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Kate Bosworth Passes on 'Lifeguard', Kristen Bell Joins Film

Kate Bosworth Passes on 'Lifeguard', Kristen Bell Joins Film

Kate Bosworth shares a laugh with a photographer while loading up groceries into her car on Friday (July 20) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress picked up some items at Gelson’s Market in the afternoon.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

While Kate was offered a role in the film The Lifeguard, she passed on the role will now be played by Kristen Bell, according to Deadline.

The film is about “a reporter on the verge of 30 who abandons her life in New York City, returns home to get her high school job as a lifeguard, and starts a dangerous relationship with a 16-year-old delinquent.”

FYI: Kate is wearing the JewelMint Mesh Marvel Bracelet.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth getting groceries…

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kate bosworth replaced by kristen bell in lifeguard 01
kate bosworth replaced by kristen bell in lifeguard 02
kate bosworth replaced by kristen bell in lifeguard 03
kate bosworth replaced by kristen bell in lifeguard 04
kate bosworth replaced by kristen bell in lifeguard 05
kate bosworth replaced by kristen bell in lifeguard 06
kate bosworth replaced by kristen bell in lifeguard 07
kate bosworth replaced by kristen bell in lifeguard 08
kate bosworth replaced by kristen bell in lifeguard 09
kate bosworth replaced by kristen bell in lifeguard 10
kate bosworth replaced by kristen bell in lifeguard 11
kate bosworth replaced by kristen bell in lifeguard 12
kate bosworth replaced by kristen bell in lifeguard 13
kate bosworth replaced by kristen bell in lifeguard 14
kate bosworth replaced by kristen bell in lifeguard 15
kate bosworth replaced by kristen bell in lifeguard 16
kate bosworth replaced by kristen bell in lifeguard 17

Photos: AKM-GSI
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    these blondes are interchangeable

  • HarryStyles For ChristianGrey

    Kristen Bell is better

  • Lois

    Why is JJ writing a post about her failure to land a role unless he really, really dislikes her?

  • lol

    not the best title for an “actress” getting fired and replaced by someone else.

  • Lois

    Why a close up of the year old llfe partner ring?

    Nobody gave a crap last year and still don’t this year.

  • Rach

    It’s getting to the point where calling her an actress is becoming a joke. She hasn’t done a decent project in forever. She’s even dating a director and can’t do anything. She need to just get herself some sort of recurring role on a tv and forget the film career because clearly it’s never going to happen.

  • Joelsi

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  • ladybug

    Of course she’s laughing for the photographer, she probably called him.

    I had been getting worried, she’d not been papped in 2 weeks.

    And 15 photos? Must have been cheap.

    And the ones that of her chest plate area, seeing the bones again.

  • Villain

    @Lois: Umm…maybe because it is also a success for Kristen Bell? Kristen deserves better, and thanks God they replaced Bosworth by her.

  • ladybug

    @Villain: Because it’s not a post about Kristen Bell, it’s an excuse to run 15+ pictures of KB leaving a grocery store.

  • Milla

    I agree about what you’re saying about her acting…but it’s nice to see her looking so healthy. She’s a lot less skinny than she was a few years ago.

  • sinca

    @Milla: All the bones in her chest are showing, how is that in any way healthy?

  • gigui

    Now it may be a decent flick.She is a terrible actor!

  • Jeannie

    If Kristen Bell replaced her, why isn’t the post about her? Is there really nothing going on in KB’s life that the only thing people can post about is her getting replaced?

  • Gina

    @Jeannie: Yes, that’s exactly it.
    I love Kristen Bell. I think she’s great.

  • Macy

    That movie might actually be watchable now, and earn the studio a bit of money. God knows KB wouldn’t have gotten them any return on their investment. Is she buying groceries for Polish and his kid? Because we all know she doesn’t eat them.

  • Gina

    @Lois: It is curious. I read the Deadline piece and KB’s name wasn’t even mentioned, just that Kristen Bell is starring.

  • Whycantipost

    Of course she wasn’t replaced, she dropped out because she had more important things in life to do, like barfing and blabbering about love and jewelry. Don’t know if she would have played a lifeguard, but aren’t those people supposed to be strong and able to save life? If KB gives mouth-to-mouth she might die herself. Or carry someone out of the water? HA. No.
    Maybe if she still had her surfermovie body.. Wouldn’t surprise me if thi. had something to do with her weight, besides her ‘actingtalent’.

  • Jeannie

    @Gina: I think that Kristen Bell will actually bring in an audience. I can’t remember when Kate was announced as the lead for this movie, but it wasn’t that long ago.

  • Whycantipost

    Ogoddddd, now I see the ring-photo.. MAn oh man.. I am so tired of this f.ckery, she probably asked the pap to take a pic of it because holding your hands and arms in weird positions don’t show it off enough.
    And she looks so happy to be seeing the paps.. I feel bad for all of her exes, must be hell to not be able to walk down a street without getting attacked by paps, who she clearly calls. Why else smile and look all happy? And that smirk: ‘yay I am getting attention’.. BLEEEH She had the same smirk in all the pics with her exes, they looked mad or didn’t see the photographer, she looked right into the lens of the camera. Luckily her new ‘lifepartner’ loves the camera just as much as she does -.-

  • Milla

    @sinca: Well, I agree that she’s still very slim but I think she’s at a more healthy weight now than before. If you look at her arms and legs you can see a big difference. A few years ago her kneecaps were bulging and her thighs were just bones. Now she has a bit more muscle, and while she’s maintained a slim figure it seems to me that her weight is in the realm of what I would consider to be healthy, yes.

  • Lilla

    Is it me, or is this post incredibly awkward?

  • Actually…

    She probably thought the tenting in those mom-shorts would be flattering to her flat butt. She was wrong. Admittedly, it does make it look less flat from the side, but now it just looks weird. And still really flat from 3/4 or behind.

  • hmmmmmmm

    Just couldn’t resist posting, let bygones be bygones what can I say. Not for nothing but she is looking pretty good here.

  • Food really?

    What’s the point in this unemployed twiglet buying food? She don’t eat anyway

  • My guess is…

    …that CAA is going to drop her as a client soon. The Deadline article referred to the movie as a “package”, so it’s probably all in-house CAA creative talent, including Kristen, the director, etc. This is just my lazily unresearched conspiracy theory so take it with a grain of salt: Kate is on her way out at CAA.

  • Teddy

    She has the most beautiful smile. Her body looks great. Nice tone!

  • Anonymous

    Um… the movie’s plot is pretty stupid.
    Why would a reporter living in New York City (!!) go back and get a job as a high school lifeguard??
    She definitely won’t be making no where near the amount of money as she would as a reporter.
    On top of that, she starts a relationship with a 16-year-old? Really??
    I know some of you people might say that she shouldn’t be in a job where she isn’t happy etc., but do you think she would be happy as a high school lifeguard. That’s not even realistic (even if most moves aren’t realistic and are just about escapism and such!

    I don’t like Kate Bosworth (or Kristen Bell–though I did like Bosworth many years ago and Bell when she was in Veronica Mars), but I think it’s good she’s not in this film… even if she got “fired”. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a flop.

  • Blackcat9

    @Teddy: What muscle tone are you talking about! Don’t you have to actually have to have some muscle? Kate is what I call “Skinny FLABBY”! Have you seen her Flabby Flat ass in a bikini?

    They say you can tell a woman’s age by her elbows. If you look at Kate’s elbows she is going on 70. It’s caused by LACK of SKIN and MUSCLE TONE!

  • @My guess is. . .

    The director was quick to announce KB was in her film. KB was “attached” to the film and opted to drop out. Wise move on her part.
    @Anonymous: You’re so right. The plot is ridiculous. Also, KB has already done the older woman younger man thing (While We Were Here) and got excellent reviews for her performance. She doesn’t need to do it again nor should she unless the premise is really interesting.

  • thighmegatampon

    They’re both KB, kinda look alike, but Bell is a way better actor. Loved her on Veronica Mars.

  • Actually…

    @Anonymous: Some employers let reporters take sabbaticals. Usually to write a book, take some extra college courses, do a project the employer didn’t want them to do, etc. So I could see how maybe she was stressed out and took the summer off. (If that’s they way they wrote it, and “abandons her life” doesn’t make it sound like they did.) Of course the plot as a whole just sounds like a bad Lifetime movie. Not even a normal Lifetime movie, a BAD one.
    I usually can’t take comically bad movies but I do have to admit that “starts a dangerous relationship with a 16-year-old delinquent” made me laugh out loud. That happens ALL THE TIME when you go on vacation, doesn’t it? What is with all these movies using that as a plot point?

  • mforman

    15 pictures, 15 pictures, seriously JJ come on and how come now all of a sudden she is going to Gleason’s after someone else (who I will not name here), was spotted shopping there not to long ago. Was the creature perhaps hoping for a run in, that wouldn’t look like her typical stalking behavior, we all know she is still quite capable of. Perhaps the creature just figured she would tell the paps who she called there, “oh, this shouldn’t have happened, what an accident”.
    Also who the heck is she buying all those groceries for, I mean come on, she needs to stop.
    I love that JJ says, “she shares a laugh with a photographer”, she called that photographer, and why is she smirking and have that smug expression on her face, I do not think she even knows how to smile without looking that like.
    This I think is the first post in which I was embarassed for her, I mean this should have really been a post for Kristin Bell, since it is her role.
    Maybe in his own way, 15 photos or not JJ is even getting tired of this crap with her. KB does absoultely nothing, I mean really nothing, isn’t she herself embrassed, or is she so self absorbed that she really feels any posts about her are worthy.
    I have to agree with @My guess is….(#26)—-I am waiting for that day when CAA drops her like a hot potato, she brings nothing to that agency at all, just look at their line up of talent, I do not even know where they list her; maybe like us they just consider her a z lister, they just keep on for the memories, but the creature brings them nothing at all and it is only getting worse and worse.

  • Blackcat9

    @mforman: I think Kate is getting PAID to advertise for Gelson’s. Take a look at how those bag are positioned PERFECTLY so GELSON’S will show not once but twice! Maybe she got those groceries for FREE for calling the PAPS and the FREE advertising. 15 PICS I guess they got their money’s worth!

  • Funny?

    Kate was offered a role in the film The Lifeguard, she passed on the role

    My ass she passed up the role? what happened to much work lined up she just couldn’t fit it into her hepatic WORK schedule More like they replaced her with a slightly better actress.
    Kate is nothing but a lazy cow and is frighted to do a hard days work to earn her $$$ incase she snaps that bone that she calls a body.

  • Eresyn

    This post is just a silly excuse for putting 15 or so of her usual lame pictures…how pathetic of her…
    and please, Kate, put some moisturizer on your knees, and wear something that doesn’t show your bra…nobody wants to see that, i’m sure.

  • ladybug

    @Milla: Milla, her weight’s held steady for awhile, but look at the pics of her chest, you can see the bones again. And she has no muscle tone to speak of. But she’s so tiny now that it really isn’t that much of a weight fluctuation to show them/hide them.

    @Lilla, it’s a very awkward post.

    @Funny? : She could have passed on the role, since it is very similiar to WWWH. And in this case the character would basically be committing statutory rape,where in WWWH, she was ‘merely’ having an affair. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d been replaced either.

  • Shannon

    Err, I thought it said she had been replaced by Kristen Bell? Now it’s spun to read that she “passed” on the role? What else is she doing? At this point, I don’t think she has the leisure to be passing on roles. She should take what she can get.

  • Macy

    As if she passed on this role. Nice title and article change there JJ. Too late on the draw. BTW it still says replaced in my web address line at the top of my screen. LOL

  • hello

    Bosworth too bony and refused to put on weight, fired from movie, that’s the REAL story

  • Tulip

    I’m sure JJ checked the facts and learned Kate passed on the role. She looks so pretty in these pictures.

  • Whycantipost


    That explains why she is alone, if Hobbit was there he would have been in the way of the perfect photo-op between former lovers/haters.
    And KB dropping the project herself? Not buying it. She barely works and doesn’t have the luxury to drop a part. Think Hello #40′s theory is much more convincing. Who wants to be saved by a bodyguard who looks like she is about to die herself?

  • Whycantipost

    ‘I asked one of the producers of the movie if Kate was still attached to the project, and he said that she had been replaced by Kristen Bell’

    From a KB-fansite, so don’t say it comes from a KB-hater.

  • Whycantipost

    And why the hell is the article changed? Before it said replaced, now she turned it down herself? Puh-lease.

  • mforman

    The creature was “REPLACED” on this particular film. The stans can try to spin it anyway they want but the facts are the facts.
    At this point KB cannot afford to turn down any job, because there is nothing and I mean nothing coming her way and that is just a fact.
    What does she have, another visonary JM commercial. How exciting, we can see how many shots he takes of her lower half, how many times she kisses into the camera, how many times she tries to try and look like she can act, and even more exciting her trying to look like something other than a washed out creature, with the worst hair in all of HW.
    @Blackcat9—You are so right, next we will see her at the opening of one of their stores with a pair of scissors to cut the grand opening ribbon. My how far she has come.
    Not only is the creature known as box office poison, but she has one of the worst reputations in all of HW, they call her a “pariah”. The reputation is due mainly to her attitude, she doesn’t like to work and if she has to it isn’t hard, she does not go above and beyond, she is rude to any fans that might be around the set and doesn’t care who knows, she is nasty to the crew and her fellow cast mates, the only time she changes her true behavior is when the paps that she calls come to a particular set. That is why to say she “turned down”, this part is ridiculous, she was either fired or never even got that far and they replaced her before they had to do the firing.

  • Jeannie

    In case anyone cares, this is what was posted on one of her fan sites, not by a ‘hater’. It looks like her other fan site took down all information regarding this film.

    “I asked one of the producers of the movie if Kate was still attached to the project, and he said that she had been replaced by Kristen Bell. Well, we still wish all the best to the project, and just for an information, the project will start filming in a few days.”

  • lol

    nice change in the title/article JJ. did someone get a phone call to change it so she doesnt sound so desperate.

    even the producer said she was replaced in the role. the fansite contacted the movie people. im gona stick with that.

    passed on the role my a s s

  • ladybug

    @Tulip: Well, he probably took the info from the links posted in the previous thread. Which, as already mentioned, said that she’d been ‘replaced’, not that she’d passed on it. Which leads to the impression that it wasn’t her choice to not take the role.
    JJ may have changed the wording on his own initiative, but more likely her people asked for it to be changed so it looked better for Kate.

  • Lois


    If JJ checks facts why did the original post state “Kate Bosworth Replaced by Kristen Bell In The Lifeguard”? My guess is that JJ was contacted and told to put a different spin on the post; too bad the url still reads:
    It’s really more pathetic that she supposedly passed on a project when everyone knows beyond making JM “films” with her life ” i.e quickly replaced when an upgrade is available” partner there is nothing else in her future.

  • Lois

    According to a poster on this site the movie has already been filming for several weeks with Kristen Bell, so why make it seem like some big revelation that Kristen got the role?