop being a fu*cking idiot. and she ‘plays up’.. yeah shes a kid.. they all do. i really hope none of u have children.

  71. 71
    lou Says:

    @Lynette: yey man, I think like you!

  72. 72
    ce Says:

    check out your birthday profile or that special someone

  73. 73
    ce Says:

    check out your birthday profile or that special someone

  74. 74
    annie Says:

    Tom is Suri’s dad, and he loves her very much.
    She still has a grandmother, aunties, and cousins, they can’t just disappear out of her life, they are her family. I don’t believe they would turn her against Katie, I really don’t.

    I can’t see anything wrong with him taking her, it’s the same as it’s always been . all her life she comes and goes in helicopters, and for the past few years, she’s used to seeing Tom every couple of weeks, or even longer. Nothing has really changed in her life, still spends the most time with her mother like she always has.
    Although , can’t figure out, what’s going to happen if Suri goes to school, and Katie is on location somewhere.
    Maybe it’s just media speculation about her going to school, although I hope she does , it will be good for her .
    I don’t know, Katie is going to get her divorce, but I have a feeling things are not going to change very much, from what they have always been, except she gets to choose a few things.
    Katie is a very impulsive girl, hope she knows what she’s doing.

  75. 75
    Nancy Says:

    You trust that Wierdo with your daughter Suri….comon Katie!

  76. 76
    Just my opinion Says:

    #74 – I think if this were 2 or 3 years ago I would say things would not have changed, Cruise would be filming his movies and so would have Katie. HOWEVER, Suri is reaching a milestone in her life, she is at an age where she can’t avoid NOT getting her education. Some kids younger than her have already gone to daycare center (look at Jennifer Gardner’s daughters) and Hallie Berry’s daughter Nahla, all go to a daycare. Yes, I’m sure Suri has received some education but Suri is getting older and Katie knows she wants her going to a school and not get home schooled by Tom’s sister Cass. Also, there is the question of her faith, which one will Suri practice? So its not the same anymore. And Katie will run into a dilema if and when she gets offered a movie role or acting job outside of New York.

  77. 77
    LYNN Says:

    I do believe they were rushing to a plane. You haters need to stop trying to tell these stars how they should handle their kids. I bet if someone tried to tell you how you should handle yours. I know you would be pretty P*****

  78. 78
    miapocca Says:

    I just saw the paparazzi spectacle and I cannot believe that Katie holmes insists on staying in NYC…that child must be traumatized at this point…..ridiculous

  79. 79
    miapocca Says:


    He can take her anywhere he wants..he is not restricted to nyc..especially if he was willing to let katie file in NYC..he could have easily filed in CA

    It does not matter what information you think you have on someone., When they refuse to budge, everything comes to a ridiculous vindictive stand still

    So compromise has to be reached to safe this brat

  80. 80
    miapocca Says:

    plus whatever information you have…

    –1–you still decided to live with the weirdo
    -2-You want to explain to your daughter why you spilled on daddy in the media
    -3-Scientologists mount a mean nasty campaign that can be quite dangerous
    -4-Plus, Katie still needs Tom to earn money so she can get her alimony
    -5.Blackmailing a former spouse makes you part of the duplicity
    -6- Katie holmes is not and has never been the smartest tool in the shed…Daddy showed up to clean up
    -7-if the rest of katies family are going in and out of the building without being seen, then why does she insist on being front and center in the paprazzi nightmare going

    -8 Remember when Demi Moore moved to idaho/iowa with her kids…katie is from ohio..pls take the child and just GO away!!!

  81. 81
    Reba T. Says:

    @Lilly: I think Suri is extremely shy and doesn’t walk with Tom or Katie!

  82. 82
    Melanie Says:

    LET THE PICKING OF SURI UP AND WEARING A DRESS GO. She’s 6 man!! Hounded all day and just a little girl. Guess what?? Little girls at 6 are adamant to dress themselves. How dare her choose a pretty little dress right??? And let her be picked up. ENOUGH OF THAT NOW.

  83. 83
    Melanie Says:

    CYD: “but she KNOWS EXACTLY how to play it. ” You are one sad, sad puppy. Back to the pound.

  84. 84
    Melanie Says:

    miapocca- Katie’s family goes in unnoticed because no one cares about them DUH

  85. 85
    Melanie Says:

    –1–you still decided to live with the weirdo: YUP. Its called marriage.
    -2-You want to explain to your daughter why you spilled on daddy in the media: WHERE and WHEN? Nobody knows the details!!
    -3-Scientologists mount a mean nasty campaign that can be quite dangerous: ???????????????????
    -4-Plus, Katie still needs Tom to earn money so she can get her alimony: UM, nope.
    -5.Blackmailing a former spouse makes you part of the duplicity: UM, no. It makes you clever and a good mum.
    -6- Katie holmes is not and has never been the smartest tool in the shed…Daddy showed up to clean up: YUP. That’s what daddies do so PYSCHOS like Scientologists don’t destroy more lives.
    -7-if the rest of katies family are going in and out of the building without being seen, then why does she insist on being front and center in the paprazzi nightmare going: DUH already answered.

    -8 Remember when Demi Moore moved to idaho/iowa with her kids…katie is from ohio..pls take the child and just GO away!!!: IDEA – you sod off to Ohio. YAY. Done.

  86. 86
    ana Says:

    its good that he is finally taking her away from the paparazzi and the media storm that katie has attracted in NYC. he’ll keep her away from the public eye which is exactly what that kid needs right now…she looked miserable every time katie took her out in public

  87. 87
    Sadsadtom Says:

    Tom is getting People mag to show he was a victim in this divorce. And he is sad. I think he is freaked that he couldn’t manipulate Katie and pull away Suri.

    Two times this past week Suri and Katie had their car bumped. The paps are camping in front of their apartment. Do you think scientologists are working the media and causing little mishaps to bully her slowly back into the Tom Cruise lair? I always worried for Katie’s well being.

  88. 88
    Annie Says:

    I agree, he’s carrying her because the swarm of paps right now is more ferocious and larger than we can appreciate from our point of view – it’s just Tom’s parental instinct kicking in. I’m not a TC fan I think he’s a bit of a nutter but I can’t really get worked up over him wanting to protect his SIX year old kid. She does appear to be able to walk just fine by herself under normal circumstances.

  89. 89
    good gawd Says:

    3-Scientologists mount a mean nasty campaign that can be quite dangerous

    miapocca. you condone this or threatening this? COS member? What a crock you wrote! all of it.
    As far as Tom carrying his daughter, he should through those paps yelling Suri’s name and crowding them. If you seen the video and I’m sure there is one, you could see and hear this. What part of clinging to her father’s neck did everyone miss? Anyone remember how scary things could be at 5 or 6?

    Here’s hoping COS keeps imploding.

  90. 90
    Sadsadtom Says:

    @Melanie: 3-Scientologists mount a mean nasty campaign that can be quite dangerous: ???????????????????

    Agree. This is a big bully campaign.

  91. 91
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    Robocop, tan, and Sabrina, WE ALL KNOW about the papparazzi snapping- snapping,-flashes like light bulbs going on /off in face, and then the insults and things they say to get a rise out of the entertianers…”Suirie, here, Suire, look Suir, did you get a puppy Suri? Kaite, buy Suri that puppy, Kaite, why did you and Tom divorce,? Kaite, did Nicole call you? Surie, Kaite, Suuurrriiie!!!”

    HOWEVER, Tom AND Kaite NEED to take their CHILD out of the paparriz’s view and out of the media , while she is still young, and not talk about her interviews, say stupid things like” Suri is amazing. It is so amazing to be her mother. Suire started picking out her own clothes when she was 1. Surie has a great sense of fashion…”

    Tom and Kaite created this celeberity frenzy with the media and paparraizi with this child, by taking her to late night eateries, adult Broadway plays, backstage at plays to meet the cast, always carrying this big old girl, talking and talking about her in their interviews.
    Do Brad and Angelina talk about their half dozen? No.
    Does Christie Broinkley bering her youngest kids out all over , all the time, and talk about them? No.
    Jennifer Garner? No.
    Heidie Klum ? No,
    Good Lord, mega wh ore of all, Jennifer Lopez? No,she does not talk up the twins and carry them and they are just 4 and small, and tlak about their sense of fashion and other stupid stuff. you know Tom and kaite must be bad off when even Jennifer Lopez has some media boundaries, LOL!!!!
    Not even Mariah carey, really.

    Tom and Kaite created this media and papparazi feeding frenzy with this CHILD.
    They have fed and continue to feed the monster. The monster-media and papparazi.
    LET THIS CHILD LIVE normally should be her parents first priority NOW, at last, and YET, they are not doing this. neither one of them.
    Kaite should have taken her child to a home in the Hamptons. private.
    Gone back to Ohio after her divorce news.

    I see no letting up on this child by her paretns, the media and the paparazi.

  92. 92
    Just so Says:

    @Go Ask Alice:

    I agree totally with your post. But now Tom has to show he is a good parent. He plays the media and uses them. He is a consummate PR guy. Well, he was until he fired media/PR guru Pat Kingsley and hired his idiot sister to be his PR person. Obviously with couch jumping, attacking Lauer and Shields that didn’t work out. He has worked hard to rehabilitate his image and he isn’t about to let it dive now that Katie took a pre-emptive strike.

  93. 93
    Suri, meal ticket Says:

    Give TommyGurl credits for taking his ex-beard’s meal ticket away from the paps.
    Katie Holmes has no talent and no traction to draw audience, hence the need to ***** out Suri to the cameras.
    TommyGurl may be equally famewhooring as his Beard but he’s more PR savvy than than Katie Holmes. He knows that the daily NYC paps pimping is backfiring on his ex.

    Keep Suri away! Hope that delayed child enjoy the time reunited with her sweet nanny.

  94. 94
    Just so Says:

    @Go Ask Alice:

    I agree totally with your post. But now Tom has to show he is a good parent. He plays the media and uses them. He is a consummate PR guy. Well, he was until he fired media/PR guru Pat Kingsley and hired his idiot sister to be his PR person. Obviously with couch jumping, attacking Lauer and Shields that didn’t work out. He has worked hard to rehabilitate his image and he isn’t about to let it dive now that Katie took a preemptive strike. His first manager gave an interview recently where she said he’d run around her house in a g-string looking in the mirror and telling himself he was a star. There is no denying Tom has star power and charisma. In my opinion he is a so-so actor and it is that on screen presence that makes him stand out and often above really good actors. He is not about to let this glitch in his life diminish his fame. There is also an interview on YouTube with Andrew Morton and the interviewer asks him what would happen if one of his kids choose to live outside the cult. Andrew stops and he thinks about it and said something like he wasn’t sure, but he suspected Tom would choose the cult. So it will be interesting to see how this plays out. I find it interesting that he brought his sister and mother, two xenu fanatics with him. I’m sure they missed the child since they live with him, but it looks like a xenu move to me!

  95. 95
    Just my opinion Says:

    #94 – I agree. Well said by the way.

  96. 96
    Waaaaaa Says:

    I saw the video on ET last night and Tom made a HUGE production of bringing Suri out of the hotel. The double doors where thrown open and Tom comes walking out the FRONT door carrying Suri. It was ridiculous and sad all at the same time. He wanted to make a point even if he was tramatizing his child while he was doing it. He also will surround her with everything Scientology when she’s with him. He probably got her that puppy and soon Suri will “chose” to stay with Tom in LA where there are no rules.

  97. 97
    Just my opinion Says:

    - And like Katie said to “Elle” magazine “He’s been Tom Cruise for 30 years, etc.” Exactly, and he’s mastered the PR angle thanks to Pat Kingsley PRE 2005, his career ran smoothly until POST 2005 he fired PR Queen Pat Kingsley. But one thing Cruise did see was that this last week when Katie tried to SHOW the public that she could do normal things with Suri, when she took her out Suri looked DISTRESSED at the paparrazi but Katie continued to take her out in public, making Katie look like she “loved the lights, the attention” regardless if her daughter who is going through a major transition was upset by the paps. Today, so far, no Katie, no Suri, no Cruise. Thank goodness!!!

  98. 98
    Just my opinion Says:

    #96 – Yes, I agree I saw the video and Tom Cruise did make a big production leaving the hotel, the double doors were opened (and unfortunately for his scenario another mom was seen coming in with her son at the same time he is about to make his grand exit) he is coming out with Suri and she looks shaken clinging to her father who is grinning, he’s believeing the press who’s yelling “Tom, Tom, Tom we are with you.” He is playing the good guy, the hero who saves the damsel in distress from the mother who looks like she likes to parade her daughter in public inspite of the paparrazi. Sacrificial lamb/Victim: Suri Cruise.

  99. 99
    Sharon Says:

    Tom Cruise has lost his mind to this Scientology cult. He has become a control freak that thinks his opinion is the only one that matters. I would not trust him with this child unless he was supervised.

  100. 100
    Sharon Says:

    I think it’s the Scientology influence. It’s a horrific cult.

  101. 101
    rzrshrp Says:

    #14 and #17 – sorry for the double post.

  102. 102
    OMG can`t believe ! Says:

    I think Scientology sercretly planted a post on Leonardo DiCaprios latest lunch story here , kind of freaky maybe they made Leo wear the hat by working voodoo on him maybe the two little girls are destined to be sisters

  103. 103
    miapocca Says:

    @good gawd:

    This is a gossip blog..why would I threaten anyone here.
    I have been a victim of clamming since Tom married Katie
    I have given out more information on scientology then I care remember
    Obviously you are new to the issue..but 6 years ago, I was gobsmacked when this dumb woman dropped everything and joined the cult
    I do not not think she is out of the cult by any means..she simply got tired of being left alone and Tom stopped jumping on couches for her

    Now come up with your own ideas and leave mine alone

  104. 104
    miapocca Says:

    Some people here make me laugh..ahah..Tom always has that GLIB smile on his face at all times…its called PR…he is the master at painting a false picture to the public…got it…

  105. 105
    soi Says:

    I am seriously appalled by the comments. Ignorance at its best. I hope the best for all three of them.

  106. 106
    Kim Says:

    Suri obviously wants to be carried, so what? He is with her father and she hasn’t seen him in several weeks and she must know her parents are no longer together. My six year old niece would want to be carried if she too were in this particular situation. As far as Tom taking the kids from Nicole, I am a mother and NO ONE on the earth could EVER stop me from having a relationship with my children. Even when asked about her kids, she talks about her bio children. She has no relationship with them, that’s her deal, not Tom’s. I mean, Katie does have custody of Suri, right?

  107. 107
    Alice Says:

    Not that I at all want to come to Tom’s defence here but imagine there being lots of middle-aged men with cameras around your kid. Imagine the threats your kid is being exposed to if you’re that famous. They probably hold their children to protect them and I, too, would because I would be scared someone might snatch them or something. It seems logical to me. I’m sure she’s perfectly capable of walking when there aren’t lots of screaming photographers around.

  108. 108
    Brit Says:

    Id carry my kid too. Suri seems terrified of the paps. Why shouldnt her father hold her? You have a million men taking pictures, screaming their names, and scaring your kid and you mean to tell me you wouldn’t try to pick them up and protect them as much as you can? I’m sure she walks perfectly fine when all those stalkers aren’t around

  109. 109
    Jesse Says:

    @no: Well considering the press are all around. Daddy is not willing to let his little girl being annoy by them. A good dad, indeed.

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