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Vanessa Hudgens: Toned Gym Tummy!

Vanessa Hudgens: Toned Gym Tummy!

Vanessa Hudgens and her beau Austin Butler start the day off right with an early morning workout on Thursday (July 19) in Hollywood.

The 23-year-old actress showed off her ultra-toned tummy as she left the workout facility and headed to her car.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

“Glitter. Stripes and Stars. What more could I want? Thanks Bernadette Medina for sending us this pic of your design! xx” Vanessa wrote on her official blog, which has been posting a series of nail art designs!

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler leaving the gym…

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73 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Toned Gym Tummy!”

  1. 1
    Sean Says:

    Yummy tummy!

  2. 2
    Fan Here Says:

    she is adorable

  3. 3


  4. 4
    Good Work Says:

    Chubben’s tummy is flat, not toned,,,, for now.

  5. 5
    Villain Says:

    Aww yeah, she has indeed a great body.

  6. 6
    Selma Kacha Says:

    Looking good Vanessa !

  7. 7
    abbimorgan Says:

    vanessa rocks¡¡¡

  8. 8
    Selma Kacha Says:

    I’m so happy that people keep loving her ! There no haters anymore :)

  9. 9
    xo Says:

    She looks so good, but Jared can we not start with the daily pics again?

  10. 10
    shahad Says:

    AMAZING legs , i wanna get back to my healthy life style again T_T

  11. 11
    tina Says:

    Love my daily pictures, keep up the good work.

  12. 12
    chocolate cookie Says:

    @Good Work: I agree..there is nothing toned about any part of her body. she looks just fine though..but toned are the women on the cover of oxygen magazine. big difference.

  13. 13
    Roman Says:

    I want to eff her so bad.

  14. 14
    lala Says:

    her and miley do nothing but shop and workout…

  15. 15
    rochelle Says:

    Zac is glad to be rid of that.

  16. 16
    anne Says:

    lmao.. no… she dumped him.. he wanted to gain her back when she was filming Journey 2, but she dumped him hahaha

  17. 17
    RrR Says:

    Why does this site keep promoting D-list actors? Are the pictures cheaper?

  18. 18
    rochelle Says:

    @anne: Doesn’t matter. His career is doing well and hers is sinking. He didn’t need her dragging him down so I bet he’s happier now.

  19. 19
    tina Says:

    The trolls are out today. Love it, add more counts so we get more pictures.

  20. 20
    tina Says:

    @chocolate cookie: Overly toned women you mean.

  21. 21
    tina Says:

    @rochelle:Last movie over 325 million, I think she’s just fine.

  22. 22
    tina Says:

    @rochelle: By the way she NEVER bring hi up in any of her interviews, you can’t say the same for him. I think she well over him.

  23. 23
    Roman Says:

    Tina, please refrain from posting a thousand times.

  24. 24
    creep Says:

    She doesn’t have a six pack, indeed, and she is not thin like most of the models and actresses nowadays, i’ll give you that, but she is healthy, life and healthy life and has a healthy body, and just for that she’s a great role model for girls that now more than ever are feeling the pressure to be size 0.

  25. 25
    rochelle Says:

    Yes those journey movies are so prestigious *eyeroll*. People watch it for the Rock not Vanessa.

  26. 26
    creep Says:

    @Selma Kacha: i wish that was true, but it seems that some people have to keep hating to keep lovin, such a sad life they must have…

  27. 27
    creep Says:

    @rochelle: if you don’t like her, then what the heck are u doing here?

  28. 28
    creep Says:

    @creep: *to keep living lol that was actually funny

  29. 29
    tina Says:

    @Roman: NO

  30. 30
    lily Says:

    srsly tho, some ppl here are just pathetic… Why would u even come here if you don’t like the girl?

  31. 31
    lily Says:

    @rochelle: yeah, like zac’s movies are prestigious, just shut the he ll up already, zac’s most “prestigious” movie was the paperboy, and the critics trashed it lol and lets not forget about the lucky one, 17 again…

  32. 32
    SKINny legs Says:

    Jeez ,he has skinny legs….but nice arms.
    She is super cute but her calves are too muscular like britney’s

  33. 33
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Well Vanessa wouldn’t take that selfish, self serving , pile of $hit back if her life depended on it. She’s rather die alone than be with him. Heck I got money saying he’s the one who’ll die alone, he cares for no one but himself. Vanessa is happier, more free, and in a better place than she ever was with him.

  34. 34
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Oh and btw Vanessa looks phenomenal in every single way. Austins a very lucky man and unlike her ex he knows it and appreciates her more.

  35. 35
    tina Says:

    I think there is some confusion between the word “toned” and “muscular”

  36. 36
    chchcherrybomn Says:

    too many stupid people on this site, vanessa looks drop dead gorgeous!

  37. 37
    minah Says:

    She looks fantastic! Her headband is adorable, i want it!

  38. 38
    jj Says:

    There is nothing toned about this pig!

  39. 39
    oscar Says:

    @jj: Pig? Haha… You’re just a jealous ***** hiding behind a computer…

  40. 40
    oscar Says:

    @rochelle: Whatever…I watched Journey2 for her… And I’ll watch anything for her…

  41. 41
    tc Says:

    @ roachelle @ jj go back to your site , don’t worry your hero has been making quite a name for himself lately. I’m sure your very proud. In the meantime leave Vanessa at peace. She’s happy, beautiful and rich. So I am sure neither of you of any of those things. So keep posting , makes Vanessa more popular here at Just Jared and I’m sure she
    she isn’t crying about you making remarks about her. She is and always has been a strong girl , so I doubt remarks from you jealous little Twits cause her lack of any sleep.

  42. 42
    Cutie Says:

    Aww, I can’t help but love her. She is a natural beauty. I doubt she spends any time thinking about her ex. She cut him loose.

  43. 43
    My 2 Cents Says:

    I agree with Cutie, she is a natural beauty. I also think it great She and Austin or friends work out together it makes it much more fun.

  44. 44
    A Says:

    You call that toned? There is absolutely no definition. She looks skinny-fat

  45. 45
    kami Says:

    how come no news of vanessa’s new role in “machete kills” as cereza? anyone know where it’s filming? in la?

  46. 46
    maria Says:

    I also think some people don’t know the difference between toned and muscular. She IS toned. And beautifully curvy and healthy. She IS a natural beauty, with a natural body. She works it, and makes the best of what God gave her. She is never going to be taller, or have longer legs. But she looks great just the way she is, and she’s not pumped up with silicone, or liposuctioned, or enhanced in any way.

  47. 47
    kami Says:

    and she doesn’t have a fake nose or fake boobs or any of that orange stuff sprayed on her. yeah for vanessa being real.

  48. 48
    tina Says:

    Thank you, maria, I think she looks great. Like you said she works what she has..@kami I just saw that, also. Working with Robert Rodriquez, wow.

  49. 49
    Nicole Says:

    I’m not sure how far into filming they are, but according to
    they are currently filming it in Austin, TX, but I’m not sure if the whole thing will be filmed there or if there will other locations.

  50. 50
    maria Says:

    @kami: Had not heard anything about that, kami. I guess we’ll be hearing more soon! Maybe that’s why she’s working out every day?

  51. 51
    Lalaland Says:

    How fascinating. A fat talentless **** leaving a gym… :P

  52. 52
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Yup you are definitely in lalaland. Either that or your parents just dropped you on your head as a baby.

  53. 53
    Lalaland Says:

    @Haters Suck!

    It’s amazing how I’m automatically a hater. It must be great admiring a girl who broadcasted her junk to the world, twice. Good luck defending someone you don’t know.

  54. 54
    de Cosmos Says:

    Disney tart.

  55. 55
    sam Says:


    You are a hater because your words are filled with hate. When you call someone fat, not talented, and a ****, that is hate. And ppl who say those words are bullies who don’t like themselves. You are projecting the hate you feel for yourself onto Vanessa. But does it make you feel better? No, bulling makes a bully hate herself even more. It’s a vicious cycle.

  56. 56
    Haters Suck! Says:

    You have no problem being a b!tch to someone you don’t know, so yeah I’m good with it. Then again I guess you’ll have time to ponder that when you’re in hell. Go back to neverneverland or lalaland or stupidbitchland wherever.

  57. 57
    annie1st Says:

    Aand when there’s a fight it would become a hit in jj, I don’t like it, but I can’t help it, love u nessa, you’re soooo cute

  58. 58
    Celestine Says:

    If someone comments negatively just leave it alone! There is no use fighting with someone who already made up their minds to judge on her! The ‘V fans’ are getting a reputation when it comes to comments on here and it ain’t a good one!

    The haters are here because they know you guys would respond to them, so by responding to them you guys are feeding the trolls!

  59. 59
    MagicM Says:

    Now this is how you should look Miley… HEALTHY!!!
    You look gorgeous VHudgens.

  60. 60
    kelly Says:

    She looks great and health!
    But she can’t act or what i have seen of her demonstrates her lack in that department.
    And she always has this smirk on her face and when she speaks her annoying voice just reminds me of her teenbopper fans, but yeah.

  61. 61
    Victoria14 Says:

    @anne : CORRECTION . Zac Efron dumped her .

  62. 62
    Selma Kacha Says:

    @Victoria14: No SHE dumped him !

  63. 63
    Lalaland Says:

    Vanessa Hudgens fans are surely 11 year old girls. Or at least have the minds of.

  64. 64
    freya Says:

    She still look butch not feminine. Her breast not perky but look like a man’s bulky chest. There’s nothing wrong there she just had big bones

  65. 65
    tina Says:

    @freya: What the he ll are you talking about? Let’s see how “perky” your breast look in a sports bra. The purpose of a sports bra is to hold you in, if yours doesn’t you have the wrong size.

  66. 66
    Selma Kacha Says:

    @Lalaland: Oh because you are mature ? I don’t think so and yes YOU ARE A HATER in lalaland(by the way what is “Lalaland” i’m french so ?)

  67. 67
    Jo Says:

    ‘nessa has the body of a bricklayer

  68. 68
    MoreThanWords Says:

    Jeesh, I go away after semester break, jump on here for a quick squiz only to be unimpressed (or surprised) at the rubbish kok sucking h8ters post. If you don’t like V, do the world a favour and follow a few simple steps as outlined below:

    1. Extend hand
    2. Take thumb into mouth
    3. Proceed to ensure entire thumb is wet
    4. Make way to nearest electrical socket
    5. Place thumb into socket then wallah! You’re free.

  69. 69
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Nope wrong again and you are just oh so mature. Please don’t make me laugh. Coming from you that comment doesn’t mean much.

  70. 70
    lil Says:

    Her top is skinny, her stomach, etc, its just her legs that make her look bigger than she is because the are muscular. overall i bet she’s really tiny, just her legs is what makes her look ‘bigger’

  71. 71
    Valerie Says:

    None of you know who broke up with who all we know is zac and Nessa ended after he left Hawaii …so leave zac alOne ….also how do you all know Vanessa is super happy in love ..I mean from what I’ve saw you all are 18 and under…from how Vanessa acts and the way she acted after the break up shows she was hurt about it and shes always hanging on Austin like she is the kind of girl who can’t function with a man and has to have a man in her life ..she got happy with Austin very fast ..and if you search the net alot of body laugage experts say she’s acting this way to make zac jealous ..I mean the over the top PDA …acting super in love ..I love Vanessa to but her and Austin always seem unreal happy fake happy and go ahead and say the love each other …but I don’t know them and you don’t pics can be staged easily

  72. 72
    Valerie Says:

    And don’t give me the bs about love a first sight from the pics when Austin and Nessa first met Vanessa and Ashley were drunk and Vanessa saw a tall blue eyed white guy and she was who she was so he wasn’t complaining and as an adult I can see that they are very sexual and that has a lot to do with there romance …sex is a big part of Vanessa hanging on him …she couldnt do that with zac because he probably didn’t let her pull PDA …and yes children Vanessa is a freak weather or not you believe it she took sexy photos of herself and she acts like she’s very dirty(bad girl) but she puts up this sweetness act for young fans ..I mean look at her sister she’s sexual at 16 look at her tumblr ..I mean it’s not a bad thing she’s a bad girl but that’s what has her sprung is Austin …she had the same guy for 5 yrs ….yall are saying she don’t talk about zac but he talks about her ..don’t mean she doesn’t miss him she’s trying to look completely in love with Austin and zac loved her so he don’t mind talking bout her …also Ofcourse Austin is the perfect gentleman he’s dating a movie star with millions I’d be on my p’s and q’s to he is getting known and loved by her fans and living in her house and spending her money so way wouldnt he appear perfect but again WE DON’T KNOW AUSTIN, VANESSA OR ZAC and always saying “she’s perfect he’s sweet I love them” and bashing zac makes you a bully too and I’m not hating because I have Vanessa everything but I see how she is nowadays and she’s just an attention seeker…btw for you all defending her acting I’ve seen all her movies and her acting is horrible ..yes journey made 300 million ….okay doesn’t change her acting the rock ,josh and Michael carried that movie Nessa was eye candy …Vanessa is a actress that lucked out in hsm because as pretty as she is and as much as I look up to her style and all she just can’t act at all unless it’s playing a high schooler … seems to me that hollywood now is if your young pretty and have banging body you’ll make it …and I was obsessed with Vanessa before she cut her hair and gain weight a small girl Nessa shouldn’t have done that she doesn’t lose weight easy so if she stops her workouts her body will not last I mean she’s having a hard time now …even Stella is thick it’s in their blood ..okay I know I’m talking a lot but when you love someone you can talk about their flaws and all ..I love Nessa so I’m tellin you how it is

  73. 73
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @Valerie: Oh FFS are you writing a bl00dy novel???!!!!! Your essay claim you ‘like’ Vanessa, but it couldn’t be anymore of a contradiction. On a good note, your dribble was near comical, so thanks for the giggles.

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