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Katie Holmes & Suri: Walkin' In the Rain!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Walkin' In the Rain!

Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri stick close together as the mommy-daughter duo takes a rainy stroll on Friday (July 20) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress, who recently announced her imminent return to Broadway, and her 6-year-old little one kept dry under umbrellas.

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The day before, Katie and Suri were reunited after Katie‘s estranged husband Tom Cruise spent a few days with their daughter. Tom and Suri went on a helicopter ride during their time together!

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  • janet

    Ah, looks like they’ve become true New Yorkers – they’ve ditched the big, gas guzzling SUV and are walking for a change. I guess poor SURI got tired of watching her childhood waste away as she sat stuck in traffic jams!

  • Diane

    I think Suri will have a lot better childhood now – I expect she’ll actually have young friends, and not get everything she wants. It can’t be easy to be in the middle of a divorce that’s so public, or having her picture taken all the time.

  • marc

    @Janet – your an idiot and I’m personally offended as I have a black SUV. Would it be better if they had a minivan? b*tch

  • American Dreamer

    I am VERY uncomfortable with the constant media exposure of this little girl.

    Suri is probably just realizing that her parents are breaking up because her parents saw her separately on Tom’s trip to New York.

    I suspect that Katie let Tom pick Suri up at Katie’s apartment (while Katie was out of the apartment) to make it seem more normal for Suri.

    But it must be dawning on little Suri that something is horribly wrong because she saw Daddy and Mommy separately from one another and Daddy just left.

    Does anyone think that Katie has told Suri about the breakup? How do you tell a young child?

  • Villain

    Walkin! Aww yeah!!

  • Tom and Conner are devastated

    Where is this Let him pick her up coming from ? Sure she is devastated
    Just like Conner is from the divorce ..since when does Katie get away from the tag line “And they got the divorce in June and Katie is living
    In a apt separately from Toms! And Conner and Daddy Tom are just
    Devastated over this”. That is in every time we see an article on Tom
    And Conner… Why are they from outer spaceships. When the catholic
    Priests can molest children all the way back since 1994! and get away
    With it! Why mak up this garbage! And the Jews have to cut off the
    Tip of the weenie with out medication! On infants… So let’s see how
    Many times she wears th same jacket eww with out washing it. The tee shirt had oil stains on !

  • j

    kid is probably going to need therapy..

  • notyourfriend

    she looks upset and i bet she notices something is wrong at home, dad doesn’t call mom anymore, and vice versa…it must be hard on a child, i hope for the best for her. she has crazy parents who agreed to get together on a contract, meaning short term relationship….who does that?

  • Elli

    Mr Holmes the Batman killer is a relative of Katie Holmes! I think
    That she should ha e the same tag line as Tomand Conner do!

    ” Since the divorce fromTom , Katie has been living her own
    Apartment and since the June divorce Katie has full custody of Suri
    tom has been making a movie and now gets to see her!”

    Please as if the world does not know that but there it for Tom and Conner
    Who is not devastated at all.. He did not call her mom he was her servant
    To hold Suris toys and blankets and could not be photographed with Tom
    Katie and Suri they had to stand in the background 3 feet away.. Even
    When Tom brought out Suri his own son could not be photographed. With
    Suri !

  • Just so

    @americandreamer and @notyourfriend

    For god’s sake. The child is 6-1/3. She is old enough to understand the word divorce. I’m sure both Katie and Tom have explained things to her. I know plenty of folks who have gotten divorced and some with young kids. It is far easier on a child when their parents divorce when they are young rather than in their teens. Google it. She isn’t the first child of divorce and she certainly won’t be the last. She is surrounded by loving people to mitigate the ‘trauma’ of mom and dad not living together. Bella and Connor seem to be just fine–and that is even tho Tom and the cult systematically cut Nicole out of their lives.

  • annie

    I think Katie knows that Suri really has to start accepting the paps somehow, they are going to be around for a long time.
    The Holmes/ Yang office is apparently close to where they live.

  • Jill M

    notyourfriend @ 07/20/2012 at 6:30 pm #8

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    she looks upset and i bet she notices something is wrong at home, dad doesn’t call mom anymore, and vice versa…it must be hard on a child, i hope for the best for her. she has crazy parents who agreed to get together on a contract, meaning short term relationship….who does that?
    She’s upset that Katie is making her walk.

    And how do you know Tom does not call Katie anymore?

  • Jill M

    @janice: #14

    Just because Katie is walking today does not mean she walks all the time.

  • KC

    Maybe Suri should carry an umbrella more often. That way she can shield herself from the cameras. She deserves her privacy.

  • Just my opinion

    - More than missing Cruise I am betting Suri will miss her nannies. She surely saw them yesterday and probably cried when they said hello and good-bye. I think those are the people Suri will miss the most. Of course, she will miss Cruise and Connor but she was probably real close to her nannies. Both Suri and Katie look pensive in these pictures. I wish them all well especially Suri. She didn’t ask to be born into this situation. She is the one that will go through the most change in this time period.

  • KissThis

    Suri is going to end up with a lot of issues as she grows up. It’s so sad. All the media attention, the way she’s had to present herself, deal with fame when she didn’t even ask for it, her parents’ divorce… This poor little girl. I really feel for her.

  • Just my opinion

    THE NANNY – There is one nanny in particular that has been with Suri for several years in the six years of her life. This nanny in particular actually went with them to Germany when Cruise was filming Valkyrie for 4 months. There is another nanny that has kids that has taken care of Suri but the I think Suri will miss the primary nanny the most. That will be the hardest thing during this transition. In a way, Suri is slowly learning discipline by taking her gymnastic classes but now she will be learning to follow guidelines and given boundaries. I think this lady you see in the background was Suri’s primary nanny and then there were backup nannies or helpers when this lady had days off. But she was been with Suri for several

    She also rode with them on the heliocopters and was a person of


    @Just my opinion: PSYCHO

  • Regina

    Suri does not comb his hair. They are like a bird’s nest her hair.
    Maybe she did not bathe often. Used the same orange dress for four days.

  • Jen

    Suri looks exactly like William Mapother in these pics.

    Why does Katie dress like it’s October. It’s July in NYC! It’s muggy and warm when it rains. I can never understand her clothing choices.

  • Piperwest12

    actually it was not humid and muggy here in NYC. Today it was chilly and windy feeling more like an early spring, late fall day that a July day.

  • sandra

    @Just my opinion:

    There’s no nanny in that picture.

  • lexy lexus

    you are a stooge. when was the last time you saw a celebrity driving a minivan? seriously, that’s one of the 10 commandments in Hollyweird – I believe it’s #7 – “thou shalt not drive a minivan”. #8 is “thou shalt not be papped within 300 metres of a minivan”

  • Zigtigergy


    I agree

  • Just my opinion

    I’m glad there are not a lot of comments in this thread. I still predict with time the paparrazi will begin to wane and they will become just another sighting of celebrities but its won’t be like it was a few days ago. Cruise will marry someone else (hopefully a Scientologist) and Suri will begin school in the fall and will hopefully be taken to school via the underground garage and dropped off in school that way and we will see less of her and let her life have some normalcy, and Katie will eventually start dating someone else and settle down.

  • pap

    Suri is dressed appropriately. Having on boots, a light sweater and an umbrella make walking in the rain kind’a fun.

  • Just my opinion too!

    Katie Holmes Rekindling With Chris Klein? IF THIS IS TRUE, this will really send SHOCK WAVES to Tom Cruise’s camp (he will twist in his leotard). I think Chris Klein is Suri’s biological father and Cruise is her
    legal father but we will never know because the documents are sealed.

  • Sara

    Tom CAN protect own child from papps
    NOT Holms

    You people here who made comments about 6 years old child
    Are you pedofils? or what?

  • zanushka

    Suri always looks upset, even when her parents were still together. I think this child is very spoiled and as a result you end up with a child always throwing some kind of tantrum because things are not going their way. The paps also don’t make life easy!! and her parents also don’t help by parading her in front of the paps …. I never see Johnny Depp’s children and I think that is because he chooses not to throw them to the paps!!
    Just some thoughts…..

  • Grandma of Four

    Good for Katie! She is out doing what thousands of other New Yorkers do every day! Walking! After all, Jackie Kennedy walked all the time. Happy to see Suri walking. This is a much more normal scene. Kids are amazing…Suri is, no doubt, going to be adjusting to this completely new life but she will be ok. I still contend Katie knew Tom Cruise was going to give her 100% sole custody of Suri…something is definitely up with that and only they and their attorney’s know what it is/was. Plus, I feel certain Katie had the good sense to make absolutely certain TC was not allowed to jet Suri out of NY state. Personally, I think the helicopter trip was his way of saying, “See, I can get Suri away!” But there must be limits!

  • Mimi

    What a f u c k i n g ugly little brat!

  • http://none blondie

    I am keeping up with every little detail of this story,
    when I know that I should not.

    And THEN what happened?

  • Elli

    Why would Tom get a twist in his leotard! Why would he care .,Ready aim
    Fire let’s see who the father is… They broke up! Chris and Katie y say
    That! Ahe would have Asian eyes like Chris does! The reason she looks
    So sad is because her mom is not paying attention to her! Her hair is
    Unkept messy and her outfit..where did that million $$$ wardrobe !

  • Sickofsuri

    Suri is walking? Is this for real? Wait– that grumpy face- that’s her alright. This is THE most exciting news ever! Thank you for publishing. Better than the economy, the pres. candidates, abductions, war, etc.etc.Suri Cruise is actually walking, standing, breathing and frowning. GEE please publish more on this.

  • Mary Meyers

    I see, as usual, Katie has to make sure the paps get their pics. Instead of going out thru the underground garage and taking her car to Pastis, which by the way is ALWAYS watched by the paps, she had to walk and make sure everybody saw them. Then she goes to a tourist and pap magnet restaurant AGAIN to make sure they’re papped. She sucks as a Mother, especially when you realize how scared Suri is of the attention.

    Then again, Cruise is the king of freaks. Poor Suri has two losers for parents. This poor kid doesnt stand a chance of being normal.

  • fergyme

    Perhaps the only time I’ve ever seen the child walk by herself. She’s always carried around like she’s 3 years old or something. Good grief, let her be a kid, not something you have to hold onto for fear she’s going to break. She still looks like a brat and that probably won’t change.

  • lucy

    it’s obvious, Suri does not like the paps.

  • Just my opinion too!

    According to Radar, Cruise just arrived in London to complete filming Oblivion. That will be the new line he uses “I video chat with Suri everyday” to not appear like if he doesn’t spend time with Suri.
    According to his IMDB he is in preproduction to film:
    All you need is Kill filming in USA and Malta.
    Already in post production 2 movies: Jack Reacher and the movie he’s just wrapping up Oblivion. So Tom Cruise will be in the movies through December 2012 and two movies for the year 2013. He has a few movies announced but that does not mean they are a go. But he was able to reverse the bad publicity of jumping on Oprah’s couch and all those missteps he did in 2005. It took him several YEARS to turn the downward spiral his career was on and the success of the movie Mission Impossible IV – Ghost Protocol helped and you can be he’s going to try and NOT go through any bad publicity again with this divorce. They (Katie and Cruise) are both playing the media with a PR strategy. That is so obvious and the pawn here is Suri Cruise.

  • Just my opinion too!

    And if you look at the real work horses in Hollywood:
    Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle, Ben Affleck, etc. these guys are the real work horses in the movies right now. These guys make about 2-3 movies/projects per year. And with the EXCEPTION of George Clooney, these guys are all married with children. Tom Cruise does not work as much as those actors. You can see their IMDB and see the actor’s movies and upcoming projects.

  • annie

    I don’t understand why Katie and Suri shouldn’t walk around, heaps of stars with their kids do, and get photographed doing so, everyday.
    Tom is angry with Katie.
    Katie is angry with Tom, but besides that she doesn’t seem to even like him let alone still love him a little.
    She couldn’t wait to take off her wedding ring off.
    I doubt he’s too sad about it, but it probably bothers him , that she was the one who initiated the whole thing.
    But nothing has changed , he saw Suri for one day, now he won’t see her again for a couple of weeks. Life goes on.
    However, I do like that Katie is trying to keep her work in New York, maybe even starting to co produce, (molly) so she has a bit of a say in things.
    I have a feeling she’s going to do okay.

  • ha ha

    at least suri’s walkin’

  • WhyNot

    I think Suri has been raised primarily by nannies and Katie. She has not spent long periods of time with Daddy. He takes her out for photo ops and then returns her to either nanny or Katie. Before they broke up, Katie was with her most of the time. Tom was off making an action movie. I think the man is an adrenalin junkie and cannot spend long periods of time dialling it down for a 6 yr old.
    However, we don’t know that he and Katie do not talk. It said he talks to Suri every day. I imagine someone else answers that phone to protect her from paps, whackos etc who might have found her number.
    I think much of the estrangement and Tom’s devastating pain, and Katie’s new life is all hype created by their PR people. No marriage explodes without signs, symptoms and previous hints. They both knew it was coming. They were spending more and more time apart, and I doubt Suri is even aware of the difference. Not like kids would be if a normal marriage broke up.

  • katie will win an oscar 2012

    penelope cruz is sooooooo hot javier is one lucky guy

  • ce

    katie wants to be seen she does not mind the camera her daughter does

  • Hamlet

    She was already seen with young friends and you don’t know that she got everything she wanted, #2. Quit commenting on parents you know nothing about.

    Why, #7?

    There was no such contract, #8.

    No one was cut of Kidman’s life, #10.

    That’s a good idea, #14.

    Well he is her uncle, #20.

    I disagree about Cruise getting married and don’t see why he should hook up with a Scientologist but the rest of the points you made are sound, #25.

    None of that is true, #27.

    Nobody cares about Depp’s kids, #29.

    Holmes doesn’t have sole custody, #30. Her soon-to-be ex-husband still has plenty of say in his daughter’s upbringing. Such as being allowed to leave the state or even the country with his daughter.

    You actually thought him going to the Hamptons was the result of a limited choice?

    Quit the hyperbole, #36. There are hundreds if not thousands of pics of her walking.

    How does one look like a brat?

    Cruise wasn’t on a downward spiral, #38. I don’t see how either are using their child as a pawn.

    Cruise is one of the least prolific actors around, #42. He cares very much for all three of his children that he devotes equally his attention to.

  • pippa

    @Diane: I think its more like Katie can’t afford a private driver & 5 person security team anymore. They took a cab the other day. I know she still has security but they look a little “bottom shelf” compared to what Tom’s money can buy.

  • pippa

    @notyourfriend: I’m sure they have told Suri that they are splitting up. If not, she knows anyways from all the paps who yell “Tom, did you know Katie was leaving you?” Or “how does it feel to be back with your daughter.” Look up some videos on you tube. Trust me, she knows.

  • this aint CNN

    @Sickofsuri: I’m confused by you “sickofsuri”…did you expect to get news on the economy, presidents, elections, abductions and wars when YOU turned on your computer & YOU clicked on YOUR JUST JARED bookmark?

  • Just so


    Excuse me Hammie. But Marty Rathbun, Tom’s auditor and another top Xenu defector, Amy Scobee, have come out and said that the cult and Tom deliberately cut Nicole from their lives. Telling the kids that she was a sociopath.

    He has absolutely no reason to lie. Scobee has said many times that all of Tom’s staff when he was married to Kidman (and Holmes) were scientologists that reported everything back to the top cult members.

    You need to get your head out from under that rock it is under.

    Here are direct quotes from him in an interview:

    Former Scientologist leader Marty Rathbun tells the THR essentially that members of the organization, including staffers who worked in Tom’s L.A. home, brainwashed the kids into thinking Nicole was a sociopath.
    Marty states he observed Tommy Davis, who leads the church’s Celebrity Center, feeding “false information” to a young Bella and Connor. “Tommy told them over and over again their mother was a sociopath, and after a while they believed him,” Marty reveals. “They had daily sessions with Tommy. I was there. I saw it.” How despicable.

  • miapocca


    I would sign her up NOW!

    Mummy insists on public parenting complete with paparazi..its like she is in her own movie in her head….dumb chick no wonder she married into that cult