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Rachel Bilson: House Hunting in Brentwood!

Rachel Bilson: House Hunting in Brentwood!

Rachel Bilson meets up with her beau Hayden Christensen to reportedly do some house hunting on Friday (July 20) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 30-year-old actress wore a bra exposing tank to search for new homes with her beau and their realtor.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rachel Bilson

The day before, Rachel was spotted stocking up on some groceries at her local Whole Foods Market.

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson meeting up with her beau Hayden Christensen for an afternoon of house hunting…

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  • Sadie

    Why is she covering her face? She’s the one who calls the paps. I’m shocked she hasn’t pulled a Jessica Alba yet and had a baby to pimp to the world. It’s not like her acting career will pick up any time soon.

  • Steph

    Even if shes not acting right now, being on The OC has made her enought money to last her a lifetime i would think.

  • AnakinlovesPadme

    What’s she wearing? Is she pregnant? Is that why Hayden is moving to LA? LOL

  • sara
  • Jill M

    I can’t believe she walks around in public with her underwear exposed. She might as well not have on a top.

  • Jill M

    @Steph: #2

    Was her TV show cancelled?

  • anja

    love what she’s wearing she is adorable, i’m so happy that hayden is moving on :)

  • RashBilson( FRAUD)& her Beau

    Funny how she covers her face when she is dying to have a pics taken daily.
    Hayden Christensen is a low class person who plays the games he once said would never do. He is becoming since hooking with The Fraud a joke.
    Their relationship is as crooked as her bottom teeth.

    Seeing him most of the time moody speaks louder than this stupid pap pics taken. The guy will find peace once he dumps her ass. She is a vampire, a fraud. She stole his luck, shine, and is eating his soul.

    Selling the pics of her arranged wedding will certainly cover the cost of a new house for her.

    He certainly did offer her new Audi as he is leasing one himself.
    Can’t he buy her Beauty, and Talent?

  • KissThis

    There’s something not right about Hayden Christensen. I’m not sure what it is, but his and Rachel’s relationship doesn’t seem legit to me. They also act very odd when they are photographed togther. Kind of strange.

  • Starwarsgonebad

    @KissThis: Ya I agree, there is something not right about them. They never show affection for each other, and if she’s pregnant it’s bcoz she got artificially inseminated only for publicity bcoz I think they are just frenz. And I think he may be gay, have you seen the way he walks it’s like a girl when he sways his hips. LMAO…

  • lexy hates bilson

    I don’t think she made that much money on The OC. But I imagine between the 2 of them they have a few bucks. Now that Josh Schwartz has given her another job she’s the bread winner.
    Why are they shopping for furniture before they buy a house??

  • Atlqueen

    So that’s why they are able to buy a new home and cars because they only have a few bucks. Gotcha…. Lexy give us all a break girl.

  • look again

    One can get pregnant by holding hands in public?


    here we go again get real ppl

    how many time’s since they have been together we have had them
    house hunting, shopping for things for home, eating out?
    and acting like they dont enjoy being papped (when we know they do)
    and lets throw in the pregnancy and getting married rumors
    because there is nothing else going on with these two,
    they should be called the same again couple because that’s all it is with the two of them,

    nothing new and never will be.

  • blah

    and she is relevant because…?


    and btw the woman who is with them is not a realtor
    check this out,
    a woman to goes from one to another in the blink of a eye,

  • look again

    That woman is her aunt.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Maybe her Aunt is a realtor…

  • Olivia

    What has Rachel ever done to hurt anyone on here? I think a lot of these comments are from very jealous women. She was amazing on the OC, and she has done a few movies and TV shows so what if shes not in every rom com that’s out in the theater? if someone has the time to make their name about hating a celebrity they have never met and go online everyday to see what shes been up to just to make nasty comments, they obviously need to get their own lives cus their just jealous Rachel can buy a lovely comfy beautiful house, amazing clothes, has a gorgeous guy and is adored by men all over the world. She is never gonna care about anyone leaving these comments, so get over your obsession. Id bet anything the people who hate on her are all single and will end up in a tiny flat full of cats.

  • AnakinlovesPadme

    @look again: Maybe it’s her mother? Who cares what they do? I just like Hayden coz he’s soo gorgeous, who cares if he can’t act though?

  • Just me

    Jared hayden is not looking for a new house ok. You can not make people thiink they are. Rachel did that last year and nothing came of it To answer one thing rachel just not went back to work yet. Hayden did say that he did not care about a relationship like that. But when you are not working that what you got going for yourself.Some woman claming to be your girlfriend and you do not say nothing about it.Both dont say nothing about it. Its something that is made up Rachel or Hayden have not say anything about getting a house. He still have his house in canada and not moving there.Rachel just using him while he is there that all. He is hardly in these pics. It has to be a reason besides being in la this long. No wants to talk to rachel. Also hayden has not moved on from beng with rachel.Rachel still clinging on to her ex and that is sad.He did not buy her a car either . Also they was not too much together jared. Maybe they left not together either if they was not together in the firstl place.jared hayden do not stay with her anyway if he had to meet her there


  • RashBilson( FRAUD)& her Beau


    We dislike mediocrity and people who steal others or try to fool others. She has no talent no beauty and we have to see her and her crooked teeth air headed dumby face daily.
    She is fake as hell. Why isn’t she honest? Snooki never pretends to be high class when she is not. Bilson should follow her example. Get preggo and assume her Z lister talent for good!

    She should get marry soon before the magic spell her witchy mom threw on Hayden goes away for good.
    She is no hollywood talent.

  • RashBilson( FRAUD)& her Beau

    She is a fraud and soon she will play again the ring game….just saying

  • Stacy

    @Olivia: I don’t think it’s jealousy Olivia. It’s more the kind of obsession that might produce someone sitting alone in front of their computer all the time with their cats or maybe even stalker like behavior.
    @RashBilson( FRAUD)& her Be…..and since you pretty much admitted to being someone who Olivia described, you should start looking at your own behavior and get some help. The attitude you have towards Rachel for being with Hayden is irrational and going from board to board and every social network ranting about it is irrational too.
    “people who steal others” ???

  • RashBilson(FRAUD)&her Beau


    Me posting here or elsewhere is none of your business as much as I don’t give a damn you posting here what you think.
    It’s as irrational as YOU going from board to board and every social network defending the Fraud,Rachel Bilson.

    To each it’s own, deal with it!

  • austine

    She looks like a smelly gypsy.

  • jaeger

    This socal looking twit doenst only need talent implants but tits implant as well – might give her a notch from a dlister to a dlister+++!

  • Stacy

    @RashBilson(FRAUD)&her Beau: But I don’t go from from board to board and every social network defending her or ranting. That’s the point. Most people don’t. If you do then you might be in denial about how obsessed you really are.

  • Steve

    @RashBilson(FRAUD)&her Beau:
    You ever stop to think that your irrational hatred of someone makes you one hell of a deeply unattractive chick!

  • JuneCCash

    Just stop all the hatin on Bilson, who cares? Why can’t we all get along?

  • RashBilson(FRAUD)&her Beau


    So how can you make such a statement then ?LOL
    I see in you my equal. I am so glad…

  • Katie

    Gosh, this makes me so happy, I love this couple! They are better together than apart that’s for certain!

  • mela

    haters gonna hate

    Rachel bilson is the best <3