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'Dark Knight Rises' Cast Leaves Paris

'Dark Knight Rises' Cast Leaves Paris

Anne Hathaway (with fiance Adam Shulman), Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt all head to a private airport to fly back to the States on Saturday (July 21) in Paris, France.

The cast of the final installment of Christopher Nolan‘s Batman reboot canceled the rest of their premiere appearances as a result of the shooting in Colorado.

In spite of the tragedy, The Dark Knight Rises is off to an excellent start at the box office, breaking the midnight opening record set earlier this year by The Avengers.

10+ pictures inside of Anne Hathaway and Christian Bale boarding a plane out of Paris…

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  • Olivia

    i could have seen Joe tonight :( but the studio was right to cancel you can’t cheer up about the movie considering what happened. next time JGL maybe for Looper

  • NotAGirl

    I wonder what Anne is going to do with all the dresses she was going to wear for the press tour. I agree, it would very hard to promote the film knowing what happened. It was a wise decision, of course.

  • Jane

    Where’s Tom Hardy in those pics? the guy in pic 4 is Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend Adam Something. Tom wasn’t there.

  • http://@annairblyn Brianna Smith

    that’s not Tom hardy. that’s anne’s fiance adam shulman.

  • Delphic

    It’s crazy how one guy could cause such a disruption. Press tour cancelled, tight security (even here in the UK), violent films being pulled from the TV for the week, no ads for The Dark Knight Rises being shown (as well as The Gangster Squad in the cinema, it’s most likely that scene will be cut) and most importantly, claiming the lives of 12 innocent people.

    Disgusting, really.

  • Tina

    Anne Hathaway was so mesmerizing in this film! She brought so much spunk to her character. Her sarcasm was so funny, lol.

  • Rebecca

    The makers of the movie and the cast should not let this one idiot have so much power of them and this movie. Its not the movies fault this idiot decided to go on a killing spree. Its his fault and no one else’s. Violent scenes and movies do not make people do crazy things. Only crazy people decides that. Since he planned this for months how can it possibly be the movies fault?!!

  • ha ha

    JJ Tom wasnt there, lol, ur like Perez H no checking facts….

  • carrie

    @Jane: Hardy wasn’t at Paris

    where is Chris Nolan?

  • Tina

    Chris Nolan is currently in London!

  • willanka

    It feels right to cancel rest of the premieres but I also think they should make one last apperence just to show their respect to the victims of the shoothing also to the loyal fans of the movie.

  • CatWomaNLovesBatMaN

    I’m so happy they are returning back to the U.S.,they must all be physically,mentally,and emotionally exhausted,not to mention shocked n saddened by this awful and unfortunate tragedy:( I’m sure they all can use a much needed break from traveling n promoting TDKR.

    I hope this shooting does not in any way, reflect badly on TDKR,or the Cast members,nor the Director n Producers.It’s a damn shame that someone had to go and do something this unspeakable,in hopes of making some kinda name for himself,thus taking away from the fans excitement for this movie:( I have not seen the movie,but I plan on it.But it’s gonna be awful hard to sit and enjoy a movie so many of us waited four long years for,and not think about the victims and their families.May God have mercy on your black heart and rotten soul,murderer!!! :(

  • http://@HectorMartini edzctor
  • Just so


    They are trying to prevent copycats who are caught up in the moment. And yes there are sick individuals who are cheering on Holmes and would like to be like him….

  • Ted

    I think it’s unfair to fans that the cast has to cancel all these promotional appearances. They can still mourn and show respect to the victims, while pleasing fans. This is Christoper Nolan’s last Batman film, and it just sucks that this film isn’t getting the proper treatment like other blockbuster films. 30-45% of the box office income can go to the victims!

  • k!

    W.B should have (out of respect) pulled the movie for the weekend. They only care about how much money they’ll make. (It’s not going to harm the movie any) I seriously lost a lot of respect for people who think they shouldn’t cancel weekend viewings. I’d like to see these people talk to the families who lost loved ones and tell them seeing this movie is more worth it.

  • AnonymousDiva

    That’s BS, k. If WB really cared only about money, then they wouldn’t have withdrawn ALL advertising and they would release box office figures.

    Don’t be an imbecile.

  • ha ha

    it’s not WB’s fault for another’s madness and they ARE doing things that show they DO CARE.

  • Yinn

    Can someone explain to me what The Dark Knight Rises has to do with the shooting in the first place?

    It wasn’t a damn movie what made this lunatic kill people, he just happened to be there while those poor people – may the rest in peace – were trying to have a good time!!

    So it’s an appropriate gesture from WB to call off the premiere, okay, nothing to celebrate, but why pull ads from TV? I don’t get it.

  • Sinnara

    Tom Hardy is still filming Mad Max Fury Road, he’s still in Namibia, that’s NOT our Tom.

    Yinn, You obviously haven’t been following anything about this terrible, terrible event. This crazy murderer (James Holmes), apparently dyed his hair red and told the police he was “The Joker” when they arrested him after he massacred all those innocent people in that Dark Knight Premiere. Being that The Joker is the most well known villain in any and all things Batman AND we don’t have all the facts yet, Warner Brothers is doing what they feel is the best way to try in anyway possible to respect the victims and families of this tragedy in this difficult time.

    We don’t have enough information yet. WB is not going to continue on with everything like nothing happened in case this wacko (James Holmes is some Batman fanatic or something. We don’t know. I’m pleased to see WB doing what they can. It’s certainly a nice gesture, even if it’s not necessary.

    My heart goes out to all the victims, families and anyone affected by this horrific tragedy.

  • Mejay

    Just this movie, or all movies this weekend? I dont see how that would be an act of respect, if this shooting were at a supermarket, they wouldnt close all supermarkets for the weekend. I am not trying to be flip or disrespectful to anyone, but this shooting had nothing to do with the movies, it could of happend anywhere, the guy was a nut.

  • CatWomaNLovesBatMaN

    Also wanted to add,as a long time admirer and fan of Christian Bale’s,I must say,he is quite the gentleman,…and might I add,so very handsome sighs….Look at him,with his daughter,n then,waiting to take his wife’s luggage,awwww♥

    Wow,this eerily seems like Deja vous allover again,first Heath’s death before the TDK promo,now this:( Just looking at his face,u can see the visible sadness,the numbness he must be feeling,what must be going through his mind as he walks to the plane…In many ways,it reminds me of Bruce Wayne in “Batman Begins”,when he was about to board the plane,after his long time away… I don’t care what anyone says about Christian,I love him for everything he is,I just think he is an amazingly strong and sensitive human being….Godspeed to him n his family,as well as all the TDKR family ie,Director,Writers,Producers,cast n crew,and all who worked so hard to bring us the end of this amazing trilogy.Last but not least,and most of all,the victims and their families,hang in there everyone,we’ll get through this together…RIP to all who lost their lives♥♥♥

  • k!

    @Mejay: it’s about respect. if this was your mother/father/sister etc wouldn’t you want that? it’s a simple act. And W.B don’t give a sh*t. it’s all about P.R. even people on blogs care more about this movie than people. congrats. i hope none of u lose anyone in life.

  • Anne

    The movie has nothing to do with it, but it’s a question of respect for the victims and family. And by the way, they are reshooting Gangsters Squad to cut the cinema shooting scene from the movie. It is a wise and respectful decision, considering that the victims had just seen it before dying.

  • k!

    @Anne: exactly!!! im not blaming the movie.. but putting it off for 2 days is such a simple act of respect. i cant believe how insensitive people are.

  • k!

    @AnonymousDiva: dont be ignorant. if they DID care they’d pull it for 2 fu*cking days. if there was a shooting anywhere the decent thing to do is to mark it with respect for the lives lost. i wonder if u could say that to the faces of ppl who lost someone?! could u tell them it’d make no difference to stop a movie for the weekend as a mark of respect?? i doubt it.

  • Yinn


    I did follow the coverage of the shooting, thank you very much, I just don’t believe every nonsense rumor someone posts on the internet. Red hair and shouting “I am the Joker”? Who didn’t check resources, ’cause it’s confirmed that that’s an untrue rumor (I watched the live stream press conference with the head of police, so there).

    And what if the lunatic is a Batman fan? Does that make every other fan a potential mass murderer too, so better not promote or show the movies anymore? Get a grip. Holmes most probably went there ’cause he knew that there would be lots and lots of people, the end.

    By the way, Tom Hardy is “still in Namibia”? Must have been an illusion I saw at the NYC and London premieres of TDKR ….

  • Yinn


    If one of my loved ones died there I couldn’t care less about what they would do with the movie. I wouldn’t care about the ads or promotional numbers, I wouldn’t care about the cast or crew, but I would constantly think about how to properly bring the lunatic who actually did this to justice.

    Movies don’t kill people, people kill people. Sounds familiar?

    @Mejay: Thanks for summing that up, exactly my point.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …`this movie was beyond incredible. Nolan’s a fcuking genius. `it’s so funny how people bashed Hathaway and swore she would be awful ahahahaha and now everyone’s saying she stole every scene she was in and gave an Oscar nomination worthy performance. `JGL was.. awesome.

  • k!

    @Yinn: its about respect. its as simple as that.. 2 days doesn’t hurt a thing. learn respect. be grateful it wasnt anyone in ur family.

  • A

    @[~Fug Face Man!ston~]: Speak for yourself.
    Hathaway didn’t convince me, and a lot of other people feel the same way I do. She wasn’t Selina Kyle OR Catwoman to me.
    Sometimes she tried too hard and overacted but most of the time I cringed at her line delivery.
    The movie was meh. Nothing more, nothing less. And I’m a fan of Nolan but this was just not good.

  • Amy

    @A: I agree with you A I was not impressed with Anne as Selena Kyle. I was thinking she was going to do awesome stunts like Trinity from The Matrix, but to me the little kicking that she did was ordinary nothing extraordinary about her actions scenes. I enjoyed the movie it was good, but someone else should have played Selena Kyle. With that being said my heart goes out to all the families in Colorado.

  • Jane

    Just Jared, you still don’t understand that Tom Hardy WASN’T THERE with the other cast members? he’s not in any of those pics. He probably go back to London in another flight and the rest of the cast was going to USA. Take off his name of this page!

  • Yinn


    What are you talking about in gods name? I should learn about respect and be grateful? I won’t write what comes to my mind, cause it would be considered rude. But stop being so overweening or I reconsider.

    And now you are going to explain to me why in your mind it is respectful to stop a movie from screening that had nothing to do with what happened to those people. Please. Because if you think that this is a gesture of respect, than you have a lot more learning to do than me, sweetie.

  • k!

    @Yinn: sweetie? shut up. And it’s respectful for the movie to be off for the weekend (thats 2 days, sweetie) for the people who have been killed or wounded. NO ONE is blaming the movie, or W.B and it’s not glorying the murder its a simple act to show that something horrible has happened. but whatever. i can tell a movie seems more important and i really dont care what crosses your mind. my opinion is my own. thats the way i’d feel if it was my family member.

  • Yinn


    If shutting down a movie for 2 days (thank you, I know how long a weekend lasts) can give you the peace you need after a lunatic has killed one of your loved ones you need serious help.

    WTF, a movie seems more important?

    Could we, just for one second, take the suffering and pain of those families seriously!? And by that, can we just for a second acknowledge that shutting down a stupid movie won’t really do anything for those people?! How naive are you?!?!! Rather give them real help and support by donating money to the local Red Cross …

  • k!

    @Yinn: who said it was going to help them? don’t switch my words around. i said its a mark of respect. the same way ppl lay candles down for their lost family members. is that going to help them? — or the way we have a moment of silence — its called.. for the last time.. respect.

  • AnnMar

    I totally agree with Yinn. As she said TDKR is the least of their problem. The movie has nothing to do with the tragedy. They already showed respect by cancelling the Premiere in Paris, as much as Nolan and Bale did with their message. Is it respect to shut down a movie, its TV promotions, no for me it’s just useless and hypocrite. What happened is horrendous but as the Mayor of NY said, there is more than 12 people shot down dead in the States and it’s daily. Do we talk about those people?!? Unfortunately no, It’s shocking because it happens at one place at the same moment but in the States, daily more than 30 people are shot dead and the world still spin round, life still goes on. It not going to change anything shuting down the movie. All we can do is pray for the one who believe in God and have a thought for them. What the people of Aurora did, show the most respect they could have shown for the victims, showing their support in their hometown. More than that is just showing off and hypocrite. It as nothing to do with “respect”. i don’t think everyday you have a single thought about peole being killed all around the world (ex. Syria wich is more than 12), about all the women being raped, kids abused, hein??? No I don’t think so, so jus give up with your supposed “respect” when you are just being hypocrite.

  • Yinn


    WB did show respect when they released their statement. So did Christopher Nolan, so did Christian Bale. So did WB by calling off the premieres in Paris, in Russia, in Mexico, in Tokio. So did WB by canceling all interviews and TV appearances. Now give it a rest, will ya?

    ‘Cause maybe I wanna have a moment of silence right there in the movie theatre before I watch the movie, being thankful and glad that I will have a good time, that I will walk out of the movie theatre unharmed, that I will go home to my loved ones and live to tell the story. Maybe I wanna see the movie with the knowledge on my mind that it could have happened to all of us, maybe I wanna enjoy my good time even more, maybe I wanna enjoy every second of that freakin’ movie like my last.

    By the way, as respect for the dead is so important to you, what kind of gesture of respect do you think is appropriate for all the other people killed all over the US? ‘Cause there are more than 12 people dying every day all over the place. Lots of candles, hu? Lots of moments of silence. Maybe you wanna start with those right now. Thanks.

  • scallywag

    Prison officials may not be wrong to think that Holmes thinks he is in a movie, he refuses to cooperate, spits on guards and maintains the poise of the ultimate anti hero who must stand up to the falseness and hollowness of our times that only he can awake buy shooting apart with deadly acumen.

    In some perverse way Jason Holmes has become the Joker, the villain that fully appreciated the stench of society, that is willing to totally embrace it, but yet the question remains- is it all an act for the cameras or is this a performance he is committed to the bitter end….?

  • Sinnara

    Yinn…stop talking, you are making yourself look as bad as James Holmes. Lie down before you hurt yourself. Check your sources again….idiot.

  • Yinn

    @Sinnara: I rather look bad than stupid.

  • AnnMar

    From Joseph Gordon-Levitt Fan Tumblr. If that make me look “as bad as James Holmes” then be it, “rather look bad than stupid (or hypocrite)”.

    “And you always fear… what you don’t understand.

    There’s a reason why this Tumblr has chosen not to post anything relating to the Aurora shooting: words. Words fail at a time like this. But after talking with fellow TDKR moviegoers and friends, I’m going to try to sum it up:

    We’re in this together, us Dark Knight Trilogy fans. The men, women, and children who went into that Colorado theatre came in as movie lovers, Christopher Nolan fans, and Batman enthusiasts, just like you and me. The only difference is they left as victims and witnesses to an event that should never have happened. Without a doubt, our thoughts and prayers are with the Aurora community as they grapple with the aftermath of the senseless attack.

    The shooter took away the one place we were all safe. Where strangers could pile into a dark room, dressed in capes and makeup and superhero shirts, and not worry about the outside world judging or harming them as they escaped to another reality, even if that reality only lasted a couple of hours. And if there were ever a movie to do so, The Dark Knight Rises was the one to bring us fans together with a cast and crew that emphasize the resolve needed in overcoming fear and staring down our demons. But how and where are we to find that resolve?

    Easy. Take back the movie theatre. Don’t let this theatre-shooter and the terror he created resonate any further. Go out today, this week, this month and enjoy being with your fellow moviegoers. Christopher Nolan, Joe, and the rest of the gang put their heart and soul into this film and it deserves to be seen.

    And hey, while you’re at the theatre, why not save that money you would have spent on movie popcorn and donate it to one of the Aurora-area organizations on That way, you’re giving tangible help and reclaiming the theatre all in one Batman cape-sized swoop.

    Some people want to watch the world burn. Sure. But we’re capable of stopping the flames.”

  • HighFivinMutha

    it’s not this one movie that made this dude act out …. you all miss the point. it’s the continuous display of violence in both tv, film, video games, etc. over and over and over again, years and years of violence in american culture WITHOUT SHOWING THE TRUE CONSEQUENCES OF THE VIOLENT ACTS… it becomes so normal to watch that some people think its ok to act out in the same way ! when there is so much violence out there in tv and film you simply cannot help but become desensitized to it all ! this new batman movie just adds to this whole desensitized process !

  • get a clue


    jj does not care if tom hardy was there or not, don’t you understand they don’t care…. what they do care about is how many people comment on this site and how many visitors it gets so they make more money for advertising… you think they run this site as a hobby or to display excellence in the field of journaism ? get a clue they don’t care about facts but only numbers ugh

  • Amy

    In the pic with Anne, Joesph and Christian is a pic of Anne’s gross fiance. He looks nothing like Tom Hardy. Tom Hardy is talented and employed. HA HA

  • ha ha

    Anne seems nice, but she’s got weird taste in men………

  • Elena

    @HighFivinMutha: Yeah you’re right that it wasn’t this one movie that made this guy act out, the fact that HE’S A PSYCHOPATH made him act out. People always want to come up with explanations when tragedies like this happen, for some reason it seems like nobody wants to accept that crazy people do crazy things because they’re crazy.

    P.S. It’s a pity that the movie will be forever marked by this heinous crime when in my opinion it was just convenient. I mean, it was midnight so it was dark and nobody was around, and the theater was a dark, loud room that hundreds of people were trapped in (and really trapped, I mean if you weren’t in an aisle seat you had to wait until whoever was around you moved to escape). As horrifying as it is I can’t imagine a strategically better place to commit mass murder, it must have been like shooting fish in a barrel.

  • jmp

    @Amy , I completely disagree. Anne Hathaway was wonderful . I agree with most of the film critics that stated , she gave the best performance and stole so many scenes. Even people that hate on Hathaway, applauded her great performance. She definitely exceeded my expectations. Anne’s performance is one of my favorite performances by an actress this year.

  • Sinnara

    lol @ Yinn

    I don’t have to say anything else. You said it all. O.O