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Leonardo DiCaprio Comes Into Movie Sets 'Ready to Work'

Leonardo DiCaprio Comes Into Movie Sets 'Ready to Work'

Leonardo DiCaprio lands via a private helicopter onto a friend’s yacht on Saturday (July 22) in Saint Tropez, France.

Recently, the 37-year-old actor’s Django Unchained co-star Jamie Foxx spoke about the process of watching the superstar work with director Quentin Tarantino.

“Here comes Leonardo DiCaprio, the good-looking guy that you see in the tabloids with the models,” Jamie said. “And he comes in so different and ready to work – to see those guys get together in the corner and develop the character and watch the character go different ways.”

FYI: Leo is wearing a Zanerobe shirt.

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  • CanadaGirl

    Looks like the yacht is a charter:
    Yeah, my last THREE comments were on one post, but the moderation is ridiculous, so I broke it up. *rolls eyes* Whatever.

  • CanadaGirl

    @ ‘P u s s y Posse’: There HAD to have been a TON of paps there waiting for them to land/disembark. Sh*t, I wouldn’t want someone taking my picture after an all nighter (if that’s what it was… probably, but I’ll leave some wiggle room). I have a lot of those pictures of me and my friends, but mine are tightly under wraps.
    I’ve said it before, I hate running into work people on my personal time. I live in a large enough city, but where I live and hang out is where everyone else wants to be on their down time. I’d be a brunch and see clients and quickly slip on the sunglasses to hide the hangover eyes. You can’t look good at 10 am when you got home at 6 am. Just sayin’.
    I give him a pass on the Getty yacht pics.

  • Erin’s Twitter (1h)


    Erin Heatherton ‏@ErinHeatherton
    Cleaning my apt late last night with my bro. Me: Jeff can you organize all the scrubs in the shower together? Jeff: I don’t want no scrubs.

  • LOL

    @Erin’s Twitter (1h):

    Ok Erin…Don’t get too wild. LOL

  • tinkerbell

    @LOL: I’m not the slightest bit crazy and you know that. I’m not mad at ya but its true. Not agreeing particular opinions does not make one crazy.

    Yah, no one has heard from Busta in a while. I heard he sold the yellow (or was it orange) Lambo. Always a bad sign when the 300K car goes

  • tinkerbell

    @Moe: oh boy, this says it all. Look how pathetiic he is too. All because of the Benjamins.

    Why hide your face everyone knows that is you.
    Seriously, why even pretend.

    Oh, I am so glad she was cleaning her shower last night. Good place for her. With her poor brother no less.

  • CanadaGirl

    @Erin’s Twitter (1h): Not exciting, but real. Have to admit I did a lot of clean out yesterday too. You’ve got to take advantage of the time when you can. :) Not every day is a runway.
    I cleaned out a sh*t load of DVDs and I’m semi- watching Pitch Black before I put it, along with other DVDs, online to sell.

  • Leo Fan

    According to the Hollywood Report the shooting of Wofl of Wall Street starts on August 1st.
    So Leo is spending the best quality time possible cruising the Mediteranean sea before going back to work.

  • NY Post
  • Andrea

    Rihanna and Brown were seen together in a marathon conversation Sunday night in St. Tropez as guests on the Serene, a $300 million yacht owned by Russian vodka billionaire Yuri Shefler. Also aboard were Leonardo DiCaprio, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, as well as members of the Saudi royal family and the night’s host, Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan.

    “Rihanna had her own yacht moored nearby,” said a spy, “and Chris had been visiting her. But they came over to The Serene Sunday to join Leo with Swizz Beatz and Ludacris.”
    On the Serene, we’re told DiCaprio celebrated without girlfriend Erin Heatherton before his “The Wolf of Wall Street” films next month. West entertained guests at sea by performing two or three songs.
    Swizz Beatz and Ludacris…..:) I’m sure Leo had fun.

  • lee

    @Andrea: I’m sure he didnt…he’s a loser. I wonder how that saudi BILLIONAIRE made his millions?!?!?! Was everything legit…when its in the BILLIONS I DOUBT it…Leo is a loser hanging out with losers like Kanye and Kim Kardasian. Wife Beater Chris Brown! and A Saudi Billionare…don’t have to explain THAT one.

  • Geez

    That’s the thing. Leo is NOT too good for any of his grilfriends
    OMG! You know what these getty pics remind me of?? When Lainey wrote of his last biking pics “I’m surprised he does not have a towel wrapped around his head” .
    Well the towel is here now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yeah

    When she is around and it`s `official girlfriend time` he has no problem staring at the paparazzi without hiding. When he is alone doing who knows what it`s `towel time`. I also don`t think this party is anything admirable. Pretty lame! Once he is such a private guy hanging out only with his boys then all of a sudden he is in the middle of a party like this.

  • Andrea

    I don’t understand the hiding. What is he so embarrassed of? Maybe he didn’t tell “everyone” he was going to party on the French and Italian Riviera…??? I think it is actually the first time we see him wanting to hide that much.


    I’ve noticed every year he hangs out with a different billionaire. Its like he’s picking out which shoes to try on today. This year it has been two so far. I guess he likes the “high life” which in reality is really the low life…


    a bunch of hollywood losers looking for validation amongst each other because they’re apart of their elusive bullshiiit club they invented in their headsto feel special. Earth to Leo. No wonder he’s dating Borington. His vacuous values has the perfect vacuous girl to match! Its lik he’s in a daze that he doesnt realize that he’s in. This has been going on for years. Or maybe he does. Can’t have it boths way Leo. You cant have your cake and eat it too.

  • tinkerbell

    @Andrea: what kind of bs is this…chris brown, kim k and kanye? ewww/

  • LOL

    Hi Canada Girl- good to have ya
    Don’t really see how Leo partying with skeevies should be an attack on his girlfriend yet again but other posters now know who most of these ‘leo fans’ really are. Erin, Candice, Miranda and Lindsay are shooting with VS anyway. Y’know with her job as an actual VS angel. But if she was there partying she would be cussed out as his puppy from the ‘leo fans’ right ?*whistles*

  • CanadaGirl

    @LOL: Hi there.
    @Andrea: I stand corrected. Thanks for the update.
    I have to admit I don’t think much of the company he’s keeping. Really wealthy people pay for the company of celebrities…. perhaps this is how this rag-tag bunch got together? I DO think that these people are beneath LD, but …. well… that subject has been debated before…

  • NYC

    According to bz he is back in NYC. I guess we can expect some photos with her soon. Of course no towel on his head just the typical photo op…

  • Erin Fan


    Erin left NY last night. She rode to Rhode Island with Candice for a VS photoshoot.

  • NYC

    Good. But I’m sure she wil be back soon for the next photo op. I thought her career would get a boost by now…

  • Andrea

    That was a quick vacay. Unless he was somewhere we don’t know before landing in St-Tropez? Well since the filming of WOWS starts in one week exactly, it explains why he had to sort of rush back to NY. By the time they wrap up the pre-prod stuff and all.

  • tinkerbell

    @Erin Fan: Oh you are kidding. That is where I am right now, visiting family in their four story Italianate revival historic markered house in the historic district in Providence. But they are probably going to Newport.

    Since I dont have a life or a family ! :)

  • be happy

    Omg!! These pictures of him are hilarious. I seriously got a good laugh. Why is he hiding!?! Oh dear, that just makes it look worse….too funny. Erin needs to get papped coming home at 5 am from a party or something….not tweeting that she is cleaning the shower? And with her brother!? What? Girl, needs to step up her game…..

  • ships passing in the night

    Erin leaves NY right as Leo returns. He partied in L.A. and Vegas without her. He already hung out with Kanye and Alicia Keys’ cheating husband in Vegas before going to party with rich trash in Italy. A good boyfriend would have invited her on part of the trip, or returned home to be with her if she couldn’t go. She’s not a pot of glue. She’s his girlfriend and he should treat her like one.

  • @176

    She may have been invited but couldn’t go because she had other things going on.

  • alicia

    She might be his girlfriend but he doesn’t seem to be commited to her. I don’t want to sound rude, but when I saw the pap pics of Leo next to Erin in Hawaii, it almost broke my heart. It was so obvious form his face expression and body language that he couldn’t wait to be somewhere else, it was embarrassing just to see these revealing images. Right after, we learned he was in L.A., then partying in Vegas to end up in Europe for a short visit to party again without her. C’mon. What else does it take people to understand the guy is not in love.

  • alicia

    And these idiot rumors about her moving with him are just bs. She just tweeted she was cleaning her apartment with her bro.

  • DiCaprio in Portofino

    Leonardo Di Caprio is on a cruise in the Mediterranean. After stopping in Skyathos and Saint Tropez he stopped in Portofino.

    The actor has been spotted as he was leaving the ship to take part in a party and he looked quite exhausted. According to sources when DiCaprio arrived at the party he was staggering and completely drunk.

  • @Alicia #178


    You’re right.

    he looked like couldn’t wait to be somewhere else, AND with someone else.

  • The Truth Usually Sucks

    I am so sick of this boy I can’t even think straight: First off there’s the environment

    Telling me to protect the environment while he jets around in his private jet, takes a helicopter (that looks like it’s built like an Apache) to a MEGA YACHT and supports the making of electric car that’s $150,000 to own!! The electricity bill on my entire apartment is the equivalent of of one of the bathrooms in his multi million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills.

    Then there’s the whole be responsible thing: from a person who does nothing but s c r e w, drink, chase models and hang out with billionaires and celebrity trash

    I am tired of these people telling the common folk to live within their means, while they do nothing but spend, spend, spend and indulge themselves.

    Leo I think you’re a hypocrite and I hope one of those girls that you sleep with gives you a scorching case of herpes you moron!!!!

  • CanadaGirl

    @be happy: lol… true. Poor girl. She seems harmless enough. The Leo connection is helping her career, but it must hurt the feelings if he’s her boyfriend.

  • The Truth Usually Sucks

    Oh and one other thing,

    If stars like Leo and other “A listers” wish to be taken seriously, stop acting like a bunch of retards.

    Leo, take a bath once in a while and wash your a.s.s. and quit looking like you just rolled out of bed or you’re high or drunk on something.

    The whole covering of the face is getting old, that was cute when you were in your 20′s and devilishly handsome, now you’re just an middle-aged, bloated, smelly, nasty old man who chases after girls who are just past jail bait.

    This goes for Rihanna too, please don’t come looking for sympathy when Brown kicks your a.s.s. again, because obviously you like it or you wouldn’t have gone back. To women who are truly abused and trying to get out of these relationships, we are still listening to you and hope that you get through your ordeal intact.

  • @183

    @CanadaGirl: poor my a s s…something about making beds…

  • @ 182

    @The Truth Usually Sucks:

    Informing the public about environmental issues is not telling common folk what to do. He’s using his influence to support people and causes that he believes help the environment. I only wish he cared more about the environment and himself during his off hours.

  • @ 185

    You can acknowledge a person’s responsibility for their situation and still feel badly for them. She’s young and making a stupid mistake . He’s getting older but can’t grow up.

  • @ 180

    That’s sad.

  • tinkerbell

    @The Truth Usually Sucks: cosign, cosign, cosign, SMH

  • The Truth Usually Sucks

    @@ 182:

    He is not just informing the public about environmental issues, the man directed a movie on the subject.

    If he wishes to be taken seriously as an environmentalist, he needs to practice what he preaches and take his own lifestyle down a notch or two.

    Why should I listen to someone like Leo about environmentalism when he obviously doesn’t practice it in his own life? That’s like a fat person telling me how I should diet in order to shed those unwanted pounds.

  • @ 190

    Because personal life be damned, he’s right. We’re only hurting ourselves if we don’t listen. He should practice what he preaches, but what goes on in his personal life doesn’t change the facts. There are people who are more knowledgeable than him and have devoted their lives to environmental causes. If he wants use his position to help their causes get noticed, I support it.I support him when he’s doing good works.

  • leo’s fan girl

    Leo’s working at having a good time or just working probably. Wish you (Leo) were with me in AC (Atlantic City).
    Love you Leo!
    Maria R

  • alicia

    @180 – Thanks. We hardly recognize Leo. Drunk? Looking exhausted? And the pictures of him in Hawaii showed a very sloppy and neglected unhappy man. I don’t know what is wrong with him.
    @the truth usually sucks: I hate to say this, but you are totally right.

  • About Time

    They have to have broken up, Leo is back to his old patterns.

  • tinkerbell

    nah, they didnt break up. He wants to go party with the boys and she has to let him, remember she wants to be non confrontational and all that?

    Also she has work, has to be in my state (family’s anyway) on work…. so maybe it is a work conflict. You have to work a lot with VS, so I have heard. Its a big time committment for a model. Anyway, I didnt see them as miserable at all in HI, I saw her try to be comforting to him about something but he doesn t need that. I didnt see great love and passion either.

    Face it y’all he’ll be back for his muffin this week, but not really for her, but she will be conveniently there.

    Glad someone filled us in on who owns the yacht…

    Leo staggering drunk? That is not like him at all. A little soused or buzzed yet but out of control??? Either he underestimated or this aint true…however it is Vogue Italia…..

    I still think Busta is dead.

    Let me guess, Leo met SB in Vegas, got the hook up for St. Tropez, and just partied his way there… I am a bit jealuos, but i dont want to hang out with Ri-Ri OR christ brown, especially together, or Swizz Beats who is the ugliest man in hip hop, or Ludacris, who can be suprisingly intelligent sometimes but comes across as thugnacious and boring other times. I think Ri Ri is cute and talented, but i dont want to hang with her personally Sorry, as my friend likes to say ,

    Nun ya ! (none of you)

  • 5318008

    Ummm Tinkerbell?
    Forgive my ignorance… this is a genuin question.
    Do you work in the industry and therefor get a bit jealous when you aren’t asked to these things filled with celebrities you don’t want to hang with? Or are you a bit too into the ol’ Leo-forums, THINK you’re a part of these circles you’re above and kinda a tad cray cray.

  • Italian girl


    Actually, it is not only Vogue who reported the “drunk” issueo. They mentioned it on TV and other Italian columns wrote about this. They mentioned what time it was when he left the yacht and how he almost fell.

  • ..

    @Italian girl:


  • Italian girl
  • Italian girl

    Also, Euronews as well as RaiTV talked about it.