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Leonardo DiCaprio Comes Into Movie Sets 'Ready to Work'

Leonardo DiCaprio Comes Into Movie Sets 'Ready to Work'

Leonardo DiCaprio lands via a private helicopter onto a friend’s yacht on Saturday (July 22) in Saint Tropez, France.

Recently, the 37-year-old actor’s Django Unchained co-star Jamie Foxx spoke about the process of watching the superstar work with director Quentin Tarantino.

“Here comes Leonardo DiCaprio, the good-looking guy that you see in the tabloids with the models,” Jamie said. “And he comes in so different and ready to work — to see those guys get together in the corner and develop the character and watch the character go different ways.”

FYI: Leo is wearing a Zanerobe shirt.

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415 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio Comes Into Movie Sets 'Ready to Work'”

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  1. 101
    interesting Says:

    remember this? well i wonder if this will come true….. but please no more barf! :)

    This was the same psychic who predicted the time frame for the leo/blake break-up
    my astro utopia @ 01/26/2012 at 5:21 pm +5
    Hi everyone!
    I’m back by popular demand and I’m here to shed some more light on Leo and his soulmate. You guys remember I correctly predicted the time frame for Blake Lively and Leo? Well, I have more stuff to share. First of all, this situation that he has with this current girl WILL RESOLVE itself no later than AUGUST of this year. August or EARLIER! You can mark that down on your calendars, I tell you no lies.
    Now, it is important to know that I’m not saying that they will break up in August. What I’m saying is that THEY CAN BREAK UP ANYTIME from now till August. August is just the deadline month.
    But I have even better news to tell you all. I know a lot of people have seemed to have lost faith in Leo, but have no worries because he’s going to surprise just about everyone including himself. The other great piece of news that I have to tell you is that he will be meeting his soulmate THIS YEAR. I’m not bluffing. The timeline for this is a little bit more expansive. The timeframe is two months. It will be from September to October. So no later than Sept. or Oct., Leo WILL be with his soulmate/twinsoul for sure. There is a great possibilty that it will happen way before the September/October deadline but at least you have something to work with.
    You also might be wondering where Leo will meet this girl, right? I’m seeing and sensing that he already knows her and she knows about him. I don’t see this as being in a dream sense but in a very real physical way like how you know your neighbor down the street but you’ve never really noticed them UNTIL NOW. Well UNTIL NOW has just arrived people. It’s a situation where what he’s looking for has been right in front of his face the whole time but he didn’t have the eyes to see her. Well, he will be getting “his eyes” in the coming months. She’s not a model and I not seeing someone thats famous either but she has always been in the back of his mind in a very weird way. He’s wondering if this is true? And he’s wondering if what he’s feeling is real. He has his fears and he has doubts but these doubts are of his mind and not his heart.. Everything will be coming to a head in the coming months, so you won’t have long to wait before you see that what I’m actually telling you will pan out that way.
    Now the last thing I will say before I leave is that when these two come together it will be like they’ve known each other for ages so things are going to move pretty darn fast for them. They’ve had many past lives before where they didnt get to be together but in this life it will finally happen and this is the year for all that. It is their destiny.
    In the overall scheme of things Leo and his sm are a small part of the much bigger changes that will be commencing shortly on this planet. Big changes are coming not only for Leo but for YOU reading this right now!! That’s it for now. When I have more to say I’ll be back. Later everyone, and be good to each other.

  2. 102
    Elmer Says:

    @interesting: wow I thought you guys didnt believe in this “stuff” but you always have some idiot digging up old post and posting it again…pathetic…

  3. 103
    Wexler Says:

    we need more Leo pics Jared!!!

  4. 104
    LOL Says:

    Yeah! the psychic predictions. LOL

  5. 105
    :( Says:


    He looked pretty miserable with Bar and otherwise apathetic or nagged.


    I sure hope you’re not talking about Bar, because then he really IS cheating on Erin. Erin deserves alot more respect then that!! CHEAT! USER! All for the benefit of an old looking model with a wide azz and wrestler’s legs.


    good book

  6. 106
    Agree Says:


    I meant he’s a mysogynist if he is, in fact, cheating on a beautiful and lovely woman like Erin.

    LEO: Whose idea was it to USE this girl to cover your tracks and plans with Barf over the last months? JERK!!! In years, you will see what you have gotten yourself into with her. Maybe in the short term??? Zip.

  7. 107
    @ #96 Older Fan Says:

    “fine young classy guy”? Get the cobwebs out of your head. Those days are long gone. That kind of juvenile humour is right up the alley of Leo and his band of aging fratboys.

  8. 108
    @ #99 lol Says:

    Leo + Luke 4 Ever!

  9. 109
    @ #105 and #106 Says:

    He’s not going back to Bar. He got tired of kicking her around. Take a lesson.

  10. 110
    @96 Says:

    Not an Erin fan, but its really creepy how alleged ‘Leo fans’ – cough – keep seeking out and digging up old pics of her.
    I’m sure Leo knows about them and does not care. Also nude pics in the modelling industry are NOT A BIG DEAL.
    Gisele, Kate M. Naomi, Miranda, Candice are such examples.
    Just thought I would put out out there. Pic shaming is redundant in both the fashion and movie world. No one bats an eye lid

  11. 111
    Older Fan Says:

    Have you ever seen Gisele (or Bar) having her butt grabbed by a guy on a red carpet while she was dating Leo? Have you ever seen Gisele (or Bar) flashing her nipples to the photogs for a photoshoot? If you have, please let me see them.
    I don’t believe Gisele had ever offered a sponge bath to a married man.
    And first of all, I don’t think Leo just had to snap his fingers to have Gisele or Bar leaving everything behind (career, family, friends) to follow a guy they hardly knew, to the other side of the planet.
    The choice of a partner reflects who you truly are, your values, your interests.

  12. 112
    @Older Fan Says:

    You’re not fooling anyone Bar fan
    Take a look at earlier JJ posts and how then people called her Leo’s puppy following him at a snap on holidays instead of focusing and building her career. I believe Bar is flashing her nipples now on her youtube in flogging her underwear line. You can see them by googling them. I dunno about offering a ‘sponge bath to a married man’ but as this was a movie set only a lunatic would take that to mean something sinister.
    As I say its NOT a big deal for Bar or anyone else to do this, good for them. But please with the hypocrisy / model pic shaming as concern for Leo. Leo’s choice as an adult is his, and I doubt any of this bothers him as it does you.

  13. 113
    Philly Says:

    @@Older Fan:
    She’s just angry Leo is not with her favourite thus this ‘false concern’ for Leo (ha ha) and **** shaming Erin & any of Leo’s subsequent girlfriends.

  14. 114
    @112 Says:

    Clearly she is fooling you to think she is a Bar fan. Everyone who doesn`t like Erin is a Bar fan at least on these threads. And of course a comment against Erin gives you the chance to call the person a Bar fan and start venting on Bar again.

  15. 115
    @114 Says:

    That’s right Leda. That’s exactly it. In pointing out hypocritical attacks and constant references to how Leo was with other girlfriends – as was in the last thread – I am simply trying to steer the conversation to Bar. You are all knowing and wise. I promise to instead keep writing non stop about Borington. That’s much better
    And as ALWAYS you need to stick your nose into any Leo conversation to dictate how the thread goes. But we all know you for that. I’ll refrain from going at you as that other poster does in wishing you ill.

  16. 116
    jr Says:

    most leo fans hate both, they both suck and will be gone… one down …one to go.. its not like its NOT gonna happen…erin is so irrelevant i dont know why people spend so much time talking about someone thats going away this year lol she isnt a bar or gisele…she wont be around for 5 years

  17. 117
    @115 Says:

    What`s your obsession with me dictating the thread? As soon as I post something it`s all about me dictating the thread? It`s a forum where people can post opinion but as soon as I do it it`s all about dictating the thread. What`s my big sin now? That I said that just because someone doesn`t like Erin it doesn`t mean the person is a Bar fan? Oh my god! What have I done! I sure deserve that someone sick like you wish me ill!
    I`m not all knowing and wise. I have no idea why are you steering the conversation to Bar. She is his ex and clearly a lot of people don`t like her. So help me understand why does it necessary to bring her up when she is not relevant to Leo or these threads? As his ex it`s expected she she gets mentioned but why so much? Also who is writing non stop about Borington? But if we mention her at least she is dating Leo now so talking about her is a little more relevant that talking about Bar.
    Stick my nose into a Leo conversation? AGAIN this is a public forum where anyone can leave a comment. Haven`t you noticed that? Based on your logic whenever you or anyone else posts a comment is `sticking your nose` into a conversation.
    You will refrain from going at me. Oh, like you are doing me a favor. What would be the reason for going at me? Nothing. Drama queen.

  18. 118
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Cute Gisele pregnancy pictures:

  19. 119
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Hello Leo-fans,
    Looks like the summer Leo + yacht season has started. *smiles* I wonder what the pictures will look like. First up, we have Lukas Haas, but I wonder when the new piece will join him? Whose vessel LD will be on this summer? I’ll have to Google the latest on Vlad and Naomi.
    I added the pictures above ’cause we have some GB talk on the threads (or did), and I thought she looked really sweet. She looks great pregnant.

  20. 120
    Jersey Says:


    Erin’s sleasy pics have nothing on Bar eating The Situation’s d1ck sandwich while his sleasy Jersey Shore castmates and photog Terry Richardson cheered her on. I bet Erin was in school at 15, not chasing wealthy older men like Bar was.

  21. 121
    Geez Says:

    Thanx Canada Girl. Good to see ya
    There are more pics of him in Italy hanging out with Busta Ryhmes. Though you can hardly see him. The Euro tour has commenced. lol

  22. 122
    Older Fan Says:

    I see that there are still losers who qualify his ex-gfs as threats. LOL! Too funny!

  23. 123
    Jersey Says:


    I’m not an Erin fan, but the pic shaming spam is coming from a Bar fan. The one who always talks about how classy Bar is. There is ample evidence she’s an immature, vindictive brat who has been chasing wealthy older men and selling her body since she was 15. She hung on to Leo for dear life as he wiped his feet on her for 5 years. There is nothing classy about her.

  24. 124
    Jersey Says:

    Thanks Canada Girl. Gisele looks great.

  25. 125
    @jersey Says:

    Oh you are not an Erin Fan…..??? Please. You sure are her riduculous defender.
    Talking about flat-boobed smoker, how come she is not yet seen in Europe on Leo’s heels? Hmmmm….

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