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Leonardo DiCaprio Comes Into Movie Sets 'Ready to Work'

Leonardo DiCaprio Comes Into Movie Sets 'Ready to Work'

Leonardo DiCaprio lands via a private helicopter onto a friend’s yacht on Saturday (July 22) in Saint Tropez, France.

Recently, the 37-year-old actor’s Django Unchained co-star Jamie Foxx spoke about the process of watching the superstar work with director Quentin Tarantino.

“Here comes Leonardo DiCaprio, the good-looking guy that you see in the tabloids with the models,” Jamie said. “And he comes in so different and ready to work – to see those guys get together in the corner and develop the character and watch the character go different ways.”

FYI: Leo is wearing a Zanerobe shirt.

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  • tinkerbell

    @An Indian: You are also a liar. Nice try though.

  • tinkerbell

    @@An Indian: Well to be honest, Bar aint that busy, and yeah she has been here a lot, so has her flack. In the Leo days they were obvious about it, someone told them to clean up their act, but old posters know they are here. And her flack aint that busy either, its Adira Ronen at Her job for Bar is to post here and other places and “defend” her online, like that is going to help at this point. I dont mind if bar models or goes on with her life, just the constant flashing of his name to help her out disgusts me.

    I know the flack’s writing style well, but after Bar went live with her twitter I picked up on hers as well and realized that she had been on here as well, the most recent posts sound like Bar.

    You are absolutely and completely naive if you think these people are “big celebrities” and have no time to mind their twitter, facebook, etc. Bar’s “career” was based on cheap media coverage, and her Mom was here all the time too, and has been outed repeatedly on numerous websites here and in Israel. 40 percent of all blog posts are fake anyway, probably more.

    I do not mind that Bar wants to be a model. I do mind how she goes about getting it and the values she and her ilk have shown off are icky, a total disgrace as a matter of fact. And I love blowing the whistle on them, Mr., “Indian.”

    Whenever they go on here I like to point it out, they really should just give up already, because I will not let them lie here. They can lie anywhere else they want to and they often do, that National Enquirer article about how Leo misses Bar was them—it recycled old material they used before. There were also a lot of fake “marriage” “engagement” and “pregnancy” rumors from them as well. Bar used to lie about living with him too, all the time. Very recently in the Israeli press as a matter of fact.

    So enjoy guys.

    If you want to be a model then JUST BE A MODEL. Go out and get modeling jobs. If you cant do that, you are not a model. Become a dental hygienist. If you rely on false media exposure for anything then you are just an annoying fraud and open to attack.

    Why do we not see Erin here all the time? I’ve seen some posts that felt a lot like her…too much insider info. But SNAP she has a regular gig with VS and doesnt need cheap exposure to work. Same thing with Blake, although she is definitely a publicist puppy she is not mentioning leo’s name over and over to get acting jobs. I havent seen it but Savages was respectable as a novel, based on reading it I wouldhave given the part to Kate Bosworth (the character is petite)
    but she gets work.

    We all hated Bar back in the day because she so obviously was plain in the face, not “beautiful” whatsoever, as one person put it “she and her alleged beauty have no business being a model” and she went after things she couldnt get through normal channels, i.e. meriting it and people wanting to work with here except for a few catalog companies no one ever heard of in the US.


  • tinkerbell

    @—–: I dont have to take any pills and those “mental” comments frankly are sophmoric (look it up) and just stupid, unoriginal cliche comments from people so chronically unoriginal, ignorant, and indefensible that that is all they can come up with.

    Why don’t you try and come up with something original besides playing with thumbs, pretending to be someone else, the multiple monnikers you have been using since jump and all the other stupid, fake, moronic bullshit you think is oh so sophisticated.

    Is it that desperate over there? I mean I haven’t seen any paid job announcements in a while. Just Escada and that was left over from leo.

    Like I said, I dont mind Bar trying to be a model, but if she had done it the fair way and the honest way she would have had to pack her bags and headed home a long time ago. She just isnt even pretty. She doesnt have a model’s body. So what? That doesnt mean one is NECESSARILY a bad person, but Bar was taught to be bad person by her mom.

    Oh, she’s modelling in Turkey???? That might be paid, and modelling in practically a third world country does suit her. I know they are trying to be part of the EU but it just doesnt count. Try modelling in Pakistan while you are at it.

    She wasnt tall and thin enough to be a runway model? Then guess what, she isn’t a runway model or a supermodel, because all supermodels do runways, period. So stop lying to yourselves and us.

  • aliways

    @tinkerbell: I’m sure if you put a picture of you and Bar side by side and asked who looked better most people would pick Bar. You’re just a hateful person full of hate, no one else is responsible for that but you. Hate is in your obsessive writings. You’ve lost your case because you’re not convincing anyone. We all see you as a nutcase. Why don’t you go on Bar threads and leave Leo threads alone? No one cares, no one is thinking about Bar like you. On your tombstone it will say “Thought about Bar Everyday” SAD

  • @duncebat

    @tinkerbell: there is no such word as sophmoric. haha I love it when people try to make themselves seem so much smarter than others but just comes up looking like a jackass in the end by misusing or misspelling words. lol You and Denise Miller would make great friends.

  • Einstein asks

    It is sort of incredible that an actor with a nice reputation and a successful career as Leo, would actually date someone from this type of background and doing this type of insignificant job.
    I mean are all models so dumb and proudly shallow?

  • It’s a lie!

    Just recently she said photoshop is a lie! On this video you can see how badly she needs photoshop and makeup! Not much to look at without it. I couldn’t even recognize Erin or Candice at the beginning! Wow!

  • @Einstein asks#306

    To answer your question: Yes.
    They don’t need a degree to act dumb and parade in bikinis or half-naked in front of a bunch of strangers. And when we think that the women during the 60s fought to get rid of this type of image.

  • gem

    okay it’s my turn. i’ve never commented on here before but i feel the need to now. okay, about leo. i don’t really hate his game. but maybe that’s because i don’t understand it. i, unlike a lot of people, accept and aknowledge that i don’t know him so i have no idea what his motives are. i don’t really see anything wrong with his partying but to be honest i don’t get why he does it. anyone wanna help me figure that one out?? i would love to know what it will take for him to get married. i keep thinking that he’ll decide to give it a try once he hit’s 40 but who knows. i think as apposed to a women who’s waiting to find the right guy and then decides they want to marry i feel like leo is simply waiting for the right time. but god would i love to watch him at one of these clubs he attends. i’d just like to know what he’s like.

  • jnlk

    Ugh, did anyone else watch that link and go completely off leo :/
    She’s such a knob

  • Nessa

    @@duncebat: Actually, not to be combative with anyone here, but sophomoric is a word. Sorry… I have a thing about language, spelling and grammar.

  • Kass

    Leo is on a boat with Kim & Kanye and Chris & Riri. Bar was photographed with Kim K. although recently but she allegedly doesn’t like her. Bet Bar is on the boat. They need to use the other 2 to try and raise their reputations now! Involve some sneaky people, who have been up to worse?. But, I love Kim K. She is beautiful. Ha! With her around there will be no photos of Bar in a suit – she can’t compare with Kim’s beauty, or Riri for that matter :)

  • xXx

    @Kass: only very interesting and classy people…
    and have you some proof ?

  • @K313

    Why do you listen to Kass or whateva she is called now.
    She is insane!

  • @duncebat2

    @Nessa: LIKE I SAID, there is no such word as SOPHMORIC!! Your “thing about spelling” needs improvement.

  • Elena

    @@duncebat2: Jesus, why don’t you relax. Sophomoric is a word, whoever used it misspelled it (Nessa didn’t but whoever said it originally did) but it’s not like anyone was confused about what they were trying to say.

  • @duncebat2

    @Elena: but sophmoric isnt and when you’re trying to come online pretending to be smarter than everyone else AT LEAST get your spellings right cause then you just look moronic as ever. But I wasnt even talking to her but she butted in so that’s what you get. Read a few pages back before you jump in Miss 2 seconds poster.

  • Nessa

    @@duncebat2: And this is why I refrain from commenting here, because a lot of people here are incapable of sane/rational discussion, whether the topic is Leo or not. Don’t worry… Won’t make that mistake again.

  • @317

    You would think someone correcting other people’s grammar in crazed rants would bother to use apostrophes in her words. Speaking of moronic………

  • funny

    i hate grammar nazis. it’s a stupid message board for christ sakes! but she did say ‘sophmoric, look it up!’ i knew what she meant, but it WAS funny that she misspelled it.

  • funny

    cray cray bar haters you give her free publicity. cut it out.

  • funny

    einstein, he doesn’t have a nice reputation with women.

  • funny

    nessa, don’t let the cray put you off. sane and rational discussion is welcome here.

  • LOL

    Here are many new “nicknames” but you seem the same as usual talking sh*t about each other.

  • tinkerbell

    @@duncebat: You tried looking it up in Google and you couldnt find it? That is because it misspelled it, it is sophomoric, which is a sophomore level vocab word in the US. It means silly, immature, inappropriate. My fingers were hurting because I am doing a freelance transcription job for someone and I typed 20 pages single spaced last night. It’s about the financial side of national college costs. I could barely move my fingers. Someone’s doctoral thesis.

    True, it was funny I misspelled that, but you didn’t even know what it means. I guess I was right, you are googling to help yourself out. The fake “Indian” post was a giveaway.

    OK Indian, who was Indira Gandhi’s father and what does the title “In Between the Assassination” mean?

    I don’t really think it is a contest of who is smarter or not, just dont LIE to me, I will know. That is it, dont lie to us.

    If a certain person had done her military service, been a model, you know a run of the mill catalog model like she was born with the good to do, and never started all the faux campaigning, no one would have a problem with her/it whatever. It’s just being fed nonsense in such an obvious way, and that all the positive posts were so OBVIOUSLY the same person on her threads, that bothered me. No one likes her, no one is GOING to like her, and the arrogance doesn’t help.

    Don’t stand there saying a sow’s ear is a silk purse. We know that.
    Otherwise I can let the topic go for tonight.

  • @321

    You’re right about that. But as insane as she is Tinkerbell does have a point. about agendas.The loon under different names pic/video spamming Erin and calling her a ‘classless’ ‘whore’ is NOT a Leo fan.

  • tinkerbell

    @aliways: aliways @ 07/28/2012 at 9:15 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    @tinkerbell: I’m sure if you put a picture of you and Bar side by side and asked who looked better most people would pick Bar.

    I am not so sure about that, I at least look decent and am not standing there in flipflops and a sundress saying how hot I am with fake boobs and a bad dye job. Also, Bar looks like shit without makeup and clothed, like she does in the last post.

    I am also not sure I care, in fact I dont my life is based on other things, thank god. Also, Bar will age in about five years, surely ten, she’ll tank out like her Mom and that is just not a good picture.

    Looks fade, you know. Stupid, ignorant and obnoxious is apparently forever.

    I know how to dress like a woman for one thing, and I am not going into it but I look just fine. For you, apparently looks are all that matters. That is where you are wrong, because integrity matters too.

    . You’re just a hateful person full of hate,

    You are right, I don’t come here to write about all the things that I love and am interested in, I go to other sites for that. But I do LOVE coming here to dump once in a while because it is deserved by certain people.

    no one else is responsible for that but you. Hate is in your obsessive writings.

    First of, my writing is not obsessive. I think you wish I was some lone crazy, I am not going to try to prove or disprove that one way or another, but I am not. I think you know that too. You wish I could be dismissed or that I would allow the dismissal.

    ou’ve lost your case because you’re not convincing anyone.

    Honey, I don’t care. I am stating my opinion, you are free to disagree. I just have a reaction to what I am presenting.

    We all see you as a nutcase.

    Who’s WE? And that might actually be a compliment in some cases. There a lot of people in the world I want to be NOTHING like and the Refaeli clan is definitely high up there, next to Octomom and Eva Braun.

    Why don’t you go on Bar threads

    Because they are really boring and filled with twaddle that Adi or Bar herself wrote, I am not sure who but it is basically that.

    and leave Leo threads alone?

    Nah, I will post where I want.

    No one cares,

    Probably not !

    no one is thinking about Bar

    I am not thinking about Bar per se, I dont care about her really, it is the nonsense on here, like pretending to be black american or indian that arouses my anger. It’s all the posts saying that Leo really wants Bar back and so forth that provoke me because it is so DEEPLY PATHETIC, so sad, so faux, so ersatz (look that up, I spelled it right for you) that is makes my stomach turn. So why not just not do it? See if B can get any modelling assignments or personal appearances just based on how she looks. That is what is usually done. I challenge you, stop the PR blitz nonsense and just work legitimately. What do you think will happen?

    like you. On your tombstone it will say “Thought about Bar Everyday”

    First of all I dont believe in taking up space so I will be scattered across the Atlantic. And I don’t think about her everyday, you would love it I was truly obsessed, that makes your client a “celebrity.”

    I have explained this many time, you havent learned yet? Can you possibly come up with something more interesting and witty than “Take your meds?” That is what an eighth grader would say. Come on, give it the old college try, even if you never went and have no intention of ever going because what a girl needs is fake boobs not a degree or military service certificate.


    Happy, but also my fingers hurt a bit…wont stop me from typing though….:)

  • tinkerbell

    @@321: See that is thing, again SO P H O M O R IC. I know they are spamming Erin, you know it too.

    But they dont need to do that, it is not a case of downing Erin will help Bar in ANY WAY. It just won’t. It may make her feel better that her man moved on and she hasnt been able to, and that Erin essentially doesnt need Leo to model. It’s true ! She has done real runways and got VS all by herself. Great beauty? Eh. Working model yes. They did the same thing to Gisele because Barfy was never able to follow in those footsteps, neither was anybody else.

    Barfie just doesn’t have to actually be a “supermodel,” we all know that, as she just said she is too short and fat. Not fat I think, but her proportions are off for mainstream modelling She looks OK in a bikini, we know that. Should she feel bad about that? Not necessarily, but downing Erin doesnt change the industry and comes across as 8th fricking grade.

    They usually called Gisele the tranny giraffe, the man with boobs, or Gislut, it’s all over the site. It may make you feel better but it doesn’t mean they switch places.

    And if that is not hate I dont know what it is.

    Bar the girl or model I care nothing about, Bar the obnoxious marketing campaign really annoys me and pisses me off.

    You should feel bad for Bar, imagine how she really feels in side, she is supposed to be a “beautiful” “supermodel” but she knows the truth. it’s all the lying and hyperbole set me off.

    Compare her with Esti Ginsberg, not a household name, but I doubt Bar is either in the states. She did her military service, actually is beautiful, has been in a real movie and goes about her business. And no one cares!

    It’s just like accept what you are and moved on. Also if we never heard the BAR IS DROP DEAD GORGEOUS crap we never would have minded either.Oh well.

    Childish crap, mostly originating with a woman in her fifties WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER BUT APPARENTLY DOESNT>

  • tinkerbell

    @@duncebat: I dont try to make myself look smart. I am smart. Not a rocket scientist in some areas, just well educated and well read, and I care about knowledge. I am not just a pack o’boobs waiting there in the supermarket waiting to be bought.

    Who the hell is Denise Miller and why should I care? Dennis Miller I have no problem with, he was actually good on weekend update.

  • @tinkerbell

    Your delirium is getting worse and worse…. do yourself a favor, change your prescription or change your psychiatrist. Your obsession with BAR RAFAELI has taken over your sanity. Well, for what is left…..

  • OMG

    Someone please find a boyfriend for Tinkerbell … a REAL boyfriend not the imaginary that she always acclaims to have.

    She needs a life further of JJ’s pages.

    There will be someone crazy in this world willing to hear the crazy things she talks???

  • @326


    Sure she has a point, but it doesn’t take a mini novella to make it and she’s repeated it about 189679879087 times.

  • Denise Miller

    @tinkerbell: its great to see that you don’t have a problem with Denise Miller. He’s a far right lunatic republican that uses a lot of “big words” to make himself seem smart and jumps from topic to topic in quick succession to make it seem like hes very knowledgeable about stuff but he’s really an idiot. You remind me of him a lot. He also doesn’t listen to logic. Nice to see you don’t have a problem with him, I can see why. : )

  • An Indian

    OK this is the last time I am wasting my time here. First, this person who calls herself tinkerbell is really a LUNATIC . not worth engaging with. She is SURE that an Indian cant be on this website. It angers her. She believes it is a lie. You really think that people say things to impress you. Come to India, ask anyone about Gandhiji and he will not be able to say ‘GANDHI’ alone without adding a -ji. Only the name ‘Gandhiji’ will come out. Thats because you don’t address any respected person like that. For example, you call your president ‘Obama’, if he were our President we would call him Obamaji. And where did you get ‘The Mahatma’ from ? ‘The’ doesn’t mean anything in Hindi – our mother tongue. We dont even call Gandhiji ‘Mahatma’ alone. ‘Mahatma’ is a combination of two words ‘Mahaan + Aatma ‘ . Mahaan means great and aatma means soul / spirit. Every saint is called ‘Mahatma’ in India. ‘Mahatma’ is how the west calls Gandhiji.

    Indira Gandhi’s father ?? Seriously. So you’re asking me questions from 4th standard Indian GK to check if I am an Indian. ” Between the assasinations”. Thats a giveaway how limited your knowledge is about India. This is a new age book written by Adiga. Hence, ‘Between the assasinations’ is a new age term with barely any recognition in India. As for me, I am living in Ghaziabad, India. A place near Delhi. My name is Gurpreet. SHUT UP NOW.

  • tinkerbell

    @Denise Miller: I said Dennis Miller, dumb dumb, I dont know who the hell Denise is. Dennis Miller from Saturday night live.

  • tinkerbell

    @An Indian: Gurjeet, if that is you name,

    YOU SHUT UP. If just got here there is a background on this thread going back three years that you dont know, but also I will tell you I just dont care what or who you are, there are plenty of people fronting here and you could still be one for all I know. Everything you are saying can be googled and they fake it a lot here. I’m not impressed.

  • tinkerbell

    @OMG: He’s plenty real, I just emailed him because I am out of town.

    How about you have you told Bar about you love that dare not speak its not name, Adira?

  • tinkerbell

    @An Indian: You didnt answer my question. Who is Indira’s father?

    And no, while people in India may not be so familiar with Adiga’s book, as I believe it was written and first published in English (I dont know, I DIDNT GOOGLE IT) it’s not the slighest bit “new age” at all…if you mean “contemporary” yes it was written in the last few years, but the subject matter isnt new. And yes, just about anyone in Indiawould have very,very good idea what the title is about .

    So what is it about?

    And dont give me some ish about how you dont need to prove yourself etc etc etc etc etc just tell me what you think. I want to know what a “new age” Indian thinks of it.

    By the way, what did you think of A Million Mutinies Now and Maximum City?
    How about emigrant Indian literature like Shani Mootoo and VS Naipaul? I’d like your opinion of the classic A Bend in the River and
    A House for Mr. Biswas, Gita Mehta’s River Sutra? How about ever seen Mississippi Masala, or Salaam Bombay? The Buddha of Suburbia? Any other Hanif Kureishi? I loved London Kills me, especially since it debuted Naveen Andrews…do you remember what role he played if you saw the film??? The Brick Lane?

    Who’s prettier Sarita Chowdhury or Aishwarya Rai? I know Sarita is a bit retro, how about Padma Laskshmi, I tell you though I saw Aishwarya on the street in New York at an Indian event and she literally was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in person.

    That ought to keep you busy for a while. Tell me who does a better job of showing moden day multicultural London, Ali, Akinti, Kureishi, or Zadie Smith? Tell me what you think I want to know.

  • ???

    @tinkerbell: Listen psycho, this is a Leo thread, just go away pleeeeease!

  • dennis miller/right wing nut

    @tinkerbell: I think its the same person that she/he’s talking about idiot. Its the same Dennis Miller from Saturaday Night Live is always on faux news. He’s the darling for Fox New. He’s a well known republican, full of hate and Yes he does use BIG words a lot to make himself seem smarter. He’s the person that you love. People love a reflection of themselves. lol Liberals can’t stand him.

  • racist

    @tinkerbell: you are racist to think that just because someone lives in India they must know every aspect of Indian culture or ever famous Indian person there ever is/was. That’s like saying because someone is black they must know all the rappers. You’re a racist that doesnt know they’re racist because they have a few friends from the “other” or had s e x with them. Like those people that say I can’t be racist I have black friends.
    The longer you’re here the more I see this isnt about Leo or Bar but to use this board as a therapy session for a life unfulfilled. You’re a lunatic who needs serious help.

  • LOL

    @dennis miller/right wing nut:
    I think Tinkerbell’s response was a play on you correcting her grammar/spelling when you didn’t get the ‘Denise’ Miller one correct yourself.

  • dennis miller/right wing nut

    @LOL: I wasn’t the one who corrected her grammar but I figured that’s what the person meant

  • On topic

    Where is Leo? Anyone? Any info about him?

  • George McFly

    @on topic –
    He must be at some secluded place with his blonde toothpick making up for not having her at Vegas and the French Riviera. Just wait for some sightings or some new pics. JJ, do some research, please.

  • On topic

    Yeah, that’s what I think, too. Some remote location probably with her since she is MIA. One more vacation before work? ‘his toothpick’? LOL! Very fitting! She should enjoy it while it lasts!

  • The Truth Usually Sucks

    Mr. Eco sensitive who travels by Apache helicopter that lands on mega yacht and lives in an extreme mansion in Beverly Hills has posted information on climate change. We should ALL look at the damage that we are causing to the environment. This is a new warning about our current condition.

    I love where Leo’s heart is, I just don’t know where his brain is: I guess it’s don’t do as I do, do as I say. Oh Well.

  • @#347

    He’s very good at tweeting eco messages and attending climate change galas with other millionaires drinking Veuve Cliquot, but when he’s on vacation and decides to party, he leaves all his nice commitments behind. He just follows his mentor’s footsteps, Al Gore.

  • @271


    pffff – what? Better get your facts straight to avoid LAWSUIT. But, I’m curious though, because it involves a family member. How Would you know this? It’s getting sent to our IT fraud department with everything else. I ldon’t live in the US.

  • @347

    @The Truth Usually Sucks:

    Just like the whole “Blood Diamonds” thing. First, he is encouraging the public to deal in only fair trade, which are much more expensive, and then he shows up in Sardinia at a Billionaire Jeweller’s party with a Naomi who just told off the Hague.