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Leonardo DiCaprio Comes Into Movie Sets 'Ready to Work'

Leonardo DiCaprio Comes Into Movie Sets 'Ready to Work'

Leonardo DiCaprio lands via a private helicopter onto a friend’s yacht on Saturday (July 22) in Saint Tropez, France.

Recently, the 37-year-old actor’s Django Unchained co-star Jamie Foxx spoke about the process of watching the superstar work with director Quentin Tarantino.

“Here comes Leonardo DiCaprio, the good-looking guy that you see in the tabloids with the models,” Jamie said. “And he comes in so different and ready to work — to see those guys get together in the corner and develop the character and watch the character go different ways.”

FYI: Leo is wearing a Zanerobe shirt.

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Photos: INFdaily
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415 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio Comes Into Movie Sets 'Ready to Work'”

  1. 1
    Dieter Says:

    He has found his future wife and mother of his kids with Erins. Everybody knows that. Haters won’t get the two apart !!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2
    Anna Says:

    ewww…what I see is not good-looking at all Jamie…

  3. 3
    Dieter Says:

    Unlike his previous GFs (Gisele, Blake, Bar), Erin is no lone wolf, is very clever (ok, Bar is also clever, but Gisele and Blake are stupid as f**k) and, she has the support of Candace, Rosies, Adrianas, Mirandas. These will help Erin’s. She will not make any mistake

  4. 4
    Anna Presley Says:

    Good! He didn’t say much but good…

  5. 5
    katie Says:

    the king of hollywood

  6. 6
    Leo Fan Says:

    Cool to see Leo in Saint-Tropez. I recognize Lukas from the back.

  7. 7
    Beatrice Says:

    I knew there was going to be an European cruise this summer…. I knew it, I just knew it:)

  8. 8
    Solange Says:

    Thanks Jared for the brand new pics!
    Where is Miss Pot of Glue? She can not miss an occasion to travel with Leo, it can not be possible. Where is she? Where is she?

  9. 9
    Dieter Says:

    @Solange: Haters gonna hate !!!!!!!!!! Leo found his match with Erin !!! They will marry in 2013 – not this year, Erin is much too clever to put pressure on him; she can easily have other Hollywood stars !!!!!!!!!

  10. 10
    Fassdong Says:

    I honestly can’t wait to see Leo’s upcoming films!
    They will be magnificent!
    He’s a true talent, no matter what the tabloids say!
    I like to appreciate Leo’s work, not his personal life.
    He really is the KING OF THE WORLD! <3

  11. 11
    LOL Says:

    Barfb*tches – Beatrice and Solange are here early fromm the previous post. Throwing shade at Leo’s current as they did to his exes.

  12. 12
    sommer Says:

    It’s difficult to see Leo smiling even when he’s with his gfs. Is he sad and lonely?

  13. 13
    Geez Says:

    Same here. But we are rare.

  14. 14
    Thanks JJ Says:

    It is indeed the time of year for Leo to have a little European cruise with his buddies.

  15. 15
    proclaimer Says:

    @sommer: I have no idea.

  16. 16
    Philly Says:

    I don’t understand the headline. Is he going to be in a film or produce one called ‘Ready To Work’? The pun is lost on me

  17. 17
    fat loser Says:

    I love Leo.

  18. 18
    LOL Says:

    Finally, the annual summer vacation through Europe begans, and with his beloved Lukas.

    But that luggage he carries really looks heavy. I think Erin probably is hiding there. LOL

  19. 19
    pink Says:

    @Beatrice: you and everybody else, idiot…

  20. 20
    boo! Says:

    Is everyone in Saint Tropez? Rihanna’s been out there. Chris Brown just landed via helicopter onto someone’s yacht. Leonardo Dicaprio also just landed on someone’s yacht. Shoot, I need to go find a friend with a helicopter and a yacht and see what all the fuss is about.

  21. 21
    Over it Says:

    I call breakup!

  22. 22
    @Dieter Says:

    Isn`t that exactly what you said about Bar? LOL! I bet everyone takes you seriously! The support of Rosie, Miranda…? Is that a big deal or something?
    It`s always good to see him without Ms Boring around.

  23. 23
    Leo Fan Says:

    Newscom has more pics and we can see Lukas and Leo coming out of the helicopter directly on they luxurious yacht.

  24. 24
    Sorry... Says:

    … to point out but the private helicopter, luxury yacht? Where is the environmentalist? He ignores it while on vacation?

  25. 25
    @Sorry... Says:

    Always. On vacation, Leo puts his environmental commitments on hold.

  26. 26
    Sorry... Says:

    That`s what I noticed, too. This is why people call him a hypocrite but it seems like it doesn`t bother him at all.

  27. 27
    Regina Says:

    Looks like an old frumpy man, LOL.

  28. 28
    Dieter Says:


  29. 29
    Hypocrite Says:

    Private jets, helicopters. No excuse, he need to STFU about the environment. He’s a joke.

  30. 30
    @Dieter Says:

    And you know that how? That allegedly Erin is his soulmate? Do you know either Leo or Erin personally? And what’s you obsession with IQ?

  31. 31
    @Dieter Says:

    Also if Erin is so intelligent ( you don’t have the exact number????? ) Leo wouldn’t date her. As you pointed out he doesn’t like them smart…. He didn’t change his habit with her.

  32. 32
    Lena Says:

    an helicopter pollute less than an airplane! what a people go to read.

  33. 33
    tinkerbell Says:

    Ugh, you know what this means. I am so disappointed. But at least he is looking like he will have a good time, but the bikini ***** will be there soon. What is the point of having one if you dont parade her around?

  34. 34
    @32 Says:

    Duh, they ware way smaller than airplanes. Also they carry only a couple of people for all the pollution them do.

  35. 35
    tinkerbell Says:

    Dieter, honey have you ever seen the movie “Gone With the Wind” that is what your girlie girl will be come September or so. So just relax! Bimbos come, bimbos go.

    And if you are who I think you are, nice job stirring up comments.

    “I’ll never be hungry again!”

  36. 36
    hahaha Says:

    @35: that was actually funny. good one!

  37. 37
    Tinkerfool Says:

    @tinkerbell: yes I am black, you’re the one that’s being a racist. You should be stronger than that. Seems like you believe your hold theory will fall apart because one person disagrees with you who happens to be black. And I know you don’t have a capitalize the B, I went to school, I did it the first time to pay homage, I’m not the first to do it and stuck with it because you’re crazy…Sorry, deal with it.

    As to Leo he’s clearly following his pattern, its just that time..pitter patter,…pitter patter (yawn)

  38. 38
    VS MODELS RULE - Bad Bar! Says:

    Bar has shown me just how needy and stupid she really is. Maybe Leo will have kids with the Erin. She has GRACE. Maybe he will choose to have kids with Bar – I think that is what her flack (Dieter) is trying to say it so loud to the world – that Bar and Leo will get married in 2013. They’ve been pressuring Leo forever! Now, on other websites too.
    Now Bar flack is calling out the other models to put pressure on them to help Barf’s Leo campaign? That’s dirty. It’s like they are on some kind of warpath to permanently attach Bar to Leo. Sick.

    LOL… maybe this is Tzipi lamenting her one opportunity with Warren Beatty. Maybe she never got over it! Anette is gorgeous and seems STABLE.

    LEO: Your official gf, the cute and elegant at-the-same-time, Erin. I sure hope you are going to take her on the yacht and to Europe for your usual gf vacation. Speaks volumes. Don’t use her and toss her away.

    Btw – there is a whole list that proves Bar is as sharp as a spoon. Gi stupid? Yeah…. the billionaire supermodel, one-of-a-kind. People must really dislike her for her to make so much money (sarc). She is probably an excellent business woman, mother, and she was young when she dated Leo.

    I hope Erin and Leo have a wonderful life together!

  39. 39
    @38 Says:

    YES – Bar is doing whatever she needs to do (probably insincere and calculated) to secure Leo. If Bar and Leo are planning a 2013 wedding, like some of the other posts (other threads) and Bellazon implies, than let him figure out the the almost immediate “post-doubt” and inevitable boredom and childraising clashes on his own. It’s his life. He can learn the hard way like the rest of us. Nobody with any matrimonial experience, common sense, age & wisdom, and no vested interest in the man himself or his gfs needs to be so generous with their thoughts and advice. He’ll learn the hard way with Bar.

  40. 40
    Love in the air Says:

    And of course his best friend Lukas is always there for him…???

  41. 41
    LeoLuver13 Says:

    Leo is the best looking man in hollywood by a mile and is such a talented actor but i cant understand why people are saying that leo is using his love with erin because he’s desperate to get back with bar rafaeli. I dont believe that

  42. 42
    Helen Says:

    Doesn’t Lukas have a life of his own

  43. 43
    xXx Says:

    apparently now he prefers his hat, no more cap…

  44. 44
    @38 Says:

    Are you referring to the “cute and elegant Erin” we know???
    LOL, LOL!

  45. 45
    ignore - @41 Says:

    You’re right, he’s not using anyone. Ignore these cyber crimin@ls. Do not engage them on the board and respond to their posts. And DO NOT click on any of their links. Use your brain people!!

  46. 46
    @41 Says:

    He’s not, none of it is true. Just ignore these people…’s all a ruse.

  47. 47
    He travels single Says:

    According to Popsugar, she’s not with him

  48. 48
    Philly Says:

    @45 & @46 Agreed 100%.
    Anyone know if Wolf casting is completed?

  49. 49
    @41 Says:

    Who said that Leo is using EH to get back with Refaeli? Where did you get that? Wasn’t it said like a million times that the NE article is BS? I don’t see why do you think people believe that… There are always people here who misinterpret things and that’s where the fighting starts. There are people here who talk a lot about Bar even though they allegedly hate her. There are ones who believe she is scheming to get back with Leo but the Leo is using Erin to get back with her one is new to me. I don’t think anyone believes that!

  50. 50
    Don't go there Says:

    Don’t click on that link either.

  51. 51
    @44 Says:

    Have you seen the one of ‘cute and elegant Erin’ at that photo shoot sitting on a step in a skirt?

  52. 52
    @49 Says:

    These people don’t care about Leo/Erin/Bar or anyone else. They only want to incite user comments so they can spread m@lware and v1ruses. IGNORE, IGNORE.

  53. 53
    Damn Says:

    What nonsense is all this?
    Blogs are connecting and already laughing at these JJ comments
    I miss the Leo days of Canada Girl, KC e.t.c. What a mess

  54. 54
    I will be the one laughing Says:

    @53 – I suggest you discontinue this activity and GET LOST. I’m onto you and won’t let you get away with this…..

  55. 55
    Damn Says:

    @I will be the one laughing:

  56. 56
    @55 Says:

    Huh? Huh?
    Why would blogs be connecting and laughing at “these” comments, but not the other totally ridiculous comments about Leo marrying an ex-girlfriend next year?
    You give yourself away by your stupidity.
    You want to dismiss my comments by saying people are laughing at them. It’s not going to work.
    You guys are no good at whatever it is you are trying to do. Seriously, amateurs. Go Away.
    And everyone else, stick to gossip sites that you know and trust and don’t have archaic technology infrastructure in place without proper security controls. JJ needs to clean up it’s act. Big Time.

  57. 57
    tinkerbell Says:

    I am glad he is alone but she’s not far off. And you know that whole article was a plant for bar, or just NE yacking again…they are never in character.

  58. 58
    @56 Says:

    Clearly you are not very good at this either. People are not laughing at the comment about him marrying his ex. Simply because that’s not what Dieter said. It was said Erin is his soulmate and he is going to marry Erin next year since she has the support of the VS models ( whatever that means ). Read those comments again and then you will realize there is a whole lot of fuss about nothing!

  59. 59
    @58 Says:

    That’s the whole point I’m trying to make. Those comments are just a ruse to incite furthersite visits/comments to spread infection. You just don’t seem to get it.

  60. 60
    Nessa Says:

    @57 – I agree. She isn’t too far off. He is there with Lukas for a few days. Will probably get serviced by a few European beauties, then the public girlfriend will make an appearance for some photo ops… I mean time with Leo. Always well executed on his part.

  61. 61
    Madeleine Says:

    Vacation time it is! And they are all going to St. Tropez!

  62. 62
    @tinkerbell Says:

    Well, the fact that you are defending this activity makes you suspect. No wonder you are camped out here all day writing nonsensical comments. Well, it’s a lot easier to catch a cyber crimin@l that lives stateside than extradite ones from overseas…..

  63. 63
    @Madeleine Says:

    They are ALL going to St Tropez? All? It’s Leo and Lukas and they are already there!

  64. 64
    Madeleine Says:

    I mean all famous people! Its the place you go to if you want to be seen and photographed.

  65. 65
    @9 and others help? Says:


    This post does not make any sense to me. Can someone else put eyes on it and help me understand?

    “Haters gonna hate !!!!!!!!!! Leo found his match with Erin !!! They will marry in 2013 – not this year, Erin is much too clever to put pressure on him; she can easily have other Hollywood stars !!!!!!!!!”

    What does the post mean when it reads “…she can have other HW stars…( although, they are supposed to be getting married in 2013)?”
    Does not make sense. (And why is she always so dramatic? CAPS, slammers, feels like screaming all the time…I don’t get it. Bit intense.)

  66. 66
    @65 Says:

    Ha, it “doesn’t make sense” because it says something you don’t want to hear….I think it reads pretty loud and clear to me. Stop trying to bait people and go away. You’re a dumb@ss if you can’t figure out what he means.

  67. 67
    MU Says:

    wth? who from bar’s camp posted this?!?!

  68. 68
    @67 Says:

    Stop trying to bring this up in a new thread. We all know its BS. Still trying to keep stirring the pot. We know what you’re doing. Go away.

  69. 69
    MU Says:

    sorry it’s the 1st i’ve heard of it. silly though.

  70. 70
    @66&67 Says:

    Why don`t you go away? I mean stop telling people what to do, please. Dieter`s comment is not about what you wanna hear or what you don`t wanna hear. It`s about the credibility or in this case the lack of it! Plus it doesn`t make sense! It doesn`t make sense to #65 and it doesn`t make sense to me and not because I don`t wanna hear it. Erin has the support of VS models???? To do what?

  71. 71
    @70 Says:

    You’re trying to find credibility from an anonymous poster on the web…..keep searching honey. I think English lessons might be good so you can improve your reading comprehension.

  72. 72
    @70 Says:

    There`s nothing wrong with my reading comprehension, honey. Dieter`s comment doesn`t make sense and he posted this whole marriage as a fact so why is it such a big deal that I asked about credibility.
    It seems like it`s you who is trying to stir up this thread for some reason…

  73. 73
    @72 Says:

    Dieter will have to speak for himself. Sounds like he knows something that you don’t.

  74. 74
    @73 Says:

    No, to me he doesn`t sound like he knows something. Because he was asked how does he know that and he never responded to the question in his next comment. Convenient. Sorry but saying that Leo found his soulmate in Erin after dating for a couple of months and stating that he is marrying her next year even though he is a commitment phobe doesn`t sound right to me. That`s why I brought up credibility and that`s why I asked him how does he know something like that. Pretty bold statement and he ignored the question about his source.

  75. 75
    @74 Says:

    Just because you asked a question does that mean someone has to answer it? Go away.

  76. 76
    @75 Says:

    Dieter has to speak for himself ( your words ) then he doesn`t have to? Once he is an anonymous poster on the web so why bother trying to find credibility then it sounds like he knows something?
    Also you don`t have the right to tell anyone to go away, so please stop it.

  77. 77
    @75 Says:

    This argument is completely pointless and it`s not worth ruining this thread furthermore. The bottom line is if you make a bold statement like Dieter you should expect that people are skeptical about it and will question your comment. You are defending Dieter because it seems like he said something you want to hear.

  78. 78
    @76 Says:

    Do yourself a favor and drop your obsession with Leo and his dating life. No doubt you are on Leo’s security psycho fan watch list and they are probably tracking you and know everything about you. Dieter may be anonymous but you are not, because you are a complete wacko.

  79. 79
    @78 Says:

    Why? What did I do that`s so upsetting to you and that `they` ( whoever they are ) are tracking me down? Let me guess I`m also a `cyber criminal`? I`m not anonymous because I`m a `wacko`? Where`s the sense in that? I`m not really talking about Leo or Erin I was talking about making statements online and I asked about credibility.

  80. 80
    What? Says:

    Humm…After reading 65, I’m looking at Dieter’s other comments.

    [He has found his future wife and mother of his kids with Erins. Everybody knows that. Haters won’t get the two apart !!!!!!!!!!]

    What does he mean about the “haters” not being able to tell them apart? Then he goes on to say [and, she has the support of Candace, Rosies, Adrianas, Mirandas. These will help Erin’s. She will not make any mistake]

    I don’t understand what the support of other models has to do with anything? Plus if I was a model coworker, I’d be pissssed about being draged into it like some kind of model politics. He should not have brought up their names. But what do they have to do with it?

    Dieter is really hard to follow to me… anyone can shed some light on his meaning above? thanks for your help guys.

  81. 81
    @79 Says:

    You are in such denial it would be funny if it wasn’t pathetic. But I don’t care about you, I’m talking about the people here who are here to take advantage of people’s interest in Leo because they have ill intent. And they know who they are. You are just a complete pathetic idiot. Keep doing your triangulation from tweets, postings and gossip columns to try to figure out where Leo is now…..can anyone say complete nutjob?

  82. 82
    Score! Says:


    Nessa knows the score

  83. 83
    Score! Says:


    His environmental commitments aren’t the only thing he puts on hold. There will be a photo op with EH, but not until he’s had his fun without her.

  84. 84
    @81 Says:

    Oh, I`m not a `wacko` anymore? Why would I wanna figure out where Leo is? This thread was started to tell the readers that he is in St Tropez. Pretty self-explanatory but of course I`m the pathetic idiot. Also please explain to me, the `nutjob` how is it an ill-intent or taking advantage of people`s interest in Leo that I questioned the credibility ( and meaning ) of Dieter`s post? Because that`s what it`s all about not even about Leo or Erin or Leo`s whereabouts.

  85. 85
    @84 Says:

    You are a wacko/nutjob that doesn’t comprehend English. Even worse.

  86. 86
    @85 Says:

    Whatever you say! Are we done?

  87. 87
    M.J. Says:

    Michael says, “did someone exclaim: “WACKO”???? – LOL

  88. 88
    @87 Says:

    Oh, boy! We are not done. Now we are trying to be funny… What`s next?

  89. 89
    What a mess! Says:

    Wake up ppl!
    If he can’t spend more than a few days with her…how come marry her???

  90. 90
    Damn Says:

    @What a mess!:
    No one needs to wake up from anything except you 3 weird conversationists in this thread. Its like the twilight zone here. A joke.

  91. 91
    What a mess! Says:

    Oh,sorry Erin! LOLOLOLOLOL

  92. 92
    Question! Says:

    Why we have never seen him smiling with her and with the rest of the world, they can catch a smile from him.

    and they are trying to convince us that they appear to be a couple in love?Fool who believe it!

  93. 93
    Justina Says:

    Wonder how long he plans to remain on the French Riviera. I am really curious to see more pictures from his European mid-summer vacation and to know WHO will be partying with him next to Lukas.

  94. 94
    @91 Says:

    You’re seeing Erin everywhere? LMAO. Whackjob Barfbot. Poor Leo. Deranged stans abound. At least he has bodyguards.

  95. 95
    omg Says:

    What are you idiots arguing about?!? A poster on JJ? LOL How lame. Look Leo will dump Erin soon enough, just like the rest of them and much sooner too. Everybody RELAX!!!!!!!! The bellafreaks will get to change their avatars again before the year is up. Everybody be happy!

  96. 96
    Older Fan Says:

    LOL @omg!
    You know I never had much respect for Leo’s latest piece of VS. Because of her smoking in the middle of the street and her tasteless nude photoshoot at such a young age.Not to mention the way she had her butt grabbed on a red carpet added to her bending on a guy while her a** was all revealed to the world. Not exactly my kind of lady. But when I was turned off the most was when she “invited” openly Adam Sandler to give him a sponge bath.
    Then I said to myself, that immature model can have a serious future with such a fine young and classy guy as Leo DiCaprio.

  97. 97
    Older Fan Says:

    I meant “can not have” a serious future with Leo.

  98. 98
    yay Says:

    good to see that leo/lukas haven’t broken up! :)

  99. 99
    lol Says:

    good to see lukas/leo haven’t broken up!

  100. 100
    Justina Says:

    @Older fan:
    I don’t think she had any lines or scenario for Sandler’s vapid movie. She was used most likely as an extra, and I guess her VS contract allowed her to work as an extra part for a movie. This said, I also believe her comments directed to a married man with children were disrespectful and degrading.
    Do you think she will show up in St-Tropez?

  101. 101
    interesting Says:

    remember this? well i wonder if this will come true….. but please no more barf! :)

    This was the same psychic who predicted the time frame for the leo/blake break-up
    my astro utopia @ 01/26/2012 at 5:21 pm +5
    Hi everyone!
    I’m back by popular demand and I’m here to shed some more light on Leo and his soulmate. You guys remember I correctly predicted the time frame for Blake Lively and Leo? Well, I have more stuff to share. First of all, this situation that he has with this current girl WILL RESOLVE itself no later than AUGUST of this year. August or EARLIER! You can mark that down on your calendars, I tell you no lies.
    Now, it is important to know that I’m not saying that they will break up in August. What I’m saying is that THEY CAN BREAK UP ANYTIME from now till August. August is just the deadline month.
    But I have even better news to tell you all. I know a lot of people have seemed to have lost faith in Leo, but have no worries because he’s going to surprise just about everyone including himself. The other great piece of news that I have to tell you is that he will be meeting his soulmate THIS YEAR. I’m not bluffing. The timeline for this is a little bit more expansive. The timeframe is two months. It will be from September to October. So no later than Sept. or Oct., Leo WILL be with his soulmate/twinsoul for sure. There is a great possibilty that it will happen way before the September/October deadline but at least you have something to work with.
    You also might be wondering where Leo will meet this girl, right? I’m seeing and sensing that he already knows her and she knows about him. I don’t see this as being in a dream sense but in a very real physical way like how you know your neighbor down the street but you’ve never really noticed them UNTIL NOW. Well UNTIL NOW has just arrived people. It’s a situation where what he’s looking for has been right in front of his face the whole time but he didn’t have the eyes to see her. Well, he will be getting “his eyes” in the coming months. She’s not a model and I not seeing someone thats famous either but she has always been in the back of his mind in a very weird way. He’s wondering if this is true? And he’s wondering if what he’s feeling is real. He has his fears and he has doubts but these doubts are of his mind and not his heart.. Everything will be coming to a head in the coming months, so you won’t have long to wait before you see that what I’m actually telling you will pan out that way.
    Now the last thing I will say before I leave is that when these two come together it will be like they’ve known each other for ages so things are going to move pretty darn fast for them. They’ve had many past lives before where they didnt get to be together but in this life it will finally happen and this is the year for all that. It is their destiny.
    In the overall scheme of things Leo and his sm are a small part of the much bigger changes that will be commencing shortly on this planet. Big changes are coming not only for Leo but for YOU reading this right now!! That’s it for now. When I have more to say I’ll be back. Later everyone, and be good to each other.

  102. 102
    Elmer Says:

    @interesting: wow I thought you guys didnt believe in this “stuff” but you always have some idiot digging up old post and posting it again…pathetic…

  103. 103
    Wexler Says:

    we need more Leo pics Jared!!!

  104. 104
    LOL Says:

    Yeah! the psychic predictions. LOL

  105. 105
    :( Says:


    He looked pretty miserable with Bar and otherwise apathetic or nagged.


    I sure hope you’re not talking about Bar, because then he really IS cheating on Erin. Erin deserves alot more respect then that!! CHEAT! USER! All for the benefit of an old looking model with a wide azz and wrestler’s legs.


    good book

  106. 106
    Agree Says:


    I meant he’s a mysogynist if he is, in fact, cheating on a beautiful and lovely woman like Erin.

    LEO: Whose idea was it to USE this girl to cover your tracks and plans with Barf over the last months? JERK!!! In years, you will see what you have gotten yourself into with her. Maybe in the short term??? Zip.

  107. 107
    @ #96 Older Fan Says:

    “fine young classy guy”? Get the cobwebs out of your head. Those days are long gone. That kind of juvenile humour is right up the alley of Leo and his band of aging fratboys.

  108. 108
    @ #99 lol Says:

    Leo + Luke 4 Ever!

  109. 109
    @ #105 and #106 Says:

    He’s not going back to Bar. He got tired of kicking her around. Take a lesson.

  110. 110
    @96 Says:

    Not an Erin fan, but its really creepy how alleged ‘Leo fans’ – cough – keep seeking out and digging up old pics of her.
    I’m sure Leo knows about them and does not care. Also nude pics in the modelling industry are NOT A BIG DEAL.
    Gisele, Kate M. Naomi, Miranda, Candice are such examples.
    Just thought I would put out out there. Pic shaming is redundant in both the fashion and movie world. No one bats an eye lid

  111. 111
    Older Fan Says:

    Have you ever seen Gisele (or Bar) having her butt grabbed by a guy on a red carpet while she was dating Leo? Have you ever seen Gisele (or Bar) flashing her nipples to the photogs for a photoshoot? If you have, please let me see them.
    I don’t believe Gisele had ever offered a sponge bath to a married man.
    And first of all, I don’t think Leo just had to snap his fingers to have Gisele or Bar leaving everything behind (career, family, friends) to follow a guy they hardly knew, to the other side of the planet.
    The choice of a partner reflects who you truly are, your values, your interests.

  112. 112
    @Older Fan Says:

    You’re not fooling anyone Bar fan
    Take a look at earlier JJ posts and how then people called her Leo’s puppy following him at a snap on holidays instead of focusing and building her career. I believe Bar is flashing her nipples now on her youtube in flogging her underwear line. You can see them by googling them. I dunno about offering a ‘sponge bath to a married man’ but as this was a movie set only a lunatic would take that to mean something sinister.
    As I say its NOT a big deal for Bar or anyone else to do this, good for them. But please with the hypocrisy / model pic shaming as concern for Leo. Leo’s choice as an adult is his, and I doubt any of this bothers him as it does you.

  113. 113
    Philly Says:

    @@Older Fan:
    She’s just angry Leo is not with her favourite thus this ‘false concern’ for Leo (ha ha) and **** shaming Erin & any of Leo’s subsequent girlfriends.

  114. 114
    @112 Says:

    Clearly she is fooling you to think she is a Bar fan. Everyone who doesn`t like Erin is a Bar fan at least on these threads. And of course a comment against Erin gives you the chance to call the person a Bar fan and start venting on Bar again.

  115. 115
    @114 Says:

    That’s right Leda. That’s exactly it. In pointing out hypocritical attacks and constant references to how Leo was with other girlfriends – as was in the last thread – I am simply trying to steer the conversation to Bar. You are all knowing and wise. I promise to instead keep writing non stop about Borington. That’s much better
    And as ALWAYS you need to stick your nose into any Leo conversation to dictate how the thread goes. But we all know you for that. I’ll refrain from going at you as that other poster does in wishing you ill.

  116. 116
    jr Says:

    most leo fans hate both, they both suck and will be gone… one down …one to go.. its not like its NOT gonna happen…erin is so irrelevant i dont know why people spend so much time talking about someone thats going away this year lol she isnt a bar or gisele…she wont be around for 5 years

  117. 117
    @115 Says:

    What`s your obsession with me dictating the thread? As soon as I post something it`s all about me dictating the thread? It`s a forum where people can post opinion but as soon as I do it it`s all about dictating the thread. What`s my big sin now? That I said that just because someone doesn`t like Erin it doesn`t mean the person is a Bar fan? Oh my god! What have I done! I sure deserve that someone sick like you wish me ill!
    I`m not all knowing and wise. I have no idea why are you steering the conversation to Bar. She is his ex and clearly a lot of people don`t like her. So help me understand why does it necessary to bring her up when she is not relevant to Leo or these threads? As his ex it`s expected she she gets mentioned but why so much? Also who is writing non stop about Borington? But if we mention her at least she is dating Leo now so talking about her is a little more relevant that talking about Bar.
    Stick my nose into a Leo conversation? AGAIN this is a public forum where anyone can leave a comment. Haven`t you noticed that? Based on your logic whenever you or anyone else posts a comment is `sticking your nose` into a conversation.
    You will refrain from going at me. Oh, like you are doing me a favor. What would be the reason for going at me? Nothing. Drama queen.

  118. 118
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Cute Gisele pregnancy pictures:

  119. 119
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Hello Leo-fans,
    Looks like the summer Leo + yacht season has started. *smiles* I wonder what the pictures will look like. First up, we have Lukas Haas, but I wonder when the new piece will join him? Whose vessel LD will be on this summer? I’ll have to Google the latest on Vlad and Naomi.
    I added the pictures above ’cause we have some GB talk on the threads (or did), and I thought she looked really sweet. She looks great pregnant.

  120. 120
    Jersey Says:


    Erin’s sleasy pics have nothing on Bar eating The Situation’s d1ck sandwich while his sleasy Jersey Shore castmates and photog Terry Richardson cheered her on. I bet Erin was in school at 15, not chasing wealthy older men like Bar was.

  121. 121
    Geez Says:

    Thanx Canada Girl. Good to see ya
    There are more pics of him in Italy hanging out with Busta Ryhmes. Though you can hardly see him. The Euro tour has commenced. lol

  122. 122
    Older Fan Says:

    I see that there are still losers who qualify his ex-gfs as threats. LOL! Too funny!

  123. 123
    Jersey Says:


    I’m not an Erin fan, but the pic shaming spam is coming from a Bar fan. The one who always talks about how classy Bar is. There is ample evidence she’s an immature, vindictive brat who has been chasing wealthy older men and selling her body since she was 15. She hung on to Leo for dear life as he wiped his feet on her for 5 years. There is nothing classy about her.

  124. 124
    Jersey Says:

    Thanks Canada Girl. Gisele looks great.

  125. 125
    @jersey Says:

    Oh you are not an Erin Fan…..??? Please. You sure are her riduculous defender.
    Talking about flat-boobed smoker, how come she is not yet seen in Europe on Leo’s heels? Hmmmm….

  126. 126
    Jersey Says:

    @Older Fan:

    Erin must be a threat to Bar for you to continue with the **** shaming pic spam. I’m responding to your spam and the hypocrisy of it, not any real or perceived threat.

  127. 127
    Jersey Says:


    He doesn’t want her there. He didn’t want Bar there last year. Erin is a flat boobed smoker. Bar is a saggy boobed drinker and smoker. I have no dog in this fight. I’m tired of the obsessive, hypocritical Bar fan and her pic spam.

  128. 128
    solange Says:

    I also find it weird she’s not with Leo and his friends in Europe??? What’s the matter?

  129. 129
    Philly Says:

    Co sign 100%. Hi Canada Girl

  130. 130
    getty Says:–999577733ujudTif33_8_XGZkAWz2zkrayZ4hgKrIHz9-fB8_In7dfLn91et79-79Hr_2tFr8umeL7CL_NX-NX-PXeEz__01mxTRb1UWVTtZNm_2aI3zxa_w69P9f89f6cvlrRB406L5FH_2msyJ1n9WZaco_k7qq2pdZnS2aX0c_-7Xw_90dNPkWfpXOfnfTy2-Gf35j-v-v9-71dXP6zoD7Nb2_GUx2bn79NfV3QP61s_Op7d3_49fGBzvc-aJ1b7rffx1qXNov7F9479elP-qFBRv–evjo1389evx5xMLo_M3v3YeQrF_MpQdC-W8A8X9za_VIRT7J0PZs1DqDhT3N1EmNy_xH0yeX0PJtItPf0PzNSaDaUs0yVfm018z-OvXzieN_cb8wcTOHQ7e779W7pp7v__azWplP8cfBsffyr54OXUvut9_nar2WMX-xV9Ncv8r8xeeX3t2ZTn91zR_gE9_nWbtjSf469fOM4eB_wf9vvK_sH_8uk0ALfzz13737LnjV_rDfpHVHm7eH79RM61W-ZP1clZ6RAw-NQB_HHAe7NzH778O8dDaNg_–nXmtfwhFMJfBsLHgLC39xC_E5s4wfH_-PVe5Fd50_4_AQAA__8i_K5WbgQAAA..&sx=AllEditorial

  131. 131
    @ 128 Says:


    Are you sure you’re an older fan? Erin got her Jenn Meyer necklace, photo opps, vacations with his friends. Leo gets to party down with his bachelor boys and models.

  132. 132
    tinkerbell Says:

    He’s hanging with Busta? What?

    I thought Busta was dead anyway…outlived his popularity in rap, which if you’re lucky your relevance is one group of teenagers from age 15 to 20…….but I am glad he’s getting out. Who’s yacht is, it P Diddy?

    I know Busta started out guesting on a tribe called quest video (Qtip) but its not Qtips yacht…..hmmmmmm….must be some mogul? Jay-Z? I thought I saw Bey’s weave on some yacht yesterday.

  133. 133
    LOL Says:

    @ tinkerbell and her I thought Busta was dead anyway… LOL

    You’re a nut case but I can’t help laugh with you/ at you.

  134. 134
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @Geez: Oh… Post a link. :)

  135. 135
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @getty: Thank you.

  136. 136
    Yahoo Says:

    Perusing the DiCaprio news feed: Leo is partying on a yacht in Portofino with Busta Rhymes and his posse. Erin is nowhere to be seen, but The Sun says she’s Leo’s girlfriend as she poses for more boring lingerie pics. Gisele and her husband are having another baby. Madalina adopted a Haitian baby boy. Bar is tweeting underwater bikini pics and planting stories about Leo pining for her in the National Enquirer.

  137. 137
    Yahoo Says:

    Artist Ed Ruscha also will be honored at the museum’s second annual Art + Film Gala, set for Oct. 27.

    Following up on the success of its first Art + Film Gala last autumn, which was chaired by Leonardo DiCaprio and museum trustee Eva Chow (wife of restaurateur Michael Chow), LACMA has announced its second gala, taking place Oct. 27.

    The event, once again chaired by DiCaprio and Chow, will honor both director Stanley Kubrick and artist Ed Ruscha, both of whom will have exhibitions of their work on view at the museum this fall.

    Director Steven Spielberg will pay tribute to Kubrick. Spielberg and Kubrick were collaborators on 2001′s AI: Artificial Intelligence, conceived by Kubrick in the 1970s and later written and directed by Spielberg.

    The gala — sponsored again by Gucci (its creative director, Frida Giannini, will be the night’s host committee chair) — raises money for the museum’s film initiatives.

    Terry Semel, former chairman of Warner Bros. and Yahoo and co-chair of LACMA’s board of trustees, said in a release: “I had the honor of working with Stanley Kubrick on the Warner Bros. films Barry Lyndon, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket and Eyes Wide Shut. It gives me great pleasure to honor Stanley at LACMA, both at the Art + Film Gala and in his retrospective exhibition.”

    The Kubrick show, opening Nov. 1, covers his career from his early photographs for Look magazine to his film work, represented through annotated scripts, production photos, cameras, costumes and props. It also looks at two projects he never completed, Napoleon and The Aryan Papers. The travelling exhibit originated at the Deutsches Filmmuseum in Frankfurt, Germany.

    “LACMA has actively taken strides to integrate film into the museum,” said LACMA CEO and Wallis Annenberg director Michael Govan, noting such exhibits in recent years as Tim Burton and Dali: Painting and Film. “Additionally, Elvis Mitchell continues to produce robust programming with Film Independent at LACMA.”

    For those who read art-world tea leaves, the timing of the Ruscha honor is interesting given that the artist recently resigned from the board of LACMA’s cross-town rival MOCA in a dispute over the direction of the museum.

    Last year’s black-tie Art + Film Gala — which raised $3 million and honored Clint Eastwood and artist John Baldessari — drew a crowd that included Kate Hudson, Jane Fonda, Olivia Wilde, Eli Roth, Julian Schnabel, Gus Van Sant, Bob Iger, Barry Meyer, Jeff Robinov and Harvey Weinstein. Industry names who serve as LACMA trustees in attendance included Brian Grazer, Michael Lynton and Steve Tisch.

  138. 138
    Philly Says:

    Now that is funny, succinct and prob accurate LOL.
    Madalina adopted???? Woow

  139. 139
    Arrangement Says:

    Funny is to see Leo covering his face and trying not to be photographed whenever Borington is not around! This is weird,last few times he smiled to the paps holding His Bicycle,and in the beach pics,ok bored,but not trying to hide LOL

  140. 140
    CanadaGirl Says:

    The yacht pictures are… random. Didn’t see Lukas in the shots. Am I wrong? Maybe it’s LH wearing the sweatshirt burka and not Leo. Perhaps LD flitted off for a rendevous uno con una bella ragazza (yes, I Google translated).
    No offense to Busta, we all put on a little, but he’s unrecognizable, eh?

  141. 141
    yahtz Says:


    Lukas is in the first shot

  142. 142
    CMIYC Says:

    Many pictures:
    Leonardo DiCaprio covers his face as he leaves the Serene yacht the morning after a party on the boat in Portofino, Italy earlier this morning (July 24, 2012).

    Lol, I wonder what Leo feels so ashamed to hide from the paps.

  143. 143
    solange Says:

    WOW! What a yacht! We all knew Leo was going to take an European cruise as he always does each summer, but… gee, this is “one mighty yacht”!

  144. 144
    Moe Says:

    Wow! What a polluter!

  145. 145
    Leo Fan Says:

    So he left the party EARLY IN THE MORNING, like at…. daylight….! Dear Leo, I wish I had your energy and endurance:)

  146. 146
    @Moe Says:

    …and what a fabulous spot to hold a party!

  147. 147
    Pussy Posse Says:


    He poses with Erin but hides after allnighters with his ***** posse. Do the math.

  148. 148
    CanadaGirl Says:

    God… so nice to see that the moderation tyranny is still in existence. So annoying.

  149. 149
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @yahtz: Ahh… so he is. So much for my theory.

  150. 150
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @Moe: Yeah… but according to the pic, he’s polluting more with ‘s e m e n’ than anything else. lol
    (apparently a word is verboten on JJ hence my two moderated comments)

  151. 151
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Looks like the yacht is a charter:
    Yeah, my last THREE comments were on one post, but the moderation is ridiculous, so I broke it up. *rolls eyes* Whatever.

  152. 152
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @ ‘P u s s y Posse’: There HAD to have been a TON of paps there waiting for them to land/disembark. Sh*t, I wouldn’t want someone taking my picture after an all nighter (if that’s what it was… probably, but I’ll leave some wiggle room). I have a lot of those pictures of me and my friends, but mine are tightly under wraps.
    I’ve said it before, I hate running into work people on my personal time. I live in a large enough city, but where I live and hang out is where everyone else wants to be on their down time. I’d be a brunch and see clients and quickly slip on the sunglasses to hide the hangover eyes. You can’t look good at 10 am when you got home at 6 am. Just sayin’.
    I give him a pass on the Getty yacht pics.

  153. 153
    Erin's Twitter (1h) Says:


    Erin Heatherton ‏@ErinHeatherton
    Cleaning my apt late last night with my bro. Me: Jeff can you organize all the scrubs in the shower together? Jeff: I don’t want no scrubs.

  154. 154
    LOL Says:

    @Erin’s Twitter (1h):

    Ok Erin…Don’t get too wild. LOL

  155. 155
    tinkerbell Says:

    @LOL: I’m not the slightest bit crazy and you know that. I’m not mad at ya but its true. Not agreeing particular opinions does not make one crazy.

    Yah, no one has heard from Busta in a while. I heard he sold the yellow (or was it orange) Lambo. Always a bad sign when the 300K car goes

  156. 156
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Moe: oh boy, this says it all. Look how pathetiic he is too. All because of the Benjamins.

    Why hide your face everyone knows that is you.
    Seriously, why even pretend.

    Oh, I am so glad she was cleaning her shower last night. Good place for her. With her poor brother no less.

  157. 157
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @Erin’s Twitter (1h): Not exciting, but real. Have to admit I did a lot of clean out yesterday too. You’ve got to take advantage of the time when you can. :) Not every day is a runway.
    I cleaned out a sh*t load of DVDs and I’m semi- watching Pitch Black before I put it, along with other DVDs, online to sell.

  158. 158
    Leo Fan Says:

    According to the Hollywood Report the shooting of Wofl of Wall Street starts on August 1st.
    So Leo is spending the best quality time possible cruising the Mediteranean sea before going back to work.

  159. 159
    NY Post Says:

  160. 160
    Andrea Says:

    Rihanna and Brown were seen together in a marathon conversation Sunday night in St. Tropez as guests on the Serene, a $300 million yacht owned by Russian vodka billionaire Yuri Shefler. Also aboard were Leonardo DiCaprio, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, as well as members of the Saudi royal family and the night’s host, Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan.

    “Rihanna had her own yacht moored nearby,” said a spy, “and Chris had been visiting her. But they came over to The Serene Sunday to join Leo with Swizz Beatz and Ludacris.”
    On the Serene, we’re told DiCaprio celebrated without girlfriend Erin Heatherton before his “The Wolf of Wall Street” films next month. West entertained guests at sea by performing two or three songs.
    Swizz Beatz and Ludacris…..:) I’m sure Leo had fun.

  161. 161
    lee Says:

    @Andrea: I’m sure he didnt…he’s a loser. I wonder how that saudi BILLIONAIRE made his millions?!?!?! Was everything legit…when its in the BILLIONS I DOUBT it…Leo is a loser hanging out with losers like Kanye and Kim Kardasian. Wife Beater Chris Brown! and A Saudi Billionare…don’t have to explain THAT one.

  162. 162
    Geez Says:

    That’s the thing. Leo is NOT too good for any of his grilfriends
    OMG! You know what these getty pics remind me of?? When Lainey wrote of his last biking pics “I’m surprised he does not have a towel wrapped around his head” .
    Well the towel is here now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  163. 163
    yeah Says:

    When she is around and it`s `official girlfriend time` he has no problem staring at the paparazzi without hiding. When he is alone doing who knows what it`s `towel time`. I also don`t think this party is anything admirable. Pretty lame! Once he is such a private guy hanging out only with his boys then all of a sudden he is in the middle of a party like this.

  164. 164
    Andrea Says:

    I don’t understand the hiding. What is he so embarrassed of? Maybe he didn’t tell “everyone” he was going to party on the French and Italian Riviera…??? I think it is actually the first time we see him wanting to hide that much.

  165. 165!! Says:

    I’ve noticed every year he hangs out with a different billionaire. Its like he’s picking out which shoes to try on today. This year it has been two so far. I guess he likes the “high life” which in reality is really the low life…

  166. 166!! Says:

    a bunch of hollywood losers looking for validation amongst each other because they’re apart of their elusive bullshiiit club they invented in their headsto feel special. Earth to Leo. No wonder he’s dating Borington. His vacuous values has the perfect vacuous girl to match! Its lik he’s in a daze that he doesnt realize that he’s in. This has been going on for years. Or maybe he does. Can’t have it boths way Leo. You cant have your cake and eat it too.

  167. 167
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Andrea: what kind of bs is this…chris brown, kim k and kanye? ewww/

  168. 168
    LOL Says:

    Hi Canada Girl- good to have ya
    Don’t really see how Leo partying with skeevies should be an attack on his girlfriend yet again but other posters now know who most of these ‘leo fans’ really are. Erin, Candice, Miranda and Lindsay are shooting with VS anyway. Y’know with her job as an actual VS angel. But if she was there partying she would be cussed out as his puppy from the ‘leo fans’ right ?*whistles*

  169. 169
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @LOL: Hi there.
    @Andrea: I stand corrected. Thanks for the update.
    I have to admit I don’t think much of the company he’s keeping. Really wealthy people pay for the company of celebrities…. perhaps this is how this rag-tag bunch got together? I DO think that these people are beneath LD, but …. well… that subject has been debated before…

  170. 170
    NYC Says:

    According to bz he is back in NYC. I guess we can expect some photos with her soon. Of course no towel on his head just the typical photo op…

  171. 171
    Erin Fan Says:


    Erin left NY last night. She rode to Rhode Island with Candice for a VS photoshoot.

  172. 172
    NYC Says:

    Good. But I’m sure she wil be back soon for the next photo op. I thought her career would get a boost by now…

  173. 173
    Andrea Says:

    That was a quick vacay. Unless he was somewhere we don’t know before landing in St-Tropez? Well since the filming of WOWS starts in one week exactly, it explains why he had to sort of rush back to NY. By the time they wrap up the pre-prod stuff and all.

  174. 174
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Erin Fan: Oh you are kidding. That is where I am right now, visiting family in their four story Italianate revival historic markered house in the historic district in Providence. But they are probably going to Newport.

    Since I dont have a life or a family ! :)

  175. 175
    be happy Says:

    Omg!! These pictures of him are hilarious. I seriously got a good laugh. Why is he hiding!?! Oh dear, that just makes it look worse….too funny. Erin needs to get papped coming home at 5 am from a party or something….not tweeting that she is cleaning the shower? And with her brother!? What? Girl, needs to step up her game…..

  176. 176
    ships passing in the night Says:

    Erin leaves NY right as Leo returns. He partied in L.A. and Vegas without her. He already hung out with Kanye and Alicia Keys’ cheating husband in Vegas before going to party with rich trash in Italy. A good boyfriend would have invited her on part of the trip, or returned home to be with her if she couldn’t go. She’s not a pot of glue. She’s his girlfriend and he should treat her like one.

  177. 177
    @176 Says:

    She may have been invited but couldn’t go because she had other things going on.

  178. 178
    alicia Says:

    She might be his girlfriend but he doesn’t seem to be commited to her. I don’t want to sound rude, but when I saw the pap pics of Leo next to Erin in Hawaii, it almost broke my heart. It was so obvious form his face expression and body language that he couldn’t wait to be somewhere else, it was embarrassing just to see these revealing images. Right after, we learned he was in L.A., then partying in Vegas to end up in Europe for a short visit to party again without her. C’mon. What else does it take people to understand the guy is not in love.

  179. 179
    alicia Says:

    And these idiot rumors about her moving with him are just bs. She just tweeted she was cleaning her apartment with her bro.

  180. 180
    DiCaprio in Portofino Says:

    Leonardo Di Caprio is on a cruise in the Mediterranean. After stopping in Skyathos and Saint Tropez he stopped in Portofino.

    The actor has been spotted as he was leaving the ship to take part in a party and he looked quite exhausted. According to sources when DiCaprio arrived at the party he was staggering and completely drunk.

  181. 181
    @Alicia #178 Says:


    You’re right.

    he looked like couldn’t wait to be somewhere else, AND with someone else.

  182. 182
    The Truth Usually Sucks Says:

    I am so sick of this boy I can’t even think straight: First off there’s the environment

    Telling me to protect the environment while he jets around in his private jet, takes a helicopter (that looks like it’s built like an Apache) to a MEGA YACHT and supports the making of electric car that’s $150,000 to own!! The electricity bill on my entire apartment is the equivalent of of one of the bathrooms in his multi million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills.

    Then there’s the whole be responsible thing: from a person who does nothing but s c r e w, drink, chase models and hang out with billionaires and celebrity trash

    I am tired of these people telling the common folk to live within their means, while they do nothing but spend, spend, spend and indulge themselves.

    Leo I think you’re a hypocrite and I hope one of those girls that you sleep with gives you a scorching case of herpes you moron!!!!

  183. 183
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @be happy: lol… true. Poor girl. She seems harmless enough. The Leo connection is helping her career, but it must hurt the feelings if he’s her boyfriend.

  184. 184
    The Truth Usually Sucks Says:

    Oh and one other thing,

    If stars like Leo and other “A listers” wish to be taken seriously, stop acting like a bunch of retards.

    Leo, take a bath once in a while and wash your a.s.s. and quit looking like you just rolled out of bed or you’re high or drunk on something.

    The whole covering of the face is getting old, that was cute when you were in your 20′s and devilishly handsome, now you’re just an middle-aged, bloated, smelly, nasty old man who chases after girls who are just past jail bait.

    This goes for Rihanna too, please don’t come looking for sympathy when Brown kicks your a.s.s. again, because obviously you like it or you wouldn’t have gone back. To women who are truly abused and trying to get out of these relationships, we are still listening to you and hope that you get through your ordeal intact.

  185. 185
    @183 Says:

    @CanadaGirl: poor my a s s…something about making beds…

  186. 186
    @ 182 Says:

    @The Truth Usually Sucks:

    Informing the public about environmental issues is not telling common folk what to do. He’s using his influence to support people and causes that he believes help the environment. I only wish he cared more about the environment and himself during his off hours.

  187. 187
    @ 185 Says:

    You can acknowledge a person’s responsibility for their situation and still feel badly for them. She’s young and making a stupid mistake . He’s getting older but can’t grow up.

  188. 188
    @ 180 Says:

    That’s sad.

  189. 189
    tinkerbell Says:

    @The Truth Usually Sucks: cosign, cosign, cosign, SMH

  190. 190
    The Truth Usually Sucks Says:

    @@ 182:

    He is not just informing the public about environmental issues, the man directed a movie on the subject.

    If he wishes to be taken seriously as an environmentalist, he needs to practice what he preaches and take his own lifestyle down a notch or two.

    Why should I listen to someone like Leo about environmentalism when he obviously doesn’t practice it in his own life? That’s like a fat person telling me how I should diet in order to shed those unwanted pounds.

  191. 191
    @ 190 Says:

    Because personal life be damned, he’s right. We’re only hurting ourselves if we don’t listen. He should practice what he preaches, but what goes on in his personal life doesn’t change the facts. There are people who are more knowledgeable than him and have devoted their lives to environmental causes. If he wants use his position to help their causes get noticed, I support it.I support him when he’s doing good works.

  192. 192
    leo's fan girl Says:

    Leo’s working at having a good time or just working probably. Wish you (Leo) were with me in AC (Atlantic City).
    Love you Leo!
    Maria R

  193. 193
    alicia Says:

    @180 – Thanks. We hardly recognize Leo. Drunk? Looking exhausted? And the pictures of him in Hawaii showed a very sloppy and neglected unhappy man. I don’t know what is wrong with him.
    @the truth usually sucks: I hate to say this, but you are totally right.

  194. 194
    About Time Says:

    They have to have broken up, Leo is back to his old patterns.

  195. 195
    tinkerbell Says:

    nah, they didnt break up. He wants to go party with the boys and she has to let him, remember she wants to be non confrontational and all that?

    Also she has work, has to be in my state (family’s anyway) on work…. so maybe it is a work conflict. You have to work a lot with VS, so I have heard. Its a big time committment for a model. Anyway, I didnt see them as miserable at all in HI, I saw her try to be comforting to him about something but he doesn t need that. I didnt see great love and passion either.

    Face it y’all he’ll be back for his muffin this week, but not really for her, but she will be conveniently there.

    Glad someone filled us in on who owns the yacht…

    Leo staggering drunk? That is not like him at all. A little soused or buzzed yet but out of control??? Either he underestimated or this aint true…however it is Vogue Italia…..

    I still think Busta is dead.

    Let me guess, Leo met SB in Vegas, got the hook up for St. Tropez, and just partied his way there… I am a bit jealuos, but i dont want to hang out with Ri-Ri OR christ brown, especially together, or Swizz Beats who is the ugliest man in hip hop, or Ludacris, who can be suprisingly intelligent sometimes but comes across as thugnacious and boring other times. I think Ri Ri is cute and talented, but i dont want to hang with her personally Sorry, as my friend likes to say ,

    Nun ya ! (none of you)

  196. 196
    5318008 Says:

    Ummm Tinkerbell?
    Forgive my ignorance… this is a genuin question.
    Do you work in the industry and therefor get a bit jealous when you aren’t asked to these things filled with celebrities you don’t want to hang with? Or are you a bit too into the ol’ Leo-forums, THINK you’re a part of these circles you’re above and kinda a tad cray cray.

  197. 197
    Italian girl Says:


    Actually, it is not only Vogue who reported the “drunk” issueo. They mentioned it on TV and other Italian columns wrote about this. They mentioned what time it was when he left the yacht and how he almost fell.

  198. 198
    .. Says:

    @Italian girl:


  199. 199
    Italian girl Says:

    Here is one

  200. 200
    Italian girl Says:

    Also, Euronews as well as RaiTV talked about it.

  201. 201
    GOSSIPGal Says:

    @194 I agree, Borrington would never let him go on all these trips by himself if they were together. Leo must have given her her walking papers.

  202. 202
    Breakup rumors Says:


    Probably is a time off again. God knows there will be many of those if you are involved with Leo.

  203. 203
    huh Says:

    Isn`t it a little too early for breakup rumors? Just before the partying started ( Vegas, LA and Europe ) they were on a vacation on Hawaii. They get back to NYC together and he breaks up with her? I don`t know… Who knows ( for sure )?
    @201: `Borrington would never let him go on all these trips…` Do you really think she has the power to keep him from doing whatever he wants?

  204. 204
    trip Says:

    When they break up you won’t hear about it until he’s found a new piece. Leo does what he wants. She only has control over her behaviour. If she had enough self respect she would leave. If he loved and respected her, he would want to be with her when he has time off. He treats her as an object to be picked up and put down at his whim.

  205. 205
    huh Says:

    `until he`s found a new piece`. Not necessarily because he is just about to start working on a new movie. It happened before that he was single for a while while working ( Inception, Gatsby ). He will be in NYC for months so he might just want to enjoy all the possibilities. But I still think it`s early to talk about breakup. JMO.

  206. 206
    ^--^ Says:

    He can enjoy all the possibilities when Erin is out of town or ‘busy’.

  207. 207
    ^--^ Says:

    busy cleaning her toilets or organising her knick knacks

  208. 208
    Hmmm Says:

    Not a breakup, but let’s say a momentary parting. Like what they had from end of March to end of May.
    Thanks @Italiang GIrl for the links to the Italian news. Very interesting.

  209. 209
    Leo Fan Says:

    I guess Leo will find someone to keep him company in NY during the filming of WOLF.

  210. 210
    Leo Fan Says:

    More about the casting of Ethan Suplee for WOLF.

  211. 211
    alicia Says:

    That’s great news, Leofan! Indeed, Ethan won’t have to stay at the hotel,

  212. 212
    Leo Fan Says:

    Now we understand why Leo had to be back in NY on Tuesday. They are still casting actors, second and third parts.

  213. 213
    goes to show Says:

    that all the partying, fame and money don’t make a person happy. most celebs including him look miserable. they are chasing for happiness in the wrong places. so sad-

  214. 214
    NY NY Says:

    I read that Danny A. Abeckaser is also joining the Wolf of Wall Street. Leo will be having a fabulous time surrounded by his old time friends.

  215. 215
    tinkerbell Says:

    They arent miserable, they just have the same problems we do BUT A LOT MORE CASH.

    He’s not unhappy or totally happy, but he does appreciate the privileges in his life as she should.

    They didnt invite me on that yacht…but my uncles both have sleep aboard sail boats you can travel hundreds of miles in–I’ll be on those. With people I can actually stand.

    Take it from a long time Leo lurker, he’s still with erin, she’s on a shoot, we will see them together but it wont be forever. He’ll be casting her off too at 25. That is magic age. SHe has a waysto go on her contract but its not love on his side.

  216. 216
    dollar signs Says:

    money doesn’t buy you happiness and i disagree with tinkerbell’s ideas. i’ve seen plenty of people (work in entertainment in LA) famous w/money and most ARE miserable. family, friends and good values = a nice life :) it’s the simple things…

  217. 217
    @215 Says:

    @tinkerbell: just like you huh? If this is how you feel Leo must be feeling the same way..cray cray…

  218. 218
    .. Says:


  219. 219
    high five! Says:

    ‘Next week on the Keeping Up With The Kardashians!.. Kim gets invited to a celebrity party with ‘Ye!’ *Cut to Leo vomiting in the background & falling off the boat.

    Oh Leo. I want to say I’m disappointed, but getting boat-drunk and falling over infront of paps for possibly the 1st time ever in your career makes me love you even more. Toot on, son! Toot on!

  220. 220
    ss Says:

    lol please. leo has NEVER been caught drunk or out of control. He is extremely careful with his image. Even when he was at the height of his popularity in the 90s, the paparazzis never managed to get pictures of him “stumbling” out of nightclubs. Think about it.. he was probably even more popular than those twilight people & justin bieber combined yet the paps never managed to get any scandalous pics of him. He does not f-ck up easily. lol at people believing random Italian sources.

  221. 221
    ss Says:

    and seriously.. what the heck is the obsession with his girlfriends on this site? get over it. he likes models. he’s not the only one in hollywood who does. The movie star & model pairing is an old hollywood cliche. rolling my eyes at the fat girls on this site who are probably upset that he’s not dating someone uglier like them.

  222. 222
    lara Says:

    @ss: What a lovely human being you are ! Calling people fat and ugly even without having seen them. Karma will catch you.

  223. 223
    @221 Says:

    @ss: why dont you go play in a flesh eating bacteria pond? your momma is ugly b*sh!!

    Just because Leo never got “caught” doesnt mean he never gets drunk. I’ve seen countless pics of his eyes looking glazed over. If you think he never gets drunk you’re sipping some of the same stuff he is. He’s just better at hiding. He’s a good hider I’ll give him that but he is in NO WAY BETTER than the rest. He can fool an idiot like you but HE CAN’T FOOL HIMSELF!

  224. 224
    ss Says:

    @lara: ok fattie.

  225. 225
    ss Says:

    @@221: lol another jealous ugly fatass. where did I say that he never gets drunk? I said he never gets caught. and he doesn’t. rolling my eyes at illiterate ugly b-tches like you.

  226. 226
    ss Says:

    I’m laughing so hard at the crazy people on this site. I’m going to enjoy spamming the f-ck out of this place :)

  227. 227
    tinkerbell Says:

    You do that baby snooks. I’d rather look at Eric Dane up there who looks a lot like Leo should, ala Blood Diamonds and The Departed.

    Can you imagine?

  228. 228
    tinkerbell Says:

    @..: I am not the slightest bit crazy, just disagree with you. That doesnt mean crazy, that means IQ higher than my shoe size.

  229. 229
    tinkerbell Says:

    @ss: Love your monniker, does it mean Schutzstaffel?

    Do you protect Hitler from Inglorous ********?

    Get your id number tattooed under you arm?

    I agree that Leo stumbling drunk is out of character, but we have seen him glazed, stoned looking and frankly some have suggested coke bloated…they were commenting on that at the Mobli party because he kept disappearing into the bathroom with Crawley Mc Nuggets, it could be true or maybehe is just a clutz. Or the guests left him so bored he got schnockered to deal with it

  230. 230
    tinkerbell Says:

    Also in close ups from Inception I was said to see the broken capillaries…he doesnt get too out of control but he has accrued the mileage…

  231. 231
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@215: did I say that at all, no I didnt . I didnt say he feels the same way as me, just that is what I see Leo enjoys the hell out of life, dont think he doesnt.

    And frankly I know who the dysfunctional morons are, you are back again, and by the way people don’t generally use “bish.” its not common so I know who you are again.

  232. 232
    @226 Says:

    @ss</a I'm neither ugly nor fat, your description is way off. Only a loser like you and Tinkerbelly would enjoy spamming this place. This aint the hot spot. Spam away. : )

    And my point is Leo might hide his habits but HE'S NO BETTER. You made your point and now I'm making mine. A completely new one. You'll be gone soon. Most people here think Erin is pretty much a loser/non factor so it will be funny seeing you respond to about a ratio of 1:10. It will be pointless to stick around unless of course you're cray cray like tinkerbelly. And even she's on our side,… kinda….
    And if you are cray cray welcome to the Mad House! The newest certified member! : ) This post is too long, goodnight.

  233. 233
    tinkerbell Says:

    BTW my deleted post was because I copied a story from the New York post about an Olympian who thrown off her team and out of the games for tweeting something racist about Africans.

    Does sound familiar, like “no endorsement or new contracts” whatsoever and perhaps “losing the ones you have left from when you were dating Leo which all the ones you have left except for a few lousy editorial gigs that we all know don’t pay much?”

    Or how many undeez have you sold? Any? Site still up???

    ah, here it is

    she’s blonde and cute too…gee, GUESS THAT DOESNT QUITE MATTER DOES IT

  234. 234
    Kitt Says:

    she is not cuter than Bar =)

  235. 235
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@226: I get tired of being called a loser….because it just isnt true…its wishful thinking from those that have disgraced themselves publicly…time and time again.

    I feel no guilt or shame for posting whenever, whatever and as many times as I want.

    I am up late because I started my own business a month ago that is doing suprisingly well on top of work….. money for the condo I’m going to buy myself….I keep getting new clients knock on wood…knock on wood !

    because I am a “loser”

  236. 236
    fantasy world Says:

    @tinkerbell: so, where’s the boyfriend while you’r doing all this! you’re dreaming girl!

  237. 237
    jnlk Says:

    ” They didnt invite me on that yacht…but my uncles both have sleep aboard sail boats you can travel hundreds of miles in–I’ll be on those.” Tinkerbell = CRAY CRAY!!!

  238. 238
    SLY Says:

    Leo is so usually very careful of his image in public. But I guess he wasn’t expecting to have paps in his face at 5 am when he got out of the yacht with Lukas. LOL! After a full day and night of partying, drinking… who wouldn’t have stumbled?
    I found this cute pic of his “actual VS piece” with her ex boyfriend. I don’t think she’ll have the opportunity to pose like this with Leo in front of the cameras, though.

  239. 239
    @tinkerbell#233 Says:

    So? It is so insulting to know that the girl had to apologize for expressing her opinions. We live in such a hypocrite politically-correct period, it’s nauseating.
    I’m sure she’ll have the backing of many different groups.

  240. 240
    @SLY Says:

    So what? You won’t give up will you? Just a name change but the pathetic pic hunting/ spaming of Erin from the alleged ‘Leo fan’ continues. Loser

  241. 241
    @239 Says:

    You are a twat if you cannot see how anyone would find her remarks offensive.She was not just a Jane Public but a representative on an international stage making disparging remarks on people of another country, and no, not only a politically correct society would take offence. But I understand how your kind don’t understand that as you have form for remarks like that. Xrist the idiot ignorant ‘Leo fans’ are out tonight.

  242. 242
    Ehhhh.... Says:

    Leo is back with Bar? Holy crap!

  243. 243
    LOL Says:

    No news so the trolls are back!
    Happy weekend y’all. Go Team GB

  244. 244
    dd Says:

    Thanks for making your point #232 …lol

  245. 245
    tinkerbell Says:

    @fantasy world: I’m visiting my parents out of state, and also he works nights at a local college, so you can just stuff it.

  246. 246
    tinkerbell Says:

    @jnlk: No, you’re cray cray, I come from a New England state, everyone has a boat, even my Dad had a Boston Whaler for a while. Both of them have 34-42 feet recreational boats, both are in yacht clubs although they are not technically yachts.

    My godfather does rent real sailing yachts though, his second wife is loaded…

    Not agreeing with your right wing silly fantastic nonsense does not make a me a loser, it just means I am smarter than you and have a good memory,

  247. 247
    tinkerbell Says:

    @jnlk: I’m on summer vacay, and near Newport, and near the ocean, so yeah, I may.

    They are not yachts but the go down to BWI and Bahamas and so forth..

  248. 248
    tinkerbell Says:

    Oh ho, that is where you are SO WRONG and fail completely as a FLACK and/or celebrity. You JUST DONT SAY THINGS LIKE THIS.The Olympic committee does not agree with you for one thing, and personally my brother had West Nile virus, he used to live in Colorado which is the number one state for infections. He has a case number with the CDC.


    And, no it is not defensible, and some whack job groups may defend her, but the moral of the story is her butt if home in greece, her olympic dream is over, she will have a very hard time every competing in the Olympics again and if she goes to other meets she will do under a cloud.

    The moral of the story for you = EPIC FAIL

    Egypt is primitive
    Palestinians are animals
    Michelle Obama looks simian
    The Williams Sisters look like gorillas
    Celebrities have other needs?

    Please. You all get what you deserve. NADA.

    get causes updates

    Greek triple jumper Voula Papachristou was kicked off the country’s Olympic team after she posted a racist message on her Twitter account.

    In response to news of an outbreak of West Nile virus in Greece, Papachristou posted a tweet in which she said, “With so many Africans in Greece, at least the West Nile mosquitoes will eat home made food!”

    Papachristou also used her Twitter account to support the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party, which gained representation in parliament on the strength of extreme anti-immigrant rhetoric.

  249. 249
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@239: Thank you, exactly, BOMB !

  250. 250
    tinkerbell Says:

    Still playing with the thumbs, Adi???

  251. 251
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Ehhhh….: EXACTLY, TOTAL CRAP.

    I havent seen Bar get any major new contracts in a while…just a few lame editorial pieces and you know those dont pay the rent.

    Desperate, are you?a>:

  252. 252
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@239: the world has struggled long and hard to get peace in some places and overthrow governments like PW Botha and apartheid South Africa…..

    and “if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.”

    Mohandas Gandhi, born in South Africa.

  253. 253
    H Says:

    @tinkerbell: nobody is playing with thumbs, you just suck. To think that someone on the “bar team” would have time to watch your every post or even care is just cray cray. We all know you’re a mental patient and this is your “free time.”

  254. 254
    Hmmmm Says:

    Issy B – Twitter

    ” My stepdad just had lunch in Greenwich next to @AnneV and Leonardo DiCaprio. Anne Vyalitsyna. And he didn’t invite me…”
    ????? So Leo is having lunch with the beautiful Anne V? Cool!!!!

  255. 255
    AnneV Says:


    Lunch as in audition. He’s testing the waters. AnneV likes douchey famous guys. He might have a shot.

    Stinkybell, you’re your own worst enemy.

  256. 256
    lilly Says:

    Anne V is in los angeles(she said it on twitter ) so no it’s not her!

  257. 257
    ? Says:

    one of the girls he met last night at 1oak?

  258. 258
    rosie Says:

    Fake tweets to generate cheating and breakup rumors. Probably someone’s PR.

  259. 259
    Geez Says:

    I don’t think he needs a shot at all lol
    He’s already been with Anna V many many times from 2008-2209 ( when he was supposed to be with Bar).
    Throw in Julie Henderson to the mix of Leo’s SI/VS model catalogue of bodily fluids exchange.
    He and Anna probably have an understanding already.

  260. 260
    Geez Says:

    Ooops. My bad. I stand corrected.
    Though the Leo & Anna gossip is TRUE
    That’s very very interesting rosie.
    Behaviour matches the stuff we read here from alleged ‘leo fans’

  261. 261
    @255 Says:

    Just a thought but could it be Erin? Both are skinny blondes and almost identical…

  262. 262
    rosie Says:

    @@255: We will find out soon enough, those PR photos with them on the bikes was a couple of weeks ago. Time to put the kaboosh on the breakup rumors.

  263. 263
    @262 Says:

    What breakup rumors? No offense but people here are talking about breakup but what else is there? What other rumor? I think Leo wanted some alone time so he got his alone time. That`s it. Don`t get me wrong I don`t think they will last long and I bet some new photo ops are coming but at the same time I don`t think there was a breakup. Also who knows who was the girl at lunch?????

  264. 264
    rosie Says:

    That tweet is so fake now that I think about it. Anne V isn’t a household name, I know some people follow models, but the fact that they put her name and even spelled it out is suspect. Usually with Leo it would be it be “just saw leo dicaprio out with his girlfriend” or “with some tall blond girl. She looked like a model”

  265. 265
    rosie Says:

    @@262: Breakup rumors ALWAYS start on the net, then tabloids start talking about it. When a couple isn’t seen together for like two weeks, people always start breakup rumors.

  266. 266
    Anne V is a GODDESS Says:


    Russian and Polish women make EXCELLENT wives. I’m neither. Truth. If it can’t be Erin, man, Anne V. is ethereal looking. Unbelievable beauty!

  267. 267
    right Says:


    Of course, they stopped the rumours. His PR reps don’t want people to know that he may have been seeing Bar on the down low the majority of the time he was with Erin. It’s possible he made a young woman fall in love with him to protect Bar, while she tries to raise her profile and popularity – which is sinking pretty bad lol!

    Rumours are he and Bar are already planning on a 2013 wedding. If there is real truth to that – PR RUSE!!! Conning the public?

  268. 268
    @266 Says:

    I don`t think he would start date Anne. Anne is already 26 and I think I read that he wanted commitment from her boyfriend and that`s why she left. Leo and commitment? A model over 25? I think Anne knows better than that… Unlike Erin.
    @267: Are you for real with this Leo and Bar thing?????

  269. 269
    @266 Says:

    *she wanted commitment….

  270. 270
    rosie Says:

    @@266: This is why I stopped posting on here. This thing with Bar is RIDICULOUS. It really is. I had no idea that a subpar, d list “model” had so many stans. It’s crazy.

  271. 271
    Geez Says:

    Please please its not all of us. Its one crazy numbers lady who is clearly on sick leave from whatever institution the Refaeli family put her in.
    Please stay.

  272. 272
    @right Says:

    I mean this in the nicest way. But do you know you can seek professional help for this constant diatribe of your’s? You see this marriage conspiracy everywhere and post it incessantly. FFS see a doctor.

  273. 273
    rosie Says:

    @Geez: It’s not just Bar though. It’s the constant bickering and the hate towards his girlfriends. I can’t lie, during the summer of Blake I went in on her because she’s an ugly, untalented, famewhore and I felt like she deserved everything she got but now it’s just sad. Sure Erin isn’t all that cute, is boring as hell and a horrible model with a nasty looking body, but she isn’t bothering anyone. She and Leo won’t be together long, so why all the hate? It’s not healthy. She is literally a non factor. Why get all worked up about a person whose own boyfriend won’t get worked up about her?

  274. 274
    Geez Says:

    OK. So you’re just a Leo freak. You’ve attacked both Blake and Bar. And then say without a smidgen of irony to posters here ‘why the hate’? Lemme guess you loved Gisle
    You’re somewhat kind to Erin who is harmless only with a nasty body. You’re no better than those you deride.
    I have no prob with any Leo girlfriends, none of them deserve relentless abuse for dating an almost 40 year old emotionally retarded womaniser but there are few of us. So scratch my earlier comments feel free to go away again if you choose, at least the numbers lady owns her own brand of crazy you just come across as sour,and intensley b8tchy.

  275. 275
    @273 Says:

    One sentence – “Erin isn’t all that cute, is boring as hell and a horrible model with a nasty looking body”
    Another sentence – “why all the hate? its not healthy”
    Are you for real?
    Think we’ve found Tinkerhell’s soulmate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  276. 276
    Geez Says:

    You’re right but TBF to Erin. She’s 23, not 26 and probably not looking for a commitment either

  277. 277
    rosie Says:

    @Geez: Yikes. LOL. All of that was not really necessary. This is a message board, no need to get so upset about something so little. My comment wasn’t even that bad to warrant a response like that. Blake had many unsavory things about her that could be brought up, that’s neither here nor there though since she is with someone else and happy. The irony in this post is funny.

  278. 278
    rosie Says:

    @@273: Once again, yikes. It isn’t really that serious. I have never posted on Erin before because I think she is a nice girl. But to say that she is a horrible model, ok horrible is harsh but not that great of a model isn’t hating, it’s an opinion that many people share. Also of her having a gross looking body. I have said that of Erin before she started dating Leo. I just don’t feel the need to keep going on and on about it. She seems sweet and that is my final opinion on her. I don’t care about her and Leo. He lives his life the way he feels proper.

  279. 279
    An Indian Says:

    @tinkerbell: Mohandas Gandhi was born in Porbander, Gujarat, India

  280. 280
    rosie Says:

    Crazy psychos on this site make you forget what the original topic was about. He starts filming next weds. I need to see him shaved before then. The beard was kinda growing on me. Apparently me saying something unsavory about two of his girlfriends makes me a Leo freak. LMAO. People need to relax and breathe.

  281. 281
    @280 Says:

    Says another crazy psycho, who admits she just returned to the site. Physician heal thyself.
    Poor Leo

  282. 282
    Wierd Says:


  283. 283
    rosie Says:

    @@280: Umm that’s just dumb. Message returned to the site, I think she posted before, canada girl returned to the site, i heart comments also returned. You would think after awhile people would calm down and move on, but it’s obvious that some people need to harp on certain things. I admit I just added to it, but what I was saying in the beginning was that it’s just the same stuff over and over again. He broke up with bar, he also broke up with blake and people are still talking about them. People can talk bad about the bellazon girls, but at least over there they are pleasant and friendly.

  284. 284
    rosie Says:

    And another thing about the “relentless abuse” these girls are facing. LMAO. These are grown woman entering into a relationship with this man. They are not innocents. Only on jj do you see this strong hate. Other sites talk so much crap about him, not his girls. Some people are reading and seeing what they want to see.

  285. 285
    tinkerbell Says:

    You’re right I just remembered the lawyer part of his life, I am also reading a novel set in Capetown where he lived..

    @An Indian: Nope.
    ndhi spent 21 years in South Africa, where he developed his political views, ethics and political leadership skills. Indians in South Africa were led by wealthy Muslims, who employed Gandhi as a lawyer, and by impoverished Hindu indentured laborers with very limited rights. Gandhi considered them all to be Indians, taking a lifetime view that “Indianness” transcended religion and caste. He believed he could bridge historic differences, especially regarding religion, and he took that belief back to India where he tried to implement it. The South African experience exposed handicaps to Gandhi that he had not known about. He realised he was out of contact with the enormous complexities of religious and cultural life in India, and believed he understood India by getting to know and leading Indians in South Africa.[26]

    In South Africa, Gandhi faced the discrimination directed at all coloured people. He was thrown off a train at Pietermaritzburg after refusing to move from the first-class. He protested and was allowed on first class the next day.[27] Travelling farther on by stagecoach, he was beaten by a driver for refusing to move to make room for a European passenger.[28] He suffered other hardships on the journey as well, including being barred from several hotels. In another incident, the magistrate of a Durban court ordered Gandhi to remove his turban, which he refused to do.[29]

  286. 286
    tinkerbell Says:

    @rosie: Crazy psychos are anybody that disagree with your right wing closed minded golddigging neo nazi agenda.

  287. 287
    tinkerbell Says:

    @H: No, you just like saying that because it makes you feel better about your ****** harebrained little self.

  288. 288
    tinkerbell Says:

    @right: Obviously, YOU are the mental patient if you believe that dating Erin is some hoax to help refaeli……pleasseee you come across as sooooo desperate these days, I must have said something that hurtttttttttssss

    Probably the tweet mistook Erin for Anne V, or they are just joking. A lot of these are you know…we just saw Leo DiCaprio in the 7-11 ha ha !

  289. 289
    An Indian Says:

    @tinkerbell: Dumbo, we were talking about where Gandhi was BORN. You say NOPE and you continue talking about what happened to him. Gandhiji was born in India. Period. Secondly, you get your knowledge from the MOVIE gandhi or other contemporary books. He is the father of my nation. So allow me to know a little better about him. And what was the rant about what happened to him in SA? You really are a lunatic

  290. 290
    @Indian Says:

    @An Indian: skool that b*tch! She thinks she knows everything about everything.Jack of all trades, master of none. But seriously it makes no sense to bring logic to the insane. Honey you’re wasting your time with that one. She won’t get it.

  291. 291
    @rosie Says:

    None of his girlfriends are hurting anyone but themselves.

  292. 292
    tinkerbell Says:

    @An Indian: I said you were RIGHT dumbass he was BORN in India and practiced law in SOUTH AFRICA and became an activist there. Living in apartheid SA only radicalized him. He refused to leave the bus, and his civil disobedience was read by and became the basis of MLK’s nonviolent strategies for the Civil Rights movement. DUH.

    I remembered the SA part of his life from being a researcher in the UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL archive for five years, not from a popular book, but it was a long time ago. YES, born in India, activist and lived in Capetown SA for many years.

    You arent Indian, just like you arent “black” either- I can tell your writing style anywhere. I dont read popular fiction either, its a lesser none known novel by Zoe Wicomb.

    That wasnt a rant either, I copied and pasted from Wikipedia. It must be nice to be as ignorant as you are, barfie! That is why you get yourself in so much trouble, you are willfully ignorant! Your mama told you only having blonde hair and big tits mattered so you dont know ****


  293. 293
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@Indian: @Indian @ 07/28/2012 at 1:08 am

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    @An Indian: skool that b*tch!


    She thinks she knows everything about everything.


    As for knowing everything, I know a lot more than you, that is not saying much but it’s enough

    “It’s not bragging when you can back it up”- Kid Rock

    Jack of all trades, master of none.


    But seriously it makes no sense to bring logic to the insane.


    Guess I made some hits tonight, I know it when you try this hard to look smart.

    Honey you’re wasting your time with that one. She won’t get it.


    Also the -ji at the end of an indian name is an endearment for someone you are familiar with, a real indian wouldnt say that, its like
    -chan in Japanese. You would have too much respect for that. You would say the Mahatma and why the hell would you be on this website anyway.

  294. 294
    ^^^^^^ Says:

    Shut up Bish. …

  295. 295
    thorny Says:

    LMAO @ Rosie. She reserves the right to hurl abuse at his girlfriends, but has the nerve to lecture about how unhealthy it is. She talks about non-existent breakup rumours, but cries PR stunt when photos surface quell breakup rumours. Make up your mind, Rose.

    Tinkerbell, take a break.

  296. 296
    An Indian Says:

    @tinkerbell: LOL She really thinks that I am BAR. Amazing !! What is your problem darling ? why are you so obsessed with a two bit nobody ex gf of leo’s. And yes I am an Indian living in India. I am a leo fan and in a job where I have to sit at the computer all day so check his thread once a while. I have never posted before and you caught me at Gandhi so I had to intervene. SHUT UP PLEASE. ALL THIS RANDOM AND INCORRECT INFO IS NOT REQUIRED HERE.

  297. 297
    An Indian Says:

    @tinkerbell: Crazy fool just saw the -ji part. Ask an Indian, EVERY REVERED PERSON IS ADDRESSED LIKE THAT . GOD you give incorrect info so confidently, an ignorant would think you know something.

  298. 298
    @An Indian Says:

    @An Indian: because she’s an idiot and if you disagree with her and don’t think Bar is the devil incarnate then you’re obviously Bar and her “flack.” You would think Bar and her “flack” would have better things to do than read her lunatic rantings everyday? LOL She really does think you’re Bar! lol She probably dreams about that girl because she is sure as hell writing about her everyday.
    She probably thinks you and I are the same person. I hope I never loose my mind. I knew she was going to start calling you Bar soon… predictable.. She can tell if you’re black, white, indian or asian by how you write and she can definitely tell if you’re Bar. LOL. She’s cray cray honey and not as bright as she thinks she is obviously. Leave It alone, It won’t change.

    Tinkerpoop and Rosie are two peas in a pod.

  299. 299
    @rosie Says:

    You really are clueless aren’t you? iheart left BECAUSE of the bitchiness you just admitted you added on to last summer.
    “only on jj do you see strong hate” – hate you just admitted you were a part of?
    What a birdbrain. No self awareness whatsoever

  300. 300
    ----- Says:

    I can see that someone has not been taking her pills lately….. still obsessed with Bar? Not healthy, not healthy for sure.

  301. 301
    tinkerbell Says:

    @An Indian: You are also a liar. Nice try though.

  302. 302
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@An Indian: Well to be honest, Bar aint that busy, and yeah she has been here a lot, so has her flack. In the Leo days they were obvious about it, someone told them to clean up their act, but old posters know they are here. And her flack aint that busy either, its Adira Ronen at Her job for Bar is to post here and other places and “defend” her online, like that is going to help at this point. I dont mind if bar models or goes on with her life, just the constant flashing of his name to help her out disgusts me.

    I know the flack’s writing style well, but after Bar went live with her twitter I picked up on hers as well and realized that she had been on here as well, the most recent posts sound like Bar.

    You are absolutely and completely naive if you think these people are “big celebrities” and have no time to mind their twitter, facebook, etc. Bar’s “career” was based on cheap media coverage, and her Mom was here all the time too, and has been outed repeatedly on numerous websites here and in Israel. 40 percent of all blog posts are fake anyway, probably more.

    I do not mind that Bar wants to be a model. I do mind how she goes about getting it and the values she and her ilk have shown off are icky, a total disgrace as a matter of fact. And I love blowing the whistle on them, Mr., “Indian.”

    Whenever they go on here I like to point it out, they really should just give up already, because I will not let them lie here. They can lie anywhere else they want to and they often do, that National Enquirer article about how Leo misses Bar was them—it recycled old material they used before. There were also a lot of fake “marriage” “engagement” and “pregnancy” rumors from them as well. Bar used to lie about living with him too, all the time. Very recently in the Israeli press as a matter of fact.

    So enjoy guys.

    If you want to be a model then JUST BE A MODEL. Go out and get modeling jobs. If you cant do that, you are not a model. Become a dental hygienist. If you rely on false media exposure for anything then you are just an annoying fraud and open to attack.

    Why do we not see Erin here all the time? I’ve seen some posts that felt a lot like her…too much insider info. But SNAP she has a regular gig with VS and doesnt need cheap exposure to work. Same thing with Blake, although she is definitely a publicist puppy she is not mentioning leo’s name over and over to get acting jobs. I havent seen it but Savages was respectable as a novel, based on reading it I wouldhave given the part to Kate Bosworth (the character is petite)
    but she gets work.

    We all hated Bar back in the day because she so obviously was plain in the face, not “beautiful” whatsoever, as one person put it “she and her alleged beauty have no business being a model” and she went after things she couldnt get through normal channels, i.e. meriting it and people wanting to work with here except for a few catalog companies no one ever heard of in the US.


  303. 303
    tinkerbell Says:

    @—–: I dont have to take any pills and those “mental” comments frankly are sophmoric (look it up) and just stupid, unoriginal cliche comments from people so chronically unoriginal, ignorant, and indefensible that that is all they can come up with.

    Why don’t you try and come up with something original besides playing with thumbs, pretending to be someone else, the multiple monnikers you have been using since jump and all the other stupid, fake, moronic bullshit you think is oh so sophisticated.

    Is it that desperate over there? I mean I haven’t seen any paid job announcements in a while. Just Escada and that was left over from leo.

    Like I said, I dont mind Bar trying to be a model, but if she had done it the fair way and the honest way she would have had to pack her bags and headed home a long time ago. She just isnt even pretty. She doesnt have a model’s body. So what? That doesnt mean one is NECESSARILY a bad person, but Bar was taught to be bad person by her mom.

    Oh, she’s modelling in Turkey???? That might be paid, and modelling in practically a third world country does suit her. I know they are trying to be part of the EU but it just doesnt count. Try modelling in Pakistan while you are at it.

    She wasnt tall and thin enough to be a runway model? Then guess what, she isn’t a runway model or a supermodel, because all supermodels do runways, period. So stop lying to yourselves and us.

  304. 304
    aliways Says:

    @tinkerbell: I’m sure if you put a picture of you and Bar side by side and asked who looked better most people would pick Bar. You’re just a hateful person full of hate, no one else is responsible for that but you. Hate is in your obsessive writings. You’ve lost your case because you’re not convincing anyone. We all see you as a nutcase. Why don’t you go on Bar threads and leave Leo threads alone? No one cares, no one is thinking about Bar like you. On your tombstone it will say “Thought about Bar Everyday” SAD

  305. 305
    @duncebat Says:

    @tinkerbell: there is no such word as sophmoric. haha I love it when people try to make themselves seem so much smarter than others but just comes up looking like a jackass in the end by misusing or misspelling words. lol You and Denise Miller would make great friends.

  306. 306
    Einstein asks Says:

    It is sort of incredible that an actor with a nice reputation and a successful career as Leo, would actually date someone from this type of background and doing this type of insignificant job.
    I mean are all models so dumb and proudly shallow?

  307. 307
    It's a lie! Says:

    Just recently she said photoshop is a lie! On this video you can see how badly she needs photoshop and makeup! Not much to look at without it. I couldn’t even recognize Erin or Candice at the beginning! Wow!

  308. 308
    @Einstein asks#306 Says:

    To answer your question: Yes.
    They don’t need a degree to act dumb and parade in bikinis or half-naked in front of a bunch of strangers. And when we think that the women during the 60s fought to get rid of this type of image.

  309. 309
    gem Says:

    okay it’s my turn. i’ve never commented on here before but i feel the need to now. okay, about leo. i don’t really hate his game. but maybe that’s because i don’t understand it. i, unlike a lot of people, accept and aknowledge that i don’t know him so i have no idea what his motives are. i don’t really see anything wrong with his partying but to be honest i don’t get why he does it. anyone wanna help me figure that one out?? i would love to know what it will take for him to get married. i keep thinking that he’ll decide to give it a try once he hit’s 40 but who knows. i think as apposed to a women who’s waiting to find the right guy and then decides they want to marry i feel like leo is simply waiting for the right time. but god would i love to watch him at one of these clubs he attends. i’d just like to know what he’s like.

  310. 310
    jnlk Says:

    Ugh, did anyone else watch that link and go completely off leo :/
    She’s such a ****

  311. 311
    Nessa Says:

    @@duncebat: Actually, not to be combative with anyone here, but sophomoric is a word. Sorry… I have a thing about language, spelling and grammar.

  312. 312
    Kass Says:

    Leo is on a boat with Kim & Kanye and Chris & Riri. Bar was photographed with Kim K. although recently but she allegedly doesn’t like her. Bet Bar is on the boat. They need to use the other 2 to try and raise their reputations now! Involve some sneaky people, who have been up to worse?. But, I love Kim K. She is beautiful. Ha! With her around there will be no photos of Bar in a suit – she can’t compare with Kim’s beauty, or Riri for that matter :)

  313. 313
    xXx Says:

    @Kass: only very interesting and classy people…
    and have you some proof ?

  314. 314
    @K313 Says:

    Why do you listen to Kass or whateva she is called now.
    She is insane!

  315. 315
    @duncebat2 Says:

    @Nessa: LIKE I SAID, there is no such word as SOPHMORIC!! Your “thing about spelling” needs improvement.

  316. 316
    Elena Says:

    @@duncebat2: Jesus, why don’t you relax. Sophomoric is a word, whoever used it misspelled it (Nessa didn’t but whoever said it originally did) but it’s not like anyone was confused about what they were trying to say.

  317. 317
    @duncebat2 Says:

    @Elena: but sophmoric isnt and when you’re trying to come online pretending to be smarter than everyone else AT LEAST get your spellings right cause then you just look moronic as ever. But I wasnt even talking to her but she butted in so that’s what you get. Read a few pages back before you jump in Miss 2 seconds poster.

  318. 318
    Nessa Says:

    @@duncebat2: And this is why I refrain from commenting here, because a lot of people here are incapable of sane/rational discussion, whether the topic is Leo or not. Don’t worry… Won’t make that mistake again.

  319. 319
    @317 Says:

    You would think someone correcting other people’s grammar in crazed rants would bother to use apostrophes in her words. Speaking of moronic………

  320. 320
    funny Says:

    i hate grammar nazis. it’s a stupid message board for christ sakes! but she did say ‘sophmoric, look it up!’ i knew what she meant, but it WAS funny that she misspelled it.

  321. 321
    funny Says:

    cray cray bar haters you give her free publicity. cut it out.

  322. 322
    funny Says:

    einstein, he doesn’t have a nice reputation with women.

  323. 323
    funny Says:

    nessa, don’t let the cray put you off. sane and rational discussion is welcome here.

  324. 324
    LOL Says:

    Here are many new “nicknames” but you seem the same as usual talking sh*t about each other.

  325. 325
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@duncebat: You tried looking it up in Google and you couldnt find it? That is because it misspelled it, it is sophomoric, which is a sophomore level vocab word in the US. It means silly, immature, inappropriate. My fingers were hurting because I am doing a freelance transcription job for someone and I typed 20 pages single spaced last night. It’s about the financial side of national college costs. I could barely move my fingers. Someone’s doctoral thesis.

    True, it was funny I misspelled that, but you didn’t even know what it means. I guess I was right, you are googling to help yourself out. The fake “Indian” post was a giveaway.

    OK Indian, who was Indira Gandhi’s father and what does the title “In Between the Assassination” mean?

    I don’t really think it is a contest of who is smarter or not, just dont LIE to me, I will know. That is it, dont lie to us.

    If a certain person had done her military service, been a model, you know a run of the mill catalog model like she was born with the good to do, and never started all the faux campaigning, no one would have a problem with her/it whatever. It’s just being fed nonsense in such an obvious way, and that all the positive posts were so OBVIOUSLY the same person on her threads, that bothered me. No one likes her, no one is GOING to like her, and the arrogance doesn’t help.

    Don’t stand there saying a sow’s ear is a silk purse. We know that.
    Otherwise I can let the topic go for tonight.

  326. 326
    @321 Says:

    You’re right about that. But as insane as she is Tinkerbell does have a point. about agendas.The loon under different names pic/video spamming Erin and calling her a ‘classless’ ‘*****’ is NOT a Leo fan.

  327. 327
    tinkerbell Says:

    @aliways: aliways @ 07/28/2012 at 9:15 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    @tinkerbell: I’m sure if you put a picture of you and Bar side by side and asked who looked better most people would pick Bar.

    I am not so sure about that, I at least look decent and am not standing there in flipflops and a sundress saying how hot I am with fake boobs and a bad dye job. Also, Bar looks like **** without makeup and clothed, like she does in the last post.

    I am also not sure I care, in fact I dont my life is based on other things, thank god. Also, Bar will age in about five years, surely ten, she’ll tank out like her Mom and that is just not a good picture.

    Looks fade, you know. Stupid, ignorant and obnoxious is apparently forever.

    I know how to dress like a woman for one thing, and I am not going into it but I look just fine. For you, apparently looks are all that matters. That is where you are wrong, because integrity matters too.

    . You’re just a hateful person full of hate,

    You are right, I don’t come here to write about all the things that I love and am interested in, I go to other sites for that. But I do LOVE coming here to dump once in a while because it is deserved by certain people.

    no one else is responsible for that but you. Hate is in your obsessive writings.

    First of, my writing is not obsessive. I think you wish I was some lone crazy, I am not going to try to prove or disprove that one way or another, but I am not. I think you know that too. You wish I could be dismissed or that I would allow the dismissal.

    ou’ve lost your case because you’re not convincing anyone.

    Honey, I don’t care. I am stating my opinion, you are free to disagree. I just have a reaction to what I am presenting.

    We all see you as a nutcase.

    Who’s WE? And that might actually be a compliment in some cases. There a lot of people in the world I want to be NOTHING like and the Refaeli clan is definitely high up there, next to Octomom and Eva Braun.

    Why don’t you go on Bar threads

    Because they are really boring and filled with twaddle that Adi or Bar herself wrote, I am not sure who but it is basically that.

    and leave Leo threads alone?

    Nah, I will post where I want.

    No one cares,

    Probably not !

    no one is thinking about Bar

    I am not thinking about Bar per se, I dont care about her really, it is the nonsense on here, like pretending to be black american or indian that arouses my anger. It’s all the posts saying that Leo really wants Bar back and so forth that provoke me because it is so DEEPLY PATHETIC, so sad, so faux, so ersatz (look that up, I spelled it right for you) that is makes my stomach turn. So why not just not do it? See if B can get any modelling assignments or personal appearances just based on how she looks. That is what is usually done. I challenge you, stop the PR blitz nonsense and just work legitimately. What do you think will happen?

    like you. On your tombstone it will say “Thought about Bar Everyday”

    First of all I dont believe in taking up space so I will be scattered across the Atlantic. And I don’t think about her everyday, you would love it I was truly obsessed, that makes your client a “celebrity.”

    I have explained this many time, you havent learned yet? Can you possibly come up with something more interesting and witty than “Take your meds?” That is what an eighth grader would say. Come on, give it the old college try, even if you never went and have no intention of ever going because what a girl needs is fake boobs not a degree or military service certificate.


    Happy, but also my fingers hurt a bit…wont stop me from typing though….:)

  328. 328
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@321: See that is thing, again SO P H O M O R IC. I know they are spamming Erin, you know it too.

    But they dont need to do that, it is not a case of downing Erin will help Bar in ANY WAY. It just won’t. It may make her feel better that her man moved on and she hasnt been able to, and that Erin essentially doesnt need Leo to model. It’s true ! She has done real runways and got VS all by herself. Great beauty? Eh. Working model yes. They did the same thing to Gisele because Barfy was never able to follow in those footsteps, neither was anybody else.

    Barfie just doesn’t have to actually be a “supermodel,” we all know that, as she just said she is too short and fat. Not fat I think, but her proportions are off for mainstream modelling She looks OK in a bikini, we know that. Should she feel bad about that? Not necessarily, but downing Erin doesnt change the industry and comes across as 8th fricking grade.

    They usually called Gisele the tranny giraffe, the man with boobs, or Gislut, it’s all over the site. It may make you feel better but it doesn’t mean they switch places.

    And if that is not hate I dont know what it is.

    Bar the girl or model I care nothing about, Bar the obnoxious marketing campaign really annoys me and pisses me off.

    You should feel bad for Bar, imagine how she really feels in side, she is supposed to be a “beautiful” “supermodel” but she knows the truth. it’s all the lying and hyperbole set me off.

    Compare her with Esti Ginsberg, not a household name, but I doubt Bar is either in the states. She did her military service, actually is beautiful, has been in a real movie and goes about her business. And no one cares!

    It’s just like accept what you are and moved on. Also if we never heard the BAR IS DROP DEAD GORGEOUS crap we never would have minded either.Oh well.

    Childish crap, mostly originating with a woman in her fifties WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER BUT APPARENTLY DOESNT>

  329. 329
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@duncebat: I dont try to make myself look smart. I am smart. Not a rocket scientist in some areas, just well educated and well read, and I care about knowledge. I am not just a pack o’boobs waiting there in the supermarket waiting to be bought.

    Who the hell is Denise Miller and why should I care? Dennis Miller I have no problem with, he was actually good on weekend update.

  330. 330
    @tinkerbell Says:

    Your delirium is getting worse and worse…. do yourself a favor, change your prescription or change your psychiatrist. Your obsession with BAR RAFAELI has taken over your sanity. Well, for what is left…..

  331. 331
    OMG Says:

    Someone please find a boyfriend for Tinkerbell … a REAL boyfriend not the imaginary that she always acclaims to have.

    She needs a life further of JJ’s pages.

    There will be someone crazy in this world willing to hear the crazy things she talks???

  332. 332
    @326 Says:


    Sure she has a point, but it doesn’t take a mini novella to make it and she’s repeated it about 189679879087 times.

  333. 333
    Denise Miller Says:

    @tinkerbell: its great to see that you don’t have a problem with Denise Miller. He’s a far right lunatic republican that uses a lot of “big words” to make himself seem smart and jumps from topic to topic in quick succession to make it seem like hes very knowledgeable about stuff but he’s really an idiot. You remind me of him a lot. He also doesn’t listen to logic. Nice to see you don’t have a problem with him, I can see why. : )

  334. 334
    An Indian Says:

    OK this is the last time I am wasting my time here. First, this person who calls herself tinkerbell is really a LUNATIC . not worth engaging with. She is SURE that an Indian cant be on this website. It angers her. She believes it is a lie. You really think that people say things to impress you. Come to India, ask anyone about Gandhiji and he will not be able to say ‘GANDHI’ alone without adding a -ji. Only the name ‘Gandhiji’ will come out. Thats because you don’t address any respected person like that. For example, you call your president ‘Obama’, if he were our President we would call him Obamaji. And where did you get ‘The Mahatma’ from ? ‘The’ doesn’t mean anything in Hindi – our mother tongue. We dont even call Gandhiji ‘Mahatma’ alone. ‘Mahatma’ is a combination of two words ‘Mahaan + Aatma ‘ . Mahaan means great and aatma means soul / spirit. Every saint is called ‘Mahatma’ in India. ‘Mahatma’ is how the west calls Gandhiji.

    Indira Gandhi’s father ?? Seriously. So you’re asking me questions from 4th standard Indian GK to check if I am an Indian. ” Between the assasinations”. Thats a giveaway how limited your knowledge is about India. This is a new age book written by Adiga. Hence, ‘Between the assasinations’ is a new age term with barely any recognition in India. As for me, I am living in Ghaziabad, India. A place near Delhi. My name is Gurpreet. SHUT UP NOW.

  335. 335
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Denise Miller: I said Dennis Miller, dumb dumb, I dont know who the hell Denise is. Dennis Miller from Saturday night live.

  336. 336
    tinkerbell Says:

    @An Indian: Gurjeet, if that is you name,

    YOU SHUT UP. If just got here there is a background on this thread going back three years that you dont know, but also I will tell you I just dont care what or who you are, there are plenty of people fronting here and you could still be one for all I know. Everything you are saying can be googled and they fake it a lot here. I’m not impressed.

  337. 337
    tinkerbell Says:

    @OMG: He’s plenty real, I just emailed him because I am out of town.

    How about you have you told Bar about you love that dare not speak its not name, Adira?

  338. 338
    tinkerbell Says:

    @An Indian: You didnt answer my question. Who is Indira’s father?

    And no, while people in India may not be so familiar with Adiga’s book, as I believe it was written and first published in English (I dont know, I DIDNT GOOGLE IT) it’s not the slighest bit “new age” at all…if you mean “contemporary” yes it was written in the last few years, but the subject matter isnt new. And yes, just about anyone in Indiawould have very,very good idea what the title is about .

    So what is it about?

    And dont give me some ish about how you dont need to prove yourself etc etc etc etc etc just tell me what you think. I want to know what a “new age” Indian thinks of it.

    By the way, what did you think of A Million Mutinies Now and Maximum City?
    How about emigrant Indian literature like Shani Mootoo and VS Naipaul? I’d like your opinion of the classic A Bend in the River and
    A House for Mr. Biswas, Gita Mehta’s River Sutra? How about ever seen Mississippi Masala, or Salaam Bombay? The Buddha of Suburbia? Any other Hanif Kureishi? I loved London Kills me, especially since it debuted Naveen Andrews…do you remember what role he played if you saw the film??? The Brick Lane?

    Who’s prettier Sarita Chowdhury or Aishwarya Rai? I know Sarita is a bit retro, how about Padma Laskshmi, I tell you though I saw Aishwarya on the street in New York at an Indian event and she literally was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in person.

    That ought to keep you busy for a while. Tell me who does a better job of showing moden day multicultural London, Ali, Akinti, Kureishi, or Zadie Smith? Tell me what you think I want to know.

  339. 339
    ??? Says:

    @tinkerbell: Listen psycho, this is a Leo thread, just go away pleeeeease!

  340. 340
    dennis miller/right wing nut Says:

    @tinkerbell: I think its the same person that she/he’s talking about idiot. Its the same Dennis Miller from Saturaday Night Live is always on faux news. He’s the darling for Fox New. He’s a well known republican, full of hate and Yes he does use BIG words a lot to make himself seem smarter. He’s the person that you love. People love a reflection of themselves. lol Liberals can’t stand him.

  341. 341
    racist Says:

    @tinkerbell: you are racist to think that just because someone lives in India they must know every aspect of Indian culture or ever famous Indian person there ever is/was. That’s like saying because someone is black they must know all the rappers. You’re a racist that doesnt know they’re racist because they have a few friends from the “other” or had s e x with them. Like those people that say I can’t be racist I have black friends.
    The longer you’re here the more I see this isnt about Leo or Bar but to use this board as a therapy session for a life unfulfilled. You’re a lunatic who needs serious help.

  342. 342
    LOL Says:

    @dennis miller/right wing nut:
    I think Tinkerbell’s response was a play on you correcting her grammar/spelling when you didn’t get the ‘Denise’ Miller one correct yourself.

  343. 343
    dennis miller/right wing nut Says:

    @LOL: I wasn’t the one who corrected her grammar but I figured that’s what the person meant

  344. 344
    On topic Says:

    Where is Leo? Anyone? Any info about him?

  345. 345
    George McFly Says:

    @on topic –
    He must be at some secluded place with his blonde toothpick making up for not having her at Vegas and the French Riviera. Just wait for some sightings or some new pics. JJ, do some research, please.

  346. 346
    On topic Says:

    Yeah, that’s what I think, too. Some remote location probably with her since she is MIA. One more vacation before work? ‘his toothpick’? LOL! Very fitting! She should enjoy it while it lasts!

  347. 347
    The Truth Usually Sucks Says:

    Mr. Eco sensitive who travels by Apache helicopter that lands on mega yacht and lives in an extreme mansion in Beverly Hills has posted information on climate change. We should ALL look at the damage that we are causing to the environment. This is a new warning about our current condition.

    I love where Leo’s heart is, I just don’t know where his brain is: I guess it’s don’t do as I do, do as I say. Oh Well.

  348. 348
    @#347 Says:

    He’s very good at tweeting eco messages and attending climate change galas with other millionaires drinking Veuve Cliquot, but when he’s on vacation and decides to party, he leaves all his nice commitments behind. He just follows his mentor’s footsteps, Al Gore.

  349. 349
    @271 Says:


    pffff – what? Better get your facts straight to avoid LAWSUIT. But, I’m curious though, because it involves a family member. How Would you know this? It’s getting sent to our IT fraud department with everything else. I ldon’t live in the US.

  350. 350
    @347 Says:

    @The Truth Usually Sucks:

    Just like the whole “Blood Diamonds” thing. First, he is encouraging the public to deal in only fair trade, which are much more expensive, and then he shows up in Sardinia at a Billionaire Jeweller’s party with a Naomi who just told off the Hague.

  351. 351
    The Truth Usually Sucks Says:


    I totally don’t understand that one either, his movies are always talking about the common man being used by the elite, but here he is hanging out with Naomi and her billionaire oligarch boyfriend. Does he really have any idea of how these people treat their countrymen back in Russia, or what the conditions are like for the ordinary man/woman/child in Russia?

    There is so much to him that is hypocritical, misogynistic, fake and just downright mean and cruel that you can’t really believe anything that he says. You wonder what kind of friends he has based on the sleazy company that he keeps and what really goes down in these clubs that he likes to hang out in.

    He’s just a freak!!!

  352. 352
    @351 Says:

    I’m not trying to be funny and you do make good points
    But based on your posts you appear to harbour a deep dislike for Leo/ his lifestyle/partners. So I have to ask why follow him? It makes no sense to obsessively observe someone you appear to hate.
    It seems YOU have the serious issues. JMO

  353. 353
    @352 Says:

    @@351: because deep down she probably believes that he’s a good person with way more potential than he’s currently displaying and she’s hoping for more even though she’s expressing her disappoint at this very moment.

  354. 354
    @353 Says:

    Fair enough. Good point
    She just seems somewhat overwrought about it. This a gossip site true, nonetheless it’s never a good idea to invest sooo emotionally in person who has no idea of your/our existence.

  355. 355
    George McFly Says:

    Another pollution factor…

  356. 356
    The Truth Usually Sucks Says:


    I do not hate Leo and I think that he is a fine actor but I also do not believe in blind celebrity worship. I believe that we are a nation of people that follow celebrities and worship them even though they often do the opposite of what they claim they are interested in public relations.

    I believe that with the problems that this country is facing, people need to look at celebrities for what they really are; people who are in the entertainment industry who make a lot of money, nothing more, nothing less.

    I feel that people should question celebrity feel good statements that sound very nice and increase popularity, but are not lived by on a day to day basis by the person making the statement.

    No disrespect.

  357. 357
    The Truth Usually Sucks Says:


    Trust me I’m not overwrought about it and I don’t just rag on Leo, I rag on a lot of other people as well.

    For the millions that they make, they deserve it. My comments will probably never be read by Leo, but my point is to put them out there as a voice of reason for the rest of us who don’t make millions and live in huge houses.

  358. 358
    @355 Says:

    You Barfbots need professional help. Another smoking pic

  359. 359
    Geez Says:

    I guess Tinkerbell was right about the Tel Aviv crew. They’re gonna stalk Leo & girlfriend till the end.

  360. 360
    George McFly Says:

    @359 – Bar is from the past, so let’s concentrate on the present, shall we:

  361. 361
    @356 Says:

    @The Truth Usually Sucks:

    You’ve brought up some valid points, but they’re not new. The fact that he can be a big fat arrogant hypocrite sometimes doesn’t invalidate the information he imparts on the millions who follow him.

    You don’t have to believe in him as a person to believe the information he’s sharing. He doesn’t claim to be perfect by virtue of the causes he promotes and no one here says he is. He’s not a scientist or researcher. They don’t typically have millions of followers. He’s an actor using his platform to get their information out to a larger audience.

    I would never dare declare myself the voice of reason, but this is what I believe. Don’t let his hypocrisy or your wealth envy distract from the larger issues. No disrespect.

  362. 362
    tinkerbell Says:

    @racist: What’s the matter Adi, got sick of Googling?

    barfbot=An Indian, just like she was “Black,” “Bish ! ”

    And the questions were pretty easy..

    who is Indira Gandhi’s father? Pandit Nehru. Not Mohandas Gandhi. It’s a little bit of a trick question, but not if you are born there.

    Between The Assassinations? It means between the Assassination of Indira and Rajiv Gandhi, both former PM,s a very violent and sad time. If he/she/it was truly from Indian you’d have to be dead or in a coma not to know what this is about.

    “Hindi is our mother tongue”—not to those who speak Urdu, Gujarati, Maharati, Tamil, Punjabi, Nepali, Malayalam, and about 20 other languages.No Indian would really say that. Even in Bombay there are many people who can’t understand each other because they come from other states….

    I just wanted to see how far she would go ! OK I’ll leave it alone now but dumb is dumb.

  363. 363
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Geez: Yes, but my point was not so much that….it’s just how useless it is…it is all about an immature young woman (en) trying to make herself feel better and the fact that she was taught retaliation makes its even. That is why she tried to steal Anne V’s bf, because when Leo broke up with her (she was pressuring to move in with him and he refused) he went with Anne V for like five minutes. It’s supposed to undo the hurt.

    Oh, and being rude about Brooklyn Decker will put you back on the cover of SI? No,it wont so you are gracious and professional even when disappointed.a

    I thought everyone knew that. Want to really piss off someone that is trying to get to you? Act like they dont exist, or what they are saying /d oing doesnt bother you. THAT impresses.

    Also there is no point to go after Erin, she is sort of boring. But whatever….it wont make rich handsome young famous end up in your bed again.

    I would bet there are starting to be some financial worries over there…
    I would bet the income was significantly down the last calendar year, too.

  364. 364
    tinkerbell Says:

    @LOL: It’s funny that we are talking about the same person I thought the nutbag was talking about some woman named Denise Miller, but you see I block people like Lush Windbag (Rush Limbaugh) out because listening to him gives you cancer.

    I didnt know Dennis Miller (it is the same person) had gone right wing but people do change and he has gone that way, maybe to get a job, but he was funny on SNL and seemingly left leaning but he changed

    I wouldnt know because I dont watch TV and more, I try to do freelance work and make money, money, money, make money-money !

  365. 365
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: Exsqueeze me? What “crime” are you talking about I just wonder? People are writing on different gossip blogs? SOOOOOOOOO?
    Expressing your opinion is not a crime in the US, its FIist Amendment Rights.

    What crime did I commit? And who is the family member?

    Seriously is this a CRAZY Refaeli person because they are loony tooney, or is it Livia Bistceanu about her “family member” Leo. Please enlighten us.

    You cannot sue ANYONE in the United States for an opinion. I know Bar once threatened people on The Superficial, she didnt like their comments and threatened to sue in Hebrew. I am serious, she signed it. And she wrote that she was bummed she couldnt sue for gossip…which no, you can’t.

    So who is this now….???

  366. 366
    tinkerbell Says:


    Thumb up Thumb down -5

    Well, the fact that you are defending this activity makes you suspect. No wonder you are camped out here all day writing nonsensical comments. Well, it’s a lot easier to catch a cyber crimin@l that lives stateside than extradite ones from overseas…..

    What criminal activity am I defending? I didnt post here about anything like this….

  367. 367
    tinkerbell Says:

    @What?: In case you havent gotten it, Dieter = J a r e d or someone who works for him.

    Dieter says all kinds of C R A P to stir up the post and drive traffic…didnt you notice??? He’s on lots of other threads..

  368. 368
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Jersey: yep.

  369. 369
    tinkerbell Says:

    And in case you didnt notice I was answering posts because was working all day, not answering myself..

    sigh, dumb is dumb is dumb.@Geez:

    Thumb up Thumb down -7

    I guess Tinkerbell was right about the Tel Aviv crew. They’re gonna stalk Leo & girlfriend till the end.

    But I just wonder what they think they are going to get out of it? It wont help BR or change her situation at all. It might feel good but does nothing practical.

  370. 370
    Question for tinkerbell Says:

    if you are so insistent on trying to convince the world that you are smart, why are you failing so publicly at social intelligence?
    You are continuously thumbed down here and it would be quite obvious to a one-eyed racoon that your comments are not wanted, not respected and increasingly ignored on these jj sites.
    What anyone with half a brain may have picked up on a long time ago, is that you might get more respect from ppl if your posts were short & relavent. Not self indulgent novels filled with c r a p about yourself that no one who simply clicks on a Leo-comments-link want to hear about.
    People who are self assured don’t need to go BUT! BUT! BUT?!! to every friggin comment posted. Just prove your maturity & walk away..PLEASE just walk away!!!!

  371. 371
    Question for tinkerbell Says:

    aaannnd to bring it back to WHAT WE WERE TALKING ABOUT TINKERBELL, I had one of Leo’s acting coaches tell me the other day that he is doing ‘SO much for charity’ behind the scenes at the moment.
    I know he may look like a hypocrite (& i guess he kinda is) but i got the impression from someone who works closely with him a lot, that he’s quite compassionate about certain issues and has done more for these issues than the public will ever know. I don’t think we’d be living in a hut if we were leonardo dicaprio either. He’s somewhat a contradiction a lot of the time yes, but i do believe he’s trying

  372. 372
    @@Dieter Says:

    Dieter could possibly BEEEE Erin herself, or just some wacko trying to stir things up for no good reason. That’s why i haven’t been around much, Leo threads turn into his girl-friend threads, and stuf. It gets boring. YAWN i must leave.

  373. 373
    @362 Says:

    @tinkerbell: don’t have to pretend to be Black when I am Black and no amount of novellas will change that fact. I still think Bar is ok.

  374. 374
    @Tinkerfool Says:

    Good for you but who cares? Why can’t you and Tinkerbell get a room? I am starting to think you deliberately do this to provoke her into more rants

  375. 375
    @On Topic Says:

    LD is not in some remote place like others pretend. He is working in NY on the WOWS preproduction.

  376. 376
    On topic Says:

    Well, there are tweets from yesterday and today. He is easily spotted ( at least by tweets ) in NYC. But there was nothing in the past few days. Nothing at all. When he is in NYC or LA there are at least a couple of tweets. Even when he is working he goes out to eat, to clubs. That`s why I think he was away somewhere ( probably with her ).

  377. 377
    The Truth Usually Sucks Says:


    I’m sorry but you are the individual who is sounding hostile. To accuse me of having wealth envy without knowing who I am is to label someone in exactly the way that you don’t like Mr. DiCaprio being labeled.

    There are some of us who feel that people should stand by their word and live as they suggest others do, obviously you are not one of those people.

    It does not matter how many times Mr. DiCaprio states his love for the environment, his actions speak louder than words. Ed Begeley Jr. is an activist and environmentalist and truly takes the lifestyle to heart in his everyday actions, maybe you should listen to what he has to say if you wish to discuss relevant issues.

    No Disrespect – I have my opinion and you have yours, you may not agree with it, but I will have it.

  378. 378
    @On Topic Says:

    He was working for the last days.

  379. 379
    @377 Says:

    And there are some people who are capable of seeing nuance and understanding that not everything is black or white obviously you are not one of those people.
    #@@356 simply said Leo is promulgating a fine message which is as old as the hills. We can choose to listen or not but disapproving of his lifestyle ought not to take away the importance of the message in its organic form. I believe that’s what s/he is saying.
    However this is not enough for fanatics like yourself.
    Anyways I’m not an environmentalist and this is boring for me.

  380. 380
    The Truth Usually Sucks Says:


    Look I don’t agree with what he has to say, but I don’t want to fight about it, you have your views and I have mine.

    You are not going to change your mind and I am not going to change mine, but if you think that I can’t state an opposing opinion, you’re wrong.

    If you don’t like opposing opinions, please feel free to go to Bellazon, where all the views are positive and everyone agrees without dissent.

    As for me this conversation is over, bye :)

  381. 381
    @380 Says:

    An counter opinion is NOT meant to change minds. I’ts just to show a different view which we all have. Something you evidently cant take.
    And don’t instruct me where I should or not go cause you read something that displeases you. Over and out

  382. 382
    Truth Seeker Says:

    “my point is to put them out there as a voice of reason for the rest of us who don’t make millions”

    Those words sound like someone with wealth envy. I detect a little bit of an ego as well in appointing yourself as the voice of reason. The truth is far more complex than you want to accept. The voices of reason I listen to have an appreciation for complexity, and never lose sight of the big picture.

    I love Ed Begley, but Leo reaches a much larger audience than Ed or environmental scientists and activists. He’s doing a service by getting the word out there. It doesn’t make him a great person and does open him up to criticism when his lifestyle falls short, but it does not invalidate the information he passes on.

    He may be using his environmental activism to cover for his faults or assuage his guilt for his non-environmentally friendly exploits, but how is that different from people who use his faults to obscure larger issues such as global warming?

  383. 383
    Truth Seeker Says:

    @@On Topic:

    Thanks for the updates

  384. 384
    On topic Says:

    There are tweets and even a photo of him in NYC all of a sudden. I just don`t believe it that he was there working but nobody has seen him for days and now? All over the place, riding his bike, restaurants …etc. Also when Erin is not tweeting usually she is with Leo. She hasn`t tweeted for a while. Don`t get me wrong I don`t like her and them together but I think they were away somewhere for a couple of days.

  385. 385
    Jenn Jenn Says:

    @On topic:

    Where are you getting the photos from?

  386. 386
    Geez Says:

    @On topic:
    I agree with you that they probably have been together.
    But I disagree that hes all of a sudden ‘all over the place’. He’s been out and about intermittently in NY clubs this past week and because NOT everyone was tweeting his every movement does not mean he was hiding in the first place. That’s the mindset of a stalker!

  387. 387
    Leo Fan Says:

    He was spotted at a couple of places in the recent days (or should I say nights), but during the days, he was attending meetings, doing some shots and auditionning more parts for the film. Lukas H. has been near Leo since they came back from Europe together.

  388. 388
    Jenn Jenn Says:

    @Leo Fan:

    Ah, the great Lukas H., such a great friend.

  389. 389
    @ 386 Says:

    Did she tweet when he was in Vegas, LA, Monte Carlo?

  390. 390
    @#389 Says:

    No she didn’t. She only tweeted when she left NY for Rhode Island and that’s the day Leo came back to NY with Lukas H.

  391. 391
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Question for tinkerbell: Honey, the reason I don’t is that I still enjoy it and frankly sometimes the hate is even fun because I know who it is coming from and I am glad to be their opposite. Otherwise I just dont care what you think.

    As for the man himself good, there is a lot to like about him. Not his attitudes towards women but otherwise yes there is a lot to like.

    I’ll write anything I want, as long as I want, as much I want and frankly my dear I just dont give damn.

  392. 392
    WHO CARES? Says:

    @@ 386:

    Matter that much if they were together or not? or if Erin tweets or not? Not to me. In fact I always keep the hope in one of those “quiet moments” they actually split up. Why ruin it suggesting that they were together?

  393. 393
    @#386 Says:

    There was a twitpic of her from last night celebrating in SOHO…. but she is not the one who tweeted it.

  394. 394
    @@#386 Says:

    Celebrating in SOHO? Was she having her butt grabbed by some guy?

  395. 395
    lame Says:

    “@Carrie_Br4dshaw: I don’t have ex’s, I have Y’s. Y the hell did I do that?” LOL

    bar keeps making unclassy disses at leo. she’s so full of herself! he must be happy to be rid of that user now!

  396. 396
    @395 Says:

    So why do you bother about her? Just ignore her! She is full of herself, she is a user yet Leo was with her for long years! Clearly it didn’t bother him!

  397. 397
    Leo Fan Says:

  398. 398
    @Who cares? Says:

    I don’t know if it means anything, but on the last two twitpics of Erin (yesterday and tonight), we don’t see her wearing the JM’s initial necklace…??? She usually wears it, well, except for the period when they were on a “break”, from end of March to end of May. Then she started to wear it again. But now, she took it away. Conclusion, anyone?

  399. 399
    Break up??? Says:

    @@Who cares?:

    What a good time to listen to what the psychic has to say.

  400. 400
    Erin not wearing her necklace Says:

  401. 401
    LOL Says:

    I think we might be reading more into it than is. Remember they were not seen 2gether April/May I think, then June/July loads of pics.
    Guess that’s how Leo rolls. On/Off. Shrug

  402. 402
    @400 Says:

    …Not wearing her necklace tonight either.
    Was she crying? Her face looks so tired compared to Candice’s.

  403. 403
    LOL Says:


    She always looks like crap compared to her fellow VS. LOL

  404. 404
    Leo Says:

    He was in NY last night at a restaurant with Lukas and at the Catch club with Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees. He’s in Williamstown, Mass. tonight with Lukas and another friend to watch Bradley Cooper play the Elephant Man.

  405. 405
    Erin Says:

    She looks like she normally does and her relationship with Leo seems normal for him.

  406. 406
    Again Off? Says:

    Better not to get excited … When you hope that it’s a permanent breakup, his girlfriends seem to have lower self-esteem than we think, able to overlook his wandering eyes for fame …

  407. 407
    Off or On Says:

    What is there to get excited about? He’s not going to change with or without Erin. His girlfriends self-esteem does not effect on his behaviour.

  408. 408
    @Off or On Says:

    It’s true. Real change comes from within. He’s not going to change for another person.

  409. 409
    Leonardo DiCaprio: Dinner in t Says:

  410. 410
    jm's necklace Says:

    can someone explain to me the JM’s necklace thing?
    is there proof leo gives it to his girls? (if thats the JM’s necklace thing)

  411. 411
    @410 Says:

    No there is no proof. She could very well have bought it herself. Especially this particular initial necklace. Jennifer Meyer has created it for the mothers to wear with the initial of their children. Katie Holmes got one with the S.

  412. 412
    @410 Says:

    … and Nicole Richie has one with an “H” for her daughter Harlow.

  413. 413
    @410 Says:

    There is no proof for MOST things Leo does. Just apply probablity/likelihood/common sense like his holiday patterns.
    JM like most fashion industry peeps tends to give stuff to high profile pals for advert or they self purchase. It is very unlikely Erin knew JM or hung out with her b4 so suddenly wearing her necklace post dating like a typical Leo girlfriend you make a guess.

  414. 414
    necklace Says:

    If Leo gave it to her then you can`t help but wonder how genuine he is. Because Bar had one as well. Same gift ( necklace ), same places for vacation with his girlfriends ( Northern California, Bahamas, Mexico, Disneyland ). Nothing genuine or special about the way he treats his girlfriends. I always get back to the same word to describe the girls and the relationships: interchangeable.

  415. 415
    promo Says:

    Someone has to buy JM’s jewelry. Erin tweets about JM’s jewelry to ingratiate herself with his friends.

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