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Leonardo DiCaprio Comes Into Movie Sets 'Ready to Work'

Leonardo DiCaprio Comes Into Movie Sets 'Ready to Work'

Leonardo DiCaprio lands via a private helicopter onto a friend’s yacht on Saturday (July 22) in Saint Tropez, France.

Recently, the 37-year-old actor’s Django Unchained co-star Jamie Foxx spoke about the process of watching the superstar work with director Quentin Tarantino.

“Here comes Leonardo DiCaprio, the good-looking guy that you see in the tabloids with the models,” Jamie said. “And he comes in so different and ready to work – to see those guys get together in the corner and develop the character and watch the character go different ways.”

FYI: Leo is wearing a Zanerobe shirt.

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  • tinkerbell

    @Ehhhh….: EXACTLY, TOTAL CRAP.

    I havent seen Bar get any major new contracts in a while…just a few lame editorial pieces and you know those dont pay the rent.

    Desperate, are you?a>:

  • tinkerbell

    @@239: the world has struggled long and hard to get peace in some places and overthrow governments like PW Botha and apartheid South Africa…..

    and “if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.”

    Mohandas Gandhi, born in South Africa.

  • H

    @tinkerbell: nobody is playing with thumbs, you just suck. To think that someone on the “bar team” would have time to watch your every post or even care is just cray cray. We all know you’re a mental patient and this is your “free time.”

  • Hmmmm

    Issy B – Twitter

    ” My stepdad just had lunch in Greenwich next to @AnneV and Leonardo DiCaprio. Anne Vyalitsyna. And he didn’t invite me…”
    ????? So Leo is having lunch with the beautiful Anne V? Cool!!!!

  • AnneV


    Lunch as in audition. He’s testing the waters. AnneV likes douchey famous guys. He might have a shot.

    Stinkybell, you’re your own worst enemy.

  • lilly

    Anne V is in los angeles(she said it on twitter ) so no it’s not her!

  • ?

    one of the girls he met last night at 1oak?

  • rosie

    Fake tweets to generate cheating and breakup rumors. Probably someone’s PR.

  • Geez

    I don’t think he needs a shot at all lol
    He’s already been with Anna V many many times from 2008-2209 ( when he was supposed to be with Bar).
    Throw in Julie Henderson to the mix of Leo’s SI/VS model catalogue of bodily fluids exchange.
    He and Anna probably have an understanding already.

  • Geez

    Ooops. My bad. I stand corrected.
    Though the Leo & Anna gossip is TRUE
    That’s very very interesting rosie.
    Behaviour matches the stuff we read here from alleged ‘leo fans’

  • @255

    Just a thought but could it be Erin? Both are skinny blondes and almost identical…

  • rosie

    @@255: We will find out soon enough, those PR photos with them on the bikes was a couple of weeks ago. Time to put the kaboosh on the breakup rumors.

  • @262

    What breakup rumors? No offense but people here are talking about breakup but what else is there? What other rumor? I think Leo wanted some alone time so he got his alone time. That`s it. Don`t get me wrong I don`t think they will last long and I bet some new photo ops are coming but at the same time I don`t think there was a breakup. Also who knows who was the girl at lunch?????

  • rosie

    That tweet is so fake now that I think about it. Anne V isn’t a household name, I know some people follow models, but the fact that they put her name and even spelled it out is suspect. Usually with Leo it would be it be “just saw leo dicaprio out with his girlfriend” or “with some tall blond girl. She looked like a model”

  • rosie

    @@262: Breakup rumors ALWAYS start on the net, then tabloids start talking about it. When a couple isn’t seen together for like two weeks, people always start breakup rumors.

  • Anne V is a GODDESS


    Russian and Polish women make EXCELLENT wives. I’m neither. Truth. If it can’t be Erin, man, Anne V. is ethereal looking. Unbelievable beauty!

  • right


    Of course, they stopped the rumours. His PR reps don’t want people to know that he may have been seeing Bar on the down low the majority of the time he was with Erin. It’s possible he made a young woman fall in love with him to protect Bar, while she tries to raise her profile and popularity – which is sinking pretty bad lol!

    Rumours are he and Bar are already planning on a 2013 wedding. If there is real truth to that – PR RUSE!!! Conning the public?

  • @266

    I don`t think he would start date Anne. Anne is already 26 and I think I read that he wanted commitment from her boyfriend and that`s why she left. Leo and commitment? A model over 25? I think Anne knows better than that… Unlike Erin.
    @267: Are you for real with this Leo and Bar thing?????

  • @266

    *she wanted commitment….

  • rosie

    @@266: This is why I stopped posting on here. This thing with Bar is RIDICULOUS. It really is. I had no idea that a subpar, d list “model” had so many stans. It’s crazy.

  • Geez

    Please please its not all of us. Its one crazy numbers lady who is clearly on sick leave from whatever institution the Refaeli family put her in.
    Please stay.

  • @right

    I mean this in the nicest way. But do you know you can seek professional help for this constant diatribe of your’s? You see this marriage conspiracy everywhere and post it incessantly. FFS see a doctor.

  • rosie

    @Geez: It’s not just Bar though. It’s the constant bickering and the hate towards his girlfriends. I can’t lie, during the summer of Blake I went in on her because she’s an ugly, untalented, famewhore and I felt like she deserved everything she got but now it’s just sad. Sure Erin isn’t all that cute, is boring as hell and a horrible model with a nasty looking body, but she isn’t bothering anyone. She and Leo won’t be together long, so why all the hate? It’s not healthy. She is literally a non factor. Why get all worked up about a person whose own boyfriend won’t get worked up about her?

  • Geez

    OK. So you’re just a Leo freak. You’ve attacked both Blake and Bar. And then say without a smidgen of irony to posters here ‘why the hate’? Lemme guess you loved Gisle
    You’re somewhat kind to Erin who is harmless only with a nasty body. You’re no better than those you deride.
    I have no prob with any Leo girlfriends, none of them deserve relentless abuse for dating an almost 40 year old emotionally retarded womaniser but there are few of us. So scratch my earlier comments feel free to go away again if you choose, at least the numbers lady owns her own brand of crazy you just come across as sour,and intensley b8tchy.

  • @273

    One sentence – “Erin isn’t all that cute, is boring as hell and a horrible model with a nasty looking body”
    Another sentence – “why all the hate? its not healthy”
    Are you for real?
    Think we’ve found Tinkerhell’s soulmate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Geez

    You’re right but TBF to Erin. She’s 23, not 26 and probably not looking for a commitment either

  • rosie

    @Geez: Yikes. LOL. All of that was not really necessary. This is a message board, no need to get so upset about something so little. My comment wasn’t even that bad to warrant a response like that. Blake had many unsavory things about her that could be brought up, that’s neither here nor there though since she is with someone else and happy. The irony in this post is funny.

  • rosie

    @@273: Once again, yikes. It isn’t really that serious. I have never posted on Erin before because I think she is a nice girl. But to say that she is a horrible model, ok horrible is harsh but not that great of a model isn’t hating, it’s an opinion that many people share. Also of her having a gross looking body. I have said that of Erin before she started dating Leo. I just don’t feel the need to keep going on and on about it. She seems sweet and that is my final opinion on her. I don’t care about her and Leo. He lives his life the way he feels proper.

  • An Indian

    @tinkerbell: Mohandas Gandhi was born in Porbander, Gujarat, India

  • rosie

    Crazy psychos on this site make you forget what the original topic was about. He starts filming next weds. I need to see him shaved before then. The beard was kinda growing on me. Apparently me saying something unsavory about two of his girlfriends makes me a Leo freak. LMAO. People need to relax and breathe.

  • @280

    Says another crazy psycho, who admits she just returned to the site. Physician heal thyself.
    Poor Leo

  • Wierd


  • rosie

    @@280: Umm that’s just dumb. Message returned to the site, I think she posted before, canada girl returned to the site, i heart comments also returned. You would think after awhile people would calm down and move on, but it’s obvious that some people need to harp on certain things. I admit I just added to it, but what I was saying in the beginning was that it’s just the same stuff over and over again. He broke up with bar, he also broke up with blake and people are still talking about them. People can talk bad about the bellazon girls, but at least over there they are pleasant and friendly.

  • rosie

    And another thing about the “relentless abuse” these girls are facing. LMAO. These are grown woman entering into a relationship with this man. They are not innocents. Only on jj do you see this strong hate. Other sites talk so much crap about him, not his girls. Some people are reading and seeing what they want to see.

  • tinkerbell

    You’re right I just remembered the lawyer part of his life, I am also reading a novel set in Capetown where he lived..

    @An Indian: Nope.
    ndhi spent 21 years in South Africa, where he developed his political views, ethics and political leadership skills. Indians in South Africa were led by wealthy Muslims, who employed Gandhi as a lawyer, and by impoverished Hindu indentured laborers with very limited rights. Gandhi considered them all to be Indians, taking a lifetime view that “Indianness” transcended religion and caste. He believed he could bridge historic differences, especially regarding religion, and he took that belief back to India where he tried to implement it. The South African experience exposed handicaps to Gandhi that he had not known about. He realised he was out of contact with the enormous complexities of religious and cultural life in India, and believed he understood India by getting to know and leading Indians in South Africa.[26]

    In South Africa, Gandhi faced the discrimination directed at all coloured people. He was thrown off a train at Pietermaritzburg after refusing to move from the first-class. He protested and was allowed on first class the next day.[27] Travelling farther on by stagecoach, he was beaten by a driver for refusing to move to make room for a European passenger.[28] He suffered other hardships on the journey as well, including being barred from several hotels. In another incident, the magistrate of a Durban court ordered Gandhi to remove his turban, which he refused to do.[29]

  • tinkerbell

    @rosie: Crazy psychos are anybody that disagree with your right wing closed minded golddigging neo nazi agenda.

  • tinkerbell

    @H: No, you just like saying that because it makes you feel better about your shitty harebrained little self.

  • tinkerbell

    @right: Obviously, YOU are the mental patient if you believe that dating Erin is some hoax to help refaeli……pleasseee you come across as sooooo desperate these days, I must have said something that hurtttttttttssss

    Probably the tweet mistook Erin for Anne V, or they are just joking. A lot of these are you know…we just saw Leo DiCaprio in the 7-11 ha ha !

  • An Indian

    @tinkerbell: Dumbo, we were talking about where Gandhi was BORN. You say NOPE and you continue talking about what happened to him. Gandhiji was born in India. Period. Secondly, you get your knowledge from the MOVIE gandhi or other contemporary books. He is the father of my nation. So allow me to know a little better about him. And what was the rant about what happened to him in SA? You really are a lunatic

  • @Indian

    @An Indian: skool that b*tch! She thinks she knows everything about everything.Jack of all trades, master of none. But seriously it makes no sense to bring logic to the insane. Honey you’re wasting your time with that one. She won’t get it.

  • @rosie

    None of his girlfriends are hurting anyone but themselves.

  • tinkerbell

    @An Indian: I said you were RIGHT dumbass he was BORN in India and practiced law in SOUTH AFRICA and became an activist there. Living in apartheid SA only radicalized him. He refused to leave the bus, and his civil disobedience was read by and became the basis of MLK’s nonviolent strategies for the Civil Rights movement. DUH.

    I remembered the SA part of his life from being a researcher in the UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL archive for five years, not from a popular book, but it was a long time ago. YES, born in India, activist and lived in Capetown SA for many years.

    You arent Indian, just like you arent “black” either- I can tell your writing style anywhere. I dont read popular fiction either, its a lesser none known novel by Zoe Wicomb.

    That wasnt a rant either, I copied and pasted from Wikipedia. It must be nice to be as ignorant as you are, barfie! That is why you get yourself in so much trouble, you are willfully ignorant! Your mama told you only having blonde hair and big tits mattered so you dont know shit…


  • tinkerbell

    @@Indian: @Indian @ 07/28/2012 at 1:08 am

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    @An Indian: skool that b*tch!


    She thinks she knows everything about everything.


    As for knowing everything, I know a lot more than you, that is not saying much but it’s enough

    “It’s not bragging when you can back it up”- Kid Rock

    Jack of all trades, master of none.


    But seriously it makes no sense to bring logic to the insane.


    Guess I made some hits tonight, I know it when you try this hard to look smart.

    Honey you’re wasting your time with that one. She won’t get it.


    Also the -ji at the end of an indian name is an endearment for someone you are familiar with, a real indian wouldnt say that, its like
    -chan in Japanese. You would have too much respect for that. You would say the Mahatma and why the hell would you be on this website anyway.

  • ^^^^^^

    Shut up Bish. …

  • thorny

    LMAO @ Rosie. She reserves the right to hurl abuse at his girlfriends, but has the nerve to lecture about how unhealthy it is. She talks about non-existent breakup rumours, but cries PR stunt when photos surface quell breakup rumours. Make up your mind, Rose.

    Tinkerbell, take a break.

  • An Indian

    @tinkerbell: LOL She really thinks that I am BAR. Amazing !! What is your problem darling ? why are you so obsessed with a two bit nobody ex gf of leo’s. And yes I am an Indian living in India. I am a leo fan and in a job where I have to sit at the computer all day so check his thread once a while. I have never posted before and you caught me at Gandhi so I had to intervene. SHUT UP PLEASE. ALL THIS RANDOM AND INCORRECT INFO IS NOT REQUIRED HERE.

  • An Indian

    @tinkerbell: Crazy fool just saw the -ji part. Ask an Indian, EVERY REVERED PERSON IS ADDRESSED LIKE THAT . GOD you give incorrect info so confidently, an ignorant would think you know something.

  • @An Indian

    @An Indian: because she’s an idiot and if you disagree with her and don’t think Bar is the devil incarnate then you’re obviously Bar and her “flack.” You would think Bar and her “flack” would have better things to do than read her lunatic rantings everyday? LOL She really does think you’re Bar! lol She probably dreams about that girl because she is sure as hell writing about her everyday.
    She probably thinks you and I are the same person. I hope I never loose my mind. I knew she was going to start calling you Bar soon… predictable.. She can tell if you’re black, white, indian or asian by how you write and she can definitely tell if you’re Bar. LOL. She’s cray cray honey and not as bright as she thinks she is obviously. Leave It alone, It won’t change.

    Tinkerpoop and Rosie are two peas in a pod.

  • @rosie

    You really are clueless aren’t you? iheart left BECAUSE of the bitchiness you just admitted you added on to last summer.
    “only on jj do you see strong hate” – hate you just admitted you were a part of?
    What a birdbrain. No self awareness whatsoever

  • —–

    I can see that someone has not been taking her pills lately….. still obsessed with Bar? Not healthy, not healthy for sure.