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LeAnn Rimes: Bikini Cabin Getaway!

LeAnn Rimes: Bikini Cabin Getaway!

LeAnn Rimes rocks two different bikini looks while enjoying the gorgeous weather at a cabin on Sunday (July 15) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old entertainer was joined by some gal pals as well as her hubby Eddie Cibrian for the relaxing afternoon!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

“Sitting on the end of the dock watching a far away lightning storm and staring at a million stars…..heaven” LeAnn tweeted that same day.

FYI: LeAnn wore a pink Shay Todd bikini.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes rocking two different bikinis while hanging with pals at a cabin…

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leann rimes bikini cabin 01
leann rimes bikini cabin 02
leann rimes bikini cabin 03
leann rimes bikini cabin 04
leann rimes bikini cabin 05
leann rimes bikini cabin 06
leann rimes bikini cabin 07
leann rimes bikini cabin 08
leann rimes bikini cabin 09
leann rimes bikini cabin 10

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • namers

    Can’t imagine wanting to ‘follow’ her. Yawn.

  • Helen

    She still here ,I thought she moved to another planet 

  • dobbi

    Never without her iphone.

  • solecito


  • ANG

    lookin ridiculous in her bikini and jacket. yeesh.

  • Lola

    Most unattractive female body, Y/Y?

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    She’s hard to look at. No clue how her husband does it. Scumbags.

  • Gisele

    Jared, you had better start praying that her new album chronicling her affair sells well ,because she isn’t going to be able to afford to pay for you to post her paid for photo ops for much longer if it doesn’t Unfortunately for her, I think that the public has had their fill of hearing about her side of her messy private life. On the plus side, art is its own reward and seeing as she is so proud of her “art”, that should lessen the blow of another failed record. On a side note, Eddie is looking old nowadays. I guess all that bliss is taking its toll.

  • ouch

    She’s on a vacation. That means we would have to see the hideous pictures daily. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Rach

    Ed doesn’t want to go anywhere with Leann alone. Always has friends tagging along. Leann staring off in those pictures making ugly faces of pure jealousy because Ed is having fun/spending time with his boys. She has very little time alone with him and that is because he doesn’t want to be alone with her. This relationship was doomed from the start. Suits me just fine.

    p.s. I hope Ed is banging Lizzy. You know he wants to. Anything looks good next to Leann.

  • wow


  • KissThis

    I think she actually looks really good! Definitely better than a couple years ago. She is rocking those bikinis!

  • betty

    Since the mountain didn’t go to Mohammed,Mohammed went to the mountains. Poor Leann had to sell photos to keep relevant.Noticed Ed was not on one of her paid for pap photos. Good for him about time he spent one on one time with the boys like their mother does. If it was a family vacation why is do they travel with an entourage that couple seems to go wherever they go. For a couple so much in love that appears strange. Leann can tweet happiness and bliss all she likes but that relationship appears to be in trouble.

  • Frozoid

    She’s put on a few badly needed pounds.

  • nomorerimes

    Don’t they ever go away alllll by themselves without other women and the paps? NOI! Gotta keep EC happy with whoever he wants to be with and it ain’t LR!
    Must be either LR paid JJ more money or JJ was hurt because another outlet beat them to it this time. OUCH!
    Hope Sleaze is happy now! Maybe it will make up for the other women having to come along.

  • JillyRo

    No matter how much they prance around in teeny tiny bikini and clothes, both Lee-Anne and Miley Cyrus have such unfortunate faces It’s their faces that are hard to look at. Their dudes must need to close their eyes waking up to them each morning, both are skinny gals who are so hard on the eyes. .

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    And nice military jacket over the bikini ensemble….b/c that makes so much sense…..and of course you didn’t copy Brandi at all on this one. So original.

  • phillip

    Damn, that body is AMAZING!

  • Terri

    She realy does have a great bod. Work it, girl!

  • HA!

    She looks amazing, don’t ya think gwen?

  • HA!

    gwen must be busy fapping at the pics.

  • Villain

    Please, go away and pretend to be spiritual somewhere else.

  • betty

    Why should Gwen care how Leann looks?All the looks in the world does not make up for bad character. Looks fade and the body changes if the only compliment that can be paid to Leann is how she looks isn’t saying too much for her as a person. Nowadays we can all have enhancements but it doesn’t change who or what we are. Undoubtedly Leann fans can’t find anything admirable to say about her character so they overrate her looks.

  • Sammuy

    @betty: yeah, she has great talent and is a charitable person also. What do you offer to the world except hate?

  • nika

    I bet all the haters here are fat hating on someone who has an amazing body…



  • Carrie

    So funny to see her with a jacket over her bikini a few days after Brandi Glanville’s jacket/bikini pic appeared. That’s WeWe, always stalking! Where is the pic of Lizzie with her legs spread and Eddie staring at her crotch? Did ya forget that one, JJ? Google it, you’ll find it.

  • phillip

    ABC News i sposting her hot bod, too! Rock on, Leann, rock on. Can’t wait until your new album drops.

  • Scarrie

    @Carrie: Leann is way hotter than Liz, puhlease gurl.

  • betty

    Leann does have talent and she is charitable but her career is in the dumps and her charity work is only for publicity. Maybe if she had spent more time promoting her career and charity work instead of promoting her adulterous affair with Eddie she would not be having career and image problems. When a person lose self respect and do not respect others you will not be respected.My comments are not hateful but factual. We all have to live by the same rules no exceptions.Perhaps they are over your head because you have no moral compass. Things I commenting on are things her mother should have taught her years ago.

  • lynn

    wow…could she be pregnant??

  • lynn

    @betty: She is having an affair with her husband? You are weird.

  • Willia

    Better then Brandys saggy knees

  • Alice

    Poor BB Kristi getting divorced Le obsess will do that

  • IGottaSay

    Leann’s figure is getting almost as thick as Lizzie. How un- ‘Hollywood” Not that you’d call Leann’s TV movie crap “Hollywood”.

  • anon

    @Willia: And BG’s ashy elbows! Yuk!

  • gwen

    These photos were taken on Sunday, so why are they just now being posted on THURSDAY? Wow, just, wow. Doesn’t that make Leann look quite pathetic?

    Of course Leann is “rocking” TWO different bikinis, she is trying to make up for the time she lost for the 4th of July. Look at how she even put on a shirt with a flag on it. With all the attention on Katie and Tom, is anyone at all surprised by the fact that Leann is pulling another bikini change stunt?

    Some pals? But not just ANY pals. It’s LIZZY. Eddie’s mistress. You remember Lizzy, she was with Eddie and Leann on their honeymoon, made out with Leann while they vacationed in Mammoth, was at the Fitness opening with Leann and Eddie, and was the object of Eddie’s affection(he grabbed Leann’s butt after watching Lizzy’s butt being grabbed).

    Relaxing? Well we all know that it wasn’t heaven because in one photo LIzzy is sitting at the edge of the dock and Eddie is flirting with her just like he did while they were in Hawaii.

  • betty

    @Lynn Ed was Brandi husband when she was promoting it.That’s when her image hit the skids.and she became disliked. ,Now she’s afraid the same will happen to her that’s why she clings. This thread is not about Brandi so why is Ed ex wife always a factor on Leann threads.Their must be some type of jealousy of Brandi of her to be brought up every single thread. Ed and Leann marriage must be on shaky ground.

  • Alicia

    Eddie is still pretty hot, his wife looks good, too.

  • gwen

    Someone has been VERY busy in this thread. Wow, in this one thread alone, you have used 10 different names! Interesting, where were all these “different” posters in those threads where the comments are below 74?

    @KissThis: Lizzy is rocking those bikinis, which explains why Eddie is flirting with her again. And he was doing it right in Leann’s face.

    @Phillip: Poor Leann. She has to have her twitter pal write all these nice comments about her looking nice because her hubby was photographed flirting with Lizzy while on the dock. How come JJ didn’t include the photo of Lizzy and Eddie flirting on the dock?

    @Terri: Wow, how pathetic for Leann. So she is having you write nice comments about her using mutiple names. Why? Because even with wearing TWO bikinis, Eddie still was paying attention to Lizzy. No wonder Leann kept tweeting about how everyone was happy and at peace. Lizzy and Eddie were having sexy times on Sunday. Poor Leann.

    @HA: If Leann looked amazing, then you wouldn’t be here writing this same post over and over using several different names. If Eddie thought that Leann looked good, why was he flirting with Lizzy while on the dock? We know that YOU are fapping about the pics, just look at how many different names you have used in this thread alone. Seriously, are things really that bad for Leann?

    @ Sammuy: Leann isn’t a charitable person. She uses charity to promote herself and her marriage to Eddie. Leann offers hate to the world, just look at how you steal other posters names, excessively report comments, and trash Brandi when things don’t work out for Leann.

    @nika: If Leann’s body was amazing, then you wouldn’t be here using 7 different names just to write the same post over and over again. Yes we know it’s you because when you posted as Munch Bunch and noway, you called us fat. You said that Leann was a charitable person, and yet you are here using “fat” as an insult? All you just proved is that Leann is a fraud. She does’t care about charity.

    @Lynn: Like the blog writer? So why are you stealing other posters names to make nice posts about Leann? It’s weird that you steal others names to make nice comments about Leann. Lizzy is sleeping with Leann’s husband, which explains why you are using 9 different names. We all know it’s you.

    @Alice: Leann’s husband is sleeping with Lizzy, so what is your point. And you made the same comment as Farrah in the previous threads. So yest we know that your name isn’t alice.

    @anon: Seriously, so now you are going to come back and trash Brandi? Eddie’s elbows are ashy in the staged photo-ops, so what is your point?

    @Willy: Wow, seriously, so this is what comes down to for Leann. When she can’t get people to say nice things about her she just has you trash Brandi, even though she posed for NoH8.

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    @Little Miss Sunshine:

    apparently NOBODY got the extreme sarcasim in my previous comment of: “And nice military jacket over the bikini ensemble….b/c that makes so much sense…..and of course you didn’t copy Brandi at all on this one. So original.”

  • gwen


    Wow, seriously? You have already used 10 different names in this thread, why did you show up with another one?

    Lizzy thinks that Eddie is hot too, did you see the photos of him and Lizzy flirting on the doc right in front of Leann’s face?

    So just as expected, Eddie won’t appear in any staged photo-ops with Leann unless Lizzy can be apart of it.

    Did you see what was in Eddie’s hand? He is also drinking.

    If Leann looked good, why then did you have to use 11 different names?

    Seriously, you are only making matters worse for Leann because all these people popping up to say how nice Leann looks weren’t present in the threads that are hitting below 74. So you can keep posting these “Leann looks good” comments under mutiple names, but all you are doing is making it even more obvious that you are posting under different names.

  • anon

    People are sick of you, gwen. Shut the f u c k up and get off your soap box. Go save a kitten or join a cause of some sort. You are getting all deranged here. If it is that you love BG, then for god’s sake tell her!

  • laura

    If you need a jacket then you probably shouldn’t be wearing a bikini, idiot.

  • Alice

    @ anon Gwennie does’t love BG she hates Le. Brandi has (jealous wronged women) haters. Poor BG needs true fans

  • Nadine

    @nika: Or maybe they are thin, fit people who aren’t impressed by those who present themselves as fame w h o r e s who tweet constantly. I am a size 2/4/6 depending on the brand and I still think that Leann Rimes is desperate for attention and squandering her talent in favor of staging fake photo ops and publicizing events that should be kept private to make sure that the public see how “happy” her life is. I certainly don’t hate her as I don’t know her personally and therefore can only base my opinion on what she is presenting to the public. Actually, what she presents makes me feel sorry for her because people who are truly happy and content don’t need to constantly show and tell the way she does. I don’t think that peoples dislike of this woman has anything to do with her boyish figure.

  • gwen


    People? No dear, it’s just YOU. You proved that when you excessively reported my comments like you did on twitter to BBL.

    People are sick of you, TRUTHLIES. Shut the ******* up and get off your soap box. After how you got busted on twitter, it’s no wonder that you are here on this site hanging around making all these posts in favor of Leann. Go save a kitten or join a cause of some sort like you are constantly talking about on twitter as TRUTHLIES. You are getting all deranged here and using all these different names to write nice things about Leann. If it is that you love BG, then for god’s sake tell her! But please stop with all the different names. We all know it’s you.

    @Alice: Another qwennie post? Did I call it or what? ALICE=anonymous=TRUTHLIES.TRUTHLIES does’t love Le he hates Le. Leann has (jealous wronged women) haters. Poor Leann needs true fans. HAHAHAHAHAH Seriously, didn’t you make the post about Brandi not having true fans when you were posting as TRISH and many other names in the previous thread? You make these posts thinking you are sticking it to me, but once again you just confirm that I was right. Alice is’t your name and all these comments in favor of Leann are coming from TRUTHLIES.

  • betty

    Nadine you nailed it!! Only shallow people thinks looks are everything and place no value or character or self worth. Leann couldn’t get any attention while on vacation so now she selling it all over the net since she came back. People like Brandi because she is a strong woman that survived a bad experience and not afraid to show her weaknesses as well as her strengths. People DISLIKE Leann not HATE her because of her selfish,shallow and entitled behavior.Leann tweets and has put her private life on display since her affair with Eddie started 3yrs.ago if she hasn’t convinced the public how happy and in love she and Eddie are by now that means they aren’t convinced or really care.

  • Nymeria

    I dont know whats worse, her tablet body with fugly weird boobs or her face.

  • Nymeria

    Oops, forgot to add what is the worst is her attitude, that cake was the tackiest thing ever. Poor boys with that user of a stepmother.