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Connor Cruise: New Buzzed Haircut!

Connor Cruise: New Buzzed Haircut!

Check out Connor Cruise‘s brand new buzzed mohawk haircut, which he debuted on his Instagram account on Thursday (July 19).

“Chopped” the 17-year-old son of Tom Cruise captioned the picture.

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“My friend asked me what Crossfit was and I said: ‘imagine a dream becoming a nightmare and back again all in the span of an hour’” Connor tweeted that same day.

Connor recently visited his dad Tom on the set of his upcoming film Oblivion.

Bigger picture inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
connor cruise new haircut 01

Credit: John Shearer; Photos: Instagram, Getty
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  • Jennay


  • marie

    Why guys does this thing?… he looks like he just came out from jail

  • K

    Who cares? Why is this unattractive little boy even posted on here?

  • magnoliafun

    Lucky black bustard!! having Toma s his dad he can have evetytjing he want in this life!!and do nothing !

  • Just so

    Mmmm. Can’t believe how much he looks like Tom.

  • Gloria

    Not very attractive at all. I guess it fits with his profession…..DJ. I guess Tom is very proud though.

  • Jill M

    He looks so much like Tom. There is no doubt Tom is his biological father.

  • kizbit

    I still remember in an interview with Oprah years ago when she asked Tom about Connor being black. Tom answered, “It’s not an issue. It never comes up.” Even Oprah was shocked by the answer. A stupid answer. I always thought that was so bizarre. I mean, he’s noticeably black. So what.

  • Me

    i hope this kid gets an education, is a productive member of society and does not end up some desperate famewhore riding the coat tails of his famous father. that is never a pretty sight

  • http://none blondie

    I love this guy.
    He is so handsome.
    I did not rebel and become self expressive
    until I was 18. I was to afraid to face my parent’s fury.

    This hair cut is a little way of saying “look Pop, do you accept
    this new look? Can you smile about it, please….imo.

    My son came home with a tattoo of “The Hedge Hog called Sonic”
    on his shoulder, and I wanted to scream my lungs out, but I just
    smiled, instead. All of my kids have tattoos, and I accept them.

    Micro mini skirts…in the middle of winter? Remember them?

    Connor is incredible.

    How old is Willow Smith????

  • notyourfriend

    hahaha at all the little punk ass white kids being jealous of this kid ….blame your own parents for not giving u up for adoption

  • wandalismus

    that haircut looks douchy

  • http://none blondie

    Fake Story:

    He should get a perm
    like Ticky does,
    so his hair will be all silky,
    and blow in the breeze.

    Too bad that Ellen
    did not crank that fan
    WAYYYY up and send
    Miss Dirtbag to the moon,
    and meet Ron Hubbard!!!

    Haaaaa haaaa ha.

  • Birdie


    Are you on bathsalts?

  • puberty

    Connor is handsome but he loses attractiveness by his whorrorboy ways. Sad and true? I think people just dont care lol. Get over it Connor Cruise.

  • Villain

    It was in about two years ago, among fourteen year-olds. A little bit late, my dear!

  • Louise

    This poor lad is so seeking attention. He needs to grow up. Wooooooooooo, wonder what the Scientologists think of this. Could there be a message in the design? lol Come on, Jared, enough of this kid. As previously stated——————– who cares? A rich 17-year-old; there are a lot of them in America. Get an education, Connor!

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …he’s a kid, who cares if he fcuks with his hair.

  • missy

    I don’t think he’s a famewhore. He’s just a normal teen posting photos on instagram. It’s not his fault that sites like jj post it. Even though, he’s a dj, you don’t see too many pap shots of him partying. He doesn’t give interviews. He’s pretty low -key for the child of 2 major movie stars.

  • Oh my!

    He pretty weird just like all the craze Scientologist. Look at Bella… their lives are controlled in such ways that they don’t become productive members of society. That’s why they are either rich, then they have some freedom like this kid and poor like those we don’t see cause they are working on their religion. Sad but true.

  • janekay

    @#20: he is weird really? how so? do you know him personally? i sure have never heard or seen him or his sister done anything weird…seems like a normal teen to me…get a grip, please!

  • Waaaaaa

    He loves fame and the “Hollywood” life style. That’s why he wants to be in LA. His Twitter is annoying when he’s out of town and talks about when he’ll be back in “LA” like he’s important or something.

  • Maggie

    He needs spend time with his mother.

  • Pat

    Tom’s twin is lashing out, in his own way.

  • Who cares what you think?

    @janekay: Who cares what you think?

  • janekay

    @25: u do obviously since u r responding..*smile

  • J.lenstein

    So will tom ever admit to cheating on Nicole and contributing his sperm into the makings of this kid?

  • izzy

    @Jill M: you do know that connor is adopted and so is isabella

  • Lulu

    I am just curious: he is more likely to be a child of white father and black mother (who could be a mix race too) than black father. He has strong causacian father. I would also believe Tom Cruise could be his biological father.

    Re: how Tom feels about him/ Oprah: he sees Conner as just his beloved son (not a black/ yellow/brown/mixed race kid). As simple as that.

  • Kip

    I just see a teenage kid experimenting with hair cuts like most of them do. Don’t drag Tom and the cult into all this. This poor kid is the innocent victim in the whole mess.

  • http://none blondie

    One son and two girls for Tom.

    Now it is about time for that other boy, imol.

    Many many times
    a husband and wife
    get back together,
    and before you know it,

    (OOPS!) There is another child on the way.

    Suddenly all is forgiven
    and smiles all around.

    Like Lenny Kravitz once sang:

    It ain’t over, til it’s over!!!!

    (Sweet dreams.)

    I would love to have a big brother
    like Connor. He looks just like Tom,
    to me. He seems like a fine young man.

  • the_boyfriend

    it’s ugly, like his homophobia.
    and he needs to Diet.

  • fooo

    OK….am I the only one wondering who his mother is..??? Because Tom Cruise is definitely his father. I didn’t even know this kid existed until 5 seconds ago but I saw his face and said yup thats Tom Cruise’s son. Why pretend he’s adopted??? Who is his mother?? It definitely can’t be Nicole Kidman… If she doesn’t want to be in the lime light ok…but why pretend he was adopted? It just doesn’t make sense. Tom Cruise gets creepier every day…

  • random…..

    #random thought…..You Know…..him and Tia and Tamera’s younger brother Tavior look a like.

  • Hamlet

    Yes, there is doubt, #7! There is a resemblance but that can be shrugged off as coincidence. People once said the same about Bella Cruise.

    What a stupid, ignorant comment, #8.

    Good points, #19.

    How do you know their lives are controlled and what do you mean by productive members of society, #20?

    Don’t be an idiot, #27

    How is that definite, #33. Because of a mere coincidental resemblance?