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Katie Holmes Reunites with Suri After Tom Cruise's Visit

Katie Holmes Reunites with Suri After Tom Cruise's Visit

Katie Holmes looks lovely in green as she heads into a parking garage at Chelsea Piers to reunite with her daughter Suri on Thursday (July 19) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress spent the last couple days away from her daughter while her estranged husband Tom Cruise visited Suri in the city. The pair reportedly took a helicopter ride to the Hamptons.

Instead of escorting Suri to meet up with her mom, Tom reportedly sent her with his security team.

It was just announced that Katie will be making her return to Broadway in the upcoming play Dead Accounts.

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Credit: J.B Nicholas; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • christine

    she and her smirk are going to milk this divorce for everything it’s worth, but she’ll still bomb on broadway b/c she can’t act…

  • Nymeria

    She is looking younger after dumping Tommy. Competing with helicopter rides and private plabes won’t be easy, but I wish Hr and her daughter well. Cannot believe how braiwashed she sounded. It is never late to repair a mistake like that.

  • kelli

    she is already looking much healthier and prettier, good for her. she actually looks a bit like the duchess kate middleton in this photo

  • pr person

    Did Crazy whisper in Suri’s ear as she was leaving… “and remember your mother is a dangerous psychopath…you want to come live with me”?

  • anon

    I agree with kelli, maybe more Pippa than Kate? But definitely looking much better post-divorce. Tom took the kids away from Nicole… hope the same doesn’t happen to Katie with Suri.

  • Just my opinion

    I think this is the real Katie Holmes, a jeans girl. Only now this Katie is the new and improved one. Pre Cruise she probably did not go the quality of dance classes like she did when she was married to Cruise and she has now also seen the world and experienced the luxurious culture of wealthy living, has more career experience, but when she returns back to her real life she is seen wearing jeans, because she is a casual jeans girl at heart. In this link below you see Katie pre marriage hanging around Cruise and Connor and Isabella. Just like
    any girlfriend dating a man with children you want to get close to the kids or want them to like you because you love the man and you
    know that will help.;_ylt=A2KJkIfSwghQiWsATKWJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?

    I think because of her age, forget the whole “Suri picks out her clothes” I think we will also see the influence of Katie and Cruise when they have their turns to be with Suri. I think when Suri is with Cruise she will dress more conservatively and classic. With Katie she will dress more casual and wear a shorter dress. Here’s a picture of Suri returning to Katie and you can already see Cruise’s influence on her apparael. Suri is wearing a longer but also more tailored dress.

  • demi

    @Just my opinion: You are nuts. You’re obsessed with KH. Get a life, loser!

  • Just my opinion

    #7 – You must need a life because you are obsessed with my posts:) Read on! Power to the people!

  • kit

    That little girl must be so confused. I can’t even imagine what I would have felt like if my world were torn in two at that age.

  • CF98

    I don’t think its that much of a change I mean really Katie spends most of her time with Suri anyways while Tom works on his movies just now her parents are no longer married.

  • lori

    welp, she’s still wearing the boots….how many days in a row is that?

  • de Cosmos

    It’s a train wreck in slow motion.

  • DB

    So if they can load and unload Suri in the underground / parking garage for THIS little exchange, why can’t they use that same out of the way, more shielded from Paparazi location for always entering and exiting the building?

    Why drag the poor kid out in front of the main entrance all of the time if you don’t have to?

    I mean – look – the child is actually walking on her very own! Gasp!

    Perhaps keeping her away from the cameras, at least to some degree, allows her to feel somewhat more relaxed and less stressed?

    Stop with the Photo Op and just be kind to your daughter and go the back route. You’ll both have plenty of time to get on camera when you are performing on stage or in a movie.

    Team Suri

    err – maybe. :)

  • Hamlet

    There’s no competition for their daughter’s love and attention, #2.

    You’re sick, #4.

    He didn’t take anybody away, #5!

  • WhyNot

    So he blows into town, runs through the paparazzi gauntlet, not once but 3 times, takes Suri for a high speed chase through NY, then shuttles her off in a chopper. That is NOT a 6 yr old’s idea of a fun day. That is Mission Impossible 6, or 7. Whatever. It was a fun day for Tom Cruise, not his little girl.
    If he was there to be a parent to his daughter, he would have brought her out through the security garage, the same way he brought her back and taken her on a child oriented adventure.
    His ego is throwing a tantrum because he has to return her to Mom. He does NOT have control. Katie does, and if she’s smart, she will make sure she keeps it. She gives him an inch, he will have Suri on a plane to CA before she can blink.
    My heart goes out to Suri. She must be so overwhelmed by cameras and photo ops. All any kid wants is to be a kid. The world needs to let her be a kid and that starts with Mom and Dad letting her be just a kid, not a publicity stunt.

  • kit

    @whynot whether you like him or not, a child needs her father. While you’re so busy blaming the father, why not blame the mother who knew the world she was walking into. She just looked the other way because it suited her at the time.

  • Just so


    Yes Hammie, he did take the kids away from Nicole. His auditor Marty Rathbun has said (which you can read if you google it) that there was a systematic effort to disassociate the kids from Nicole and Tom was part of it. Telling the kids their mother is a sociopath etc. isn’t what I would call fostering mother-child relationships on Tom’s part. He knew what was going on and he did nothing.

  • Just my opinion

    So I guess this video where he’s trying to convince the interviewer
    that his family unit is tight (Katie, Suri, and him) are close and go
    to dance classes together and loving and close. This video was
    released one month ago June 2012 to promote Rock of Ages.
    Less than 2 weeks ago Katie’s team release a statement that their
    marriage was irretrievably broken 6 months ago. That would be
    around the time we saw Cruise taken Suri alone to Disneyland
    for a “father & daughter playdate.” Yes, that’s what I mean about
    the Internet, its easy to back track and see what was going on
    around that time period. Yes, I know they are actors and the have
    PR agencies and movies being released so image and timing are
    everything. When you look at it, their surprise divorce was actually
    at a good transition time. Rock of Ages was released, Oblivion was
    almost finished filming, and June is a good time to get ready to find
    a school for the fall term, etc. Also gives Katie the time to finish up
    in last minute things for her fashion line in New York this Sept.
    Good luck to them especially Suri. She was born into this scenario.

  • Just my opinion

    So now we really know this video was just another (lie) publicity plow to look like a family unit, happy, loving, together. The reality is anyone that is this wealthy will find it very hard to find true love. Most anyone interested in you also likes what you have and wants a part of it. united.

  • annie

    Poor little thing, her dad should have taken her to her mother. I think he is angry with Katie, very angry.
    I can’t believe that TC didn’t know Katie was unhappy, you just don’t get up and leave just like that. Unless she’s found someone else.
    For along time I thought things were’nt right between them, just by looking at them, not to mention they were not together as a family a lot.
    It was always Katie and Suri, Suri and Katie,
    I remember him saying that Katie understands things about him ,like working all the time. Of course this might not have anything to do with it at all.
    Somehow I think it was a combination of a lot of things, but I am sorry for them , I liked them together.

  • Just my opinion

    This video was recorded around Jan 2008 and Katie was promoting
    the movie Mad Money which would go on to flop at the box office. She would pass on the movie Dark Knight which would go on to break box office records world wide. In this video you can see the physical transformation and awkwardness of Katie dressed in clothes and heels that were clearly are too sophisticated for her. This was Katie’s “Victoria Beckman phase.” She probably sees this today and gringes at how awkward she looks. That’s the thing about the Internet, its harder to forget your mistakes. They are uploaded for people to see.

  • baugh

    two days is long enough for him to brainwash suri imagine what he can do to suri’s mind in that priod of time, suri is not her biological daughter why katie allows her daughter to spend two whole day with that psycho.

  • bobbi

    Katie is looking great…back to her old self.

  • Just my opinion

    June 2005 – WHAT A DIFFERENCE 7 YEARS MAKE – Watch this video, this was right in the beginning of their partnership contract. Katie looks in awe of him. She can’t believe he picked her. Little did she know what layed ahead for her. They end their ACT by shaking the
    hands of the fans that are in the audience pit like if they are a special
    unit. The audience does not sound that excited. Eva Mendes isn’t
    buying into this. Its an awkward live television moment. Retrospect is something else…

  • Miapocca

    Okay ,now we are sure the paps follow SURI

    –Tom made a big show of taking possession of Suri..He really had no choice there, if only to combat Katie holmes extremely public parenting. Given the rumors that he had disconnected from his child

    –the man headed out of the city to the Hamptons..he must have been reading my comments



    –the rumor persists that Katie calls the paps..maybe she needs to safe from the scienos

    –a lady in thier old building mentioned that Tom comes and goes quietly except for the presence of security all over the building floors
    But katie shows up and the PAPs shows up in full force

    –so apparently someone has katies schedule but not toms???

  • Miapocca

    @Just so:

    Yep..thats was scientologists do..

    TOM NEEDS to BELIEVE in something, he chose a cult instead of some other religion. I am sure the catholic church would appreciate his zillions and make him some high ranking elder for his faith, if he had chosen them

    A MAN of extremes, he went from couch jumping love to I CANT STAND the sight of you…

    Lord knows what else he did with Suri on that trip..if catholic school is allowed, can you imagine the Scientology dissociation lessons on a 6 year olds brain

  • Grandma of Four

    One of my grandchildren (age 7) is a child of divorce (his mother had an affair on my son and is now in the process of divorcing her second husband!) It is a difficult situation trying to give balance, security, structure, with a ton of love to a little person so they do not feel so disconnected. I wish Katie all the luck in the world trying to give Suri those things. I like the child oriented activities she either is doing with Suri or has Suri doing (gymnastics). Finally, we see this little gal with some kids her own age. As a former elementary teacher, I applaud putting Suri in a school with a positive program for her. I would just bet she will love doing what other kids her age are doing! Getting away from Scientology was the smartest thing Katie has ever done and I would imagine not the easiest given their penchant for control. HOPEFULLY, Katie and her attorney’s were smart enough to put NO REMOVAL to California or anyplace else by Tom Cruise or his family for quite some time to come in the agreement!

  • annie

    I feel sorry for him, don’t agree with what I read about Scie, and I think he has a few issues, but I think he loves Suri so much, as he does Bella and Connor.
    Connor in paticular adores Tom.
    I also think that maybe Katie was getting restless, and a bit dissatified with things, but I also think that her fathers goal was to get her away from Tom, from the very beginning, one way or another no matter how long it took.
    I read somewhere that said she left a controlling father for a controlling husband.
    Remember seeing him in an interview once. He looked over a modelling contract for Katie, if it was ok by him she’d sign it.
    Remember him saying, in a very polite friendly but assertive way.
    ”na ..not going to happen”.

  • Melanie

    Oh heck no, who let Miapocca back??!! YAY, Suri back with Mamma Bear

  • Rocky


    HEY! I live in my boots. LOL If you find something that’s comfortable, GO FOR IT. Also, what makes you think it’s the same pair. If I like and shoe and if feels great, I’ll buy a second pair and if they come in colors, I’ll buy in colors i like. It’s not always easy to find comfortable shoes.

  • Amelia


    That depends on the father darling. I grew up with two Moms because my ‘father’ decided he didn’t want to be a dad right after I was born. My Mom raised me on her own until I was 5 years old. She met my ‘other’ Mom on vacation in Mexico and they’ve been together since. I’m now 54 and can’t remember a day when I felt like I needed a father. My brother Joey who my Moms adopted when he was 4 months old feels the same way. We were and still are completely loved by two strong women. I’ve been married for 20 years and have four amazing children. Just because a man gives up his sperm doesn’t make him a father. The only men who were present in our lives growing up were our grandfathers. We couldn’t wait to see them on vacations and holidays. They were our ‘Papa’ and “Popi”. Can’t wait to see them both in two weeks.

  • Rocky


    He’s a lawyer. He should go over her contract. My father would have kidnapped me and taken me out of the country before he let me marry Tommy boy.

  • CF98

    I never bought that Tom’s marriages were a sham they all ended too bitterly for me to think that the only difference is this time the wife ended it for once.

    If it was just an arrangement they would say it was an amicable split it clearly was not

  • kizbit

    “Tom wants Suri’s life to be as normal as possible” …Ok, then be man enough to walk your child into her home to be reunited with her mother. To send her off in a parking garage with security guards is pitiful. He is such a loser. He has no time for Suri. Two days together after not seeing her for weeks?? And when he starts on his next movie, it’ll be bye-bye Suri! Daddy has to go to work for 3 months!!!!!!!

  • Melanie

    #31 Amelia: What an AWESOME and inspiring story!! Thank you.
    # 34 Kizbit: I beyond agree with your comments. Such a coward he couldn’t even greet Katie which is what Suri needs. Big headed loser.

  • Who cares what you think?

    @WhyNot: Tom did that to show the world that he did not abandon Suri and that he’s a good father. Although i think he could have donebit once and taken her off, not two days in a row and several times in ine day. Katie does it cause she needs to be seen for their protection and to make sure people know she’s has established residence in NYC. Plus, I think she’s trying to help Suri get over her fear of and cope with the paps bc they are going to hound her for years to come. Katie tries to make her walk, until it get to the point where she’s going to panic mode.

  • Just so

    Two of these pictures prove that TomKat CAN allow Suri to come and go with minimal pap intrusion by using the underground parking or this tunnel thing.
    One would think that they would utilize this option in order to minimize the fear Suri appears to show around the paps. It appears that Tom and Katie both care more about their public image (i.e. I’m the best parent yadda yadda yadda) than they do protecting their child.

  • Nise Rose

    That´s funny…
    Katie Holmes go out almost everyday with Suri before/after the divorce come to suface and that´s ok. Tom Cruise pick up the girl just one time and everybody is like “he´s exposing the child”. Come on, now Katie is a saint and a poor woman who broke the chains of tyrant man who gave her more fame and a oportunite to accomplish some of her dreams. She knows Tom Cruise. Everybody knows his commitment with the cult. I don´t agree with the cult but i don´t feel sorry for Katie not one second (she was a woman when she met him for the first time), just for Suri who is going to grow up in this circus.
    Sorry for my bad inglish.

  • Just asking

    I wonder if her family is related to James Holmes, the Colorado Batman shooter?

  • Suri, meal ticket

    See, no pictures from the Hampton mini beach vacay of this meal ticket and her gay daddy.
    Why was that? I wonder.

  • Kate

    Glad to see them back together.
    Maybe Tom was getting her back for not seeing him when he picked Suri up. But I think it was wrong of him. To me it shows him being childish. Like someone stated be a man Tom for your child,

  • MissClarity

    Looks like the God of all gods can take on the Cruise god of hell. Go God. Just saying.

  • Sammy Jo

    Who are these people?

  • TheDudeAbides

    That ominous attempted kidnapping video went out nation wide when those pix of Tom carrying Suri to the chopper rolled out. They call that spiritual symbolism.

  • Anne

    There must be something off about these 2 as individuals behind closed doors, coz if there isn’t then they wouldn’t have to prove to the world on how good they are as parents by having themselves photographed for the world to see. The only thing that Katie and Tom care about is their image.

  • Kyle

    It’s very obvious Katie loves the attention. Famewhore!

  • silvereyes1945


    A child doesn’t need an abusive controlling father who wants to audit her brains out for a cult. That said, why should Katie get all the blame? Maybe she should’ve known what she was getting into, but guess what? She saw the light after only a few years under Cruise Control. Tom Cruise has been under the control of this cult for over 20 some years. When is he going to see the light? I give Katie a lot of credit for getting Suri out now before it’s too late. Tom Cruise allowed his two older children to be brainwashed, ruined their relationship with their mother, dragged his entire family into that cult, and he still hasn’t seen the light. Why don’t you condemn him for that? Father or not, he’s an idiot! Katie may been naive, but it didn’t take her over 20 years to leave that cult.

  • amber

    That subject is just scarrrrry…….so glad she broke away from that craziness and that her dad was an attorney!! Good for you Katie you look wonderful!!