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Katherine Jackson: Reported Missing By Family Members

Katherine Jackson: Reported Missing By Family Members

Katherine Jackson has been reported as a missing person on Saturday night (July 21).

The 82-year-old mother of Janet Jackson and the late Michael Jackson has been unreachable by her family members for a week, according to TMZ.

“yes , my grandmother is missing . i haven’t spoken with her in a week i want her home now.” Paris Jackson, Katherine‘s granddaughter, tweeted early Sunday morning (July 22). “if anybody sees my grandmother , please call the authorities or this number— (818)-876-0186 it’s the security number .. thank you so much.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department issued a statement early this morning:

Katherine Jackson is reportedly with family members. Late Saturday night, a different family member reported that he was unable to speak with her and is concerned for her well being. Deputies are continuing to make efforts to reach her and ask that she contact the Malibu / Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.”

Our thoughts are with the Jackson family, and we hope Katherine is brought home safely.

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  • sarafina

    Hope and Pray all ends well for the Family…..

  • DemiTasse

    She is probably just not wanting to speak to her crazy sons who are after Michael’s money. If Paris knew where she was Paris might tell them by mistake. Paris seems sweet and loving and probably tries to get along with everyone.

    This sounds like a family fued thing. The sheriff said it all:
    “Katherine Jackson is reportedly with family members. A different family member reported he was unable to speak with her…”

  • Paulie


    Apparently Katherine is with the crazy sons and Michael’s kids haven’t been able to talk to her in weeks. Very strange situation.

  • Anna

    My God what an obnoxious family…I feel really sorry for the kids…man no wonder Michael estranged himself from this family…I think all of what happened to this family is because of this woman…so greedy and her children as well…

    Can’t believe Michael was such an amazing human being given this obnoxious family and here he thought his mother was the best choice to raise his kids…SMDH at this woman…she should be ashamed of herself and her actions…MJ must be rolling over in his grave…

    They all play victims in that family…Man how I wish MJ was alive :(

  • Jeanne

    Mrs. Jackson is not missing. Paris Jackson has emotional issues, she craves attention. I hope they get her into some kind of therapy.

    If anything Mrs. Jackson ran away to get away from Paris.

  • JoJo

    Another Jackson drama…anything to keep them in the news…

    I agree with #4

  • DemiTasse

    @Paulie: I didn’t realize she was with the crazy sons. I read someplace else that she was with Rebbie her oldest daughter. Sorry.

  • Mandy

    Could this family get any more disfunctional? Michael Jackson must be rolling over in his grave knowing his kids are being screwed up by his crazy family now just like he was.


  • notyourfriend

    And Paris will grow up crazy, family dramas never stop….she’s already fighting with grown family members at her age….sad

  • AH

    This is one messed up family.

  • annab

    I think they are wanting more attention and will do anything to get it. Here in society we have people shooting at each other and this family is acting like this.

  • an opinion

    Katherine is these kids guardian. No guardian goes away for a week without speaking to the kids. The Sheriff’s Department statement is weird. They have not spoken to her either. Only taking the word of a family member. Something strange is going on.
    @Jeanne: Some reports are saying that she is with Rebbie. Who knows.

  • anne

    oh gosh so sad

  • denine k

    @Jeanne: #5

    You are so right, she is not missing. She has 8 children and gobs of grandchildren who love her, who are saying she is fine.

    That Paris girl has issues, and someone needs to address them, NOW.
    She is a hand-full, and as you said, craves attention. She is way too much for an 82 year old woman to handle.
    One of her issues may be she and her brothers do not have Jackson blood, like all the other grandchildren.

  • Jenni

    Katherine is not missing. Her children know exactly where she is.

    Paris is just a respectful attention seeking brat, who talks shit on twitter, about her ADULT family members. NONE of the other Jackson grandchildren like that.

  • Love The Shoes

    Sadly, I SO don’t trust Jermaine the most or Randy. Ironically these two shared the same wife and have children. I just don’t believe Mrs Jackson would not be in contact with Michaels kids deliberately. She’s been their protector and it makes no sense. I really hope Janet steps in because she’s the only one I would trust. She’s massively rich herself ($150 million) unlike her siblings who all seem to have become depended on their mom and Michael’s legacy. I believe they’re lining up to go after Michael’s kids which come with an estate.

  • amy

    Strange situation. I mean a couple of days ago Randy tweeted, Mrs Jackson had a min stroke. Then Paris tweeted, no she didn’t she’s fine. Now Paris has said she hasn’t seen her in a week. Wonder what the truth is?

  • Love The Shoes

    @Jenni: You got nothing to add but a chance to go after Paris for her concern. She has a right to know WHERE HER LEGAL GUARDIAN IS! And her greedy uncle Jermaine knows this. If they’re so concerned then why doesn’t Paris know? Go away and come back with some sense.

  • Love The Shoes

    @denine k: Damn, what about SHE IS THEIR LEGAL GUARDIAN don’t you freaking understand/?! Paris has a right to be concerned! What the hell does it mean to a tribe of people who DO know whats going on but kids who are supposed to be under Mrs Jacksons care dont? You don’t even make sense. You;re so busy trying to make Paris look like the one with a problem instead of using your brain and asking, “then why didn’t the rest of the family inform children……..remember that fact? they are children………of this information. Get over yourpetty Parisj hate andj ealousy already,

  • why janet?

    For those that keep saying why would janet sign that letter with her brothers if she is so rich- well think about it. She knows if they dont get money from mj estate they will all come knocking on her door since she is the only other one with money.

    so yes i can see her wanting to take some from the kids and give it to those that mj himself did not put in his will for good reason. His money – his choice.

  • why janet?

    TMZ has an updated from 9:30 — says her lawyer is saying they are getting conflicting info from the brothers- hmm…fishy

  • marco

    you know his brothers hate Michael for not leaving them any money but have to play nice in press in hopes they will get some from the mom or because of these concerts where they pretend to still love him but you know they are fuming and probably resent his kids too but have to be nice to them for same reasons. what a messed up situation.

  • LoriLori

    When it comes to money Mrs. Jackson crazy sons- Randy,toto & co. will make her have an “accident”. the love of money and fame has destroyed this family. Hope she is ok

  • lucy

    i think is some sort of power play on the part of the Michael’s brothers. for years, they were all part of the Jackson Brothers. then Michael went out his own and made it big. some how these brothers convinced Michael that he should provide them with the money to live on. but when he died, Michael left everything to the children with Katherine as guardian until they reach of age. so any money the brothers get has to come from Katherine. because somehow i don’t think when the children are of age they are going to want to continue supporting their uncles.

  • Isha

    It sounds like Jermaine and Randy are up to no good. They are always in conflict with other family members, even before Michael’s death. If Mrs. Jackson is sick and had a stroke, it’s probably because of those two. This woman is living in the final stages of her life, she should not have to deal with their foolishness!


  • Nicole

    What guardian does not talk to kids in their care for a week? If the Jacksons know that she is okay why won’t they let her talk to the kids? The Jacksons are a MESS!!!! Debbie Rowe needs to go back to court and get her kids out of teh LOONEY Farm.

  • LOL

    oh wow

  • Yo’

    @Nicole: I agree with you that the fam’s a mess. But if Debbie takes the kids, Blanket would be alone with them. Cause Debbie’s only the mother of Prince and Paris. I can’t picture them apart, not even if they’re living a hell. They’re brothers and they always have. More than Debbie their mother, Blanket their brother.
    idek bout this situation, it’s really weird cause eveyone’s making diff statements about what’s goin on. But few days ago Paris tweeted “i will defend my beloved family member with all i have , even if it means from other family members .” And I assume it reffers to this grandma-uncles situation. Hope Rebbie and Janet put some sense into this situation and Katherine comes back to the kids, not because she’s the best or anything, but because they are kids and they don’t completely understand what’s goin on or why is this happening, they just want her back.

    My heart goes to Prince, Paris and Blanket.

  • Belinda Simpson

    @Love The Shoes: I agree. Paris and her sibblings have the right to know that their grandmother, who has given them the love and stability needed since the sudden death of their father, is alright. Imagine the since of abandonment and separation axiety they could feel not knowing. They have already had to deal with losing the only parent they ever known. Someone in this family should show empathy and understanding.

  • Isha

    @Nicole: Debbie Rowe is as crazy or crazier than any Jackson. She made a deal with Michael to have his children for money. She resurfaced some years ago looking for more money claiming she wanted custody of the children but the judge ruled in Michael’s favor.

  • ricoh

    Senior Mrs Jackson is in her 80′s ,She probally had a slight stroke,or something. The greedy lawyers are trying steal the money from the Jackson family. A LO YOU PEOPLE ARE SAYING THESE CRAZY REMARKS BECAUSE OF RACIST ATTITUDES AND JEALOUSY.

  • http://none blondie

    Oh, fudge!!!

    I got upset because the clerk that works at the library
    was missing for a week, and I almost went nuts
    with worry.

    If one of my relatives were missing
    without so much as a phone call,
    then I start to perspire and my pulse races,
    and I start belly aching about it
    to whoever wants to hear it.

    I am glad that Paris spoke up,
    loud and clear. There might have been
    another little accident in the family,
    if you know what I mean.

    Then what???

  • http://none blondie

    Chris Brown?
    Going HARD!!!!

    I will check on
    and see what is going on.

    Was Kim there???
    Tom Cruise?
    Justin Theroux and Heidi Bivens??????