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Miranda Kerr: Early Morning Stripes!

Miranda Kerr: Early Morning Stripes!

Miranda Kerr takes the day by storm as she heads out bright and early on Thursday (July 19) in New York City.

The 29-year-old model rocked a loose-fitting striped shirt and carried along a big black bag as she made her way outside in the hot summer sun.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

The day before, Miranda and her cutie-pie son Flynn were spotted leaving a private residence together. Flynn looked so cute carrying a backpack and wearing an adorable baseball cap!

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miranda kerr heads out striped shirt 02
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miranda kerr heads out striped shirt 05

Photos: INFdaily
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  • Rach

    More important and thrilling Miranda ‘news’. I don’t know how I survived before knowing that Miranda left buildings daily, and I mean, it must be important, what with her wearing a striped tee and carrying a bag!!

  • Lola

    If she actually would have been doing something it wouldn’t have bothered me so much — but this is so obviously paparazzi set-up that it, and she, becomes nothing but annoying.

  • yes!

    She’s so beautiful! I love seeing pics of her!
    You haters must love seeing her pics, too, since you are always here! LOL!

  • sick of her

    @yes!: and so are you.

    If people don’t get that this is a set-up, then they don’t have eyes to see or brains. Nothing important to show that she is wearing stripes, carrying a big bag – I can sleep well with that knowledge and for dumbo on “yes” – people do come here to see other people so stuff it.

  • somali girl

    She is such a SNOREZ-fest

  • @4

    I don’t see how you people can deny that paps wait for her when you have your own person as an eyewitness.
    They know that she’s in town. They know where she lives. She doesn’t have to call them.
    Common sense hurts your little brain, doesn’t it.

  • KissThis

    LOVE her style. I wish I could raid her closet!

  • Tired

    @@4: We “haters” have the same brain of you,but our brain works better!!! AhAh! We judge a woman(Miranda) for what she appears! We don’t protect her against everyone who says something bad of her!! ’cause We don’t know her and we don’t think she’s really a little angel fall down from the blue sky to improve our life with her precious advice and with her perfect,immaculate model of life!! Wake up!! Do you trust blindly in her? Really??? This is craziness!!

  • Tired

    @sick of her: True! Above all, I also can sleep very well at this point cause i don’t have those ugly boots in my wardrobe!! OMG!! They don’t mix with clothes at all!

  • @8

    “We “haters” have the same brain of you,but our brain works better!!!”
    LOL! Then why can’t you understan the most basic common sense? Why do you see things that just aren’t there? Why do you lie and twist facts? If your brain worked, you wouldn’t waste your time on someone that you don’t like.
    “We judge a woman(Miranda) for what she appears! ”
    No you judge her on things that you make up. You don’t know her personally, so you can’t POSSIBLY judge her.
    “We don’t protect her against everyone who says something bad of her!!
    So we fans should just shut up and let you lie to your heart’s content? This isn’t Delphi, you moron.
    “We don’t know her”
    EXACTLY. So why do you talk like you know her? Why do you act like she drowned your dog?
    You haters are pathetic losers. If you don’t want people to point out how WRONG you are all of the time, stick to our own sites, and stop stalking her acros the web.

  • Tired

    @@8: Ahahah! It’s toooo funny read your comments fans!!! Fortunately, I don’t hang on Miranda’s every word… I think with my head!

  • @11

    Well, you obviously DO hang on to her every word, since you are always here.
    Such a loser!

  • callin

    @@4: Yes, but you don’t get it that paps know where other celebrities are and you don’t see them on a daily basis. She and Orlando have nothing going for them. If he was still a relevant actor then why he is reduced to doing promotions for a watch company?

  • calling the kettle black

    @@11: and you aren/t?

  • running mouth

    @@8: you don’t know her either unless its you Miranda posting for yourself so how can you defend someone you don’t know

  • @15

    We know bald faced lies when we see them.

  • @13

    You can see pics of celebs every day. If you LOOK for them, the way that you look for Miranda’s. Not all celeb pics are posted on gossip sites, though. Only the popular ones.
    Miranda is one of the most well known models around, and Orlando is still one of the most popular actors. Even without appearing on the big screen for years, he still has people screaming for him.
    And lots of celebs show up for openings of their favorite stores. The only thing that means is that he was invited to the party.

  • Lola

    @@13: Miranda is a model who wishes she was high fashion, when she’ll never be an icon like Gisele, Kate Moss, Naomi and the rest.

  • running mouth

    @@15: Right because you’re in the “know”. Keep dreaming

  • UK Bound

    Poor England! She is now going there. Wonder if she will “allow” his mother to see Flynn.

  • duh

    I seriously don’t understand how she is considered a model. If you took an average woman with good skin and starved her, gave her very little to eat, this would be the result.

  • ta

    So delusional.
    You see, this is one of the reasons that you haters are called hypocrites.
    Miranda has appeared on numerous covers for HF magazines, including Vogue and iD. She has walked the runways for numerous HF designers, and appeared in their ads and commercials.
    Yet you still deny that she has a hf career.
    If you admit the truth, just once in a while, people would have less reason to mock you.
    Blind hatred is an ugly thing.

  • frisbee

    Are stripes organic? Especially early in the morning?

  • @20

    I saw some pics of her at JFK, but how do you know that she is on her way to England?

  • @10….

    There is no point trying to talk any sense to irrational haters because they can’t see past their blind jealousy of Miranda. Their also too DUMB too work out that the more comments they post the more hits for JJ which means more advertising dollars for him, so of course he’ll keep posting more pics of her, it’s called supply & demand. But the the thing that upsets them the MOST is they HATE the fact she’s popular, successful & happy so they make up reasons to discredit her character. Like she “calls the paps, she’s not high fashion, great body ugly face”……they know it’s not true but it’s the only way they can handle their unnatural hatred of her, their just plain weirdos!!!

  • Tired

    @ta: Have an HF career means to be on HF catwalk EVERY YEAR!!!! She only had the honour to walk for some of the great fashion houses and she didn’t have at this time the possibility to walk for haute couture (ex: Doutzen)…..She doesn’t have an HF career!!! She has a commercial fashion career!!! Do you understand the difference???

  • Tired

    @@10….: If I have to be’ jealous of somebody, well I’m very jealous of Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Doutzen Kroes,Linda Evangelista… Christy Turlington….They are certantly More beautiful than Miranda! No, definitively, I’m not really jealous of her…Okay, so, jeep trying!!

  • @26

    I’m not really familiar with Doutzen’s career. When did she walk haute couture? And for whom? I only remember the controversy when a hf designer called her “fat”
    And Miranda has walked hf runways for several years in a row, now. And she has repped lines like Prada and Jil Sander. Again, saying that she doesn’t have a HF career is stupid, and makes you look like an irrational hater who can’t accept basic facts. Especially after you admit that “she only had the honour to walk for some of the great fashion houses”. You, yourself say that she has a hf career. Just after saying that she doesn’t.
    People are laughing at you.

  • @27

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    But I find it funny that you admire some of those women, yet hate on Miranda.
    Adriana is gorgeous, but has a very limited career. She makes her money in almost strictly commercial ventures. Only a couple of forays into hf during her very long career.
    Ale is the same way. Almost always commercial. It’s also a well known fact that she calls the paps. How else would they find her on a random beach? It’s not like we see her leaving the house, so they can’t be waiting for her,
    Doutzen too, calls the paps. She’s just not famous enough to be stalked. And her husband is a nobody in the US. Like Ale, having paps show up on arandom beach just doesn’t make sense. She has now lost weight (too much IMO) and may start getting more hf attention.
    Linda and Christi are legends, so even the other girls you mentioned have nothing on them.
    Do you see the hypocrisy? You admire these ladies, yet condemn Miranda. There’s no logic to it. That’s why people assume that jealousy is the reason that you attack her.

  • Tired

    P.S.: Doutzen’s career started with VOUGUE ITALIA COVER….try with wikipedia……

  • Tired


  • Tired


  • @32….

    Why can’t you work out that the reason Miranda is featured on so many celebrity websites is because she’s successful, beautiful and married to a famous actor with a gorgeous child???…….ALL those things combined make her more popular than the other models, it’s not Miranda’s fault if the other models don’t get as much attention as her. Whining & moaning because we see more pics of her than the others just comes across as though your very jealous of her for some weird unexplained reason or a fan of one of the other models, either way it’s irrational & obsessive!!!

  • @30

    That’s right….years ago. You said it yourself.
    And by your standards of a model having to walk HF “EVERY YEAR!!!!!” to be considered as having a HF career, well then, Miranda leaves Doutzen in the dust!
    LOL! I love it when trolls talk themselves into a corner.
    And as for someone not knowing fashion….
    At least she admitted that she doesn’t follow Doutzen. You OBVIOUSLY follow Miranda, so your not knowing (or admitting) that she has a hf resume proves that you are a hypocritical moron when it comes to fashion.
    LOL! There’s that corner again!
    Too darned funny.

  • @32

    That’s because she is popular….and she gets a lot of hits (thanks to you idiot haters).
    Ale gets a lot of threads, too. But I guess that you are ignoring those, right? I mean, because they don’t fit it with your agenda.

  • Tired

    @@30: But, do you read well wikipedia? However Miranda is nothing compare to Doutzen! Sorry,but i think really so and I’m really tired to see her here for nothing! Really nothing! Plus: Doutzen has had a great career in fashion thanks only to her strength, white Miranda thanks to her husband! Do you deny it? This is true, really true.

  • Tired

    @@32: Why don’t you comment on the rest of my speech? Cause the things i say on M. it’s true, doesn’t it? M. Is very popular but she must speak less than she actually does, so she would seem more intelligent.

  • @36

    You read Wiki for fashion news?
    Well, that says it all.
    And you keep trying to deny that Miranda was working for VS, and walking the runways in NY BEFORE she met Orlando.
    Also remember, the reason that we see her here so often is thanks to people like you.

  • Tired

    @@36: No, i don’t read wikipedia for fashion but I supposed that wiki were a easy reading for who understand nothing of fashion!! Who is now stupid??

  • Tired

    @@36: Plus: I have never said Miranda did the model work from the meeting with Orlando…I say M. became FAMOUS after the friendship with O.Can you see the difference???

  • @oh so tired

    If you’re so up on fashion, how can you claim that Miranda doesn’t have a hf career? That’s ridiculous.
    And idiotic.
    But that goes without saying when talking to a hater.

  • Me

    I can say one thing; She should start acting! She would be such a beautiful actress! Even just a little part in a movie would be so great! I love her :) I actually dreamed last night that she was in a movie! MIRANDA IF YOU READ THIS, START ACTING!!! :)

  • bler

    tbh shes not even pretty and has a fkn weird face. stuff ya face with my organic shit

  • @43

    You aren’t even being honest with yourself, much less us, here.