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Amy Adams & Joaquin Phoenix: 'The Master' Trailer - Watch Now!

Amy Adams & Joaquin Phoenix: 'The Master' Trailer - Watch Now!

Check out the official trailer for Amy Adams and Joaquin Phoenix‘s upcoming movie The Master!

Synopsis: The film is a 1950s-set drama that follows Freddie (Phoenix) as he struggles to live post-war. Lost and alone, he discovers a charismatic intellectual known as “the Master” (Philip Seymour Hoffman), who has begun his own faith-based organization and is willing to take Freddie under his wing as his right-hand man.

Paul Thomas Anderson, the 5-time Academy Award-nominated writer/director of There Will Be Blood, wrote and directed the film also starring Laura Dern, Rami Malek, and Jesse Plemons.

Amy Adams & Joaquin Phoenix: ‘The Master’ Trailer
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  • http://! liverwurst

    Oscar nods at the very least.

  • Peapo

    Looks interesting to say the least. I wonder if it has anything to do with Scietology. I think Paul Thomas Anderson is a genius.

  • CF98

    Of course it does but its “If this were true” luckily for them Tom’s Cruise’s divorce has given them great publicity

  • Sherrym

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  • jjjj

    @Peapo: Yes The Master is based loosely on Scientology.

  • Mm

    Can’t wait to see it, love anything that’s about taking a critical look at politics or any kind of organized religion. I hope it’s as good as There Will Be Blood.

  • Michelle

    Anderson is a genius! Plus scientology is based on a fictional book, how awesome is it that he tells the story of a”writer”. Cannot wait for this masterpiece.

  • musicfan

    OMG, Joaquin looks so hot in this. Soko is a lucky girl.

  • dooliloo

    Gurrrrl I am here for The Phoenix!!!!

  • JP is all of us

    @ musicfan
    Soko is a lesbian…

  • musicfan

    Soko is not a lesbian – not that there’s anything wrong with it. love seinfeld and love for joaquin.

  • Uhh


  • mais oui

    SoKo is bi, a major turn-on for the male populace.

  • Ella

    Ok now I’m angry.

    I have been a Joaquin fan for years, I have been a vegan for 15 years as well. Part of why I respected Joaquin was because he was a vegan and into animal rights. Someone just posted pictures on imdb of Joaquin smoking Camel cigarettes. Camel tests its products on animals by torturing and killing them. Joaquin has done countless peta adds speaking about how wearing snakeskin boots is wrong, and how wearing fur is wrong. He showed clips of all the animals being tortured in order to make fur coats. Then he goes and smokes Camel cigarettes, which does the SAME EXACT THING to animals in order to test their products.

    I am disgusted, and I am angry. Normally I don’t care what an actor does but when an actor like Joaquin promotes animal rights and peta, then turns around and does THE SAME THING he speak out against… ticks me off. What a bleeping hypocrite he is. Was it really worth it to get your nicotine fix and go back on everything you claimed you were you’re whole life?

    I’m so sick of hypocrites and liars.

  • Anon

    “Soko” is in a relationship with someone else. If you’re going to stalk Rain’s twitter, and look at pics of her friends to make up lies about how jp is “with her” you should at least try harder & do your research. Jp has done 3 movies consecutively over the past year. He has traveled everywhere from new york, to california, to china to god knows where else. He has no girlfriend. He has been working hard to recover his career “I’m Still Here” burned him out of a job for 3 years.


    Joaquin has always been a hypocrite. I’m a fan of his, but this is just the cold hard facts. He has preached about how “disgusted” he is by people wearing animal products, yet I know for a fact he has at he very least dated 2 women who wore leather boots, jackets and bags. If a person were such a hardcore animal activist, and so disgusted by people wearing animal products, they wouldn’t then date a bunch of bimbos who do the very thing he claims to be “disgusted” by.

    Joaquin and his family also founded and support something called “The Peace Alliance”. A group against violence of all kinds. Yet he also supports Peta who openly uses violence (and makes no apologies for acting like the pathetic animals they try to defend) in order to get publicity for their cause.

    So yes, Joaquin is a hypocrite. Always has been. I don’t know if he sees his contradictions or not but either way I have always known this. I enjoy his movies but frankly the guy doesn’t seem to know what he stands for.

  • Surprise

    Wow not a peep out of vegan “I cry over monkeys in the rain forest” poppie . Amazing how she can kiss JP’s arse when she thinks he is a vegan animal loving saint, now that she sees him smoking animal tested camels…not a PEEP out of her. Really poppie? Not even a complaint? So you can kiss Jp’s butt when he speaks out against animal cruelty, and yet excuse him when he contradicts himself by smoking a product that was made by abusing, torturing and murdering animals?

    Google the facts. Out of all cigarette companies, camel is THE WORST in terms of animal cruelty. But you go on and support his movies and act like he is a saint who can do no wrong.

  • Jasmine

    So glad I found this place! I have lurked the Joaquin Central forums and I just cannot bring myself to post there…ever. These women are so pathetic and desperate it is sad. They literally search Joaquin EVERY DAY in twitter, and google, and the news, looking for any bit of “info” on him. They stalk people on twitter to get “information” on sightings of his (half of which are total BS and I’d know because I posed as someone who saw Joaquin once just to see how easy it is to make their gullible minds believe it. Of course, they did and stalked me for details on my “sighting”. Do these girls think they stand a chance? What are they wanting to know what he’s doing on his downtime for? Do they actually think they’ll end up with him or something? It is just delusional and sad.